Enchanting drilling of hot babe s slit

Enchanting drilling of hot babe s slit
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I hope you have read - Giving myself to my husband's boss and his wife. This is a continuation. ____________________________________________________________________________ FIRST DAY IN THE NEW OFFICE Kevin spent the next day, Wednesday relocating his stuff to his new office.

Then he went home and enjoyed an uneventful evening with Nancy. Thursday morning he was ready to start his new position. He walked thru the office where his desk used to be and walked to his new private office. At the desk in front of his office door sat Monifa, the very attractive nineteen year old black girl who was now his secretary. He felt his dick swell a little as he looked at her and thought about what his boss had told him when he said that she would be his new secretary and about the rumors he had heard about her.

"Good morning Mr. Billings, she said as he walked by." "Good morning Monifa. I'm glad to see that you are already hard at work." Kevin looked around the room and smiled. He even had an outside window. Pulling back his new and more comfortable chair, Saucy ebony bbw pleasures her juicy snatch masturbation and brunette sat at his new larger desk.

He noticed a note paper in the middle of his blotter. He picked it up and looked at it. At the top was a red lipstick kiss imprint. The handwritten note said: "Hello Mr. Billings, I am so happy that you picked me to be your new SEXretary.

Just call me any time you want me to come in and take some DICKtation." It was signed Monifa. Kevin looked at it for several minutes and then filed it away in a special personal file where he kept the love notes from his wife.

He wanted to keep this note to look at more times in the future. Kevin's hand slid down and he rubbed himself between the legs, feeling the hardness of his cock as he thought about the pretty black girl just outside his door who he knew was willing to give herself to him. He wanted to call her into his office and fuck demi delia has her huge tits jizzed non-stop for the whole day but he kept himself from doing it.

He needed to get some real work done.

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When the work day ended and everyone left to go home, his office door opened and Monifa walked in. She was wearing a short bright blue dress that looked great on her. She had opened the top a little wider than it was during the day, letting more of her ample cleavage show.

"Do you need me to stay for any special training this evening, Mr. Billings?" Monifa asked in a very sexy voice. Kevin thought for just a second and then stood and walked around in front of his desk.

"I do have one thing that needs taking care of." Monifa pointed at the bulge in his pants and said, "Oh my yes. I can see that you do. Let me take care of that for you." She walked up to him and dropped to her knees, reached out, undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. That released his boner and it sprung out in front of her face.

She giggled, looked up at him and sex stories xxxx german xxxx v, "Very nice.

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You're pretty well equipped for a white boy." Again she giggled and Kevin knew that she was making a joke but he also knew that what she said was true.

He was bigger than average and hard like a baseball bat. Monifa leaned forward. She lined Kevin's rod up with her face and slid her talented mouth over about sunny leone boy frinds xxx porn blue film downlode inches of hot, hard cock. She tasted his pre-cum for the first time of many to come. She alternated between swallowing his meat and stroking it for around five minutes before Kevin stopped her. He stood her up and leaned her over his desk so her tits were pressed against the top.

Then he lifted the bottom of her dress up to her waist. She had already taken her panties off before she came in. That made Kevin happy. He stood there for a minute looking at her bare ass.

Her legs were spread and he could see her puffy cunt lips between her legs.

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He could also see her tight little puckered ass hole. Kevin dropped to his knees, gave each cheek a kiss and then pushed his face firmly between her dark chocolate buns.

The first thing his tongue touched was her shitter. He felt her jump a little as he licked across her rectum. "Reach back and spread your cheeks." Monifa reached back and pulled them wide apart. Kevin licked and poked at her pussy and ass hole but in that position he could not reach her clit with his tongue. He reached in with his hand and his finger found her love button. He rubbed it while continuing to lick her holes.

Monifa moaned and orgasmed hard. Kevin licked up the juices that ran from her cunt. Kevin stood up and with his hard erection in his hand, found her fuck hole. Monifa looked back at him, "Oh yes. Fuck my pussy hard, Mr. Billings. I so much want your cock in me." Kevin said, "Call me Kevin, Monifa." "No Sir, I would rather call you Mr.

Billings or Sir." Kevin pushed and her hole easily yielded to his thrust. His balls bounced off her cunt lips. He held onto her hips and pounded her for all he was worth. They actually moved the big desk.

She wasn't especially tight for such a young woman but Kevin was still very excited about fucking this young black beauty. He could feel his cockhead rubbing on the walls of her fuck tunnel. It wasn't long before he felt a tightening in his balls and knew he was about to come. "Where do you want it? Where do you want my cum?" Monifa replied, "I'm on the pill but this free ride fuck in female fake taxi I want you to come in my mouth." Kevin pulled out and Monifa got off the desk, turned and kneeled at his feet.

Kevin pushed his meat into her open mouth just as his cum started spurting out. It was such a strong ejaculation that his knees went weak and he almost collapsed. Finally Monifa released his prick from her mouth and swallowed his large load of seed. They both agreed that it was a great fuck and she told him that she was looking forward to their company trips when she could spend all night with him.

They dressed and went home. FRIDAY NIGHT ARRIVES. Friday before his boss and his boss's wife arrived for the swinging session that Mr. Wilson and Maria had told them that they would be coming over for, Kevin and Nancy showered together and played with each other's parts but did not fuck.

After they got out of the shower, Nancy gave her snatch a fresh shave. She had decided to dress like Daisy Duke that night.

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Her legs looked even longer and slimmer than they really were when she put on cutoff jeans that didn't even cover the bottom of her ass cheeks and a front buttoning blouse that didn't have any buttons left and tied together just below her breasts along with a pair of three inch red heels.

Her husband reached out and playfully jiggled her tits. Kevin thought it would be fun just to have on a tight pair of bikini underwear and a robe. At nine, the doorbell rang. Kevin opened the door. This time Don was dressed casual and Maria looked pretty sexy for a woman her age and build, dressed in a short skirt and a top that formed tightly around her bra covered breasts.

When the door opened they walked in like they owned the place. Maria walked straight to Nancy, kissed her and then pulled her own top and bra up above her tits. They sagged down onto her chest. "Taste them Nancy." Nancy bent down and sucked one nipple into her mouth. It tasted like fulfilling beautiful chicks hungry needs hardcore blowjob. Maria pressed her breast tight to Nancy's face.

Maria had put flavored lotion on her nipples. Maria pulled away and turned to Kevin. "Taste the other one." Kevin bent down and took her other tit in his mouth. "Cherry," he said. Maria put her hand behind his head and held him there for a long time while Kevin sucked and licked her big hard nipple. Maria moaned. They only sat on the couch long enough for one drink before Don said that they should quit wasting time and get to the bedroom.

Don knew that what his boss wanted was what was going to happen but he also was ready to get on with their swinging evening. It also looked like whatever Don's wife wanted was what he was going to want. When they entered the room, everyone proceeded to strip.

Maria reached out and stroked Kevin's erection and at the same time sucked on one of Nancy's breasts. Don feasted on the other one and let his fingers slip between her pussy lips and up into her wet fuck hole. Maria took charge of what was happening. She broke away and told Kevin to get on the bed on his back. When he did, she climbed on and straddled him, facing his feet.

She reached down and grabbed his big hard cock. As she slid down onto Kevin's manhood she said, "Fuck, I love that big hard piece of man meat in me. It fills me so nice and full. I love the way my cunt has to stretch to get around it." After she was sitting flat on his lap with him buried fully in her snatch, she started slamming up and down on Kevin's erection. After a minute, Maria leaned back so her back was on Kevin's chest.

"Squeeze my tits and fuck your log up into me, hard." While this was going on, Don was finger fucking Nancy with two fingers deep in her cunt and sucking on one of her amazing tits.

Maria was ready to change things up again. "Nancy, get down here and lick your husband's shaft and my clit while he fucks me." Nancy got on the bed on her hands and knees and put her face where Kevin's cock was buried in Maria's cunt.

She sucked Kevin's balls and then licked up his wet shaft to Maria's clit. She took it in her mouth and sucked on it. Maria jumped and let out a very loud moan. Not to be let out of the fun. Don got on the bed behind Nancy and between her legs. In his hand he had something that looked like a small elongated chicken egg. He pushed a recessed holivr bumsbus audition part stocking and tattoos on it and it started rapidly vibrating.

Then he rubbed some lube into the surface, pressed it against Nancy's ass hole and pushed till it popped in and her anal ring closed behind it. Nancy moaned from the strange but sexy feeling of the egg vibrating inside her shit hole. Her ass automatically tried to push it out like it was a turd, but Don pushed it back in so it could not escape.

Her vaginal opening was spread from his finger fucking so he easily slid his prick into her cunt. It was quite a sight. Marisa was on her back on top of Kevin, being fucked from underneath while Nancy licked and sucked Maria's clit and licked her husband's cock while it fucked Maria. At the same time, Don was fucking Nancy doggie style while pushing the vibrating egg back in her ass each time it tried to come out.

Everyone was getting very sexually excited and working hard at what they were doing. Nancy was the first to have an orgasm but it was a small one. Don let the egg slip out of Nancy's behind and then quickly replaced it with his cock.

He barely missed a stroke as he switched form fucking her cunt to fucking her ass. Nancy groaned and pushed back as Don entered her shit tube. Maria pulled on her head to get her back to eating her and licking Kevin's shaft. Maria was the next to come and it was a good one. She screamed out and bucked her hips while her juices poured out around Kevin's prick and was licked up by Nancy.

Her cunt squeezing on Kevin's cock brought him to his orgasm and he blew a big load into Maria. Kevin kept slowly stroking into her pussy till he started to go soft. Maria lifted her hips till Kevin fell out. Nancy quickly took him in her mouth and sucked him clean. Then as she felt a stronger orgasm building in her cunt, she ate the mixture of Maria's and Kevin's cum from Maria's cunt as Maria pushed to get it to run out.

Don and Nancy came simultaneously. Don filled her bowels with his hot cum and Nancy shook and yelled out her pleasure. Maria directed the action again. She had the men get off the bed and had Nancy sit on her face so she could eat the cum that was dripping out of Nancy's ass hole.

The final act in this fuck play was Don bringing his soft, cum and shit covered prick to Nancy's mouth for her to suck clean.

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Nancy never liked having a cock in her mouth after it had been up her ass but she opened her mouth and accepted it. The night came to an end and Kevin's boss and his wife left to go home.

Kevin and Nancy kissed and cuddled in bed and fell asleep. ____________________________________________________________ The third and probably final part will be Kevin taking Monifa on their first overnight business trip and the Wilsons having Nancy come over to their house for an evening while Kevin is gone.