Skinny busty hottie with glasses blowjob amp cim

Skinny busty hottie with glasses blowjob amp cim
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It was time for Benson's annual vet appointment. Rachel and Benson were admitted to an examination room and waited for the doctor to arrive. Rachel's 2-year old great dane was larger than your average dog, but he was a gentle soul; a big teddy bear, like a real-life Marmaduke.

A few minutes later Rachel and Dr. Ross exchanged friendly greetings. Dr. Ross complimented Rachel's sundress, and Rachel asked about her recent vacation.

Dr. Ross began the exam, looked at his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, everything was going fine. She reached underneath his torso to feel his stomach, ribs, and hips, then suddenly pulled her hands away. She paused for a moment porn-star latina in latinaporn tube porn with a funny look on her face. "What's wrong?", Rachel asked. "Well . it seems Benson has an erection. And it's in the way of my exam." "Oh!" Rachel didn't know what to say.

It was so unexpected! Dr. Ross continued, "No problem, it happens sometimes, I'll give him a few minutes to relax, then I'll complete the examination." She left the room to attend to other business.

Rachel waited. When Dr. Ross returned a few minutes later, she crouched down to look at Benson's penis. "Hmmm . he's still erect. Let's wait a little longer. Please stay here, Horny blonde hitchhiker flashing tits and doing blowjob for horny guy be back soon." She was gone for 5 minutes, 10 minutes.

Benson gave Rachel a look who would not cum for those titties if to say, what's going on? Rachel decided to check out the situation herself and bent over to look underneath Benson's stomach. Yep, still erect. Shockingly erect! She had never seen Benson's penis before and didn't know if it was normal or what, but it seemed huge to her.

Bigger than any man's she had seen, and bigger than the dog dicks she'd seen on the internet. About the length and thickness of a cucumber. Jesus! No wonder Dr. Ross couldn't conduct the exam with that giant appendage in the way. After 15 minutes the doctor returned, and Benson was still hard as a rock. Dr. Ross looked at Rachel and said, "Okay, sometimes there's only one way to alleviate this situation. If I masturbate him, it will subside." Rachel thought she heard wrong. Did Dr.

Ross say "masturbate"!? Apparently so, because she donned a pair of latex gloves, pulled a mask over her nose and mouth, protective goggles covering her eyes, pulled a chair over next to Benson, sat down, reached underneath Benson and began moving her hands in rhythmic motions. She saw the surprised look on Rachel's face and said, "I know, it seems unusual, but sometimes it's part of the job.

Actually, we learn to do this properly in school, for manually collecting sperm from dogs for breeding purposes." Rachel could only stare in amazement.

While Dr. Ross spoke, Benson laid down on his side and spread his legs. Now the doctor had easier access to his penis, and Rachel could see the whole show. The scene was bizarre. The vet was now kneeling on the floor jerking off the dog's monstrous cock. His penis was kind of a reddish-purple, and looked veiny. The size of it was ridiculous, Rachel couldn't get over it; Dr.

Ross's hand moved up and down it in long strokes, it looked like her hand couldn't wrap all the around the thickness of it. She could have easily used two hands with room to spare, but her second hand held a plastic container. His big dick seemed to grow even larger the more she stroked it.

It must have been longer than a ruler, maybe 14 or 15 inches, as thick as a man's wrist, with a knot at the bottom the size of a softball. After a few more minutes, he began to jerk his legs and ejaculated stream after stream of cum into the container Dr. Ross held over the end of his penis. He was shooting cum for what seemed like forever, filling the container.

Dr. Ross had to swap in a second container, and during the maneuver Benson spurted cum onto her lab coat. When he was done, Dr. Ross collected the containers and left the room again. Benson's erection slowly subsided and he licked himself for a while until Dr.

Ross returned, wearing a clean lab coat. She continued the exam like normal, wished them well, and sent them on their way. Meanwhile, Rachel was flabbergasted. She had never seen anything like that in person before. She considered telling her husband about it that night, but it was just too weird, so she kept it to herself. Time passed and she wrote it off as a one-time anomaly.

But occasionally . she would see Benson lick himself, and it would remind her of that huge member between his legs, and what Dr. Ross had done with it. 4 Months Later Benson had been running around the park, chasing a frisbee, and came back limping. The next day he still limped, so Rachel headed to the vet to see what was wrong.

They were led to the room and waited for Dr. Ross. She entered shortly after and they chatted about what Benson was doing that led to his injury. Rachel led him by the collar up and down the hallway so the doctor could watch him walk, then Dr. Ross knelt down to examine his left hind leg. As she gripped his leg and manipulated the joints, it wasn't long before Rachel noticed his penis sliding out.

As soon as she saw it happening she turned red, flushed with embarassment. Oh no, Not again. By the time he was fully erect, Dr. Ross had noticed too and stopped her manipulations of his leg. The two ladies just stared at him for a minute. He stood proud, his fur shimmering under the office lights, huge animal cock dangling beneath his belly. Again, Rachel thought the size of it was striking.

Surely Dr. Ross recognized it's unusual size too. Dr. Ross glanced at Rachel. "Okay, I have a busy schedule, let's not waste time, I'll just take care of this real quick.", she said. She coaxed Benson to lay down. When he did, his monster dick came into full view and flopped onto his soft stomach. Dr. Ross didn't bother with a mask or sample container this time, but she did put on a latex glove, and used that hand to stroke his meat back and forth.

She wasn't kidding, she really did want to finish in a hurry. Her hand moved quickly along his thick purple shaft, gaining speed with every stroke. Her hand was like a blur, lightning quick strokes all the way from his balls to his tip, which was leaking fluid and dripping onto his fur and the floor. The faster she jacked him off, the more exciting it was.

It was a like some kind of perverted race to the finish. Then Benson's knot emerged (which Rachel had forgotten about), and Dr.

Ross grabbed it with her other, non-gloved hand, and held it tightly. Soon she was alternating between stroking his cock with both hands, and stroking with one hand while squeezing his knot and fondling his balls.

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It occurred to Rachel that this was not very clinical anymore, it looked like she was enjoying it, and Rachel felt her pussy respond to the action. Her panties were feeling damp, but it would have been inappropriate to act on it, so she stood there in her wet panties and silently watched Dr. Ross stoke that slick, giant dog cock as fast as her hands would move. When Benson began cumming, it was a sight to behold.

He gushed watery cum in huge spurts that sprayed everywhere. Maybe Dr. Ross had trouble controlling his penis, but it seemed to Rachel that Dr. Ross might have been aiming it at her, and multiple spurts landed on Rachel's clothes and shoes. The doctor apologized and pointed Benson's thick cock in a different direction, but Rachel could see the mischievous sparkle in her eye.

She did it on purpose. Dr. Ross grabbed some towels and cleaned the floor while Benson licked himself and his cock somehow shrunk down to size and went into hiding (no idea how he has room for that thing).

Meanwhile, Rachel was left with wet panties and wet cum patches on her clothes. She felt disgusted with herself, how could she get turned on by a gross, slimy, purple dog penis? Rachel cleaned laundry that evening and definitely did not tell her husband about the events that transpired. How could she reasonably explain that the vet had jacked off their dog (twice!) and purposely shot cum on her clothes? And, oh, by the way, their dog's cock is ridiculously huge, and her panties got wet while watching it.

Instead she got on the internet to research dog erections and great dane penises. Did all great danes have dicks that big? 8 Months Later Three years old, It was time for Benson's annual exam again. After the previous 2 visits Rachel was wary of what would happen. Hoping he would not need another manual intervention. The first time was so strange, and the second time was just embarrassing. She waited anxiously in the exam room with Benson.

No sooner did Dr. Ross enter the room and Benson laid down on his back and his penis slid out. Within seconds he was fully erect. His monster canine cock looked even bigger than before; impossibly long, thick, purple, and shiny.

With him spread out on the floor in the tiny room, there wasn't much room to maneuver. The vet looked at Benson, saw his cock, looked at Rachel, looked back at Benson, and said "Oh, so now you're a show-off? Showing me your big dick?" Then she turned to Rachel and said, "Looks like I need to take care of this again." Rachel didn't know how kelly madison all wet solo bathtub masturbation huge naturals big boobs respond.

"Ummmm . I guess so . I'm so sorry, I don't know why he does this." The doctor smirked at Rachel, locked the exam room door, and tossed her lab coat off, onto the counter. "Oh, I think you do. You're an observer. You like to watch?", walks around in public with a butt plug stuck in her ass said as she started to undress.

"Or are you servicing him at home too? What's the story?" "Whoa", Rachel said. "I don't service anyone. And what are you doing?" "You don't have to pretend. Just tell me what you like", she said as stripped off her bra and panties. Dr. Ross was 100% naked, and her body was very nice, very sexy. Usually hidden by her formless scrubs and lab coat, she had a slight pear shape to her body: nice curvy hips and a fleshy ass, semi-thick thighs, a flat stomach, thin arms, and round breasts with small nipples.

Probably a C cup, with a little bit of sag. She was older than Rachel, probably in her 40s. Her curvy ass looked soft and squeezable. She got down on her knees, raised her ass in the air towards Rachel, and took Benson's penis into her mouth.

It was impressive how quickly and easily she took Benson's huge purple dick into her mouth. She could get about half way down before it hot the back of her throat. As her head bobbed up and down, her breasts swayed a little. Benson just lay there enjoying himself. With Rachel's view from behind, she could see Dr.

Ross's puffy pussy lips protruding between her legs. Admittedly it was a nice looking pussy, it looked inviting. Suddenly Dr. Ross removed her mouth and turned around, aiming her ass towards Benson. She looked at Rachel while Benson stood up and began to sniff at her tantalizing box. She continued to stare down Rachel while Benson licked between her legs. Rachel couldn't hold eye contact, but there was nowhere else to look in the small exam room.

She could look at the wall, or watch what was before her. Benson didn't lick very long before he jumped onto her back and started humping away. Dr. Ross's face lit up. She moved her hips in circles, rocking back and forth a bit, trying to match Benson's movements. Rachel could see his penis sliding between the doctor's legs, rubbing against her crotch and stomach. "Help him", Dr. Ross said, still looking directly at Rachel. "Help him?" "Yes. Help his aim." Oh shit.

Rachel stared at her, frozen by the prospect of what she was suggesting. "C'mon, this is what you came for. If you want it to happen, you better help him." Rachel had no idea what she meant by that; what's that supposed to mean? Regardless, she found herself bending down and reaching for Benson's hips. She tried to alter the angle of his humping movements, but it was impossible. He was thrusting too powerfully and too quickly. There was only one way to help him.

Rachel reached for his penis under Dr. Ross's stomach. Her arm brushed against Dr. Ross's breast and she felt a hard nipple against her skin. She got her hand on Benson's thick shaft and he humped faster into her hand.

It felt massive in her hand, heavy and stiff, she was intrigued to see if it would fit in the doctor's pussy. She couldn't imagine how it would. As Benson pulled back during a thrust, Rachel quickly lifted his cock to the proper angle and he plunged into Dr. Ross's cunt on his next forward thrust. She gasped, and Rachel thought he'd hurt her, but then . "oooooooohhhh. fuck yeah. yes . feels so good .", she moaned.

Now that Benson was spanish slut fucks outoors for money exhibitionist and hardcore her like a madman, Dr. Ross closed her eyes and just enjoyed the ride. Benson's size didn't seem to be an issue for Dr. Ross. His huge dog meat slid freely back and forth, in and out of her soft, slippery pussy. He pushed deeper and deeper with his thrusts, until he knotted with her and couldn't move as freely.

"his knot, oh shit . mmmmm . yeah, baby. gimme that knot. " she mumbled to no one in particular. Suddenly Benson stopped trying to thrust and Dr. Ross moaned again. "That's it . good boy, fill me up, baby." She son and mom massge sex to circle her hips and rubbed her clit with her fingers. She came really hard, but very quietly. Her body jerked violently while she scrubbed her clit vigorously. She didn't want to alert anyone else in the vet hospital.

Rachel hadn't realized her hand has down the front of her pants, with a finger in her pussy and thumb rubbing her clit. Her pussy was sopping wet, she looked down and saw she had soaked through her pants and had a wet stain on her crotch and butt, which flowed down her leg.

She became acutely self-aware when Dr. Ross looked her in the eyes. Rachel froze and felt embarrassed, but she wasn't sure why. Dr. Ross was the one naked on her hands and knees, breasts hanging free, with a dog's cock buried in her vagina, but Rachel was the one feeling embarrassed?

"So, Did you like it? Looks like you did.", the doctor said as she looked at Rachel's soaked crotch. "How long have you been doing it?", she asked Rachel. Rachel pulled her hand out of her pants. "I don't know what you mean. Doing what?" "Okay, honey. Whatever." She clearly didn't believe Rachel. "Look, the only dogs that come in here and roll onto their backs with an erection are dogs that have been taught to do that. I suppose you wanted to see what I'd do?

That's fine, I love it. But don't play dumb." Rachel couldn't respond; they were silent for a minute while she thought this over. Was Dr. Ross saying other dogs have done this, and she serviced them too? Suddenly Benson's cock slid out of the doctor's pussy, making a sloshing, sucking noise as the full length of it slid out. It was so long he had to take a step in order to get it all the way out. Cum gushed down her legs onto the floor. Benson licked himself while Dr.

Ross grabbed a towel and wiped herself off. The room smelled like sweat and cum. Surely anyone who walked in here later would smell it.

Maybe strange smells at a vet office were normal. Rachel asked, "Is he still having his annual exam?" Dr. Ross laughed. "I'd say he's in fine health, personally. But yes, I'll look him over." She got dressed and gave Benson his normal exam. "Okay, you're all set. On your bill, you'll see a charge for "Consultation Services".

That's the cost of my . special services. Don't ask the receptionists about it, they won't know." "Wait, what?! I don't want to pay for that! You didn't give me a choice, you just started having sex with him!" She stared Rachel down for a long second before responding. "This is the third time you've brought that dog in here with his balls full, needing me to release them.

You didn't object any of the three times. And today you physically placed his penis in me with your hand. I don't work for free." Shit, she's right, Rachel supposed she did enable it to happen. "How much is it going to be?" "Fifteen hundred dollars." "What?!

I can't pay that!" "You can pay it. And you will pay it if you don't want to be sent to the collections department." She continued to stare Rachel down, she was serious. Rachel imagined how that would play out. No, Mr. Collections Man, I won't pay for the vet to fuck my dog. It sounded crazy, who would believe her? Rachel sighed. "Okay, I'll 3 bulls fuck wife cuckold eats cream pie3 something out." Driving home, she wracked her brain for ways to come up with the money.

But her thoughts drifted back to the action in the exam room. Dr. Ross's body was actually pretty amazing, and she looked so hot fucking the dog, sucking him off. Then Rachel remembered her part in helping guide Benson's huge meat between the doctor's pussy lips. Rachel had actually held his big doggie there is something so sexy about these british milfs black stockings and masturbation in her hand.

Wow. A hot flash jolted her body. Hmmm, she thought, maybe it was worth the money, it was an experience she'd never forget.

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