Teen masseuse gets fucked by older client after massage

Teen masseuse gets fucked by older client after massage
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Author's Note: If you are looking to read a story where a white girl has sex with a black man and became a black cock queen, then you might not want to read this one. If you have an issue with a black man being portrayed in a non-stereotypical/positive way, then you might not want to read this one. Editing thanks go to Todger65.

Alice's Story Chapter 1 "I'm not 'going black' as you put it, Angela. You're an idiot," Alice told her sister, Angela, on the phone. "I'm just trying to help, to give you some options," Angela replied into her cell phone.

"Rodney really liked you last night," She added, referring to her huge, African-American friend with a bodybuilder-like frame. "I don't need your help," Alice rolled her eyes. "Well come hang out with us again tonight," Angela suggested. She, Alice, Rodney and a few other white females went to dinner and clubbing the previous night. Alice was the only one that did not go back to Rodney's apartment afterward. "No thanks. I have my flight tomorrow morning," Alice reminded her sister.

She was going to Cancun for a week. The company she worked for completed a huge project and was sending a few of the employees on week-long vacation starting Labor Day weekend. Only Alice and her coworker, Jessica, based in Los Angeles, could go. "Look, you just broke up with what's-his-name, and since you're single now, it'd be a great time to experiment and have fun," Angela suggested, climbing out of Rodney's bed, still nude. "You're 24, live a little." "I am living and I'm just fine, thank you," Alice rolled her eyes again.

She should've known Angela would try to set her up with her friends as soon as she arrived in Miami. She had been there a week, barely getting her remote office set up, when Angela was busy planning Alice's social and dating life. Alice regretted telling Angela she ended things with Dan, a guy she dated since she was 18. She moved to Los Angeles, and for two years their long distance relationship worked, but it wasn't strong enough to last. It was stressful to end the relationship, plus the stress of the work she was doing was adding to it.

"Give me that white pussy, girl," Alice heard a booming, deep voice in the background. "Uh, was that Rodney?" Alice asked. "Was he talking to you like that?" "Huh? Oh no, it's one of the other girls here. I already had my turn," Angela replied. She and several other girls spent the night with Rodney, all taking turns riding and cumming on his cock. "I'm not even going to ask," Alice sighed. "You sure you don't want to come over?

We could use another girl. Fernanda has to go home soon," Angela said. "No! I mean, no thanks," Alice immediately replied. "Alright, you're missing out on the fun. If I don't see you today, have a safe trip and think about my suggestion! I gave you Rodney's number, use it!" Angela said. "Ahhh!" A girl in the background was climaxing. "Yeah, ride that black dick!" Alice heard Rodney say, followed by the sound of a hand slapping an ass.

Alice shook her head, ending the call. Alice remembered Angela giving her Rodney's phone number the previous night, whispering that he told Angela he liked Alice' tits. She tucked his number into her purse, so her sister would get off her case about it. The rest of the day was spent packing for her trip.

Alice was looking forward to this vacation, she and her coworker and friend, Jessica were going to have a great time, relaxing by the pool and working on their tans and more importantly, not working. She found relaxing to be difficult, but knew deep down she needed it. Alice tried on a few bikinis, none of them fitting how she wanted. She looked at her reflection. She was 5'11", hourglass frame, large breasts, and nearly black, long hair. Her breasts were spilling out of the bikini and she didn't like the way it hugged her hips.

She went shopping later on and bought a new red bikini that fit much better. She had a quiet dinner alone, watching a few movies before going to sleep. It was 4am, 30 minutes before she had to wake up and head to the airport. Alice was dreaming. In her dream she was hot legal age teenager parker page hardcore and blowjob Rodney's, in his bedroom, riding his cock. It was stretching her.

She was moaning. Angela was in the corner, watching, nodding in approval. "Cum on my cock, bitch!" Rodney sneered at her. Alice obeyed, shaking and convulsing on it. "Yes! Take my black dick!" Rodney added, sitting up, slamming her down on his bed. "I'm going to get this white slut pregnant," he told Angela. Angela stood, blurry at first, but getting clearer as she approached. Alice's head was hanging off the side of the bed, so Angela was upside down from her vantage point.

She watched her nude sister come into clear view, kissing Rodney. Alice's face was covered by a large pregnant belly. In her dream, Angela was pregnant. "Good, Alice and I want to carry your black babies, Rodney," Angela moaned. "After all, we're black cock queens. Aren't we sis?" Alice woke up, gasping for air, sitting up in bed.

"No!" she said, catching her breath. Chapter 2 Alice gave Jessica a huge hug after seeing her in the airport hot adorable gf is dreaming about sex Mexico. They had gone through customs and met each other at baggage claim, Jessica already having her bags. They chatted about how great it was to see each other again so shortly after Alice's thick jock enters bawdy cleft and anal, they chatted about how great this vacation will be, and they chatted about being happy to finish the huge, stressful project they were working on.

Jessica was a web designer on the project, where Alice served more of a client liaison role. Jessica was very easy to work with and a great friend.

She was several inches shorter than Alice, had black dyed hair, and was a 36-year-old single mother. After they arrived, they put on their bikinis, Jessica whistling at Alice. "Thanks," Alice chuckled. "You look great too, actually." "Thank you! I gotta stay in shape!" Jessica slapped Alice's ass, making her way out onto their balcony. Alice thought it was odd, but assumed they were there to relax and be silly.

"Hey look! We should jump into the pool from here," Jessica joked. Their second story room was right next to the pool, if they got a good running start, they could easily jump into it off the balcony. "You go right ahead, I think I'll take the stairs," Alice said.

"I will tonight after we've had some drinks. Let's go to the beach first," Jessica suggested. The two women made their way to the beach area owned by the resort.

They sat in silence for awhile, after spraying on sun tan lotion. "So, have you spoken with Dan since the breakup?" Jessica asked. "Yes, he was very upset and I felt horrible, but it had to be done," Alice replied. "Great guy; just didn't seem interested in marriage." "Have you considered dating someone new?" Jessica asked, flipping through a magazine.

"Not really." "No? Nothing? You haven't thought about going in an amazing sexual adventure now that you're free?" Jessica joked. "Nope." "Well I'm sorry to hear that," Jessica sighed. "This vacation would be a great opportunity to do that.

What's the wildest thing you've ever done?" "Um, well, I guess I can tell you, since it doesn't matter anymore, but I tried anal once," Alice said. "Just once?" Jessica pouted.

"Yeah, it wasn't that great," Alice said. "What about you?" "I can't tell you," Jessica answered, resuming her magazine flipping. "Wait, I told you, but you can't tell me?" "What I've done is far, far cameron dee shows her dick milking skills wild and crazy than experimenting mom sleeping and son xxx anal sex," Jessica said, closing her magazine, pulling her sun glasses down and laying back on the lounge chair.

"Whatever," Alice chuckled. "Let's change the subject. My sister is already hassling me about dating." "How so? Maybe she just wants you to loosen up." "Well," Alice looked around, "She wants me to date some black guy she hangs out with. Or 'go black' as she puts it." Jessica erupted in laughter, "You going to try it?" "No, she's being ridiculous. I've met her friend. I've heard how he talks down to girls," Alice said.

"You should try it, at least once," Jessica suggested. "Ugh, not you too. Have you ever been with a black man?" Alice asked. "No, I haven't. But," Jessica looked over to her right, "I think I'll talk to him later on." "Who?" Alice looked in the same direction, then realizing who Jessica was referring to. "Oh my." Alice watched a black man throwing a frisbee with a woman on the beach.

He was all muscle, extremely toned, and had dread locks. Alice's eyes widen, seeing the man's six pack abs. The woman he was playing with was also similar in body tone. She had long dark hair, coming down to her toned butt, and her own set of abs. Her lighter brown skin tone made Alice think she was of Latin decent. "Um, I think he's with that woman," Alice noted. "You don't know that. Look at the group of photographers over there.

Maybe they are models doing a shoot here," Jessica pointed out. Jessica was right. Alice saw the photographers talking amongst themselves, adjusting equipment, pointing to other locations on the beach.

One of them waved at the black man and Latina woman to follow them to another area of the beach. "Ok, go ahead," Alice shrugged, picking up a magazine. "If I run into him again, I will," Jessica smiled. "Fine," Alice flipped through the magazine, too fast to look or read anything. She couldn't deny that man was stunning. Chapter 3 "Get that hand off my butt!" Alice scolded her friend, Jessica.

They were dancing at one of the night clubs a few hours later. "Relax, Alice! I'm just having fun. You need to loosen up," Jessica said. Alice sighed, talking into her friend's ear over the loud music, "If that guy sees us, he may think you and I are together." "No he won't.

Because if I see him, I will talk to him, and I will dance with him instead of you!" Jessica replied. "And if he doesn't show up, well then, I guess I'll be taking you back to my room," She added grabbing Alice again. "We're in the same room anyway, remember?" "Uh huh," Jessica winked. "Oh look, you're off the hook. There he is. Wish me luck," Jessica said, slapping Alice's butt again as she walked past her. Alice sighed, going to the bar, to buy another drink. She chatted with another American there, he reminded her of Dan in some ways.

He was far sleazier though, immediately making it clear what he was after. After the guy droned on a bit, Alice, barely paying attention to his compliments of her long dark hair, she turned around and saw Jessica several yards away. She wasn't alone. She was dancing with the black man from the beach. Jessica's hands were above her head, clasping together behind his neck, his dreads in a pony tail. His hands were on her stomach, slowly going up and down over her beige cocktail dress.

Jessica was grinding her butt against his crotch. Alice rolled her eyes and sipped more of her drink while the guy that approached her talked.

She sex swellow my com com back out of politeness, but was hoping the guy could see she wasn't interested.

Several songs later, Alice felt a tap on her shoulder, it was Jessica. "His name is Ulysses. That woman was his coworker. I'll see you tomorrow," Jessica kissed Alice's cheek. "Wow, you work fast," She wiped the kiss away. The sexy single mom, Jessica, blew Alice another kiss, making her way to the exit where Ulysses was waiting. **** Alice slammed their room door shut, sitting on the edge of the bed. She was annoyed at Jessica and in some ways at herself.

Perhaps she did need to loosen up. If she did, she might be the one with Ulysses that evening. "No," she told herself, "he's black, I'm not giving Angela the satisfaction." "He is gorgeous though," Alice sighed, standing to look in the mirror. "Maybe I could just see what it's like." In her mind she thought of Rodney and the way he was speaking in the background of that phone call.

She thought about the previous night of going out with her sister and her group of friends. Rodney seemed so cocky, so full of himself, commanding the white girls in the group to get him another drink.

Alice remembered seeing one of the women in the group that night, Fernanda, sneak under the table they all were sitting. Alice rolled her eyes, realizing Fernanda was sucking Rodney's cock under the table, when Rodney moaned and leaned his head back. Alice wondered how big it was.

She wondered if Ulysses' was large. She wondered if Jessica was sucking it at that very moment at Ulysses' room. She was. Jessica flipped her long hair back over her shoulder after guiding a nude Ulysses onto his back on his bed. She grabbed his cock by the base with one hand, the other roaming over his toned stomach. She moaned, sucking the top, bobbing and weaving her head back and forth.

A few doors down in Alice's room she was picturing dark chocolate skin of Ulysses mixing with hers. "Maybe I'm just a little curious," She thought, standing to remove her short, eye-matching, green dress. "Maybe. Maybe I'll call Rodney, just once. Just one time." "Or maybe," She said, guiding her fingers into her dripping snatch, "maybe I'll get to experience Ulysses." She drove two fingers deep inside her.

In that same moment, something else was driven deep inside Jessica. She let out a soulful moan when she guided Ulysses' cock all the way in, stretching her lips, touching bottom. "Fuck me," she whispered, bending down to Ulysses' face. He pulled her in for a kiss, then pushed her away to bring his mouth to her nipple, "As you wish," he grinned and started his onslaught. In Alice's room, she was on her back, thrusting her own fingers in and out, the other hand rubbing her clitoris.

"Ahh, just once, just once. A black cock in me, just once." She rolled onto her front; propped herself up on her knees and continued sliding her fingers in and out.

"Yes! Yes! Harder!" Jessica cried out. She was her knees now too. Ulysses was behind, gripping her waist, slamming into her. "Cumming!" She yelled. Ulysses kept thrusting in oiled blondie gets cum hole rammed hardcore massage out, pummeling her from behind, throughout Jessica's orgasm.

When it was over, she collapsed on the bed, her ass still high in the air, Ulysses balls deep in her pussy. "That's, that's a good cock," she said, out of breath, over her shoulder. "Moooore," she moaned. Ulysses smiled at her and nodded, "You're a gorgeous woman, I'll be glad to. All night, if you like." Jessica nearly came again at his words. She sat up, turning around, pulling his face into hers for another kiss, "I would LOVE that." At that same moment, Alice, alone in her room, came down from her own self-induced orgasm.

She caught her breath and rolled over onto her back, staring to the ceiling. She sighed heavily, getting under the covers, hoping sleep would come easily. Chapter 4 Alice awoke the next morning to the sound of the shower running. Jessica was back.

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She grabbed some pajamas, hoping Jessica wouldn't see she had slept naked, and made her way to the bathroom. She alexis adams well toasted pussy hello to her friend, hoping that the water would temporarily scald her when she flushed. Jessica didn't say anything in return. Alice shrugged and sat down to use the bathroom. She heard Jessica moan, Alice's eyes widening. "Do you bring that guy back here?" She asked. Jessica moaned again, "No hot fucking sex story download replaying the events of last night in my head." Alice sighed, flushed, and got out of there.

Sadly, there was no change in water pressure or temperature. Hardly speaking at breakfast, the ladies made their way back to the beach. "He wants to meet you tomorrow night," Jessica said breaking the ice.

"What?" "Ulysses. I put in a good word for you. He's working today on various photo shoots, but tomorrow night he's free." "Ugh, Jessica, why'd you do that?" Alice shook her head, annoyed by her friend. "Because you're lovely vanessa enjoys fingering her twat outdoors friend and I want you to enjoy yourself." "Why couldn't just leave it alone?" "He said you were gorgeous and was totally cool with meeting us at the club tomorrow night," Jessica said.

Alice covered her face with the magazine, trying to forget her temporary lack of judgment during her masturbation session the previous evening. "Look, you really need to just relax and enjoy yourself. Alright? I may be far too young to be your mother, but I'm serious. If I was your mom, I would tell you that since you just got out of a long relationship, use this time to date and discover what you are truly interested in," the older Jessica lectured.

"Look at me," Jessica said. "He is a VERY nice guy. He is NOT a thug or stereotype. Ok? He's smart, sweet, and amazing." "Why aren't YOU hanging out with him again?" Alice asked.

"Because on the way back to his room we discussed things. We agreed it would be a one night stand. He was a perfect gentleman and we had a lot of fun.

Which is something YOU need to do," Jessica explained. "Besides I'm sorta involved with someone," Jessica added. "You mean you cheated?" Alice asked. "No, not really. It's not cheating. I just need to call him while I'm here and I will tomorrow while you're out with Ulysses." "I don't " Alice said before being interrupted. "It's complicated. I am involved with someone and we love each other very much.

He knows I'm here to have fun. I won't go into it further, but that's my situation," Jessica said, grabbing another magazine. "Whatever," Alice said again. "So tomorrow night, we're meeting him. You two will hang out. If it leads to sex, then so be it." "Fine," Alice agreed, not wanting to argue. "Tonight, my friend, we are getting drunk. I'm getting you to let loose," Jessica informed Alice. Chapter 5 Any suspicions Alice had about Jessica's sexuality were answered that evening.

Jessica flirted relentlessly with her. Alice had to remove Jessica's hands from various areas on Alice's body several times. Alice eventually gave up, the alcohol Jessica got for the two of them caused her to stop caring after awhile. They stumbled into their room later that night, Jessica's arm around Alice's waist. Jessica pushed Alice to the nearest bed and straddled her.

"Get off me!" She slurred. Jessica chuckled and kissed Alice hard on the mouth. "I said get off!" Alice tried pushing her away, but the alcohol flowing through her veins made her too weak. Jessica kissed her again. Alice let her, closing her eyes in the process.

Jessica got off her after planting several more kisses on her lips, jaw and neck. "Ok, ok," She slurred. "I'll leave you alone." Jessica began removing her dress, then stumbled into Alice's bed in her thong and bra. "You sleeping here?" Alice asked. "Uh huh," Jessica replied, laying on her tummy. Alice burped, "Excuse me." She laughed and fell backward, looking up to the ceiling. "Come here," Jessica said, turning to face Alice.

"Huh? "I said come here, roll over," Jessica tried to guide Alice to roll on her side, facing her.

Jessica kissed her again. "Jess I'm not " "I know, I know, you're aren't into girls. I'm not either." "Could've fooled me!" "Hey," Jessica whispered. "I do think you are be, be you, beauti," Jessica hiccupped, "really really pretty." "So are you," Alice said, her eye's getting heavier.

"I don't think you realize how much of a knock out you are! You need to. You need to let go and just have fun, you know?" Jessica hiccupped again. "Uh huh." "Please?" Jessica grabbed Alice's face. "Worked sucked the past several months, that shit is done! You know? We're here, look in the mirror, enjoy your prettiness while you can!" Jessica burped in Alice's face. She was too drunk to care. "I'll, I'll try, for you." "Take that man tomorrow, take him to bed, and enjoy that dick of his.

Ok?" "Uh huh, I will," Alice said, her eyes closed. "Good. Now go to sleep," Jessica said, giving Alice one more sloppy kiss, before falling asleep, their foreheads touching. **** They slept late the next morning, feeling the effects of their previous night. Alice got in the shower, her eyes widening with shock a moment later when Jessica entered.

"What did I say last night? Do you remember?" Jessica said. "You kept going on about me needing to relax and enjoy life or something?" "Yes, now let's bathe. Remember to calm down.

I'm not going to rape you." Alice smiled, letting her hands that covered her breasts fall. "See? It's all good. Think about how much fun you'll have tonight," Jessica said. Alice took a deep breath and nodded. They two friends showered, got dressed, and ate some lunch. Ulysses met them at the resort's dance club that evening at 9pm. Alice and Jessica were already there.

Jessica introduced the two of them and they sat at a booth to chat. The two women didn't drink at all, thanks to them overdoing it the previous night. Ulysses had one beverage. It was fairly awkward, especially when Alice thought of that Fernanda woman going under the table to suck off Rodney.

"Get that black cock," Alice replayed Rodney's words, cringing. "Are you ok?" Ulysses asked, smiling politely, noticing her expression. "Oh yeah I'm fine. Just thinking about drinking too much last night," Alice lied. Ulysses chuckled, "I see. Yeah I try to only have one, maybe two, when I do drink.

Which isn't very often." Alice smiled back and nodded. The three continued talking, mostly Jessica leading the conversation about why they were in Cancun, about their jobs and so on. At 10pm, Jessica whispered to Alice that she need to make her phone call to her secret lover and that she was leaving them alone. "No, wait!" Alice pleaded. Jessica shot her a stern look.

"Why don't you two go dance, I have a phone call to make," Jessica said, standing to take her leave. Ulysses stood, hugging her goodbye. He shrugged and extending his hand to Alice, "Would you like to?" Alice nodded her head, taking his hand, following to the dance floor. It was all very boring at first.

They faced each other, her arms resting on his shoulders. "So how long are you here in Cancun?" She asked. "A couple more weeks. I have family coming down in a few days. My stepmom will be here first for awhile," He said. "And I take you are a model of some sort?" Alice asked. "Yeah. Fitness stuff. Magazines, ads, things like that," Ulysses played it off. "I see. So you're close with your family?" "Yes, you could say that. She's technically not my stepmom anymore, since her and my father divorced, but she's the only mother figure I've known.

She's helped me with my career and many things." Alice smiled softly, noticing how polite he was, glancing at his eyes, "That sounds nice." "You're really tall. Are you 6 feet?" Ulysses said. "Probably more than that with these shoes on. I'm 5'11" though" "Wow. I don't recall seeing a woman as tall as you before," Ulysses chuckled. "You are very lovely." Alice couldn't help but blush.

There was no "you a fine ass bitch," "you got some nice tits girl," or "let me get some of dat ass." Ulysses was a perfect gentleman, nothing like Rodney. Alice felt guilt for assuming he was sleazy like that. As they danced Alice wondered about Jessica the other night with Ulysses. "So you and Jessica hung out the other night?" "Yeah. She sorta took control and I just followed," He laughed. "But she's nice and seems really cool." Alice cleared her throat, as the song changed, "So you two had fun?" "Oh, uh, yeah," Ulysses looked around, embarrassed.

"She said you two are here on vacation and I just," he shrugged, "followed her lead. She's very beautiful, like you." "Thank you," Alice blushed again. Ulysses hands never went to her butt, but stayed on her waist like a gentleman. Alice felt herself feeling more and more comfortable around him. She turned around, grinding against him similar to how Jessica did, though not nearly as sexual. It was all very subtle, but over the course of a couple songs, she felt it.

That unmistakable budge slowly growing in size as her ass slid up and down its length. While Alice's heart was racing, she felt herself relaxing, enjoying everything.

She turned around to face him. Their eyes locked, her body pressed against his, feeling his erection against her mound. "May I grab your leg?" he asked. Alice nodded. Grabbing her by her thigh, he pulled her right leg up to his waist. Alice bent it so it was locked around him. She bisex incest whoul british family his face and Ulysses continued dancing, grinding his bulge against her crotch essentially dry humping her.

Alice was going to take Jessica's advice. She realized that in doing so she would be indulging her sister, Angela. However, Ulysses was different.

He didn't fit the stereotypical mold that the men Angela associated with did. She wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly. "Let's go," she whispered in his ear. Chapter 6 "Mmmph," Ulysses attempted to speak but was met with another kiss from Alice. They had kissed all the way from the night club to his room door.

"Alice, are you sure," He pushed her away. "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean Jessica took charge and " "Which is what I'm doing," Alice replied, kissing him again, her tongue swirling around his.

"We don't have to, it's ok," Ulysses managed to say in between kisses. "I want to," Alice replied, kissing him back. Ulysses managed to swipe his key card behind him and hairy granny fucked on the pool table his door.

The two of them stumbled into his room, kissing frantically. "Alice wait, wait," He pushed her off. "Hold on, ok?" He smiled. Alice nodded, catching her breath. She watched Ulysses turn on the lights, adjust the air conditioner, and make his way back to Alice. He caressed her face, his thumb going over her brunette classy slut fucking riding big dick lips. "Are you staying the night?" he asked.

Alice nodded once more. Ulysses moved behind her, kissing her shoulder and neck, running his fingers through her long hair, feeling its softness. Alice felt weak in the knees. Doing a complete circle Ulysses arrived in front of her, bringing her lips slowly against his for a long tender kiss. He took a step back and undid the buttons on his shirt.

One by one they were removed. He took his shirt off, placing it on the nearby chair. His eyes still focused on Alice, he removed his belt, unzipped his pants, slid them off and was left standing in his boxers. Alice watched intently, nodding her head. Her eyes lit up, her mouth hung open, when she saw him, standing completely nude before her, fully erect.

He was huge. She never once thought that she was going to have sex with a black man. She only thought she was going to have sex with a gorgeous man. Ulysses moved forward, his hand holding her face, his lips covering hers. She slowly kissed him back, sucking at his long tongue. "Let's get this dress off, Alice," Ulysses whispered after the kiss. He helped her out of it, unzipping the back. He undid her bra, kissing along her neck as he did.

Going to his knees, behind her, he pulled down her thong, kissing at her butt cheeks and thighs. "Ready?" He asked, standing in front of her once more. Alice nodded. Barely unable to walk at this point, she was grateful Ulysses bent down and picked her up with ease. He took her to his bed, kissing her after he laid her gently on her back.

"You're beautiful," He said. "So are you," she squeaked out. Ulysses smiled, hovering over her, kissing at her jaw line, then neck. Alice was tingling, forgetting where she was, what she was doing. As Ulysses kissed his way down her chest, in between each breast, she remembered him, his muscular, perfect body. Her hands went to his developed shoulders, massaging them as he kissed his way to her stomach, licking against her navel, and finally landing at her clitoris.

She came several times as he kissed, licked, and sucked her clit for what seemed like an hour. His fingers going in and out while servicing her clit, Alice was a trembling, whimpering mess of orgasmic moans when Ulysses finally drove his tongue deep into her vagina. She couldn't could help but cry out with pleasure, grabbing his head, holding him there. His tongue swirled around her inner walls, lapping up her juices, making her cum again and again.

When Ulysses jaw and tongue hurt from use, he went to his knees, and then hovered over her again. "Is it ok if I kiss you with your juices on my mouth?" Alice didn't answer verbally. She grabbed his face, bringing it to her own, her tongue invading his mouth, tasting herself. Ulysses cockhead rested against her clit as they kissed.

A moment later he broke the kiss and sat back up. His hands trailed over her body while his throbbing cock rested on her clitoris. He gently squeezed her breasts, caressed her stomach, and smiled appreciatively at her body.

"Shall we?" He asked, already knowing the answer. "Please!" Alice pleaded for him to begin. Ulysses took his cock by the base and gently guided it into Alice's waiting pussy. She nearly came when he slid himself in. He kept going and going, until he touched bottom, his cock resting against her cervix.

Ulysses once again, hovered over her face. They shared several more kisses before he began thrusting. Slowly, methodically, in and out, he rolled his hips into her.

Looking into her dark green eyes, Ulysses' winced with pleasure, "You feel so good." Alice couldn't reply, jamie valentine and crystal rae licking and masturbate masturbation oldvsyoung orgasm approaching. Ulysses' kissed along her neck again, Alice holding him tightly against her.

She brought her legs up, locking them around his butt as he worked. Moaning with each slow thrust, she knew she wouldn't last longer. Ulysses stopped kissing her neck, resting his forehead on top of hers. Their mouths open, they felt each other's hot breath. Ulysses nibbled at her bottom lip, pulling it away, releasing it, letting go back to its original position.

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He then kissed her again, kissing her hard as he made love to her. She began tensing up, shaking, moaning through it. Alice broke the kiss; Ulysses looked upon her face as her orgasm washed over her. "Yes," he said, watching her cum. "Ahhh, uhnn," Alice moaned, looking into his eyes. Ulysses drove himself in hard, causing her to moan again, and then held himself there, resuming his kisses. "May I?" he asked, Alice knowing exactly what he wanted. She nodded and Ulysses started his thrusts again.

Alice stopped him, telling him to get on his back. He rolled over in the bed, taking Alice with him. She was on top now. Caressing his face now, he sucked her thumb, watching her grind against him. He grabbed her breasts, sucking them, causing Alice to arch her back, throwing her head back. Another orgasm coursed through her.

"Ahhh!" she shook, Ulysses held her tightly. She pushed him back down on the mattress. Alice was now squatting up and down on his cock. It felt so good; it was so deep, so long and thick in her. Up and down she went, just as slowly as he thrust in and out of her while he was on top.

Ulysses moaned, grabbing her ass with one hand, running his other up and down her torso and over her breasts. Alice grabbed that hand and began sucking each finger. "Alice! Alice," Ulysses moaned. "Yes!" she replied and kept step dad face fucking alaina dawson with his cock smalltits blowjob and kept riding him.

"Alice! Ahhhh! Mmmmm," Ulysses climaxed, grabbing her face, pulling her down, inches from own, staring into her eyes as his cock erupted with semen, filling her, overflowing out of her pussy.

They kissed once more, his cock still spurting, his seed dribbling down to his testicles. When it was over, they kissed again. After awhile, Alice slid off him, lying against his side, his arm holding her tightly against his, dark chocolate, splendid body. She ran her hand over his six pack abs. It was the best sex she had ever had.

Chapter 7 "So that's when I graduated from UCLA," Ulysses explained. "If I were younger or if you were older, we might've been classmates." "Yeah, I could've met you earlier," Alice said, still lying in his arms an hour after they made love.

"But if we were classmates, I have to admit, my focus wouldn't be on class as much." "Yes, that could be an issue," Ulysses joked. "I was really focused on excelling in school too, so perhaps it's for the best we didn't meet there!" "Sounds like you had a great upbringing," Alice said. "Yeah. It was difficult at times." "How so?" "I was picked on in my early teen years." "You were picked on?" Alice couldn't imagine.

"Were you really overweight?" Ulysses chuckled, "No not that. I was picked because, how shall I put this? I wasn't 'black' enough." "What do you mean?" "I think you know what I mean. I didn't fit into a stereotypical mold of how many young black people are expected to, and choose to act. I loved Lacrosse, not basketball. I wasn't into rap music. I was focused on school and doing my best instead of being in gangs or dealing weed." "I see.

I'm sorry," Alice replied, kissing his chest. "You're sweet," He smiled. "But it was a long time ago. By college, most people had matured some to look beyond stereotypes and look at the person on the inside." "Well I see a wonderful person on the inside. It makes your outside look even better!" Alice smiled, snuggling close against him. "Mmm, your hair smells great," Ulysses said, breathing in her scent. "Well all of you does!" She chuckled. "You like your work?" He asked. "Sometimes.

We just finished a huge project and the client was a nightmare. But some of us were rewarded with this trip," Alice replied. "Seems like a nice company to do that for its employees." "It is. What about you, do you like modeling?" "Sometimes.

I don't like telling people what I do. I don't want to come across as arrogant or pretentious. But I don't want to lie either," Ulysses said. Alice smiled in response, closing her eyes, enjoying his hand caressing her back.

"It's been really nice meeting you," She said, kissing his chest again. "Yeah It has, I'm glad we met." "I just got out of a very long relationship. It's hard, you know? To end it after so long, but it had to be done," Alice said. "I'm sure it was very difficult.

But not everything that's right is easy to do, you know?" "Yes," she replied, rising to her elbow, kissing him several times. "Things happen for a reason." **** The made love several more times until dawn. Ulysses walked her to her room. They said they'll meet up for lunch, after napping, and showering. Alice awoke from her nap to the sound of the shower running. Jessica was startled when Alice, nude, threw open the shower curtain and stepped in. "Alice? You ok?" she asked.

"I'm wonderful!" Alice threw her arms around her friend and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Good! So you had a great night?" "It was perfect. Ulysses is perfect!" "Yeah he's pretty good." "Pretty good?" "Yeah he fucked me pretty hard. It was nice," Jessica said rinsing her hair. "Well he made sweet, sweet love to me." "Huh weird, maybe he has feelings for you," Jessica shrugged.

"Maybe!" Alice giggled, hoping that was the case. "Sounds like you followed my request to loosen up and let go," Jessica said. "I did! He was amazing, like you said." "You are beaming ear to ear!" Jessica hugged Alice. She got out of the shower, only to have her ass slapped by a giggling Alice. The two of them met Ulysses for lunch. Afterward, Alice and Ulysses spent time together on their own. Alice couldn't help but feel like they were a couple. Holding hands, kissing, hugging, romantic walks it was wonderful.

She checked in with Jessica, letting her know she was staying in Ulysses room that night. It was a repeat of the previous night, staying up till dawn, making ms fawx is thirsty for some fresh cock to fuck her horny pussy squirting pornstars. The next day was the same again.

That evening Alice was in Ulysses' room, standing against the wall. He was clutching her waist, one of her legs wrapped around him, similar to when they danced. He was sliding in and out of her, staring into her eyes. "Cum for me, Alice," He said. She couldn't resist, she had never had sex standing up, her ex, while at the perfect height, never brought it up.

Ulysses did. She gripped his shoulders, letting go, letting her body succumb to his desires, and came all over his cock. Her vaginal fluids mixing with his semen coated his dark brown cock, turning it white with their juices.

He guided her to the bed, kissing all over her body once more, gearing up for round two, three, four and so on until the sun rose. **** Alice was dreaming again. She was in Ulysses arms in his bed, having dozed off as dawn approached. In her dream, Ulysses was in her mother's back yard, playing catch with her high school age brother.

It was Thanksgiving. Alice and her mother were watching them throw a football. She complimented her daughter, telling her he was very attractive inside and out.

Angela approached them. "Yeah, Alice, he's hot. I'm glad you finally decided to go black like me," she said. Alice turned to her sister, gritting her teeth angrily, her eyes glowing red, "Don't think for a second he's like the garbage you hang out with. Now leave me alone!" Alice bared her sharp teeth, causing Angela to run away, crying. Her teeth and eyes returned to normal, watching Ulysses throw the ball to her brother, pausing to wave at her and her mom.

Later than night, in her dream, Alice was cumming again. Ulysses holding her, burying his cock in her, "I love you, Alice." "I love you too, darling!" She caressed his face, when her orgasm subsided. "Alice. Will you marry me? Will you be my wife?" Ulysses asked. Alice woke up, gasping for air, sitting up in bed. "Yes!" she said, catching her breath.

She looked over at a still sleeping Ulysses, remembering she was still in Cancun, she giggled at herself, curling back into his arms. They had breakfast with Jessica, chatting about their day. Alice asked if Jessica had called her secret lover any more. She assured them she had every night, except their first night, winking at Ulysses. Alice rubbed his thigh under the table. Sure he had a one night stand with a cool chick, Jessica, but he was her man now.

"So your stepmom is arriving today. Think I could meet her?" Alice asked. "Uh, sure, I was thinking we could all hang out," Ulysses answered.

Ulysses' stepmother, Devin, was a tall blonde, around 40, an inch shorter than Alice and absolutely stunning. He explained his father married a younger woman, roughly ten years older than Ulysses. Alice could tell they got along great still. They sat in various pools and hot tubs the rest of the day, drinking, chatting, and laughing. Everyone got along great with the new addition to their little vacation crew. Alice sat on Ulysses' lap, he caressed her thigh.

She couldn't wait to spend the night in her lover's arms. She wondered where Devin would sleep, but that night at the resort's dance club, she learned of the answer. **** "It was great meeting you today," Jessica told Devin as they danced together.

"You've been a joy to hang out with." "Yes it was," She agreed, playfully grabbing Jessica's ass. Jessica gasped, "You naughty woman!" "You have no idea." "Ooh, what do you mean by that?" Devin didn't answer with words, instead guiding Jessica's hands to her own impressive backside. "So you have a son?" Devin asked. "I do. He's 18,"Jessica replied. "Get out! Well you certainly look amazing." Jessica, like she danced with Ulysses, turned around and ground her butt hard into Devin's crotch.

Jessica's hands went above her head, finding Devin's thick blonde hair. Devin rested her hands on Jessica's stomach, just like Ulysses had. "Does your son have a naughty mommy?" Devin whispered in her ear. "You have no idea," Jessica answered. Devin moaned, peppering her neck with kisses, "I'd like to find out." Ulysses was lost in him and Alice's own world, making out to the beat of the dance music. He felt a tap on his shoulder, turning around to see his stepmother with her arm around Jessica.

"I'm going to hang out with her for the night, ok?" Devin told him. "Sure, have a good time," he replied. Alice watched the two women exit together, a hand on each other's ass. "They going to your room?" She asked Ulysses.

"No, you'll be coming to my room; they are going to yours and Jessica's." Chapter 8 "Ulysses, Jessica said you fucked her really hard that first night we arrived," Alice said, holding his hand on the way back to his room. "Heh, yeah," he replied, embarrassed.

"Why her and not me?" "Well she's different. When I look at you I see a goddess who needs to be made love to." "Ulysses," Alice stopped him before they entered the building. "We leave the day after tomorrow. I want you fuck me tonight as hard as you can. Don't hold back. We don't have much time left here." "As you wish," he said with a sneaky grin.

**** When they arrived at Ulysses room, down the hall a bit from Alice's, leaving the door unlocked, a flurry of clothes and kisses began. They tore each other's clothes off, kissing and grunting. He picked her up and slammed her on the bed, quickly entering her.

"Oh yes! Yes! Harder!" She screamed, locking him in place with her legs. She was cumming in minutes; the bed was slamming against the wall. After her first orgasm, she rose, pushing him off her, tackling him down. They fell off the bed, rolling around, until Ulysses was against the wall. Alice was squatting on him now, bouncing wildly on his cock, "Yes!" she grunted. "I love, I love it!" Just as she was tiring from the squats, Ulysses stood, taking her with him, rapidly thrusting upward.

As she was cumming again, he pulled her kendra star hot anal slut gg exclusive analfucking boyandgirl his cock, letting her juices squirt onto it, then impaled her again. Out of breath, "Do you trust me?" he asked her. "Yes!" She came again. Ulysses opened the balcony door, Alice still wrapped around him, and he peeped over the edge down into the swimming pool. Ulysses walked back into his room, Alice still bucking away on his cock.

He got a running start, held her tightly and jumped over the edge into the pool, Alice screaming the whole until they splashed in the deep end. "Ow!" she cried out, surfacing, still grinding against him. "Don't stop. Don't stop baby," Ulysses said, swimming to shallow end.

"Nice!" A few people said, walking past Ulysses slamming Alice down on his cock. "I wished you fucked me like that," One woman blanca puta alta verapaz guatemala san cristobal verapaz to her husband. Alice looked around, seeing the tessa lane services a big dick in an elevator gather, "Don't stop!

Let them watch!" Ulysses made his way back to the building, opening the door with one hand, people cheering behind him. He sat Alice down, spun her around, and proceeded to fuck her all the way up the stairs to the third floor.

Each one of his powerful thrusts pushed her up a step. Finally at the third floor, Alice spun around to face him, pulling him to the floor; they rolled and kissed and fucked their way to his door, several people cheering them on. One person tried to take a photo but Alice and Ulysses were in their room by that time. Ulysses pushed her on the bed, his cock coming out of her, jacked it a few times and sprayed his load all over her face, "Alice yesssss," he moaned.

She rubbed it into her skin, "Mmmm, I love it, I love you!" When he was done, he grabbed her, led her to the shower and sprayed her face clean.

They calmed down, embracing, kissing, and moaning until the water turned cold. Leading her back to bed, Ulysses was ready once again.

He reverted back to his default love making mode, worshiping her body all night. Chapter 9 When Ulysses walked Alice to her room the next morning, they giggled, hearing Jessica and Devin in the shower. "So she's into girls then," Alice pointed out. "She loves everyone," Ulysses chuckled.

"I think Jessica is like that too." "Let's head to the beach and wait for them," Ulysses suggested. An hour later, Devin and Jessica arrived, signaling the last full day the four would be together in Cancun.

Alice and Jessica would leave the next morning. Ulysses staying behind while more of his family joined. They traded contact information, they hinted at meeting up again when Ulysses is in Miami for work. He even suggested Alice come visit him. Sucking his cock in the men's room after their lunch, Alice reminded herself that everything happens for a reason.

She broke up with her ex, finished that horrible work project, went to Cancun and met an amazing man. Later than evening, Alice was showering with Ulysses before dinner.

All four of them were meeting at a restaurant on the resort's property. Afterward, Ulysses and Alice went to the beach, having sex one last time before her return trip early the next morning. The moonlight reflected off their wet bodies as gentle waves crashed into them. Ulysses walked her back to his room a little later, kissing her, promising to get up early the next morning to see her off.

After Alice smiled at him, waving good night, she opened her real teen orgasm squirt fuck proving papa wrong only to nearly collide with Devin.

"Sorry!" Devin said. "It's ok. You headed to bed?" "Yes, I know you two have an early flight tomorrow," Devin said, hugging Alice goodbye. "I'll call you when I get home!" Jessica called to her new friend, while stripping down to take a shower. Alice hugged Devin goodbye, closed the door, and then sat on the edge of her bed, happy, content, unable to stop smiling. "Join me?" Jessica asked before heading into the bath room. Alice laughed and shook her head. Laying back on the mattress, thoughts of Ulysses, their time here, and their time together in the future swam through Alice's head.

She wasn't even paying attention to the moans of pleasure coming from Jessica's shower as she masturbated in there. Alice was distracted by another sound a loud vibrating cell phone on the bed side table.

Someone was calling Jessica, several times. Alice was annoyed, but also curious, wondering if it was an emergency. She figured she'd look and tell Jessica who was calling her so much. "Mmmm," Jessica moaned. Alice rolled her eyes thinking how nasty her friend was. The nastiness of masturbating in the shower while her friend was in the other room, paled in comparison nacho vidal fucks carol vega chanel preston natalia zeta susi gala what Alice saw on Jessica's phone.

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There were nude photos, sexually explicit texts, photos of Jessica and Devin in sexual poses, replies from someone saying how hot she looked, how much he missed her, how he couldn't wait to fuck her when she returned. There were return texts Jessica sent, saying how much she missed the guy, asking if he liked the pictures of her and a woman. Alice assumed it must've been Jessica's secret lover. She scrolled to the end of the texts. Jessica let him know she was going to shower ending the message with an "I love you." The guy replied with "I love you too, mom." "No way!" Alice nearly screamed.

She pulled up the contact info of the guy. It was a younger kid, about 18. His profile picture was him and his mother Jessica. "Ew! Ew! Ew!" Alice dropped the phone, grabbed her purse and room key, and made her way to Ulysses room for refuge. If that was indeed Jessica's kid and she was sending those pictures and texts to him, she didn't want to be around her. She's seen firsthand how wild Jessica can be, but this was too much.

Running down the hall as fast as she could, she arrived at his door, pausing before knocking. The latch was propping the door opened. Alice thought she heard soft moaning. She opened the door and more shock flooded over her. She saw Ulysses behind Devin, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her. He was holding her against him, kissing her neck and shoulders. "I missed you," He said just above a whisper.

Alice dropped her room key, quickly bending to pick it up. The movement was detected by Ulysses' peripheral vision.

When their eyes met, Alice quickly exited. "Alice!" Ulysses called to her, grabbing some gym shorts, chasing after her. [b]Chapter 10[/b] "Alice wait!" Ulysses called after her, running down the hall. "Wait!" Alice made it to the exit that led to a stairwell, the same stairs Ulysses fucked her on. "Alice please!" Ulysses caught up to her on the first floor, due to Big fat girls sex story with small boy nearly tripping down the steps.

"Alice! Wait!" He grabbed her arm. Alice attempted to jerk away, "Leave me alone!" Ulysses caught her other arm, nearly pinning her against the wall.

"Please, just let me explain," He pleaded; Alice shut her eyes, tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry, this is my fault," Ulysses calmly explained.

"Jessica and I discussed what we wanted and what we didn't want. We only wanted a night of fun, that's it. No committed relationship," Ulysses loosened his grip on her arms. "Since you and her are on vacation together, I assumed you were of the same mindset just here to have fun," Ulysses let her go. Alice remained still, wiping her face, still not looking at Ulysses. "I'm so sorry. I never should've assumed anything.

I should've brought it up anyway. I should've told you upfront that I'm not looking for a girlfriend, a friend, yes, but not a committed relationship. I thought we could even extend our friendship after this trip, possibly visiting each other for fun," Ulysses sighed, his head low with shame. "I'm an idiot, I hope you can forgive me," He glanced at her still crying face.

Alice sniffed a few times and nodded her head. "I'm the one who's an idiot. I assumed you wanted me and you and I had a connection that was more than friends," She said. "But you are with your stepmother, or whatever she is now." "We're not perfect czech nympho is seduced in the supermarket and rode in pov in a committed sense, but she and I love each other and we make love whenever we can get a chance," Ulysses explained.

"She's everything to me." Alice sniffed again, trying not andhra hairy puku sex storys sob, thoroughly embarrassed.

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She fell for this guy. She felt like a stupid teenage girl who met some other kid on vacation. "I never should've assumed anything. I should've told you everything," Ulysses said again. Alice gulped and nodded, glancing at his eyes, quickly looking away.

"You're a beautiful, sweet girl, I hope you can forgive me," Ulysses said, backing away. He turned to make his way up the stairs.

"Ulysses," Alice called out to him. "I do." He smiled warmly, "Thank you, Alice. If I'm in Miami again for work, maybe we could - " "No," Alice smiled back. She as far too embarrassed with herself to hang out with him again. "If we run into each other, just smile and wave." Ulysses nodded, "It was great meeting you. Take care, Alice." She smiled and nodded back, "Take care." She watched him make his way up the steps, and then sunk to the floor, sitting against the wall.

She cried a bit, chastising herself for her own foolishness. Several minutes later, she gathered the composure to ascend the stairs to her floor. When she entered her room, Jessica was in the corner, grinning mischievously on the phone. Alice figured she was sending texts to her son. Alice ignored her, not bothering to change, collapsing on the bed.

"Where were you?" Jessica asked. "Saying goodbye to Ulysses." "Cool. Well I'm heading to bed a little early, unless you wanted to go do something." "No, I'm fine, I'm exhausted," Alice replied. She rolled over and tried to go to sleep, her mind spinning through the events of the past week. The next morning Alice said goodbye to Jessica at the airport. She never mentioned or questioned fast love sex with 2 texts and images she saw on her phone.

Jessica told her she'd see her on the chat program their company uses mother molested by son an daughter a few days. Alice smiled politely and made her way to her gate. **** It was a week after Alice returned home. It was raining in Miami and she was watching the downpour from the couch in her living room. Angela had been calling her several times over the past few days.

Alice ignored each call. Finally, she caved, deciding that her sister may start to worry. Angela rose up, naked, stretching and yawning. She looked around Rodney's apartment living room, seeing him and his brother a black man of equally huge stature lying in the middle surrounded by eight other white women.

All were naked; all were cuddled up to the two black men, or with each other. Angela stepped over the sleeping bodies of black men and white women, grabbed her phone and called her sister. "How was the trip?" Angela asked. "Fine." "You meet any hot guys?" "Nope. It was pretty boring," Alice answered. "Well, if you're bored, you should come out with us tonight. We need a tenth." "A tenth?" "Yeah there are nine white women for two black men. If we had one more woman, each guy would get five women as their dates," Angela said.

Alice paused, closing her eyes, shaking her head. "I think I'll pass." "Please? We'll all have fun." "No thanks." "Well if you change your mind, give me, or Rodney a call. You still have his number?" Angela asked.

Alice had forgotten all about it, "Yeah. But I'm " "Well give him a call! He thought you were hot!" Angela interrupted Alice. "I gotta go. We'll talk later," Alice said, quickly ending the call. Sitting on the edge of the couch, reaching for her purse, rummaging through it, she found Rodney's number on a small piece of paper.

Alice thought about the dreams she had. She saw herself choking on Rodney's cock, looking up to his smug grin. She saw herself bouncing up and down on it, while Rodney looked on, occasionally slapping her ass, encouraging her to "ride that black dick." Alice picture herself going off of birth control and Rodney's semen filling her womb making her pregnant.

She saw a future child, raising it on her own, with zero help from the father Rodney. Her career would suffer, her dating life would suffer, and she would struggle to provide for the child. She remembered the dream where Ulysses proposed to her. Alice smiled, thinking about what could've been with him but wasn't meant to be. She thought about how amazing he was, not just for a black man, but for a man in general.

She knew that if she met someone like Ulysses again, black or white, she would pace herself not fall head over heels for him. Whatever race he was, they would take it slow, getting to know one another.

Alice told herself she would never date the type of men Angela hung out with. Making her way to her bedroom, she wondered how to deal with the loneliness in the meantime. She thought, removing her t-shirt and shorts. "Maybe. Maybe I'll call Rodney, just once.

Just one time." She opened her top drawer, pulling out a dildo, "Maybe it'll be fun." Tossing the dildo to her bed, she picked up the piece of paper once more; running her thumb over Rodney's number, smiling. Alice tore the paper into several small pieces and threw it away. She joined her dildo on the bed. The end.