Milf blonde sucks and fucks a big black dick for interracial fun

Milf blonde sucks and fucks a big black dick for interracial fun
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You may not know me. But there's chance I know you very well. The look in your eyes as I make you cum for the third time this hour, oh how lovely. Think about it. Do you really think these people are your parents?

That he is your father or she your mother. Please. I remember how your mom screamed the day I made her my bitch. Let me tell you your dad is great at munching pussy. Since you're human and you need a name I'll give you one. I'll be… um… give me moment got to choose a good one.

Oh yeah how does Sam sound. Yeah Sam a great name in fact. I'm kind of bored, to pass time I'll xxx sex ww xx oqen sex sex stories you my story. It all started after I killed God. Beginnings Turns out it's kind of hard to kill God.

Well, God is God for a reason. I choose another approach, I locked God away. Turns out the bastard didn't plan on getting locked away without fucking me over.

Somehow the bitch managed to lock away my powers. Forever locking me in a perpetual circle of reincarnation. As luck would have it Christianity and Hinduism… not that different. I will explain it in a way your human mind can understand. Not to sound conceding but the human race is dumb as all hell. I'm surprised you all haven't killed yourselves already. Well, not that you haven't tried.

I guess the whore isn't God for no reason. Anyway I digress. The cunt locked my powers and placed me in an endless reincarnation cycle. As I later learn each new life I gain a decade and unlock part of my powers. So to you all with half a brain. My life increases by multiples of ten. Can I make it any simpler for you all? Sheesh. My first life ended pretty quickly.

A drunk driver randomly plowed through the second story window of my house. The power I gained mind reading. For fuck sake. Mind reading is as useful as an 18 year old in bed. At least my second life got more interesting. "Push," I heard a doctor say.

Here we go have to be a baby. Half an hour later I cried like normal human babies. I swear, how are you humans so weak at birth? My "mom" a black woman named Ashley, a total babe. About 5'3" round face, thick lips, cute little nose and giant dark brown eyes. She had tits for days but her ass none to be found. I mean American Airlines contacted her to ask if they could land their planes there. My "dad" tall dude 6'3" he used to be an athlete body.

I did have one complain though. Why did they have to be black? In my past life I was black. Couldn't it have been a white family? Always wondered what I'd be like to be born white. Having the world as your oyster must be nice. Things went good enough. When you're mentally five hundred years old, fooling twenty-five year old youngsters was pretty easy.

After I turned two I got twin sisters. Tasha and Amy, they were identical twins. My parents actually had work to do while raising them. Since, I was the perfect baby. I skipped grades pretty quickly at nine I was in eighth grade. Seriously I forgot how stupid humans are, 1+1=2.

Dumbfucks. Continuing, by eleven I graduated high school. Thirteen I was done with my bachelor. For all you know it all out there, AP and dual enrolment classes help. At sixteen I got my residency and became a doctor. I worked at the ER department.

That's when puberty finally decided to hit. I grew as tall as my dad. I gained some muscle mass but nothing too major. Fast-forward four years I turned twenty. Now things got super fun. I felt my powers returning. I could now control the mind of any individual including my own. At least now life would be more manageable.

A summer morning my mom came to visit me at my house alone. Her and my dad got divorced when the twins started high school. Nearing her mid-forties she started looking her age. Her tits sagged she had college teen babes enjoyed foursome sex on speedboat little pouch of fat under her belly. "Hey Sam happy birthday," she hugged me.

Her tits pressed against my belly. "Thanks mom." With my powers partially back I could have sex properly. Before this I used to actually have to court women. Reading their minds did help. Now staring at my mom I saw my first experiment. My hand slithered down and I grabbed her pitiful ass. "Sam! What are you doing?" she yelled.

I grinned, "I'm feeling horny right now. I was hoping you'd help." "Let me go," she squirmed against my embrace. Yet with a simple switch I went into her brain lowering her strength.

"Now, now mommy don't you want me to be happy," whispering to her ears I pushed her to the couch. Resist as she may it was useless.

"Please," she begged. "Not to me, your own mother." Ignoring her pleading I unbuckled her pants. The pink panties she wore came out right after. I saw her bush. It was trimmed, horny as all hell I got my dick out.

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"No, Stop! Don't." I turned a death ear to her words and inserted my phallus into her. A dry vagina, there's nothing that feels as amazing at this. I watched mom on her tears streaming down her eyes. Her yells of pain enchanting my ears. Grasping her blouse I ripped it off her. My mom's giant tits bounced jiggled with my thrust. The bra held them together. "Give me one moment," I pulled my dick out.

"I'll get the scissors." Just to be safe I made her unable to move. Searching around the kitchen I found the scissors. I came back to the living room to see my mom on her back. Her hair disheveled. The tears obviously never stoppeed.

Her legs up in the air, her pussy swollen from my recent assault. The only error in this scene, her bra, it messed up the perfect image. To spice things up a little I gave returned her motor functions to her.

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Instantly she darted off the couch. As I was blocked the front she ran to the back door. Yet for a reason or another mommy "accidentally" tripped, turns out this happened in real life and not just in horror films.

Calmly I walked towards her. "If you stop right now I won't tell anyone. Please Sam… Don't do this to me," she sobbed. As I am writing this down I realize how mundane this is. One moment, I've got to change the past. There I stood next to half naked past me. I tapped onto his shoulder.

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Past me was surprised to see present me standing next to him. As I am in a different life he didn't recognized me. With a mental link he realized who I was. "What are you doing here?" he placed mom to sleep. "To stop you from continuing this boorish thing, let's be serious we could do better." After thinking a while he nodded.

"Yeah, I 'll just erase her memories and… Wait what about her clothes?" It had only now come to my attention that past me did rip away her clothes. Well, I snapped my fingers arranging it all.

"I think you got the rest." Just like that I returned to the present. Going back to my desk new memories entered my mind. So… mulligan on that one. I made mom dressed herself and altered her memories.

I turned to redo this whole fuck her thing. Then I slipped and impaled myself with the scissors. Fuck me!