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Hot milf porn ebony dialogue
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This story is a work roos xxx 2019 full storybrazzers fiction. Like most of my stories, the basic scenario is one suggested by a friend of mine. She had found herself In this situation once, and through discussion, we talked about the basic lusts and passions between two individuals and the internal conflicts they would have to overcome to basic religious morals and overall societal mindfucks the youth of today have to go through concerning sex.

I can empathize with the characters, but legally cannot condone sexual relations between a minor and an adult. Laura and her Youth Minister Chapter 2 And yes it was those thoughts that he carried with him to the church that day. He was able to concentrate on the immediate tasks at hand, but when idle time came over him, he drifted back to those thoughts.

They were confusing him, and he was torn inside. For once in his life he was feeling very ignorant. All of the sudden sex and his own take on it, his wife's, the church's and even society in general was swirling around in his head. He felt woefully ignorant on this, and had to do some serious thinking.

Those thoughts were in his head when she walked in. They just vanished in thin air. All his cares and confusion just always seemed to go up in a puff when she was around. It wasn't like love or you know, being in love.

But just this feeling of comfort, that he was her escape from the drudgery of day to day life. The same rut he felt he was getting bogged down in. Michael was working on the audio system and she didn't see him at first. She walked over to the piano and set some pieces of music on it, then used her finger to polish a small spot on the top, one that she always polished, but it always came back.

He relished the times he could watch her, look at her, and study her when she wasn't aware. He had a little voyeur in him and it thrilled him to see her completely unguarded. He got to let his eyes rest on whatever he liked, and spent the better part of a minute on her body. She was a little at an angle, and he could see the profile of her left breast, or the top of it, as the shirt was one of the striped jersey tops she loved to wear, and it hung down over her tit, instead of molding to it.

This was a new top, too, something he didn't fail to recognize. It was looser, maybe she had bought it thinking she was going to grow into it. Didn't matter, it looked good on her. His mind raced back under that top in a heartbeat. Something about how this new top wore on her thrilled him. Maybe the idea that under it, there was open space, and in his mind he imagined being small and in that space, feeling the soft satiny skin below her breasts, and looking up to see a delicate bra concealing the gentle swell of the underside of her beauty blonde babe hot ass and pussy play as they rose from her chest.

Oh man, he liked that! But it was a short lived moment. Soon she moved to sit down and he rushed to catch a glimpse of her ass, but she had on a full skirt that hid it well today.

He wasn't amateur webcam brunette with cum on face he had dwelt on her belly and boobs after all. As she started playing some pieces she was surprised when all of the sudden her piano went from fairly soft to filling the room.

She stopped and looked around and saw him standing at the door of the A/V room, grinning at her. She faked anger and yelled at him that that was NOT FUNNY!

Scared her to death he had! But she was grinning as she turned and played a few more bars, letting him tweak the balance, tone and then played with a few special effects before he turned it off and emerged, only to stand behind her.

She was lost in a piece she had just learned, and he couldn't help approaching her from behind and laying his palms on her shoulders, standing over her. She swooned a little and played more as he told her how good it sounded, how he loved to hear her play, and she rolled her head over to lie on his hand briefly, which was new to them both. Physical contact had just been the next phase of their flirting, and they both did it, pretending how innocent it was.

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The unintended consequence was he could view down the scoop neck of the new top. His gaze landed on the delicate swells again, not in fantasy like before, but in reality. Yes he approved of this new garment, he smiled inwardly. When she lifted her head, he shifted slightly and bent over her to turn the page for her then withdrawing just barely back, but in a better place to continue to enjoy the view down her top. He couldn't see a whole lot, but he could see enough, and it excited him.

Was he looking at her breasts, or seeing his wife's? The shadows of her cleavage was just there, and mesmerizing. Again that fantasy that was becoming more common in his mind cued up, and he was once again wondering what her nipples looked like, what it would feel to touch them, take them in his mouth.

Bending closer to look at a difficult line in the music, she asks him if he can make out a particular note. He takes the opportunity to bend over as well and looks at the blurred part skinny busty hottie with glasses blowjob amp cim the staff, giving his best idea of what she is trying to figure out. She continues to lean in close, and he moves to her side, unable to resist giving himself a better view down the gaping top.

He thinks she is fully engaged in deciphering the music and takes his time getting the best look he has ever had, even seeing the lacey white bra edges. He gasps as she moves a little, squirms some and the cup falls away a bit. He can make out the edge of her areola. He feels his crotch stir! Wow! He thought…that hasn't happened before!

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Not sure what to do, at first he was expecting this huge wave of guilt to wash over him. But it didn't. It felt natural, like something he could share with her. He chuckled inwardly at that thought, of telling her. She straightened finally…turning to look up at him. He shrugged and apologized for not helping, blaming poor eyesight. Rubbing her on her head playfully, he told her how good that sounded, but he had to go shuffle some paper. With that he walked off to his office.

Michael got there and sank down on his couch, his head swimming. He hadn't been in this position before.

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All his life he had always knew where to be, what to say, what to do. He was confident and loved other people and loved helping them. He had stumbled across the church and found it a good fit. He loved to be able to be there for others, to lift them up, or comfort them, or give them a boost.

He didn't agree with all the dogma of the church, but he kind of bent things to meet his own beliefs. Didn't everybody? He didn't know all the answers now, but what he did know was that there was a special little lady out there who made him very happy, and he was becoming more and more attracted to her.

Could he figure out a way to get closer to her? To have her without screwing up her head? He didn't know, but he was sure going to try to figure out a way to make it happen.

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