Anal job after blow job pornstar and hardcore

Anal job after blow job pornstar and hardcore
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He closed his eyes as he felt his rectum give up the fight against the unrelentingly increasing pressure and collapse as the first of the Goblins forced his fetid, filthy cock deep into his arse.

He clenched his teeth and cried out at the sharp, white hot pain as the Goblin penetrated his virgin flesh while inwardly groaning at his defilement. The elven warriors' pain did nothing to lessen the lust boiling in the Goblins loins if rough threesome banging session with hannah shaw brunette cumshot it only further stoked their fire.

Goblins by their very nature enjoy the suffering of others and after a hundred years of war with the oh so precious first born the chance to humiliate, defile, degrade and debase one of the Quintari was a pleasure in itself.

The Dark Lord had given them this one as their plaything to do with as they liked and they were going to enjoy gang raping this one. With well over a thousand goblins in this part of the Dark Lords Keep, to say nothing of the Trolls, Wargs and other base creatures currently residing here it was unlikely he would get any respite… or indeed survive his debasement.

Having gained entry he could feel the Goblins engorged cock starting pistoning deep inside his bowels. Fast, hard, angrily it beat into him tearing at the soft internal walls of his ass.

He felt revulsion and shame but chained obscenely bent over this granite rock with the remains of his armour in tatters he was completely unable to do anything to prevent his fate. A second Goblin took up position in front of him grabbed his hair and used it to lift his head. Before he could react the Goblin had pulled its loin cloth aside and shoved its cock, equally as disgusting as the first Goblins', into his mouth and down his throat. The Elves eyes bulged as his body tried to reject the invader and instinctively he bit down hard.

The Goblin again used his hair to first class anal sex porn video scene back the elves head and removed his penis. "You're going regret that!" It snarled before grabbing the pommel of his sword and bringing it down hard into the elves face splitting his lip and knocking out his front teeth.

Stunned by the blow the elf let his teeth fall from his mouth along with the mouthful of blood and before the shock of the blow and even passed found the Goblins cock once more forcing its way down his throat.

All the while the first Goblin kept up its assault on his arse pounding away as hard and as fast as it could completely unconcerned to the pain it was causing, if anything it was enjoying the elves pain.

Soon enough the second Goblin took up a similar fast and hard rhythm effectively fucking the elves skull. The elves torn anal ring burned in white hot agony, his bowels and intestines felt like they were being tenderized, his throat was raw and the pain from his exposed nerves where his once were screamed at him to do something to stop this abuse but there was nothing he could do. His lungs screamed for oxygen for he was unable to breath past the invader in his throat but this was a mercy.

Humiliated, debased and degraded as he was, knowing there was no hope of rescue or mercy, the best he could hope for was that Goblin fucking his throat would suffocate him and bring his torment and violation to a quick conclusion.

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Alas forsaken as he was and incarcerated far below the earth away from the stars elven folk view as sacred even this was denied him. Just as he was about to lose consciousness he felt the second Goblins cock pulse in his throat, once, twice followed by a sensation of thick glutinous warmth at the bottoms of his throat. The Goblin groaned as it dumped its sticky load deep into the elves gullet and finally withdrew. The elf groaned and coughed dryly as air once more rushed into his lungs bringing him back from the brink of unconsciousness.

Although he could feel the Goblins fetid cum slipping towards his stomach his was unable to the taste the vile seed as the goblin had shot it's load far too deep in his throat for his taste buds to detect it. At that moment the first Goblin also groaned and he felt its cock twitch inside his abused bowels before a sensation of sticky heat filled his gut. Shame and self-loathing washed over him as he felt their seed deep inside his body. He was about to vomit when a third goblin took the position of the seconds grabbed his hair and once more used it to gain access to his mouth.

It's gross, putrid smelling cock no different from the last as it started raping his mouth and throat. He heard the first goblin hiss in his ear "Thank you bitch I'll see you again soon, have fun with my friends in the meantime." He could feel another mutilated member filling his shit tube as the goblin said this, heard it's laughter as it hobbled off in that uneven gait.

He realised at that moment that this was now his existence. A repository for Goblin sperm. His arse, once used to expel faecal matter now a gaping fleshy tube for these foul creatures to insert their rank members and unload their heavy ball sacks.

His mouth used to consuming the finest wines and elven delicacies now would forever more only be consuming the bodily fluids of this evil, putrid stock.

He realised that while the pain in his arse was still present was not quite so intense with his newest violator. While the penetration was as deep and unfeeling and his rectum was clearly stretched the same the seed from his first rapist was lubricating the passage for his latest lover. Much the same was happening in his throat and while he still was unable to breathe his throat no longer felt dry at is was being fucked. With horror he suddenly realised that although his own penis was flaccid, and while he was in no way enjoying his defilement, was itself leaking.

The Goblins cock in his arse lubricated as it now was with its kin folks seed was stimulating his prostrate gland effectively milking him of his own ejaculate. Once more he felt his rapist unload deep in his bowels, hosing the inside of gut with its evil seed. The goblin pulled its cock out of his arse and the elf felt like it had been ripped out. He could feel his stretched and gaping hole twitch as it tried to close to no avail.

No sooner had the intruder stepped aside than the elf felt claws on his back, wondering how much lower his debasement was going to go he felt a warm, wet sensation at his anus for a moment before once again he was penetrated. This time the thing penetrating him did not feel quite so large in terms of girth although was clearly much longer.

While still hard his new lover's member was smoother, fleshier, and wetter than the Goblins hard, dry, thick skinned and wart covered cocks. It took a moment for him to realise with shame and dismay that he was now being bred by a Warg. A creature half wolf and half bear. With hot ass teen babe brittany shae gets drilled by her stepdad hardcore brunette he could feel its fur on his thighs, and buttocks and feel its claws on his back as it pounded his arse with its enormously long cock.

The goblin in his mouth pulled out and holding his head still by his hair sprayed its filthy green sperm over his once fair face and into his mouth. "Drink up lover boy. Don't make me hurts you" it hissed gutturally.

Forcing himself not to vomit he closed his mouth and swallowed the sickly sweet, rancid mess. He felt it stick in his throat and i will fuck you for my chores stepbrother stepsister spreading once before forcing down the foul tasting substance.

The goblin laughed at his obvious displeasure and turned away. Just then he felt the cock pounding his arse that was at first slimmer than that of the goblins suddenly start to inflate at the base. He screamed as it forced the knot past his already stretched rectum and tied itself. The Elfs' eyes bulged once more this time as he felt the knot pass his rectum and start slowly stretching his bowels as with each thrust of the powerful dogs' hind quarters it slowly moved further and further within him.

The surrounding goblins and trolls laughed and jeered. "Knotted you has he?" "Made you his bitch has he?" "He likes it when you squeal bitch". They called. The elf closed his eyes against the shame of the words.

He opened them again a few moments later when something wet and warm hit him in the face. He soon wished he hadn't when he discovered another goblin had taken up position in front of him and was pissing in his face using its urine to sluice off the previous goblins seed.

Feeling thoroughly ashamed he attempted to hang shapely legal age teenager rides a penis hiddencam hardcore head and once more close his eyes but was prevented from doing so when the goblin grabbed his now wet hair and wretched his head back. "Open up or I swear I'll rip your eye out and piss in the hole" it growled.

Too mentally exhausted to argue he opened his mouth and let the goblin fill it with its bitter tasting urine.

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"Drink it all down bitch like the good piss whore you are" it growled. Obediently the elf swallowed the foul tasting waste.

The Goblin laughed before forcing him open his mouth again, this time it forced its warty, hard skinned member down his throat and started skull fucking him like the others had. A moment later he felt the huge knot, which had for the past 5 minutes been distending his stomach and pulverising his insides, explode within him spilling its hot juices directly into his bowels.

At that moment he thought his defilement was complete and in some ways it could be said that it was, although not his debasement, but he did not yet realise just how defiled he had been. That though is another story. The Warg remained deeply imbedded within him for a few minutes as made a sissy by mother in law goblin took its pleasure with his mouth and throat as it regained its breath.

Finally it withdrew its flaccid penis from his fuck hole and sloped off, snapping at another Warg on the way. A wood troll was next and it took little time forcing its huge dick past the ravaged sphincter and deep into the elves gut. The elf screamed past the cock in its throat and he eyes were bulged and were wild as the trolls' dry bark like skin tore into him. He though his anal ring had been as stretched as it was possible to stretch it but that was as nothing to this monster. The wood trolls cock had a girth bigger than a grown man's arm, maybe 20" thick and a foot and a half long.

The skin like oak bark cut and tore despite the lubrication of his other rapists. Slowly it filled him until he was sure he could feel it pressing against his stomach from the inside. Fortunately Trolls because of their huge size are unable to move fast so while the monster cock was irresistible in its movement it was at least not fast.

Even so the elf felt sure that the thing would destroy him as slowly and lumberiously it screwed him. Giving him the fucking that would forever wreck his body and turn his arse into a permanently gaping, fleshy hole. Perfect for use as a cum dump for all the hordes of the dark lord.

The vibration of the scream against the goblins cock still fucking his throat sent the goblin into raptures and he ravaged his skull.

Fucking it at a frenetic pace until very soon it too unloaded its heavy balls into his mouth. So it was that his gang rape continued, hour after hour, day after day.

It was three days before he was finally released and dragged to a cell. The Goblin chieftain had decided that it would be better to give him rest periods and keep him alive to fuck again and again than to simply watch him get fucked to death.

He could be used as a means of keeping his men under control, and besides his Warg seemed fond of his new bitch. So yes he'll be kept alive to be violated again time and time and time again.