Sexy valerie gets her juicy snatch drilled pornstars cumshots

Sexy valerie gets her juicy snatch drilled pornstars cumshots
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Back in the early 60s I was a horny teen and always trying to see my female cousins nude or at least check them out at my grandparents when visiting for the summer. They slept in an upstairs room with an old fashion door knob and key hole. I would peek through the keyhole wild girls flashing tits for cash in a public stunt I could but rarely saw much, mostly of them in their underwear.

Anyway, the floors were not very quiet and they knew I and my other male cousins were trying to see what we could see and dream of seeing more. Unfortunately, the female cousins complained to their mothers and we guys got a lecture etc. and the peeking came to end although we still remained such horny young guys pulling our puds when every we could, often multiple times a day until raw.

I was an average young horny guy, 5'9" with 7" cut cock and grew up with a brother and sister, younger than me but never seemed interested in sex play much. My mother, 5', dark hair, slim, wore glasses and attractive of typical French ancestry and smoked a bit but I had not really thought of her in a sexual way much. She would sometimes ask me to wash her back at times but I never thought much about it as I never saw her small tits when that happened until one day after the female cousins complained.

Everyone was gone that summer day except for my mother, sister and I. My sister was visiting a friend next door when my mother told me to meet her upstairs.

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I felt in was in trouble as I had just had the lecture about peeking and figured more trouble to come. Anyway, I headed up stairs and went into her room. It was a small, brightly lite room with white curtains, a bed, chair and sex doctor sex stories xxx com. The room was warm with bright sunlight streaming through the single window overlooking the back yard. My mother was standing next to the bed and looking at me as I entered.

She told me to close the door and said that she wanted to discuss some things with me. She asked me why I was peeking at the girls and I told her that I had never seen girls nude before and I was just looking to see what they looked like.

She asked me if I had ever seen a nude girl before and I said no, not in real life anyway. At that she quizzed me about where I had seen nude women and I said that back home my friend and I had found a magazine in the woods that had nude women in them. I was starting to get hot amateur couples show off their home sex tapes erection with all this talk about nude women and hoped my mother would not notice.

I looked closer at my mother and started to wonder how she would look nude but shied away from that thought as she was my mother and sons didn't think about their mothers that way. Or so I thought at the time.

My mother was a little quiet for a minute and asked me what I thought about when my friend and I looked at the pictures in the magazine and I hesitated as I didn't want my mother to think I was perverted but she pressed me on the subject and I admitted that I liked what I saw and wanted to see the real thing.

She asked if my friend and I got horny and I embarrassingly answered that we did and she asked what we did. I said "nothing" but she smiled and said that she didn't believe that 2 teen guys did nothing when they were so horny and I admitted we did pull our dicks out and jerked off but never touched each other, never wanting to admit that my friend and I often jerked each other off.

I thought my mom would get mad but she just smiled and said that it was normal for horny guys like us to jerk off together and sometimes do even more. Now this surprised me and somehow I became even more horny, if that was possible, my hard 7" cock seemed to be getting harder as we talked about jerking off and being normal about trying to see naked girls too.

As my mom talked, I felt more at ease, although no less horny, and she told me that I needed to be much more careful about peeking at girls, especially my cousins. Then she surprised me by asking if I ever tried to peek at her or my sister.

I admitted that I tried peeking at my sister, never succeeding, but had not really thought about her. By this time I was really thinking about her and realized that she really was attractive at 5' tall, slim and seemed to have nice small, firm tits that seemed to poke nicely through her light summer blouse. I wasn't sure but I realized she didn't aroused milf sucking teen cock with lust to have a bra on that day either. Strange as my mother always wore a bra and girdle, not that she really needed one but this was the early 60s and women of all ages wore girdles.

My mother asked why not her and I told her that she was my mother and I didn't think that was good or proper.

She just smiled at that and said that she was only 34 and not over the hill yet. Of course by now with her talking about sex, I was starting to have other ideas and my hard cock was definitely leading the way to stranger thoughts about my mother. My mother seemed to be breathing a little faster as we talked when she suddenly asked if I would like to see a woman's breasts for real.

I said sure, what horny guy wouldn't as I thought about my cousins when my mother said, why not look as hers.

I was a bit shocked but silently nodded to her so she took of her glasses and started to unbutton her blouse as she closed and locked the door. She said that it would be our little secret and I dumbly nodded as my cock seemed harder than ever. I was afraid I would cum even without touching myself. I was finally going to see naked tits for real even if they were my mothers.

I barely breathed as she slowly open her blouse and her let breasts came into view. They were small, firm and looked perfect. Her nipples were hard as erasers and soft pink in color. I just stared with my mouth hanging open as she softly chucked at my dumbfound look. She softly told me that I could touch them and not just look.

When I didn't move, she reached for my hand and placed it on her tit, moving my hand around it. I finally woke up and started to touch and feel her tits softly, not quit believing my good fortune.

They felt even better that I had ever imagined. I finally paced both my hands on her breasts and gently messaged them and as I was doing that, she let out a very soft sigh as her breathing seemed to increase. I fondled her tits while standing next to the bed when she said that I had a very gentle touch and that women liked that in a man. She seemed to close her eyes for a minute and sighed some more as I continued to fondle her but I was getting hornier as I could feel more pre-cum leaking out of my jean confined cock.

I wasn't sure what would continue to happen but wanted this touching to continue. At this point, she said that I could kiss them if I liked. If I liked, hell yes I liked and I bent down and began to kiss and suck on her breasts and nipples. She seemed to really like what I was doing with my mouth, sucking and gently chewing on her hard nipples as she began to sigh and moan deep in her throat.

At that point she sighed and asked if touching and sucking her was all I has imagined and I softly said yes and I loved touching her.

Quietly she seemed to come to a decision and softly asked if there was anything else I wanted to see and I hesitantly said yes. She asked what and I said, I wanted to see under her slacks, her female thing. She chuckled and said, "you want to see my pussy?" I was a bit shocked to hear that word from her but just nodded yes. Smiling, she pulled back a little, I almost panicked to think I had offended her with that request, but she just continued to smile with her open blouse, hooked her thumbs on the waist band of her slacks and started to slowly inch them down over her hips.

I could barely breathe as her hairy cunt came into view. I realized that my mother was beautiful, with a well formed slim body, high small tits, red lips and soft skin. As her slacks and panties teen alexa grace gets massage facial swallow pornstars pornstar to the floor, she stepped out of the pile and moved closer to me.

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I was speechless as she again held my hand and moved it to her pussy. "See how soft it is", she said as she moved my hand around her bush. She was starting to really breath harder and faster by now and so was I. She said that as I was becoming a man now that I needed to understand how a woman looked and felt.

I was a little rough and she stopped me for a minute.

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She motioned to the bed in her room and said "let's get a little more comfortable. She leaned back on the bed and told me to get a closer look at her pussy. She open her legs wider pulled her pussy lips apart for me to get a better look. Mom showed and named the parts of her pussy so that I would know what a woman looked like. I got closer to her pussy and could see that is looked a deeper pink that before and I could also see a little bump at the top of her cunt. I could smell her pussy and just about touched her with my nose when my mother reached around my head with moth her hands and drew my face into her cunt.

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She sighed and told me to lick her gash up and down and to suck on her clit, the little bump at the top of her cunt. With her encouragement, I lapped away with gusto, pushing my tongue as far into her as I could get.

With one hand holding her legs apart and my thumb in her hole I reached down and unzipped my long suffering cock. I was kneeling on the floor by this time with my face full into my mother's cunt as I started to jerk off my hard 7" cut cock.

I was in heaven and the world just shrank to my face in a hot wet cunt and fisting my cock. It didn't take long until my mother started to shake and moan loudly. I was scared at first and thought I was hurting her but she just moaned more and doxy with boobs enjoys sex to max naturaltits and hardcore my face and pulled it deeper into her wet hot cunt and said not to stop.

Soon, she was screaming "don't stop, eat that cunt you SOB" and shuddered to a earth shattering climax. I didn't know what a climax was but mom did seem to enjoy whatever was going on as I watched her body spasm and felt her cunt flood my face red vap x vidoes com mouth with her hot cum.

She pulled me up to her face and started kissing me like no mother had ever done before as she started to come down from her climax. I continued to suck on her tits as I also continued to jerk my hard cock when she felt my bare cock rub against her leg.

"Ohhhh", she said, "what have we here? "Did I get this all hard and nasty" she asked shyly. "I'm g;ad the old girl can still get a hot young stud all hot and bothered" I just chucked and said that I thought so.

Mom reached down and grasped my hard cut cock and she moaned even more. "Son, you are much bigger than your father and I can see you will have little trouble satisfying any woman with that". She pulled on me and motioned for me to move my cock closer to her face as she continued to look at it with glowing eyes.

"Mmmmmm", she moaned. "Does it hurt?" she asked and I said it does feel a little sore as I had been jerking off while eating her out. "Poor baby, let me make it all better" and with that she started to lick the head of my cock with her tongue. It was almost more than I could handle, feeling her tongue lapping at my cockhead and looking at her bright red lips (she loved bright red lipstick) and she began to take more of me into her hot, wet mouth. I didn't know if fucking was any better but I sure knew then that getting my cock sucked would forever be one of my most favorite activities, especially when remembering how great my mom could suck my cock.

While sucking on my hard cock, my mom started to remove my shirt and I started removing my jeans. I pulled away for a minute to drop my jeans but she never let go of my cock, her new plaything as she later told me.

As soon as I was nude, mom engulfed my cock and began to suck me with unbridled enthusiasm. She licked from the head to my balls while pulling on my sack and rubbing my groin.

I never knew that women loved sucking a guy's cock but I knew then that my mom was a fantastic cock sucker. She continued to suck me with more suction and messaged the shaft and balls until I started to feel that tingling sensation that announced I was about to cum and warned my mom.

She didn't stop sucking and just pulled me deeper into her mouth as I unloaded, what I thought was the biggest load of cum of my young life. I just about blacked out with the most intense climax I could imagine and slowly fell next to my nude mom on the bed.

Slowly we both relaxed and started to come around, hugging and touching each other through the afternoon. We talked about how she had been so horny since she had divorced my father but could not bring herself to start dating yet and needed a hard cock at times and was so happy that it was mine. We talked about other things we could do someday but not that day as the family would be home soon and that what we did would have to remain just our secret.

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We sucked each other off 1 more time that long ago afternoon but knew it would not be the last. Fucking would come later as we needed to make sure she would not get pregnant but that was ok, as sucking would be a lot of fun until I could sink my raging hot boy cock into her hot wet mommy cunt