Busty redhead drilled by big hard dick

Busty redhead drilled by big hard dick
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Monday morning arrive too soon. As Mark and I got ready for work. My poor husband watched me with resigned eyes, as I pulled my company tee shirt over my braless boobs. I have large boobs, so I never go braless. So it felt strange to have my nipples rub against the tee shirt material, it made them sensitive, it made them poke out. The freedom made my nipples very hard. My husband couldn't stop staring. I felt very self conscious. I didn't want him to think I was enjoying this. We kissed and both went to work.

Seem like every body at the warehouse took notice of my new look. Walking fast was no longer an option; it caused an unacceptable bounce that attracted way to much attention.

Going down steps was a real challenge. Seems I could not leave my desk with out every one starring at me. The problem was all the attention was making my nipples twice as hard.

I resigned myself to stay at my desk as mush as possible for the day, and let the drivers come to me. It was around 10:30 when Brad's truck backed in. As I watched him get out of the truck and head towards my desk my heart dropped to my stomach. I could see the gleam in his eyes and the smirk in his smile, as he looked my way.

Brad's eyes locked on to my boobs and did not even pretend not to stare. Even as he reached my desk he did not take his eyes off my boobs.

He did not say anything as he handed me the paperwork, then he went over to the driver's area sexy teen chicks are pleasuring each other passionately wait for his truck to be off loaded and then reloaded.

I breathed a large sigh of relief as Brad walked away. That was to be short lived. About 45 minutes later Clay backed in. Again my heart dropped into my stomach. Just seconds after his boots hit the ground, his eyes locked on mine, and he had a real shit eating grin. He beckoned to me to come to him as he moves to the front of his truck.

What choice did I have? I rushed across the top of the loading doc and down the steps I am sure I was putting on a great show. My big tits bouncing painfully as I ran down the steps. Clay waiting over by the front of his truck just stood there watching the show. When I finally caught up with him he handed me his paper work and asked me if I had watched the 4 DVDs? I blushed he leaned in close and whispered into my ear "unless you want these passes out you will do everything I tell you to do".

He said that I was to catch Brad's truck and climb up the driver's side and lean in to his window. Then when he is done with me. I was told to climb into Clay's truck, go to sleeper, strip and put my clothing into the box on his bed.

Brad had just started up his truck I had to run shouting for Brad to wait. I am sure a lot of the guys saw me bouncing across the dock, my boobs hurt from bouncing so violently. I tried to hold them down, but I felt like my holding my boobs only made it look worse. I yelled up in to the cab "I think there is a mistake on your paperwork, please let me check it".

Brad looked at me smirked and stopped. At that I climb up the side of the cab and leaned way in his open window, as per my instructions. Brad's right hand immediately grabbed my head and pulled me in for a very deep kiss. His left hand found its way up under my tee shirt. Wile our tongues wrestled, he groped my poor left boob. Squeezing and twisting it. Pinching my nipple, as hard as he could.

I screamed but our kiss muffled the sound. I tried to pull away, but he held me tight. He reached over and gave my other boob a firm squeeze then let me go. I grabbed some papers and tried to look composed as I backed out of the window. I made a show of looking at them, handed them back to him, and told him he was good to go.

Climbing down I checked myself in his rearview mirror. My hair showed signs of my recent activity, as if anyone would notice my hair today. I felt so self conscious as I walked across the loading dock my boobs bouncing and my hair a mess.

I could feel everybody eyes looking at me and I knew all of them thinking about what a whore I must really be. As I walked around to the passenger side of Clayton's truck I look around to see if anybody was watching. Then quickly climbed in. I moved to the darkest part of the sleeper, and sat as quietly as I could listen for and sounds that might mean some one saw me.

There was a very stout box sitting on the bed. When I felt comfortable that no one was following me, I undressed putting all my clothing into the box, and retreated back into the corner, to a wait for Clayton.

I was deep in though thinking about this major turn in my life, the door opened, my heart jumped into my throat, and Clay climbed in. His smile broadens as he spotted me hiding in the corner. At first all he said was stand up and turn around. He watched me carefully. Next he closed the box with my clothing in it, and moved it to the front passenger side floor.

He turned on his radio, and returned to me. I had to be sure you did not have any recording devices on you before we talk. Did you and your husband watch the DVDs? I nodded my head yes. Good, he said, and then you know what a whore you appear to be.

Again I nodded my head yes. He then said Tom has edited a fifth one that makes you a total porn star, then he laugh and said Tom would give me a copy later, it has some extras in it from some of the guy's cell phones. He sat down on the bed and ordered me to crawl over to him, as I did he unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock and balls.

When I was kneeling between his legs, he said you have question? Then ask and I will answer wile you suck my cock.

Don't ask me why or what we want. Tom will tell you that later. I look him straight in the eye, and said you drugged me! He smirked and said is that a question or a statement? I just glared at him he said if you want me to answer you start sucking.

Resigned I began to lick his cock. Yes he said I gave you a cocktail of drugs. He leaned back on his bed to enjoy his blow job. I gave you a double dose of a female indian bengali babe jazmin chaudhry gets double teamed of Viagra to make you horny as hell. A sedative like valium to make you compliant. Oh and a hormone to help you ovulate, to help you get knocked up. My eyes flashed up to meet his. He smiled and said that is right.

Nine guys and your husband shot there seed into your fertile cunt, the other night. Next question, slut. Tears started to stream down my cheeks. I did not want to be pregnant. I was sobbing wile sucking his old man sucking lactating breast milk. After a long moment Clay started talking. Six black men and, four white men, fucked you. There is only a 10% chance of the baby being your husband. A 60% chance your baby will be black and it will be nine months before you find out.

Why even if your baby is white, it is still only a 25% chance it is your husband. I started to cry uncontrollably. Clayton got angry because I was crying and not sucking his cock. He got up and walked around behind me. Grabbing my hips he pulled me up; kick my feet apart, and pushing my face down on to the bed.

Before I could catch my breath he was forcing his large cock into big boobs milf caught teen couple boning in the bedroom from behind. He had my hips lock in his grip as he thrust his cock deep into my body. The pain shot thru me like a knife, as he pushed deep into my unprepared, unprotected vagina.

I started to scream, but he pushed my face into the mattress to muffle it. His cock still in me, he said if you don't shut your mouth, the whole warehouse will find out how big a slut you are. As hard as I tried I could not stop crying, but I did so quietly. He slowly let go of my head and started to push his cock deeper into me. I could feel his cock push past the entrance to my cervix it hurt and I sobbed into the blankets, on the bed. It seemed like a long time, it felt like his cock was punching my cervix with each stroke.

Finally he pulled my hips back hard, pushing as deep in me as he could, pumping his seed right in to my womb. He held me hard against him, throbbing deep inside me. In my mind I could feel his black seed flooding over my ovaries.

His hard cock deep inside me pumping more and more of his seed, at the time it could really do the most damage. I was feeling very sick. He held as tight to my ass as he could till his cock soften, and he slowly pulled out.

I did not move, sobbing into his mattress. After a long moment Clayton smacked my ass, causing me to jump. I whip around to face him. He told me to shut up, get dressed, and to pay attention. He threw my panty in my face and said here hurry up, and get dressed. First, your husband has been told to go buy you a milking machine. He has been told to hook you up for a half hour in the morning and a half hour naughty doctor fucks her hot busty patient august ames pornstars and hardcore bed every day.

You are to stay braless until you start to produce. As you tits become engorged you may go back to your old bras, no new bigger one. Next starting right now you are going to start an affair with Brad. Send him flirting texts. Meet him at his truck starting tomorrow. Climbing up to kiss him like you did today. We want you two to be the talk of the loading dock. Most important you are to obey and do every thing you are told or everyone you know will learn all about you.

Now get out of my cab WHORE. Go back to work, and don't forget your meeting with Tom this evening. At that I climbed out the passenger side door, and went to the restroom to clean up. Then back to my desk, I felt like everyone was watching me.

I sent my first text to Brad. It was mostly hearts and emoji. The rest of the shift was uneventful. I called Mark my husband from my cell phone once I got in the car. I told him I had to go meet Tom before I could come home. He told me he got an email with instructions on some things he had to go buy, and that he would also be meeting with Tom and I just a little later.

I told him about my day. How humiliated I was by everybody watching my boobs bounce, how Clayton had raped me again. Mark was upset; I was in three raunchy lassies have some kinky fun, so I did not tell Mark that I could be pregnant. I cried all the way to the rest stop. As I pulled in I could see Tom's truck was slut uses her boyfriend girlfriend and hardcore parked.

I took a minute to compose myself. As I again walked towards the truck, it was Déjà vu as I walked I swat i mina xxx story see Tom watching me. When I reached his cab he only said, go around and get in. As I climbed into the cab, Tom told me to get in the back and strip. I did as I was told and sat down on the edge of the bed.

Tom told me to lie down and watch the TV above the foot of the bed, he pushed a button on a remote, and the TV came to life. It was me climbing into Tom's truck the first time. He had edited it to make me look like I was soliciting for sex.

My eyes were fixed on the screen; I could not believe that was me. That whore in the video could not be me, but it was. He made me watch over an hour, of me begging, fucking, and sucking every cock I could get a hold of and charging each of them $100. About half way through Tom ordered me to play with myself. He said I was to get my kitty off before the porno was over. Of course I had no idea how must longer the video was going to last.

I was so embarrassed by the way I was acting on the video. As I began to touch myself I discovered I was soaked, my pussy was so wet. When my fingers just barley brushes my clit it shot lightning bolts thru my whole body. I could not believe my body was so turned on.

The shock must have shown, because Tom started to laugh at me. My fingers took on a life of there own, dancing over my clit. I was so fucking hot. I wanted to be the whore in the video. I humped my hand till I drove myself over that edge. I hot babe in stockings plays with herself off hard, oh my God yes I cried. Mark climbed in to the truck just as I was starting to get off. I was so humiliated, Mark finding me in the sleeper of a black man's truck, naked, fingers buried deep in my cunt, my image on the TV slamming her ass back on to a stranger's cock.

What must he think about his wife? The look on his face said it all. Tom said something to Mark that got his attention.

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It was hard to hear them, over all a school principal gets her ass well screwed moaning and slapping sound I was making on the screen.

Tom and Mark talked in low tones for about 5 minutes. Mark kept his eyes on me and I could see him nodding a lot. I started to rub my pussy again, I was so hot. It felt so good. How could I be feeling like this? Mark got up and came back followed by Tom. Mark went towards the foot of the bed, then turned to Tom and said, this is my wife the hooker I told you about.

Look at her she is ready to breed. Just $50 and she can be all yours for the next two hours. Tom took one look at me and the surprise look on my face and said I'll give you $10 and just fuck her once.

DEAL! My husband said. Before I could say anything Tom kissed me hard. His hand going to my right breast, squeezing, twisting, and hurting it, his fingers digging in deep into the flesh. I try mature housewife seduces younger man to turn on hubby cry out, but it only sounds like a moan into the lip lock he held me in.

My husband took my right arm and places my hand on his crotch he said come on baby make the man happy.

I could not believe my husband was telling me to fuck Tom, unprotected sex. He was breeding me with another man. At my touch Tom's cock began to get hard. I began to remember how big he was, how good his cock made me feel. I started to kiss Tom back. Rubbing his big cock thru his pants. I really started to want him. Mark just stood back and watch. I pulled Tom's zipper down and reached in to fish out that wonderful cock. I knew I had to get my hands and mouth on to his cock.

It popped out getting even bigger, and harder. I began to stroke it. In less then a minute Tom was rock hard and ready to this is so hot ending is best camscom. He told me to get me ass up so he could fuck me like the dog I was.

I rolled over, ass up and waited for Tom to take me. But nothing happened. I looked back to see Tom looking at Mark. Mark had a look of terrified look in his eyes. Tom looked at Mark for a long moment, me trying desperately to push myself back onto his cock. Finally Tom said to Mark, if you really want me to fuck your wife come guide my dick into her cunt. Show her how you are really giving her to me.

Guide my cock into her. Mark reached out and took Tom's dick and aimed his cock towards me. I felt that wonder brush up and down against my pussy. Searching for the sweet spot to sink it in, I was so wet.

Finally he found the right spot and pushed it in. Tom drove into me. At the same time he grabbed my hair with one hand. The other hand grabbed my left boob and clamped down hard. Pain shot thru my whole body as he jerked my head back. Driving deep into me over and over again. It hurt, every time he reentered my cervix, but it also felt so good.

So two hot milf lesbians bianca breeze and april oneil are very horny was going on in my mind, I felt dirty, cheep, humiliated, betrayed, and I was starting to orgasm. I did not want to get pregnant, but I did want him in me. I met him stroke for stroke. I never had a man pound my pussy that hard and that long. I was building to my next orgasm I was almost there. Then I felt Tom's first spasm and that drove me over the edge.

I pressed my ass against Tom as hard as I could. My body wanted every drop of him. I held him in me as long as I could, enjoying the feeling. Cumming down from my orgasm, the warmth of him in me, the fulfillment of the moment. Then Tom slapped my ass, and shoved me down on to the bed. As he pulled himself together he ordered Mark to sit down next to me. Tom talking to Mike, but at me said, your wife already knows that she was given fertility drugs not birth control, the other night.

Clay told her that today at work. He also told her how much black seed was in her body already. In case you did not catch it, from the video, 6 men of color 3 white men and you contributed. So if we knocked her up Friday night odds are 60% the baby will be black, and less than 10% that it will be yours. Of course we don't know if she is pregnant yet. So if you want any chance of the baby being yours, you should add your contribution now.

Ask her if she wants you. If she dose fuck her so we can get on with what I need to tell you. Mark turned to me where I was balled up in the corner and asked if I wanted him at that moment I did not want any one, but if I was going to be forced to have a baby I wanted it to be his. I said yes and got back on my hands and knees to offer myself to him.

I was so wet and full of cum Mark's dick slid right in. I was so wet and sloppy it was kind of hard to tell if Mark was even in me. Mark pumped my pussy for a long time, Tom taunting him the whole time.

I finally got enough feeling back to russian sex sex stories porn i a mild orgasm, which was just enough to get Mark over the edge and cum in me. Tom spread a beach towel on the floor in front of his bed and told me wile still naked to sit on it.

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He then insisted Mark remove what he still had on and then to sit down on the floor next to me. So there we sat like two naughty school kids in front of Tom who sat on the bed fully dressed. Tom started by saying I am sure you both have had a chance to see the raw footage videos, and I know your wife has seen the edited version.

Both show you in a very bad way, I am sure you don't want family and friends to see them. We both sat there sheepishly shaking our head no.

If you are wondering why, let me tell you it is for the money we can make a lot of money off you to. One of the places on my route is a movie studio. Mostly porn, but still a movie studio. That is how I was able to edit the videos so fast, and make you look so bad. There is big money, to be made in fetish porn videos, and you two are going to start making them.

A bunch of them.

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What is going to happen to you? Will that is kind of up to you. If you do a good job and your videos sell so we make a lot of money, we may not have to go to some of the open saxy faking storys ktrenakaf painful fetishes. We are going to start with reality TV, interracial, and soon we will be offering pregnant.

We can also make a ton of money selling the brats your about to start pumping out. But we can talk about that later. For the rest of this week Tom you are going to see to it that she is hooked up to the milking machine at least twice a day for 30 minutes or more both times. I want her making a cup of milk per session. He looked at me and said I am going to give you some in (air quotes) vitamins you are to take them with breakfast and dinner every day.

You will openly flirt with Bradley every day this week. You will spend time with him in his cab. For the rest of this week you will be his fuck toy.

Any questions about that. No sir I said. People will start talking where you work. You will not confirm or denied anything, but you will not turn down any advancement. That should make your life interesting he laughed. You guys have a guest bedroom at your house right?

We both softly said yes. Good he continued the studio will be sending two techs to wire your house. This weekend your total house is going to be wired for sound and video. Even the closets there will be no place in your house that you will be able to hide from your fans. Not a sound that won't hear. When they arrived you will be undressed and you will stay that way. Friday night Mark will sleep in the guest room with the female technician. Looking at me he said you will sleep in the master bedroom with the Male technician.

Saturday night Mark you well stay in the leah gotti fucking with valentina nappi room with the Male technician and the bitches will sleep in the master bedroom. He laughed if your not bi now you well be soon. Yes it will all be on video. Once your house is wired, you will be allowed no more than 10 minutes a day with any kind of clothing on. Any more and your viewers can pick a punishment. He told me to reach under his bed and pull out the box I would find there.

Once I had it he said inside I would find my new personal health regimen, and a letter telling me what to do and when. With that Tom told us to get dressed. He then ordered me to my knees in front of him. He then said to Mark get my dick out and put it in your wife's mouth. Tom took hold of my ears and began to fuck my face. Just as he was about to unload he pulled out and let his cum cover my face. Now get out he said. Don't clean your face till morning Tom said. The ride home with my husband was very quiet.