Amateur mom gets first anal

Amateur mom gets first anal
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The Reunion (the Hotel part 2) So if you are reading this then you have either read The Hotel; or haven't. If you have just ignore this. If not then go back and read it. We left off with my recounting of my experience amateur brunette giving a hot pov blow my cousin. After that we left for our respective homes and went about our lives. I never forgot what it was like to have slept with my cousin. I made her promise to keep cute bint has her juicy snatch pounded brunette cumshot touch with me and we did.

We talked quiet frequently. Most of the time it was about her and her boy friend but every now and then we'd talk about the hotel. With that I will recount that years family reunion. It was the middle of June when I got a call from my aunt telling me about this years family reunion. We spent a little while talking before I figured out that Taylor would be there. So immediately after getting of the phone with my aunt I convinced my parents that we had to go.

So later that month we left for the meeting place ( like I would tell you where that is ). Any way we got there and stayed in a very nice hotel with an indoor and outdoor pool and all that nice stuff that we all enjoy. What I didn't know was that my cousins had managed to book the same hotel.

I was curious when they would get to the gathering and how long we'd get to hang out. So I called and asked where they were. (Ringing Phone) Taylor answered and said, "Hello?" "Hey Taylor!" I practically yelled into the phone, " When are you guys getting here?" "We're already here.

We got in this evening and found a nice fancy hotel." "Which hotel are you staying at?" "The G****** Suites." "You're kidding! We're staying there too!" "Cool hey are you guys up for some swimming, if you catch my drift." "Haha yeah we'll meet you down at the pool." When I got down to the pool I found a nice little place right next to the side where I could push Taylor into the water. When she got there I jumped out and yelled 'hey' and she jumped in on her own.

"Don't do that!" she angrily yelled. "Sorry I couldn't pass up the chance." Was my only excuse. And with that I jumped in right next to her. She got a face full of water and I swam quickly out of her way. I had managed to get outside when she eventually caught up with me. We splashed around and wrestled and had fun. The sun had gone down and it didn't look like anyone was in the rooms on the pool side so I swam under Taylor and put her on my shoulders. She yelped a little and then settled. We started talking about how are lives were going and then she said something that I wasn't quite prepared for&hellip.

"Me and Jorge broke up." "I'm sorry to hear that." "Don't be, it was bound to happen anyway seeing as he's heading off to college." "Hey Taylor?", I said," You don't know how sorry I am." "Yeah" After that little exchange I felt her start to shiver. I didn't realize it but it hot story zoya afroz from flim the xpose gotten pretty cold.

I looked up and was gonna say something, but my eyes only got as far as her tits and I was lost. It was just the perfect angle to see almost all of her glorious cleavage. So I kept looking and sure enough she was cold. So I dropped down into the water ever so slowly. After she had two feet on the ground, I surfaced and gave her a hug. It felt like the right thing to do after all. I guess she was still pretty shaken up by the break-up because she didn't want to let go.

So I did what anyone would chubby slut blows a throbbing boner cumshots amateur done in that position, I kissed her. She relaxed a little and looked up at me… "What was that for?" "You seem to be taking it a little hard so…I felt like you needed a pick-me up." What I wasn't expecting was that she would stand on the tips of her toes and kiss me back.

In that moment she had the softest lips ever and it was just so perfect. I just had to ask&hellip. " What was that for?" "For being a gentleman, and caring about me." "Your welcome." And with that we swam back inside and relaxed in the hot tub. After a little bit we started talking gorgeous chicks exquisite cock sucking hardcore and blowjob and reminisced about the last time we did this.

Despite the gloomy development we still managed to laugh and be funny. It didn't strike me as odd when she asked about my sex life. "So other than that one time that we screwed around, how'd it been for you?" "Oh I don't think you want to hear about that." "No really I do, I'll even explain mine." Now I wasn't going to argue with that. I mean who would? "Ok my total sexual experience was that night and jackin off on a regular basis." "Oh you are so deprived!" "Doesn't anyone realize how good a fuck you are?" "Nope not many people even get to see me this way." "It's usually the nerdy kind of me that they choose to see." "I'm sorry to hear that&hellip."; "Well what do they know?

I mean at least I get to know the real you." "So then how about your sex life?" "Well let's see&hellip.I used to have sex every weekend, or every chance I could." "Sounds like you've been busy…" "Yeah, but I still remember what an amazing time we had." At this point I looked over to her and asked her if she meant it as being amazing. Her only response was moving over and frenching me. I don't know how it happened but I started kissing back and one thing led to another.

Before I had realized it I was grabbing one of her tits and was massaging its nipple. "We should get out of here. There are camera's." "Sure." So we got up in a hurry we managed to half-ass-edly dry ourselves off.

Then we ran to the stairs ( the quicker the better). We hadn't really thought through our plan so I quick thought of something. I'd ask my dad if I could have my own room because it was packed in ours with 6 people.

He agreed under the condition that I would pay for half of it. We struck a deal and Taylor hid when we came out. After getting the card from my dad I went and grabbed my bag told everyone good night and went to find Taylor.

After about two minutes I found her by the vending machines still in her bikini shivering. "You ready to get hot?" "Haha, real funny, but yeah I need to check in with my mom though." "Ok lets go." "I'll get her to let me stay in your room." "How are you gonna do that?" "She'll let me, I can be very persuasive." With that she winked and grabbed my crotch. God it made me incredibly horny. But back to the matter at hand, we got to her room and I hid while she talked with her mom.

She came back with her bags and we hopped on the elevator up. On the way up we kissed some more and felt each other up. We got in the room and she was already all over me. Between kissing she explained that she hadn't gotten any sex for the last month or so and she was horny as hell. We managed to get to the bed before my pants were off so I thought we were a little behind. In the Heat of the Moment one never notices the little things. However it's always the little things that seem to come back to bite you in the ass.

But that's for later&hellip. So as we got into foreplay and what not; we were completely in our own world. We had curled up on the bed with her sucking and playing with my rock hard dick and me playing with her pussy. Part way through I managed to get her to cum a little or maybe it was my imagination. "Holy shit that feels so good Tom! Don't stop!" She moaned around my cock.

"Don't make me cum yet! I want a tour of the whole place!" And with that we vigorously started fucking each other's brains out! We got so into it that we came like 4 times each. At the end of the session we had both passed out, failing to notice that we had been watched&hellip.( next part) The Next Morning When I awoke it was still pretty dark.

We had pulled the shades during the night to prevent unwanted eyes. The first thing I noticed was that my dick was hard and in someplace soft and warm.

It was then the memories came flooding back&hellip. "Don't make me cum yet! I want a tour of the whole place!" I said urgently. "Then I won't! but I want to feel like I died and went to heaven then!" Taylor commanded. "Fine I'll just have a little snack!" After that one thing bled into another before I realized that Taylor had passed out on top of me with my dick still in her. I didn't know how to get out of my position without waking her so I just tried to go back to sleep and remember what else happened.

Eventually I succeeded and managed to remember…… "God don't stop eating my pussy Tom!" she exclaimed with great pleasure. "Mhmmm." Was the only reply that I could utter. "Fuck me!!! You are so good at this!" By then I had lost that feeling most get when they are getting close to cumming and I was ready for some fun.

"Get on your hands and knees on the bed." I ordered. She complied and looked at me with her lust-filled eyes. "How are we going to do this, lover?" "I'm going to shove my dick so far up your cunt that your eyes bug out." "Oooo!

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I hope that I don't get to carried away!" "Don't push me." And with that I rammed my cock into her. She clenched then relaxed when I pulled it out and clenched again when I rammed back in. It went on like this for a little while until she got accustomed to my bigger member.

( I know that I said in my last one that I was 6.5". I had done some pretty heavy jelqing over the year.) After stretching to fit my cock ( 8"x1.5") she started bouncing back to meet my thrusts. This just drove me crazy&hellip. "Damn cuz I'm gonna lose it!" I grunted. "Then fill me with your hot seed!" She gasped.

"Uuuuggggnnhhh!" I plastered her inner most sanctuary with my hot jizz and it sent her over the edge. She erupted with her second orgasm of the night and we collapsed on the bed together kissing and groping like it was the end of the world. "Hey Tom, I gotta kinky favor for ya." Taylor stated. "I want you to eat all the cum leaking from my pussy and spit it into my mouth." This puzzled me, and I thought for a second before diving between her leg to comply.

"OOOH! Tom c'mon bring it here!" I brought her what she wanted and she greedily kissed and sucked my mouth dry. After finishing up her snack she laid back and started fondling her breasts. I laid down next to her and fondled the tit closest to me and flicked on the TV.

After flicking through the channels I stopped on something interesting. It was a sex talk show with a porn star! She was giving sexual advice and saying how most men would appreciate being deep throated just can't ever find someone who can.

Taylor looked and me, "I can deep throat." I just stared at her with a critical eye and she shrugged and started stroking my deflated friend. After getting it nice and hard; she licked up and down the shaft getting it all wet.

Then when she thought that it was nice and set she closed her mouth around the tip. She slowly started working her way down the shaft. She'd go down a little, then come back up, go back down a little farther this time and come back up.

This went on until she got to the bottom of my cock, where my hair meets my shaft. Now that she had gotten good at fitting the whole 8" in she started bobbing up and down quicker and quicker each time.

I knew I wasn't gonna last more than a couple of minutes but I didn't tell her that. So when I did cum I timed it so it was just as she was coming up then shoving back down it all shot down her throat and she got a good sized puddle in her mouth which made her gag just a little.

I was feeling rather domineering so I held her mouth shut and told her to swallow it all. And that is exactly what she did. After swallowing my load she opened her mouth wide and said 'AAAAAAAH' like a little kid would at a doctor's office.

She then tackled deep swallow charlotte cross gets the plumber to clean her pipes onto the bed and started kissing me with a passion.

She slowly worked her way down my body till she reached my deflated cock. Again she revived my fallen comrade and straddled him. As she pushed harder down on my cock I got a little light headed and I could tell that she was too. Not knowing what being stretched like that felt like I can't comment on that. But ooohh did she moan. When she finally got all of it in she pulled herself up and slammed back down.

I am very sure that I made her cum once more! She got into a rhythm and I started meeting her half-way with my own thrusts. After what seemed like only a few minutes, I unleashed another geyser of fake taxi and sex games are inseparable into her helpless body. I wasn't much for sayings but, as I let loose into my cousin I could only think "Third time's the charm" as unconsciousness washed over me.

This is what leads us to this morning when I awoke. Now that I had slept a little longer I risked moving my head to see the time. It was 7:30 am. It was then that Taylor stirred and looked down at me. "Morning, whatdya think of last night?" she asked "Unfrigginbelieveable…" was the only response I could muster.

"It's not that early in the morning and the reunion doesn't start til noon. You up for some more fun?" "I don't know…4 times takes a little while to recover&hellip." " Then would you mind helping me?" "I'll try my best." So with that she pulled my still hard dick out of her pussy and turned so it faced me. I took a deep breath and dove in.

I used everything that I had; my tongue my nose and my teeth. As I started my assault on the gates to happiness I heard her moan like I never had before.

I started to slow down only to re-double my efforts by sticking a finger in as well. This caused her to start to spasm against my tongue and clench down on my finger. When her orgasm subsided I began to aim a little higher.

With my finger still in her pussy I began to lick up her crack. When I arrived at my target I slowly ran my tongue around ms fawx is thirsty for some fresh cock to fuck her horny pussy squirting pornstars rim.

She reacted with a sharp 'ooo' before moaning again. So as I lay there beneath her, tonguing her asshole I felt her start to go to town on my dick. At first it was slow but then she started bobbing like a hardened porn star. Just as she started sending it in her throat I put two fingers into her pussy and eased another finger in her ass.

Not being prepared for it she gagged a bit on my cock and pulled off with a cough. She just turned her head and smiled. We both went back to what we were doing but this time I sucked on her asshole and made it pucker and fill with blood. Warning: If you don't want to hear about eating out somebody's ass then skips down a couple of times.

I japanese teenage minx pleasures two big cocks on with my mouth and drove my tongue in her ass! She quickly moaned and her body was racked again by and uncontrollable cum. I don't usually do this but with her being so into this I thought I'd think outside the box.

So I dove right into it. Surprisingly she had a very clean ass. No shit to be found at the moment. She stopped bobbing on my cock for a moment to shove my head farther up. With a little more force I stretched her asshole outwards to prepare it for what I was gonna do next. As I stretched it she had gotten off of me and lay on her hands and forearms.

I then pulled it apart again and spit into it, getting it all lube up. Then just as she looked back I rammed my cock up her back door. She yelped a little and I let her get used to the size of it. After she calmed down a bit I started moving in a seesaw motion. She seemed to like it so I kept going pushing in and pulling out.

This went on for a little while before I got that deep down feeling like I was gonna blow. "Taylor I'm gonna blow here!" I shouted "Not in my ass you're not!" She exclaimed. "Give me that." And with that she impaled herself one last time then pulled off and shoved it down her throat.

It was more than enough stimulation to push me over the edge. I blew the biggest load I have ever shot down her gullet directly to her stomach. She started to bring it out of her throat as I finished so she got a mixed taste of ass and cum. "MMMHMMMM! I might have to do that more often!" "Oh wow&hellip.that was quite a rush." "Yeah me and Jorge used to experiment. We never got that far!" " Cool that was kinda fun!" So after getting things picked up a little we cuddled on the bed in front of the TV.

We watched a bit of cartoons then looked at the clock and decided that we should get showered up group sampling of asians cunt japanese and hardcore head back to our respective rooms and get ready for the actual reunion.

So we hit the shower. I told her I'd just stay out in the family room type thing. So I was there for about a minute before Taylor yelled&hellip. "Hey could you do me a favor?" "Yeah sure. What is it?" " I forgot to grab a towel." "Ok I'll grab you one." So I fetched a towel from her bag. As I was trying to find it I came across her camera.

Now I probably should have just left it but I grabbed it and hid it in my bag.

I grabbed my towel instead and rushed back to the bathroom. I opened the door and it was pretty much a steam room in there! The shower was kind of unique though. It had a slide swat i mina xxx story door and was about 6'by 6'. There was more than enough room for both of us. So when I slid open the door I was yanked through and she shut it. We had the same idea at almost the same time.

We started frenching and groping with the warm water splashing on our bodies. My hand went everywhere and so did hers. When we broke the kiss I had here against the shower wall with my mouth suckling on one of her tits. As I pleasured her she started jacking me off and moaning in my ear.

After I got bored of that I picked her up under her knees and pushed her against the wall again. I lined my cock up with her pussy and went for home. We fucked like crazy and came again before we actually washed each other off. I took the shower head ( it was one of those that had the tube attached ) and sprayed it up her pussy and ass while she soaped up my deflating cock.

I managed to get everything clean and we got out satisfied. We dried off and while she did her breakingasses black angelika black and back p new release I went back to retrieve the camera. I got there and turned it on expecting to see pics of her and her boyfriend holding hands and walking. However, I found more shocking things than that.

There were a couple of pics of her giving head to what I could only guess as a horse cock. There were a couple more of her and her friend makin out and groping. I also found some of her getting a cum bath. I hid the camera again and started quickly getting ready. When we left I put a note on the door saying that we didn't need room service. I also left a couple of things in the room so that I'd know if they went in there.

We got down to the lobby and realized we had missed breakfast. "Damn we missed it!" I complained. "Ah quiet you had your breakfast." She said very slyly. I grabbed her ass and walked back to my parent's room while she walked back to hers. I got in and asked if my parents were ready to go.

They said they were and we headed out. The park we held the reunion at was only a couple of blocks from the hotel. We met up with all our relatives and had a great time.

I got to hang with some of the guys that I never get a chance to hang with when I spotted Taylor sitting down looking kind of sad. So I went over to talk with her. "Hey, what's wrong?" I asked. "I miss Jorge. I was gonna have him come with but that was before we broke up." "You wanna take a walk with me? Maybe it will take your mind off of things." "Ok I guess it couldn't hurt…" We walked down one of the paths pornamateur sex stories pornamateur amazing we stopped at a small bridge and that overlooked a small drop-off.

We saw the trail continued down the side of the drop-off and that there was a pasture with horses and a small house down at the bottom.

We kept walking til we reached the house. Taylor wanted to pet one of the horses so I went up and knocked on the door. An elderly couple answered the door. I apologized if I was bothering anything and when they said I namitha sex images with out dress in I asked if Taylor and I could pet the horses.

They agreed and led us out to the pasture. There was on male and a female out there. The elderly couple explained that they watched them for their grandkids and that they rarely get attention. We started petting them and we fed them a couple of apples. The couple said that they had some errands to run so we had to wait til they got back if they wanted to keep petting the horses.

So we said thank you and left. As we started walking back up the path we watched the couple drive off. Taylor tapped me and the shoulder and asked… "Can we go back there? I wanna see that horse again." "But we have to wait til they get back." I told her. "So they'll never know and we can get over that fence easy." "Taylor&hellip.I don't want to chance it&hellip." "C'mon! I'll make it worth your while&hellip." she suggested.

The way she said it made me reconsider and we walked down the path and got into the pasture. We pet the horses a little longer before I asked Taylor how she was gonna make it worth my while. "So&'s this worth my time?" I asked.

"You'll see…" she countered. She told me to bring them over to a little swath of trees that you couldn't see through from the path. We brought the horse she was petting over and she started rubbing her crotch through her pants. After she had gotten nice and wet she took some of her juice and rubbed it on the horse's nose.

Now I had heard of some idiots trying this and dying from getting trampled but Taylor had control of the situation. We were just getting him arouse when we heard a car pull up the drive. We quickly ducked out and sat down by the fence trying to look very non-challant. The old couple came out and asked if we had been waiting the whole time and we answered yes. They took us in the pasture again and this time we tried riding the horses.

The couple let us borrow the tack and saddles if we promised to put them back and brush the horses down after we were done. They told us the shed was just over the hill in the pasture. So we took the horse ( the male, I wasn't going to try and ride a horse! ) up to the shed while the old couple went inside. We took him [the horse] into his stall and outfitted him with a saddle a and some reins. Taylor climbed up and sat down.

She re-adjusted herself saying it felt funny. We took the horse out of the stall and she started riding him. It was clumsy at first but after a half hour or so she got the hang out of it. It was getting later in the day and I texted my parents and Taylor texted hers telling them that we were fine and that we just went for a walk down the trail. So we decided to take the horse back in to brush him down together. When we got in there we started brushing him when Taylor stuck her hands down her pants again and tried getting him aroused.

She got it a little faster now and we watched as his at least foot-and-a-half long cock slid out of its sheath. As it filled with his stallion blood Taylor got a gleam in her eye and told me to record this with my phone. I told her I would record it with my camera and she just shrugged and went to work.

First she grabbed it making sure that it was nice and rock hard. Next she started licking it while it snorted and whinnied. I looked at its hind legs and thought how close Taylor was to getting injured if he bucked. I glanced around and saw another stall that had restraints. I guess that it was used for medical examinations and cleaning.

So we moved him in there and strapped him in for the fun. Taylor was already back at it before the last strap was secured. She started licking up and down the shaft and the balls of this magnificent creature. When she decided that it was slick enough she started jacking it off while fondling the head with her tongue.

She leaned out from under the horse's barrel chest and looked at me. "You gotta try this it tastes amazing!" "I'm not that into cock meat…" "C'mon! I won't tell!" "Oh alright…but just a taste." I scowled. I crouched down next to her and she took my camera and pointed it at me.

I looked at the long cock in front of my face.

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I stuck my tongue out hesitantly and barely got a taste of anything. Taylor told me to get a better taste and that I was chicken. So I opened my mouth a little more and stuck my tongue out again this time I got more of a taste but not by much.

I noticed it was rather salty and kinda thick. I think it was its pre-cum. I kinda liked the taste but wasn't going to admit it. Taylor again told me to try again. So this time I opened my mouth and licked again. This time instead of Taylor telling me to do better she crouched down, forced my jaw open and shoved the cock into my mouth! I don't know if realized it until I tried to breath and couldn't. But as I choked I tried to pull off of it. I did get it almost out of my mouth but just as it was about to fall out, Taylor shoved me back on.

I tried again and the same thing happened! Finally I just said to hell with it and started moving on my own. When I got used to it I would feel a slight push on the back of my head, sending it deeper into my mouth. When it got to the back of my throat it just popped downward and popped back up.

Finally when I thought it would go no deeper I got to deepthroating it. I never knew this but apparently me and my cousin had been born with next to no gag reflex. Either that or it had worn off over the years. But Taylor was video recording and snapping photos left and right. Just as I thought that I was going to pull off I felt the horse's cock tremble. I knew it was getting ready to cum and soo did Taylor.

She just put the camera down on a stool and pointed it at us. She crouched down next to me and started massaging the horse's grapefruit-sized balls. I was still deepthroating it like a pro when I heard Taylor whisper… "When he cums swallow most of it, I know its gonna be a lot but get ready. When he gets close to stopping hold some in your mouth and give it to me." She whispered in my ear. So I shoved it back in my throat one last time while Taylor jacked it off. I held the head in my mouth and braced myself.

Not 5 seconds later he erupted into my mouth sending most of it down my throat. There is no way to describe how it felt. It was just that amazing! The first three shots almost knocked me on my ass and I had to angelina crow e lara stevens na orgia to keep swallowing. But I just couldn't keep up. I got almost all of it; but some dripped down my cheek and chin.

I did what Taylor said to and held the last of it in my mouth. She saw that the horse was spent and started licking up all of the cum that had gotten on my face. She then latched her lips over mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth. It felt incredible! All the ropey horse cum being pushed all around my mouth. I started to push it out of my mouth and into hers. It was then my turn to ram my tongue down her throat. If it felt good to receive it, it was even better to give it.

She drank it down and gave me a hug. "That was really cool! I didn't know that you could do that." She said incredulously. "It was a onetime thing." I replied knowing that I would probably try that again sometime.

"Well we better head back." "Yeah…it's getting late." "That was fun!" "I guess so." We left the shed and said thank you to the elderly folks for letting us use the horses. We headed back up the trail and got back to the park. A couple of people had left and everyone was getting cleaned up. My cousins and I were staying one more night to visit the graves of my grandparents and pay respects.

We started to walk back to the hotel and I hung back with my cousin. She noticed some cum still on my face and she wiped it off. She then leaned over and said that my show back in the shed had got her all horny. I knew what that meant for me. We asked our parents if we could go swimming when we natural big tits oily lesbian massage and happy ending back and they said after a little bit, that they were gonna grab something to eat.

We said sure and that we would be in my room watching some TV and talking. So we went up to my floor on the elevator. As soon as the doors closed I grabbed her and started sucking face. We got to my floor and ran to my room. We got in and immediately started fucking. We got undressed and she started sucking my cock deep down her throat.

She then went to my back and pulled something out. I couldn't see what it was but I was curious. I got off the bed and went over to her. She quickly spun around and threw me on the bed.

I turned to look and I saw her lubing up a fairly good sized strap-on. I was a little worried. She sauntered up to me and told me this would hurt only a little. I guessed the dildo to be only 10" long by an inch thick.

And with that she started to press it against my virgin asshole. She slid the first half inch in before I started to feel pain. It was slight at first but as she got deeper it started stretching. She got half way and let me get used to it. After getting that done she started pumping in and out. Soon she had worked up a rhythm and was fucking my ass hard and fast. She had also reached around and started jacking me off.

When she got bored she had me eat her ass and pussy out again. We came and lay on the bed exhausted.