Sexy solo adventure with smiley face dildo makes rebecca volpetti cum hard

Sexy solo adventure with smiley face dildo makes rebecca volpetti cum hard
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I was surprised, but I wasn't. I mean, yeah why would he be at my door when my brother left an hour ago? But something was different tonight. There was an energy between us, that hadn't been there before. He said "Hey" and smiled at me, but differently than usual.

I'd known him for years, but for the first time he wasn't looking at me like I was Kevin's little sister. Of course, if I had known he would come back, I probably would be dressed differently. Once him and Kevin left the house, I went and changed. Little white tank top and flannel pajama pants.

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My typical uniform after 9 p.m. In retrospect, maybe I always knew he was coming back, but being so young and naive, there's no way I could have truly known. "Do you want to come in?" I asked.

"Sure." he replied. It was so obvious to both of us. There wasn't any "What are you doing here?" Or, "Kevin hasn't come back yet." He was clearly there to see me, and I was clearly okay with it.

We were only pretending that this was awkward and new. Kevin was still at his girlfriend's house, and Jerry knew that our parents were out of town. There was, really, no reason to ask why he was at the house.

Being his best friend's little sister, I can't say that this was a long time coming. In fact, for several years he was like a second big brother to me. He picked on me, I annoyed him. Sometimes he was friendly and sweet. But I never really felt an attraction before. But like I said, something was exquisite pussy loving pounding hardcore and blowjob tonight.

Earlier when he was hanging out teen jaye summers sucks and rides fathers buddy my brother, there was something different. He talked to me like I was older, more like the college girls he'd been hanging out with for the last year. And something about that made me act more mature towards him. We flirted more, playfully hit each other, etc. It felt like we were peers, for the first time. We sat on the couch and chatted.

Looking into each other's eyes, like two people who are clearly into each other. We smiled a lot, touched hands, and laughed. I wasn't a confident teenager, but I felt totally at home with him. I knew he was there to see me, which had to mean he was into me. That made me feel good, and it was easy to act like this was nothing new. We talked about relationships, and dating, feeling each other out.

He wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. I didn't. I asked about the girls at college, he downplayed it - making sure I knew girls were into him, but also making himself sound available. There was no doubt where this was going. Only, I'm not so sure he knew that I had never been with a guy before. But it didn't matter. I wanted him, and he wanted me. it was only a matter of how we'd make that happen. We talked, and laughed, and playfully hit each other. Then the playful hits became tickles.

And before I knew it, I was on top of him with his arms around my waist. What now? We stared into each other's eyes and smiled. "Hi", I said. He smiled, and said hey. And then we kissed. This wasn't an awkward High School kiss. Or a simple peck. The sexual energy between us had been building all night, and we were both ready for this. My tongue slid into his mouth, and he squeezed my waist tighter.

I'd only kissed two boys before this point, and neither of them were in this position, with me laying on top of him. Maybe that's why it was so easy to feel how hard he was through his jeans. One hand worked its way down to my ass.

The other stayed on my waist. We kissed deep and passionately, and I pushed my hips harder against him. I loved the way it felt, even though they were two layers of pants between us. Even though I had never had sex before, just the idea of him pushing against me, was enough for me to know that I would love this. He pushed on my ass, so that I could push closer against his hard cock, and I moaned for the first time.

He must have loved the way that sounded, because I felt him throb and get harder from underneath his jeans. Our tongues danced as I started grinding against him. Both hands return to my waist, and he held me tighter. His hand crept beneath my shirt, and for the first time, I felt his hands on my bare skin. I instantly got goosebumps from his touch, and I wanted his hands to keep roaming my body.

As his hand inched up my back, I was grinding harder against him, and breathing deeper. I had never experienced anything remotely close to this, but he seemed like an old pro. For whatever reason, that turned me on. Who knows how many slutty college girls he had been with by this point, but the fact that he was on my couch and wanted me made me feel like the sexiest girl in the world.

I sat up, slid off my shirt, and stood up to look at him. "Let's go to my room," I said. I'd like to think I sounded confident and suggestive, but really, I was afraid of Kevin coming home and finding us. He followed me to my room, shut the door behind him, and instantly grab my waist. Pulling me tight to him, he started kissing my neck - the goosebumps returned with a vengeance.

Any air of confidence I had given off before, was instantly gone. I was totally out of my league - breathing heavily with my knees shaking as hands wandered up and down my back, and his lips moved all around my neck and shoulders. I couldn't say anything or do anything. I stood frozen in his arms, just breathing heavily. Before I knew it, he undid my bra and stepped away from me. No guy had ever seen me like this before, and I was terrified that he would change his mind now that he saw me at my most vulnerable.

Instead, he came at me with more intensity then before, grabbed my ass, and slid his tongue into my mouth. I put my hand on his face, and he grabbed my leg and propped it up.

I wanted his tongue deeper inside my mouth, and I wanted to be closer to him than before. The fear, and the goose bumps, vanished. I returned to a state of pure passion and desire, and started slowly backing up towards my bed.

He followed me, and I casually fell back on the bed. He stood above me and looked at me once again. All I could do was stare into his eyes and hope that he would join me. He did. He climbed on top of me, and immediately started sucking on my tits.

Hungrily going back and forth from one to the other. I was too naive to know what base this was, but any fear I had about going all the way was now gone.

I moaned out, and ran my fingers through his hair. He loved it. Maybe he knew I was a virgin. Maybe not. Either way, he knew how turned on I was by him, and it made him even hotter for me. He wrapped his arms around my waist again, as he laid on top of me, and feasted on my breasts.

I breathed harder. I moaned louder. I pulled his head closer. I had never experienced anything like this, but I wanted even more. Obviously, he did too.

With his arms around my waist, he gradually slid his hands down to grab the elastic of my pajama pants. He slid them down, and I assisted. wiggling my hips so they could be pulled lower. His fingertips grazed my ass as he slowly undressed me. He started kissing lower. Down to my rib cage, lower to my stomach. Everywhere he kissed felt warm and got me more excited.

Next thing I knew, my pants were down below my knees. I can't explain it, but I froze again. Maybe it was cause we were moving so quickly. The goose bumps returned, and I couldn't breathe. All I could do was look down at him, with his head below my tummy, and wait to see what he would do with me now at my most vulnerable. An Old Pro, indeed.

He looked up at me and smiled. He kissed me on my tummy, and started working his lips lower. I was anxious, and scared, and trembling with anticipation. He kept kissing lower, and as soon as I thought he was about to put his lips to my untouched pussy, he stopped. I could feel his breath grazing my pussy lips, and it turned me on so much.

But he never put his lips to them. Instead, he kissed my thigh. Licking between my legs and hovering his lips above my pussy. At the time, I thought maybe he was scared too. Maybe it was his first time also. Looking back, though, he knew exactly what he was doing. He had probably done this dozens of times before. No, he wasn't scared. He wanted this just as bad as I did. But he wanted me to ask him for it. But I couldn't. I couldn't say anything. All I could do was lie there, looking at him, breathing deeply and porn tuhemovs hot story porn sex fairy tales free pron vidio all over.

He slid up to me, got face-to-face with me and kissed my lips, softly and sweetly. Me, totally naked, and him fully dressed on top of me. How was this fair? It didn't matter. He had all the power here, and I was his for the taking. I put my hand behind his head, ran my fingers through his hair, and pulled our lips closer to each other.

His tongue inside my mouth was the greatest feeling in the world, and if that was all we did tonight, this would still be the greatest night of my life. Except, it wouldn't be all we did that night. He wanted me badly. I was lost in our deep kiss, so it took me by surprise when his finger started rubbing my pussy lips.

I took a deep breath, and opened my eyes. He stared back at me as he slowly parted them, and started fingering me lightly. I had done this many times before, but had no clue how much better it would feel when someone else did it to me.

I breathed heavier, while staring into his eyes and he slid a finger deep inside of me. I couldn't talk. I couldn't moan.

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All I could do was breathe heavily while I stared at him as he slowly worked his finger in and out of me. He smiled. I must have looked like an idiot, but he could tell how amazing it felt to me, and loved that he was the reason I felt so good. I closed my eyes and lay my head back on the pillow. He bought his lips to my neck, and kissed me while fingering me slow and deep.

I clutched the back of his head, and push my hips up to his hands. We were moving in sync, and he was fucking me with his finger. I moved my hands down his back, and started pulling up his shirt. He pulled his finger out of me, and sat up. I opened my eyes to see him pulling his shirt off. There were those goosebumps again. As much as I wanted to seem like this was not out of the ordinary for me, all the indicators of my youth and inexperience kept coming back.

But he didn't care. Maybe it was the whole reason cute and shy blonde fucked by her fosters wanted me in the first place. I'm sure guys love the idea of taking a young girl's virginity. and mine was his for the taking.

He hovered above me. I wanted him, and I couldn't wait any longer. Slowly, while trembling I reached my hands down and started to undo his jeans. I have never taken somebody else's pants off before. Apparently it's more difficult to do than I thought. After clumsily fumbling with his button fly for what felt like forever, he helped me out, undid his jeans, and slid them off. We were looking deep into each other's eyes.

I don't know what he was thinking, but all I really wanted to do was glance down and see the rest of him. But I was too nervous. Too embarrassed. Instead, I stared him down and reached my hand down and slip them into his boxers. Of course, I had never held a dick before. I'd seen plenty during my not so innocent activities online, but this was a brand new experience for me, as was the whole night.

But he must have loved the way it felt, because as soon as I touched it his mouth opened wider and he took a deep breath. Suddenly I was the one making him feel good, and I started to realize why he enjoyed doing it to me so much. So I wrapped my fingers around it, and started to rub it slowly while dady sea mom cheating sex him in the eyes.

I like to think I had a sexy look on my face, but I was still that scared little teen that had no clue what she was doing. It didn't matter, typical college boy, he was just happy that I was touching him. He leaned forward to me and kissed me again. Our tongues dancing.still my favorite feeling. And then, he reached down and robbed the tip of his dick along my pussy.

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I was already wet, and he was already hard, but his cock got harder as it touched me, and I got wetter. And then he entered me. And it was a good thing no one was home, because I let out the loudest moan of the night.

He loved that, and started pumping slowly in and out of me. I wanted to see his face, but the sensation was too much that I could only lay back and close my eyes. I was throbbing. Soaking wet. Everything felt warm, and yet I couldn't feel anything. Hard to explain, but I think you get the picture. He kissed my neck and lips, while he continued to go deeper. All I could do was lay there, and enjoy this - always wanting more.

He wanted more, too. He put a hand under my ass, and pulled it up so he could get deeper into me. I raise my knees into the air, and let him take me just like the dirty fantasies I had in my head. Well, maybe not exactly.

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In my fantasies I was always the one who was in control. The one who would get on top of the guy, and totally rock his world. But in the moment, this was exactly how I wanted it - on my back, getting fucked for the first time buy a sexy college boy. I had known this boy for years, and never thought of him this way. But from here on out, this is the only way I would ever remember him.

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With one hand lifting my ass and hips in the air, he moved his other hand all along my body. Up my tummy, over my tits, and stroking my face. I turned to kiss his hand, and he slid a finger in my mouth. As he fucked me deeper, I'm owned out with my lips around his finger. He liked that and started moving his hips faster.

So I sucked on his finger. For the first time, he started moaning out. maybe I was in control afterall. I open my eyes and looked at him, why lice continue to suck on his finger. He loved the way it looked, and the way it felt.

If I sucked on his finger deeper, he push his cock further into me. Suddenly, I realize that I could control him and he fucked me, by the way I sucked on his finger. So I sucked on it deep and hard. Moaning as he fucked me harder, and faster. I didn't break eye contact with him, even though he kept closing his eyes to enjoy the feeling.

He was on top, and I was the one getting xxx cex move hb 2019, but I was totally in control. I sucked his finger harder, and moved my hips in rhythm.

He moved his hips in sync with me, and started moaning louder. When he finally called out my name, I'm pretty sure my pussy clenched around his cock. He loved it, and gasped. immediately pulling out of me, and rolling over next to me on the bed. I was startled and confused at first, but it didn't take long to realize that he was about to come, and would rather be safe than sorry. Nobody wants to explain to their best friend that they knocked up their little sister.

I watched him as he closed his eyes, and cum shot out of his rock hard cock. It all happened so quickly that I wasn't sure what to do. But seeing him so worked up, and cumming because of me made me want him more. I leaned forward, and put my lips around his cock, wanting to taste my pussy mixed with his semen. I won't lie. it was disgusting. I immediately wanted to gag, but he loved it. He put his hands on the back of my head, and pushed his hips forward.

He wasn't done yet. He thrust his hips forward and back as his cock emptied down my throat. He called out my name again, and I was all his. Sucking and swallowing him as he fucked my face. Pushing his cock further into me, as I swallowed him deeper and deeper. Once he emptied his cock fully, I felt it get soft, and pulled away. I rolled over, and he went to the bathroom to clean up. Once he came back, I went to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth and when I came back to the room, he was fully dressed.

I was young and stupid, so it was a complete surprise that he was already porn cutie babe fingering ep high def out. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me close. I melted in his arms, as he slid his tongue into my mouth one last time. His hand crept down to my ass, and i grinded my still naked body against him - feeling his cock through his jeans one more time.

"I'll see you later." he said and all I could do was smile. He left, and I laid in bed, totally naked and wide awake for the whole night. Of course, being so young and naive, I assumed we'd begin a fun long-distance relationship, before I eventually went to the same college with him, followed by marriage, etc. Needless to say, things didn't work out that way.

We had one less than memorable follow-up but that was it. Still, it's a nice memory I have, and one I still like to play out in my mind, when I feel the need to get off.