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Black haired young chick gets licked by old teacher
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EPILOGUE Jennifer ran upstairs and released Molly from the torture she and Olivia had been committing against the girl, Molly was allowed to dress and released from her slavery for the length of a small celebration party. Jenn didn't have cake in the house, so they just had mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Dave thought the party might be a little premature considering Rebbecca's past history in saying one thing and doing the complete opposite. It was during this mini-celebration that Megan came to Dave and pulled him down to her so she could whisper in his ear. "You're mine tonight. I already got Mom's permission." Meg then gave Dave a strange smile and walked away with out another word. Dave watched her walk away and then looked over at Jenn. She had sunny leon sexy xxx mp4 story seen Meg come to him and must have known what Meg was going to say.

She shrugged and smiled. Dave just closed his eyes and shook his head. As it turns out, the celebration was not early.

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Two days after Christmas, the new custody agreement arrived at Jenn's house by courier. Dave took the papers to his lawyer the next day and the lawyer said that this custody agreement favored Dave. It gave Dave full physical custody of Emily and Hayley until their eighteenth birthdays while allowing Rebbecca to come visit when possible and convenient, a lot more than she had given Dave in the original custody agreement.

The lawyer and Dave went over the document. The lawyer recommended signing it. Dave agreed and signed. It was filed on New Years Eve.

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An appearance before a judge would be necessary but mostly it was just a technicality. Neither Paul nor Rebbecca even bothered to appear sending their lawyer to represent them.

As promised, Meg did come to Dave's room that night and ended up spending the entire night. Dave made the experience as good for her as possible.

He didn't use either SLuT formula on her.

Megan proved to be an able and very willing student of the erotic arts. They ended up making love three times that night and Dave had no idea how many times Megan came. Meg was so happy the next morning she could barely sit still long enough to eat breakfast. Jenn made the comment, "Guess Meg thinks you're one hell of a lover." The party proved to be a very interesting and eventful affair. Truth be told, it started getting interesting two hours before the party.

That's when Mishy showed up. Mishy showed up with her hair a mess, her make up running, and tears streaming down her face. She also had a suitcase with her. Mishy had told upskirt mini skirt in london street tube porn parent's she was coming to the party.

Her mother refused to allow her to go. Mishy made the statement that they, her parents, hadn't cared what she did for the last couple years, she didn't understand why they suddenly cared now. Her mother told her that the family was spending the holidays together and she was not going. Her father, who barely talked to Mishy normally, took her mother's side against Mishy and said that if she went to the party, she would never be allowed back into the house.

Mishy told her father that was fine with her. She had friends who loved her for her and wouldn't turn on her just because she wasn't what they wanted or expected her to be. She packed a few personal belongings and the few clothes her mother would allow her to have and left the house. She had walked to a nearby bank where she used her ATM card to withdraw some money from her secret "runaway fund," as Mishy named it.

She got a cab and came to Jenn's house. When Mishy told her story, Emily turned to beg Dave to let her stay but he cut her off before she even said a word.

"You'll stay with us. The only condition is that you must stay in school and do well." Dave glanced at Jenn. It was her house after all. She just gave him a nod of approval. Mishy was given one of the many, many extra bedrooms in the house and her, Emily, Hayley, Molly and Megan spent the next hour upstairs getting Mishy and themselves ready for the party. Mishy my wife fuck mein public a surprise hit at the party.

No longer needing to rebel against her parents, Mishy brushed her short hair out, washed the white grease paint from her face, applied a conservative amount of makeup, and dressed in a white sweater that Molly had loaned her, some tight fitting blue jeans she borrowed from Hayley and a pair of nearly knee high black leather boots that every girl at the party was envious of. The boots were Mishy's. Dave finally met the love of Emily's life, Brian Jonathan Hartwell.

Once Dave saw Brian's face, memories of him running around with Emily and Hayley years before flooded back. Before that, Dave had only remembered the name and a few quick glimpses. Seeing Brian's face brought back memories of he and Rebbecca having entire conversations about how the two kids would grow up.

Naughty babes like to suck big cocks they date? Would they grow apart? Rebbecca never did hold much faith in young love. Brian and Emily seemed determined to prove Rebbecca wrong. Halfway into the party, Emily came to Dave, dragged him into the study, closed and locked the door and begged him to let her tell Brian about the SLuT formula and everything that had been going on for the last week and a half.

She told him she had no doubt in her mind that while Brian may not like what's happened, that he would accept it and move on and that he would not dump her over it. It took her about twenty minutes to convince Dave to allow it. It then took her another twenty minutes to convince him to let Brian spend some night in the very near future and allow Emily to dose herself and be Brian's "SLuT Slave" for the night. She had done it for her father. She couldn't deny that privilege to her own boyfriend after all.

Dave told her he wouldn't rule it out but he also wouldn't give permission right then. She accepted this and ran off to find her boyfriend, who was being happily entertained at that moment by both of Emily's cousins. Christmas was a blur. That morning when they opened presents, Dave noticed that he seemed to have gotten few and mostly cheap presents. Hayley actually bought him a tie, a strange choice since Dave never wore a tie, one of the many advantages to being a senior vice president and part owner of the company.

Dave found out later that day that all seven girls, Jennifer, Olivia, Emily, Molly, Mishy, Megan and Hayley had one more surprise for him.

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He was unexpectedly called into the kitchen to find all seven girls seated at the table with a glass of water in front of them and SLuT10 formula set in the middle. Jennifer told him the plan, then all seven of them drank the glass of water before them. There was really no need for Olivia to ingest the SluT10 since she was already Dave's sworn slave, but she did just for dramatic purposes. Dave had all seven of them at his beck and call. The first glass of water they drank had five drops in it putting them under for sixteen hours at the end of which they drank another glass with four drops in it putting them under for an additional eight hours totaling up to twenty-four hours.

The only one who put x francesca le and friends cum swapping reservations on what Dave was allowed to do was Hayley. She was very clear that she wanted no sexual contact. Over the next twenty-four hours, Dave had his way with six of the seven girls and very much enjoyed the day. He gave Hayley the job of making sure the group had cold drinks to refresh themselves with and hot food to fill up on in between sessions.

He had Hayley naked the entire time she played maid and waitress. She said she didn't want sexual contact. She had said nothing about nudity. Dave learned then that he had two very beautiful, very sexy daughters. Dave didn't know it at the time but his time with Megan that day would be the last time he would ever have the pleasure.

She met a boy not too long after that and it quickly grew serious. She was unwilling to tell him about the SLuT formula and was adamant that she would not cheat on him, not even with Dave. As she had said, Rebbecca and Paul did go to the capital the day after Christmas and Governor Wilde did marry them. The ceremony even made it to CNN the next day. Rebbecca eventually sold the house where the girls had been raised.

She offered it to Dave first, cheap, but he was happy at Jenn's and was more interested in his half of the sale price than living there. So the house went up for sale and sold pretty quick to a young couple expecting their first child. Brian spent New Years Eve and most of New Years day with them. After a long conversation with Brian about the SLuT formulas, a conversation that included Dave, Olivia, Emily and Brian, Dave gave Emily four drops of SLuT10 and told Brian, "She's yours for the night.

She will be completely submissive. If you have any sexual fantasies you've wanted to live out. This is the time to do them." Brian smiled at him, then led Emily out of the room. Ten minutes later, Brian was back. This time, with Molly. He told Dave that Emily had told him about her intimate encounters with her aunt, Olivia and Molly and that he had mentioned to Emily that he would have loved to have been there.

Emily directed him to Molly who selflessly agreed to also become Brian's SLuT slave so that he could live out his threesome fantasies as well as see his girlfriend in some hot girl-on-girl action.

Dave gave Molly three drops, putting her under Brian's control for four hours. Brian then led Molly away. Jenn, Olivia and Dave sat there after Brian led Molly away and waited for him to come back with Megan or Hayley.

He didn't. In fact, none of the three came out of Emily's room until late the next afternoon. Brian now had two girlfriends and neither girlfriend seemed to mind. Emily later confessed to Dave that that night was also a first for her, Brian took her anal virginity and she had loved it.

He took Molly's ass two days later with Emily watching. Molly broke up with Charlie, saying he was an asshole and had never treated her right anyway. Charlie did come after her one day at school about a month later but Megan was there with her and defended her sister. Megan was a student down at a local dojo learning some form of martial arts. Charlie ended up on the ground with a dislocated shoulder and a broken nose.

Jennifer raised hell down at the school when the principal tried to suspend Megan for fighting. The principal changed his mind real quick when Jennifer's hot cute teen gets blackmailed and banged for stealing filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the principal, the school and the county for being incompetent in protecting Molly from Charlie.

By the time Charlie had assaulted her that day, giving her a black eye, Molly had filed numerous complaints, verbally and in writing, with the school and the principal but nothing had been done about Cunt of hotty is banged hardcore and blowjob because he was a star wrestler. Charlie returned to school two days later to find that things had changed drastically.

The entire school had sided with Molly and Megan and no one, not even some of the teachers, would speak to him or be near him.

A number of female teachers stated that they were "afraid of him" and had him removed from their classroom. Charlie eventually got pissed at this treatment and clocked a male science teacher. The science teacher filed battery charges against him. The school was finally forced to expel Charlie when a very cute anonymous individual, with the initials EJB, called the local newspaper and reported the story.

The principal was removed from the school as well about two months later. Dave proposed marriage to Olivia on Valentine's Day and they married on Olivia's thirtieth birthday on April the twenty-seventh. A month prior to the marriage, Dave had gone to a urologist and had his vasectomy reversed. Luckily, according to the doctor, it had worked and two weeks later, when they returned home from their honeymoon in Hawaii, Olivia was pregnant with their first child.

Dave's marriage in no way affected his status as the alpha male of the house, he had ongoing relationships with Emily, Molly, Mishy and Jennifer before and after his marriage. When Jenn and Dave put their heads together, they realized that, thanks to the stock they had inherited from their uncle and father, as well as the stock they had bought over the years, they now owned sixty-one percent of the family company.

With that in mind the two plotted out a course for the future of the company. By the middle of the year, the two siblings had taken direct control of the company, something neither had ever considered doing alone but were more than willing to do as a team. Jenn assumed the position of CEO and President while Dave took the job of Chief operating officer.

With a Bernard back at the head of the company and a new plan put in place, the company stock soared and made both millionaires within three years. Against his parent's wishes, Brian proposed to Emily at a party the same night they graduated high school. Emily accepted immediately, and much to the confusion of friends and onlookers, Brian, Emily and Molly all celebrated together. By the end of the summer, Brian grew tired of the constant stress, pressure and threats coming his way from his parents about his unusual relationship with the two cousins.

Brian moved out and moved in with Dave and his new family. After some minor renovations, Brian, Emily and Molly took over two adjoining rooms. One served as their living room/kitchen. One served as their bedroom. Quite by accident Molly found herself two months pregnant with Brian's child when Christmas rolled around again.

Emily was thrilled for Molly and Brian but was very careful to avoid becoming pregnant herself having decided that she was going to college and that she was going to take over the reinvigorated company from her aunt and father. Olivia and Molly weren't the only women in Dave's life who found themselves pregnant.

Two months after graduating alongside Emily and Brian, Mishy was pregnant as well with Dave's child and absolutely tickled pink with the idea. Mishy had left the "Goth lifestyle," had grown out her hair and gotten a new wardrobe.

Dave found out she was even prettier than he had ever thought. The next year Megan also went off to college, the same one her boyfriend went to. The two broke up during their junior year when he left school to become a rock musician. This left Megan depressed which led her to a university financed, but student run, counseling two busty blondes lick their wet cunts where she met another student, Austin, a psychology student, who worked part-time as a counselor for students at risk.

The boy would later confess that he fell in love with Megan the first day he saw her and even told his roommate at the time, "I've met the woman I'm going to marry." Three years later, his prophecy came true. Hayley followed Emily and Brian to the state university where she studied business and international finance while still living at home. It wouldn't be until she was twenty-five and working on her masters in international finance that Hayley would lose her virginity to one of her former college professors.

The two had developed a friendship during her time in his class. He became one of her best friends and one of her greatest fans dad and son fucking fat mom advocates. "She's brilliant. She's absolutely brilliant!" Mark would say about Hayley upon meeting Dave for the first time.

The pair waited two full years before the relationship turned romantic. Dave questioned the relationship, Mark was nearly fifteen years Hayley's senior, but the love, friendship and devotion the two showed for each other pushed away all thoughts of protesting when Mark proposed to Hayley one night while attending a family dinner.

Hayley accepted. Mark spent the night and that was the end of Hayley's virginity. They were forced to have a quick wedding since neither one of them had considered using protection the night Mark proposed. Hayley and Emily both graduated from the state university. Hayley continued on to get her Masters and then both came to work for Dave and Jenn, as did Hayley's husband, Mark.

Megan also returned home and came into the family business after getting a degree in advertising. The three, who now considered each other sisters instead of cousins, easily took over the management of the company ten years after Dave and Jenn had done the same thing.

Emily was named president and CEO. Hayley took over as the head of the new international division while Mark served as COO. Megan took the vice presidency in charge of advertising.

The company blossomed. With Mishy, Molly and Olivia always in the background, providing love, support, meals and babysitting services, the family thrived as did the family company. Dave and Olivia went on to have three children, while Mishy gave Dave two children over the next ten years.

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Mishy remained with Dave's family for around twelve years until meeting and falling in love with a veterinarian. She married Dr. Tim Young days before her thirtieth birthday. He confessed to Dave that one of the things he liked best about Mishy was that she wasn't afraid to show her wild and kinky side. Dave just smiled and nodded. Dave knew Mishy's wild and kinky side very well.

Dr. Young and Mishy had two more children. Jennifer never remarried but was happy and content with the odd, but large, loving family that had appeared around her.

Her and Dave and her and Olivia continued their sexual relationships throughout their lives. At Molly's request, Brian got her pregnant a total of five times, almost one right after the other. They would have continued but doctors told them that had Molly gotten pregnant again, she would never carry the child to term and would risk her own life in the process. Emily bore Brian three children, giving Brian a total of eight before Brian had a vasectomy.

Hayley and Mark had only one child but the child was heavily doted on by both parents. The little girl, named Miranda, was a child prodigy and was given genius status at the young age of four. Mark died in a car accident before his daughter graduated college with honors and took over the running of the family company from her aunt Emily. With her genius and creativity she would take the company to previously unknown heights. Megan and Austin had four children, two sets of twins, a boy and a girl first and then identical twin girls a few years later.

The boy, named David for his grandfather, would be at Miranda's side when she took over the family company and would become President of the company himself later in life when Miranda was forced to retire due to illness.

Dave Bernard would keep both the SLuT9 and SLuT10 formula's that Dr. Casey had sent him in a safe in the study of the house. He never had cause to use the SLuT9 formula again and used the SLuT10 formula almost entirely for personal entertainment purposes within his own family. Dr. Olivia Barrett-Bernard never returned to work in the pharmaceutical industry but she also never stopped working. Once her and Dave's first child was "off the tit," Jennifer financially backed her in the building of her own personal laboratory in what had been the in-law house in the backyard of the house.

Olivia used this laboratory to continue her study of the SLuT formula. She created SLuT11 which had all the effects of SLuT9, including making the woman extremely horny, but would not eat away at the victim's self-determination. She then created a new substance, based largely on Luckicite that she would call Ticocin which would do two things. The first was it would aid her in the creation of a formula that had the same effect on men that the SLuT formula had on women.

By the time she was ready to test it, she had given the formula the name of STuD4. It was first tested on her willing husband and all the women in the house very much enjoyed having Dave as their slave as a change for a few hours. The second was to bring Dr. Jan Casey's work, Olivia's former teacher, lover and mentor, full circle. Olivia would use Ticocin as a basis for a truth serum that did work.

Completing the job that Dr. Casey had started forty years earlier and had led almost directly to the creation of the SLuT formula, while working for the Defense Department. The patent would be bought for twelve million dollars by Bernard Industries who would then sell it only to the United States government while holding onto the right to be the sole producer for nasty alice romain enjoys a solid pussy fuck easy twenty-three million dollars.

Dave and Jenn knew Olivia was close and had just recently expanded into the pharmaceutical industry to prepare for it. Ironically, they ended up buying the very firm who had hired Olivia when she left college. Olivia next created SLuT12, which she later renamed SLuT13, because of the unpredictable and horrific side effects the drug had on those who took ma kendra lust and stepdaughter get banged. The only person it was ever used on was Mishy, who volunteered for the job, and she nearly ended up in the hospital.

She made a full recovery and the SLuT12 was destroyed. SLuT14 took the formula to it's limit by making it DNA specific and was in large part due to the incredible advances in genetics and genetic engineering that had become available. SLuT14 would work only on the intended victim and no one else. SLuT15, which would eventually be sold to the public alongside STuD6 was a less potent form of the formulas available in pill form.

Both formulas would make the person who takes them somewhat submissive but was advertised as nothing more than an easy way to "lose your inhibitions." The drug's effects were as much mental as physical and therefore any one who had taken the drug and found themselves in a bad situation, could easily ignore the drugs effects and move to escape whatever dangerous situation stripping by the pool scene manuel bengochea had found themselves in.

There were those who protested it saying it was nothing more than "a light version of a date rape drug." The protesters were correct, that's exactly what it was, but when the stuff went on sale at lingerie shops, sex shops and at Spencer's, in malls across the country, the population fell in love with the drug and the protesters were ignored or simply shouted down. SLuT15 and STuD6, alongside the truth serum, which was popularly known as Tellall, became huge money makers for Bernard Industries.

Dr. Olivia Barrett-Bernard retired late in life with more than a dozen patented drugs to her name and a net worth somewhere in range of thirty million dollars.

THE END Author's Note: I'm sure some of you out there are dying to write and tell "You never revealed who it was that molested Jennifer in the hallway the night Dave and Molly were together." You're right, I nadia ali sexy xxx story. My editor pointed this out to me when he sent me the edited epilogue.

I told him, there's only one person who could have done it. I'll give you one hint, no one had broken into the house and there were no ghosts involved. In my opinion, there is only one person who could have done it and would have done it.

That's almost a second hint. So, who did it? Write and let me know. If you're right, I'll tell you. If you're wrong, I'll write and explain why you're wrong.