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Big sister wants baby porn
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Note: This is in continuation, please read the first part to enjoy more. Again it's a slow build but this is many times more adventurous than the 1st part. ***** My story starts. After coming out of airport without any hitch in US she felt proud of herself and her confidence increased immensely as this was her first time out of country.

I received her and took her to our new home where I shifted recently. The neighborhood was very nice and calm place; I had a garage a small backyard and back lawn with a swimming pool.

She saw the house and the location and was awestruck. She was wearing here sari and was object of lots of attention at airport and while entering our neighborhood and house. Next door Mrs. Smith was there who was trying to judge us. We relaxed and started putting things together and in 2 days we finished arranging things so that it was in livable condition. Now on 3rdday, without initiation she wore jeans, top and we went out to a restaurant for lunch. Nothing happened but she looked awesome while everyone was ogling her and Mrs.

Smith was trying to figure out is she the same women who came 2 days back like a scared cat. Just imagine her standing in full day light in front of everyone with all her jewelleries and mehndi tattoo. Her figure was easily visible and she looked like an exotic model. I announced that we have to finish our unfinished honeymoon and have to leave tomorrow for the same. She was very happy and excited for getting chance to explore this new place. We chose Florida for our getaway and she was having no clue what the place is like and how famous it was.

We were on the plane and super slim teen riding pov thing we knew was we were at this great resort entry which my friend from Florida suggested as the best place for couples. He said that this place is right on the beach and is of best standards. So I and Alia were standing in this resort looking at each other with excitement.

Now she was wearing her salwar suit again (she said most of the clothes we bought in our honeymoon for her were left at our house in Bangladesh) and I was in my khaki men's shorts and t shirt.

We entered and went to reception where one of the very beautiful staff checked us in to our room. She was in her bikini following the tradition. My wife was very uncomfortable as she has never seen anyone in flesh wearing a bikini that to on the job in front of strangers.

Receptionist greeted us with smile but looked Alia from head to toe and must have thought what on earth this conservative women wearing at such a place. Alia was silent till the staff left our room after dropping us.

Now the room was very good. This was on 2nd floor with a balcony, watching over a big swimming pool. The room was spacious with big open glass door cum wall which opens in balcony. The bed was king size and cozy. The bathroom was with tub and was elite in class. Alia forgot everything and was smiling with sense of happiness. We reached there in the morning so we rested for some time and got ourselves freshen up.

She wore her conservative and loose Jeans and T-shirt to the breakfast and lounge. We had our breakfast but Alia had more than that. She had a realization that she is at wrong place since all the girls were either in bikinis or very rarely in sun dresses. Even the older ones were exposing allot. She didn't eat much because of her nervousness. Now while going back I asked her what she is planning to wear and she said she only had jeans, T-shirts and salwar suite.

I said why not to buy some things from here only and we started to go at the nearby area where few shops of beach related stuffs were present. This was educational for her, she saw tattoo shops where girls were tattooed on all the right places, there were some open massage area where men were massaging ladies and vice versa and we went in the clothing shop. While entering into the shop and I saw a white bikini with triangular top and triangular bottom on front and back, the triangles were very small, lesser than 3 inches and joined by metal circle.

Alia started to search for her top in long shirt section from where I pulled her off and took her to tank top area where I picked up tight & stretchy white cotton top and beach style shorts. She said she can't wear it and I looked at her and said who will stop you if you do; she thought about it and said nobody but herself as she is not brought up like this. I said that these things are silly, we should enjoy life and respect others culture also, it's part of local tradition to wear such clothing and if you will be conservative you will regret it in your whole life afterwards when you become old.

The word Old did the trick and she said, I don't know. I knew I got her. I checked out with selected merchandise while keeping the white bikini secretly under my pocket. We went back to hotel and started taking stuff for beaches; I knew what was required as this was not my 1st time. She went into bathroom to change and came out and sat on the bed facing away from me.

I said lets go and she stood up in front of me and said I can't go out like this with a pleading eye. I understood that pushing is waste so I said her to wear the long jeans and keep the shorts in bag.

She happily agreed but was very nervous about the top. The white top was tight and was sticking to her skin giving out her figure.

From top you could see the cleavage and it seemed like it was a jelly jell-o when she moved. I was very satisfied. When we came out of hotel towards the beach area, there was a big board banner below which a photo shoot crew was standing with few models in extra small bikini, all were well endowed and posing for photos with passing crowd. The Add on banner on top said to participate in bikini competition on Saturday and winner will get many rewards.

We saw them and Alia looked at me and said how can these girls wear such a small clothes and pose with strangers for a photo. I told her, this is a different world and we sex xxx boy story com come here, now we should try to evolve and mix into it.

She laughed and said do you expect us to behave like them and change our tradition. We continued on our way and said, look Alia; by wearing small bikinis you do not become bad. I think until and unless you don't hurt anybody physically, psychologically or by any other way, beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams don't commit any crime or sin.

I don't want you to behave like them but I want you to think like them, like a free spirit, comfortable with their selves and enjoying life. She said, I extremely horny dude fucks his slutty woman never like to hurt anyone and would always want to obey my dear husband, with a smile. We reached the beach and were so busy in our conversation that didn't realize we were just few feet away from surfs.

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I thought this was a good place to sit, I saw few lounge chairs very near and went there and kept our bag and took out my shirt and sat there.

While she was standing and gazing everything around, this was her 1st beach visit ever, she never saw sea. So she was very happy and awestruck to see the vastness of the water.

After 5 minutes of water gazing she sat on the lounge and started feeling uncomfortable because of jeans. I said, I told her. Then I gave her the shorts and showed her the way to the change room which was around 15 feet from us. She said she can't go alone and asked me to accompany her. I said ok, while she was entering, I gave her a bunch of cloth pushed inside my fist, in her hand and said remove your under garments and wear this inside.

She dint had the courage to see what I gave to her in front of everyone. After few minutes she came out side and then it became the most awesome moment of my life. Here she was, few days back she was not even allowed to go alone from house, she never used to speak to unknown boys, she never ever saw a bikini, she, who is brought in the ultra-conservative family where after marriage girls are not allowed to show even their faces to elders of the house is standing on a public beach in Florida with hundreds of people around her in just a tight and short top and a short shorts.

The gap between top and shorts was around 3 inches. She was wearing her nose ring, ear ring, finger ring, toe finger ring, girdle and anklets and was having a mehndi tattoo with lots of red bangles (it's a bracelet kind of thing which girls wear after marriage, made of glass, metal or plastic).

Moreover since the top and shorts were skin tight, impression of bikini triangles which she wore inside now were plainly visible. She couldn't walk straight because of utter shyness. She ran to lounger and sat immediately. I said don't worry, it is normal here and nobody is even paying attention to her. She naughty lovely girl gets hot cumshots hardcore blowjob to drink water and I saw almost everyone was watching her weird actions.

Some were smiling secretly and understood that this was her 1st time with exposure. She wore her big aviator glass that I gave her earlier.

After some 15 minutes of nervousness and consoling she relaxed to sit without movement. I gave her the sun lotion to put on herself to avoid burning. She put it everywhere but left her boobs area. I told her boobs are very soft area and prone to burning, she took some lotion and watching here and there she started putting the lotion on her upper exposed cleavage. That was a site, Bangladeshi women touching her on public beach who happens to be my conservative newly wedded wife.

I mean wow! After 30 minutes both of our attention turned towards the surrounding, we were surrounded by a crowd of beach goers who were here for sunbathe. The bikini started to become smaller and we started seeing thongs and tear drops and string bikinis with transparent fabric all around us. The girls were hot; some looked like Hollywood models, some like next door models. I asked her, do you want to swim in the water and she said yes and we got up, then she realized that she is dressed very little as per her standard.

Somehow she showed mental strength and started walking with me hand in hand. I didn't go straight to water but started walking through the shore line to absorb the view and far from the place we were sitting and had our things to more secluded and less crowded part of the mofos katarina knows how to get herself off. After few steps she also became free.

We saw people kissing and publicly loving each other which made her come close to me I grabbed her by waist. She was showing immense courage to let me do this in public but now she was getting the point that it was normal. After some distance I kissed her on her cheeks and forehead and she blushed. I said you have become my dream women and I want my dream girl to do everything I dreamed of.

I love you!! She smiled and said she loved me too and thanked for doing all this for me. It was a good spot and we decided to go in water as it was getting hotter, so we started moving towards the water. I stopped and said, wait if you go in water wearing this, you will make your clothes wet. She said she wanted to go in water and she has not brought any spare clothes other than what she is wearing. I said, my love, I meant that you need to take off your top and shorts in order to go in water.

That's the reason I gave you bikini. I played my card, now I was nervous for her reply. She looked at herself and all around and said are you sure, the bikini is what you three coed girls have lesbian sexual intercourse me to wear? It may be too much for me to do. She was saying this without confidence. I said, oh my love, of course I am sure.

The bikini is meant for beach and water and look around every one is in bikini only. She said ok and started to look for changing room but there were none in that spot. I nude beach films publiic sex her Just take it out here, its fine.

I started getting hard with anticipation and understood that I want my wife to show off always. She took her top over her head, while her top was in front of her face I moved couple of steps away from her.

We were standing just where the surf started. It was less crowded there and just guys and girls were in different groups were standing at a little distance from her. Everyone including me started secretly eyeing her grand exposure. She was looking at my eyes only, as if nobody existed for her. She threw her top towards me to catch then I saw the bikini top, which was very small on her 36DD boobs.

Her boobs were showing from all four sides. Then she started to take her shorts out and in a second it was in her hand. She threw that to me again but her cheeks were red now. She came to me and said, are you really sure. I looked at her bottom, my god only covering her pussy lips and there was a small triangle on backside which was covering her top but. It was kind of a semi thong.

Her both the ass cheeks were fully exposed. They were round and soft. I said I am 100% sure. She saw my hard on and smirked and blushed. All around people were mesmerized by this oriental beauty.

This was my 2nd most amazing moment of life. Her boobs and her ass astonished everyone and her jewelleries made her even more magnificent like a goddess of the beach.

She never got a chance to see herself wearing that bikini in mirror so she probably did not know how much she was exposing anyhow she did it. Just surprised me and made me think is this the girl I married few days back. She was all different standing in front of me and everyone around watching her and exposing more than 95% of her skin. (Just to add, In Bangladesh women only show around 20% of their body which includes face and head and hands.

I walked towards dry spot to put her clothes in bag while she was standing at the shore line. While keeping her clothes in bag I saw her from back and got a big kick as if a current running in my body. My wife was facing the sea and watching it. All the guys were looking at her, standing nearby and walking around trying to be discreet. From back side I can see only a white patch of triangular clothe on top of her ass, rest her body looked naked from behind.

She made her hair bunched up to save from water. I caught hold of my camera inside our bag and took few pictures of her. I then called her and when she looked back I took her picture again. Seeing me doing this she just ran and moved behind a tall guy looking very worried. She doesn't want me to take her photo like that; she didn't want to have any proof of what we are doing probably. I lost the camera in bag and ran towards her and held her claiming as my gal before the black guy thought she is on her own and playing around.

I caught her, held her close, very close, looked in her eyes and started kissing her on lips. My body heat kayden kross full movie in sex stories on was the hardest. She realized where we are and tried going away after few seconds. Guys around us started commenting on her hotness. I took her and walked towards the waves. She became a free bird the moment we got inside the water. Waves were hitting us. We were splashing and hugging and cuddling and enjoying the water.

I touched each and every inch of her body while under water and she never resisted. All the time the water was at around our chest or shoulder height. Her bikini top would always slide off her nipple or breast and exposed it only to be covered by water.

This gave her a sense of assurance that nobody would be able to see her so exposed. Initially she would try to put it back in place but then she just gave up and enjoyed the sea and water. I thought she only liked to be submerged with water because she couldn't be seen under water, even I couldn't see her properly while standing next to her. After an hour of playing we got tired but this really sparked our relation as couple and it felt like bliss.

My hard on subsided because of water. We decided to come out, we took each other's hand started walking to our longer, and we saw hundreds of loungers lined up along the sea beach and people watching the sea. While walking out she completely forgot that her bikini was misplaced. Her left boob was completely exposed as the top had shifted to one side and her bottom had moved to one side which clearly showed her pussy and her pussy hair.

After walking some distance where water only reached our feet, I realized that her bikini was wet, in fact I can see the outline of her right nipples and areolas on her boob, down at her bottoms, and the lines of her pussy lips were clearly visible. I told her to put her bikini in place as we were slut uses her boyfriend girlfriend and hardcore to go back to more crowded area.

She forgot about her mini bikini and she was walking as if she was walking in a local busy Bangladeshi market fully dressed from head to toe. With her bikini, she was showing 95% of her body, now that it's wet - she is showing 99% of her body, it can be said that she was apparently naked with hundreds of strangers all around her and gawking her on a sunny afternoon in broad day light. Half ass gapes and drips spunk asscreampie creampies mark to our lounger, she realized that there are way too many people and she was feeling very insecure and uncomfortable.

She looked at me and said something which I couldn't understand because no voice was coming out of her mouth. She felt heavy in her heart. She ran to her lounge and grabbed our bag and ran towards the change room. Everyone, who was expecting bold women around them for the rest of the afternoon, got a shocker. She came out in her shorts and top and started walking towards hotel with towel on front side of her body. Nothing was visible. She quietly entered our room, went inside toilet, and took 2 hour inside for god knows what!

I tried knocking the door for her wellbeing but she was not replying and was behaving strangely. We didn't had anything thing in lunch as it was getting to be early evening. After 2 hours she came out in her regular salwar suit and slept on the bed with her eyes closed. I was very sad and thought my day was started so well but now it has become a nightmare.

I said a plain and straight sorry without any backup excuse and went ahead for my shower and when I came out she was in deep sleep. Late in evening I ordered room service for dinner and she w/o saying masturbation on top of my washing machines word severed it to me and herself and we ate silently.

I was so unlucky to miss out on a great sex that night because I was feeling a mix bag of emotion with excitement, horniness and guilt & sadness all at once. We woke up next morning, she looked a bit better, we freshened up and I suggested outing for breakfast, she agreed w/o saying a word.

She again wore her salwar suit and we went out. We ate breakfast and I started having normal conversation with her, I also said a hearty sorry and said that we will not push for anything and things can take their own time. I suggested taking a walk around the resort to relax a bit after breakfast. While walking we came across many babes, bimbos, bikini models, cougars, Milfs and ugly women.

Most of the time my head turned and she saw me stalking them. I tried being discreet but couldn't do much. We saw a pool and went there, now the place was buzzing with couples and people were enjoying the day. We sat at the pool bar and I asked for my drink and for her a fruit juice (she never had alcohol). My eyes were filled with images of awesome beauty all around. She said after a long time that why am I looking around so much and not at her, I got her drift and said, no its nothing, people here are so happy and enjoying themselves, I hope we also can do so.

She started sipping her juice. I continued talking about the general stuff like whether, hotel food, back home stuff and all the while enjoying the view. She got up and started leaving and I didn't even notice and was watching 2 blondes in the pool. She called me and said shall we go! I got caught red handed. She was getting very jealous now We started going around the resort and towards the main entry and got inside the hotel and went inside the hotel to our room.

We sat on the balcony and relaxed. After some time we went to a nearby park for some jungle action where we saw animals in wild, there was a small hiking strip which we did with great difficulty as my wife was not fit enough & dressed for it. There were couples doing this adventure with us and all were seemed to be enjoying the hike and this get-away.

My wife said to herself that she needs to be fit enough to do all these activities. I told her here the lifestyle of all is to be fit and adventure ready. They enjoy their weekends with small getaway, parties like spring break (she said, what is spring break), they do extra-curricular activities and most importantly listen to their heart and don't think about others opinion. My wife smiled and said that she always wanted to see the world, see different places but never thought growing in Bangladesh that the culture may differ so much!

I knew that she was having a culture shock; she will take some time to come out of it. In the mean time I was gawking at others wives and girlfriends and enjoying. She knew I was doing this but couldn't express her anger and jealousy. We came back in the evening and thought this was a better day than yesterday. We had food in nearby restaurant and came back to our resort dead tired. We reached the hotel beach side entry and found the Models with their very skimpy bikini and taking selfie with strangers, giving pamphlets for bikini contest and all.

We crossed them and one of the girls came to us and gave us the pamphlet and told about the contest. My wife and I were very uncomfortable but for different reason and I started lusting on her and smiling at her and she also started smiling and talking to me and started touching my hands and shoulders and all. She felt neglected again. She told me that a big bikini fashion wear brand is organizing this contest and all; I saw the pamphlet and found Malibu Strings written on the top.

I knew this brand as I followed it for many years as they have a competition section on their site which often promotes amateur models and their submission. The model looked at my wife and said nice dress.

My wife at last found some attention and she thanked her. She started wondering about Alias's jewelleries and accessories and they started interacting about it. She got fascinated about all the metal she wore and called her other model friends to show, after some 5 minutes my conservative wife and those big boob, bubble but, ribbed abs, miniscule bikini clad models exchanged their names and then said goodbye.

One of them shouted; don't forget to come for the competition. At last Alia had a bit of smile on her face and said that even though they were what I thought as moral less, cheap women but they were good at heart and were very friendly.

She said they are brave for what they are doing and the way their body looked was something she never expected. She said back in Bangladesh, women don't thing about their bodies as anything more than a jewellery stand but here these girls work on their bodies, they go to gym not only for the sake of going to gym but they do serious exercise, which can be seen on their figure, Their biceps, their abs their thighs and calves.

I never knew a woman can also workout like this and which can look so good. I again started seeing smart women in my wife. She also got jealous as I was eyeing them up. We went to the room took bath and went to sleep. At midnight my horny hands were cuddling her and I started kneading her boobs and ass. She was woken up by this and started moving with the rhythm. I kissed her and started having my way with her.

When I was about to penetrate her she looked me in my eyes and said why you were looking at all the women with hungry eyes, am I not good enough for you. I said we will discuss this later and started rubbing my cock on her pussy.

She caught hold of my cock and asked what do you really want from me? She added, I also want to be happy with you, I also want to enjoy life, yesterday was a bad day for us, I was very sad but today I realized that you expect something else from me which I never considered to be while growing up. She told sorry for yesterday that she freaked out on being so exposed. She somehow felt it was conflicting her moral values and she was in big dilemma; if it was appropriate for her to be so naked in front of strangers.

This is not how she was grown and she felt bad that she couldn't meet my expectations and was trying to avoid any conversations with me because she thought she would upset me further and I might think of leaving her.

You want a modern wife, which I never thought I am. You want a bold woman; with so many years of conservative living I am anything but bold. You want me to be fully embracing this culture, I am so scared about my parents, your parents and our relatives and neighbors and in general our society that if they come to know about yesterday's incident about what happened at beach, I think I will be burnt alive.

I was stunned, Even though she said she is not bold, but she surely talked very boldly. My cock was punctured. But in next few moments my life would be changed forever because of her next few sentences. She was lost with in herself for a moment and then came to reality and started touching my punctured cock.

She tried to get up from Man on top position to kiss me, I dint needed an invitation, I travelled the half distance for a long open mouth kiss. In the meantime my cock was back to life. She held my cock and put it against her pussy. She said, "I will try to be modern, I will try to become bold, I will enjoy life with open mind".

In the meantime my cock was fully inside her and I started going back and forth. She continued and said, "I will try to be fit, I will take care of my body to look beautiful always, I will try to become your dream girl, the way you always wanted and I will be open to any ideas you give, to enjoy our life".

My speed was extreme, I was very excited, and I was at the helm. I imagined her at the beach in white, transparent bikini and said in the flow to her that she looked amazing at the beach in the bikini and everyone around her was amazed by her beauty, she looked so sexy and hot, even hotter than the models. I was fully erect and pumping furiously.

My voice was also taking breaking with my movements. She suddenly extended her hands and switched on the table light and night lamp so we could see each other. She gently took my hands and placed my hands on her smooth breasts and looking straight in my eyes she kissed me on my lips being really generous with her tongue.

She said in her sultry voice in between light moans that she loved me and always will. I was in so much pleasure and ecstasy that I could not even open my mouth. I slid my hand from her breasts to her clit and started massaging her clit vigorously along with the thrusts. She was surprised and suddenly I could feel the Goosebumps rising on her and her body trembling slowly with each thrust and I could feel her nails slowly digging in my shoulder and suddenly she came with loud moan and in few seconds I can in her as well.

I have never heard her moan in this manner and I was happy that I was able to please her and make her come.

I think this was the first time I was able to. She was way too pleased with what happened and was feeling shy as well, she gently switched of the light and came in my arms and cuddle closed to me. After our session we remained quiet for some time in that state and she spoke, will you still love me if I will wear such kind of bikini, when men will see me and see my body parts, won't you be jealous at all if other men ogle me while I stank semi naked in front of them.

I told her I know you are mine and you will always be mine, no matter who sees what part of your body and no matter what you wear or don't wear I won't mind as I know it's me who you truly love and you will never betray my trust.

I told her I might get jealous for sure but I would certainly feel proud to show others that I have such a beautiful wife and she is so amazing and so beautiful. She giggled and then told she was very jealous in the morning when I paid attention to all the girls around. I told don't be jealous about me watching others, also I won't mind if you see someone handsome and admire him.

It's a very normal human tendency for which we shouldn't be guilty. Keep this in mind that I will never stop loving you and I will never leave you. She said that she was very amazed by the body of the bikini models at the hotel entrance and she wanted to know how they achieve such body. I said, they have a very balanced routine and diet and they exercise daily but they also have some supplements which help in making that shape.

She said, she is keen to exercise and make her body the natural way. We slept while talking about our day and her questions about exercise. She was so curious about it that many times I got dozed off in between but she woke me up by her excited question. Here comes the 3rd day of our honeymoon, in the morning Alia called our families for some regular talk and said she is very happy and excited about our honeymoon.

We talked for few minutes and said our goodbyes and kept the phone back. We started getting ready for the day and to my utter surprise and sheer delight, Alia, my damn conservative traditional typical Bangladeshi housewife wore her skin tight white stretchy top and her short shorts for the morning.

She put on some very light makeup and did her hair differently which was kind of sexy and elegant. She said she is ready and went out of the room without any fanfare. I followed her with a hustle as I was still getting ready.

I said she is looking so sexy and delicious. She giggled and said it's all for me. Now having breakfast was so much fun with a hard on. She never bothered about her top being so low V cut and her exposed boobs. After breakfast we went to the same add campaign and found the models more in number this time. Since it was Friday and the competition was on Saturday only. Earlier day girls came running to my wife and my wife also took few running steps towards them to greet them.

All were smiling and giggling. They were surprised and appreciated my wife's new attire and her new look. The new ones also joined and started mingling with this awesome girl with some unusual jewelleries and accessories. Now I found that all the girls today were wearing same color bikini which was of rose red color with hint of transparent and stretchy kind of materials, their nipples were slightly visible and impression of their nipples and areolas were very prominent.

They took her towards the pavilion where a wild busty lady got a nice fuck stage and banner was put. Some of them pornstar idol gets her ass hole nailed with erected love stick amateur and babe busy with the pamphlet distribution and mingling and attracting strangers.

The girls from yesterday were having conversation with my wife. My wife was looking towards me regularly for assurance I guess but she was all smiles. I now went closer and heard what they were talking. It seems Alia has shown interest in their body and muscles and they started showing their abs and biceps and triceps.

I heard one of them say that my wife has a great body to start body building and within 6 months she can become well-muscled and toned. They started touching her biceps, abs and started pulling her side flaps to see the fat around her waist.

She was having some fat but nothing which looked bad, moreover her tummy was flat. She cupped her breasts and told they were very full and very natural, and with little more exercise she will be winning any bikini competition. Again my wife asked about the type of exercises and they invited her to hotel gym in evening for a practice. She smiled and said, let me ask my husband. Then one of them brought a box with bikinis inside and said they have some bikinis which she can take, it's an offer from the bikini company for today to distribute these ones to select few for free.

She said no, but they insisted, she then said it's all mixed, I don't know my size, all started giggling and one of them said, babes these are special bikinis like the one we are wearing, its only of single size and its made of super stretchy material which will fit all sizes.

She took one of them which were a triangular string bikini with very less coverage; it was having brand logo to advertise. She said thanks and started walking towards me. One of them said, what are you guys doing in the petite hottie sucks and fucks a giant, can you volunteer for our add campaign. Then she added, half of our girls are going to nearby beaches to add for the event tomorrow and we need to fill their places to keep the add going here.

I said sure we can help, what will we do though. The girl who seemed like a team leader replied that I can do some banner related stuff and stage fixing-up for tomorrow with others and my wife can join her team I said okay, we will be there at 2pm. We started ahead towards our room and Alia was planning to go for some market trip but I held her and stripped her off her clothes with our curtain open on glass doors and windows and started making love to her. She felt ticklish and said what happened to me but I took her towards the glass door which opened in balcony and pinned her on the wide glass with her face towards the outside of resort and pool and her back towards me and her breasts firmly pressed against the window.

I started smooching her neck and upper back and shoulder. She got damn excited because of this and started shivering.

I thought this may be her weak point and very sensitive one. She said what we doing on balcony door with everything open, we can go to bed and do this. I grabbed her and put her face towards me. We started kissing wildly. She was as wild as me this time. We moved to the bed eventually and had the wildest sex I ever expected out of her.

I continued to fuck her for 15 minutes. She was at the hilt but I never felt she came but I came with a burst. She said she was very happy with our relationship, afterwards. I felt satisfied and tired and we both relaxed nude on bed with each other playing with each other's body parts. I gently pinched her nipples and circled her naval feeling every inch of her skin. I slid my other hand on her clit massaging it slowly and playing with her pubes. I then told her that it will be good if we shaved it and made it all clean and smooth.

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She went to the bathroom and I took a good nap. I woke up and it was already 1 o'clock. We took light lunch and got fresh and went to the add camp for volunteering for our newly made friends. They showed me things to do and I started my work.

The team leader named Angela took Alia at a back room and proposed her to be a volunteer add model for today. My wife was shocked and said no but she made her understand and told her about the job and the seriousness. She also told her about their field of work and its profits. Then she said she will pay her per hour basis also just like other models.

My wife was unsure; she came to me and said about all this. I just said, go for it and enjoy this opportunity. You will learn a lot with them. Slutty cougars licking snatch and giving bj said, but they want me to wear those small bikinis for campaign.

I said, you have already worn a bikini and so many people saw you, also this is what the adventure of life is, to take up new tasks and prove you are better than what you think of yourself. It will be exciting.

She agreed and said, will you be okay with me doing this. I said 200%. She understood that I want her to do this and she went ahead. To be continued.