Sunny leone fuck spank bang sex stories story

Sunny leone fuck spank bang sex stories story
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Taylor is a very beautiful girl. Blonde, blue eyes, nice slinder body.

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Her hips are fairly wide with nice padding to fill out a pair of jean perfectly. Her friends all say her tits are her best feature. Her 36D's perky and somewhat firm drove the guys from school wild. At 18 she was in her first semester of college. She didn't know many people at her school and the girls she nick minaj fucked by quavo know were a year or two older than she was.

She had a great sex life in high school. The three serious relationships she had were all filled with sex and she even managed to score with one of the football players while working as a lifegurad at the pool the summer before senior year.

When college started she met up with a guy while moving into her dorm. Jeff helped her move her tv and computer into the dorm and even set everything up for her. Jeff was a cute guy, not a nockout but cute. He was a bit like a smartass but he was very helpful to her. They exchanged numbers and he left. Taylor headed to the store. The whole time she kept thinking about Jeff. Taylor has always had abit of a wild side. She was always very horny. She wasn't all that attracted to Jeff but he had a decent body and she kept thinking she was ready for her first college fuck.

She always dreamed of being a naughty girl in college. She like the thought of being like and being treated like a pornstar. She arrived back at her dorm and realized she had no idea how to set up the new DVD player she bought. She called Jeff and asked him to come down to her dorm to help.

Quickly she got out of her jeans and tee-shirt and into her Sheer Babydoll nighty she had bought to turn on her ex-boyfriend. Jeff nocked at the door and just starred for a minute. He then pushed the door open and walked past her to the tv. Taylor watch him very close as he hooked up the DVD player. She slipped her hand under her nighty and very gently rubbed her pussy over her angela white busty aussie hardcore and facial thong.

"Well, its done," Jeff said. Taylor sat up out of the chair and met Jeff as he was standing up and turning around. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down to her. She attacked his mouth as though it had been years.

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He kissed her back very agressively. She reached down with her right hand and grabbed the bulge pushing on his jeans. And all at once he let go, turned her, and shoved her upper body onto the bed. She almost fell down he pushed her so hard. Jeff lifted her nighty up and pulled her panties to the side.

He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants letting them drop to his ankles. Taylor turned just long enough to see his member flop out of his boxer and get shoved into her pussy.

His cock wasn't huge but filled her up enough. Taylor let out aloud moan as his cock slid into her pussy. "Oh God yes your cock feels so good," Taylor yelled.

"Fuck my pussy," she groaned. Jeff rammed his cock in and out of her pussy verry agressively. "Fuck me harder," she groaned again. His cock was moving in and out of her pussy faster and faster.

She was moaning louder and louder to the point it was obvious that her neighbors knew what was going on. Then Jeff stopped and pulled his member out all at once. "Get on you knees and suck me," he said. She turned around and nelt down on her knees.

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She reached down and grabbed her nighty and pulled it off. Her tits bounced out of her shirt and caught Jeff's attention right away. He reached down and grabbed her left tit and squezzed it. She grabbed his 6" cock and wrapped her lips around it. She stroked with her hand behind every bobb of her head. She sucked his dick for almost ten minutes. He reached down and helped her to her feet.

He osuhed he onto the bed, this time on all fours.

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He stood over her like a king. Her pussy up in the air awaiting his cock one more time. She turned grinning. She wanted his cock so badly. He shoved his member into her again. He started fucking her as wild and as hard as he could.

"Fuck yes that feels so good," she screamed. He fucked her for a short while. She never could have expected what happened next. Jeff pulled his cock out of her pussy. With one hand around the back of her neck he shoved his cock straight into her ass. "What the fuck are you doing," she screamed. "Whats wrong, you don't like to get fucked in the ass?" Jeff replied. Taylor had always hated anal sex, even though she had never done it.

She was always afraid of how it would hurt or give her no satisfaction. He rammed his cock deep into her ass as she screamed louder and louder. Her mind and arms were trying to resist but her body wouldn't let her. Her arms started to become limp as she laid he face down on her bed. Her screams of fear turned to screams of pleasure. She heard a bangin on the wall coing from next door. She still didn't like what was happening but wasn't about to stop.

Real mother and son zex at once she heard Jeff let out a groan and felt his cream filling up her ass.

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After about two or three squirts he pulled his cock out and blew the rest of his load on her back. She could feel that the load in her ass was very large and as she turned to feel her back she realized it was a HUGE load of cum.

Her body went limp. She laid on the bed trying to recover and catch her teen victoria valencia gets used by her hung bosses. "Why did you do that?" she mumbled as Jeff was zipping up his pants. "My girlfriend won't let me fuck her ass, so thanks, it was good," Jeff said. " You have great tits too," he said.

"You should have asked before you went in my ass," Taylor barked. "My girlfriend will kill me if she finds out, don't tell anyone and don't ever call me again," Jeff said as he walked out closing the door behind him. Taylor was a little surprised at how good it felt. He had fucked her pussy very well and she knew it and she was curious about anal sex for the first time.

She told herself if college is this good always she will love it. Don't be shy, tell me what you thought and stay tuned for Part 2 of Taylor's College Adventures.