Full sex stories xxx kuwaiti story

Full sex stories xxx kuwaiti story
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 26 ON THE BEACH We went to my home town Goa for Christmas and New Year. First few days, I was at my in law's house and then came to my parent's home for two days. Holidays were over and we were ready to fly back Delhi in another couple of days. It was not cold and also not so hot day in Goa.

I was coming back to my in law's house from my parent's house after spending two days there. I drove to myself to my in law's house and stripped off my clothes the minute I got through the door of my bed room. My body glistened with perspiration. The cool air made real people taping there love making session in daybed get goose flesh and my nipples hardened. I had decided to head to the beach for the afternoon according to the program finalized with hubby in the morning.

Actually our program was for the evening to meet at beach for some swimming and making love there as it was our last evening in Goa for this visit. He was out to meet some of his friends and was supposed to meet me on the beach in the evening. My parents in law were taking rest in their bed room.

First, I have decided to take a shower. Then, instead of sitting alone in my room in afternoon, I have decided to go to the beach earlier to enjoy beautiful weather. I have packed my beach bag, get dressed and get on the road. As soon as I got on the freeway, I decided against using the air conditioner in her car.

I needed fresh air, and the coastal breeze was cool. After I put down the glasses of the car, I pulled back onto the freeway. There wasn't much traffic at that time of day. I turned up the stereo and relaxed in the driver's seat.

It didn't take long before the effects of the sun; breeze and good music hit me. The thin halter top and wrap around skirt caressed my skin. I reached down between my legs and my fingers found my some moisture on my panty.

I just teased it, savoring the excitement of arousal. Just, I had rubbed my clit from over the panty between my folds, sending currents coursing through my body. The exhibitionist in me and my love towards adventure did not mind doing such things in the running car. In fact, it made me even more exited and anxious to get to the pre decided private and a small beach, managed by a private club and find a secluded area since I was before the scheduled appointment with my hubby there and I wanted to utilize that time and wait for him naughty lesbo dolls are stretching and fist fucking anals in a productive way.

I pressed my foot down on the accelerator. The wind whipped through my soft hairs and danced across. Though the sun was slightly warm, I finally began to feel relief from the stifling heat.

"It won't be much longer," I thought. In less than a half hour, I exited the freeway and made my way to the parking lot at the beach. It was practically empty and finding a spot was not difficult. I had parked the car, locked it and stepped out of it having my beach bag in my hand. "It shouldn't be too hard to find a nice secluded spot," I thought. I walked down the shoreline, the waves rushing up to cool my feet.

Humming to myself, I walked until I came to a spot just past some rocks. It was a good place to avoid direct sun light and no one from beach could see behind the rocks. There wasn't another soul in sight. I opened my bag, pulled out a beach blanket and madison ivy bangs during massage oliy massage teens it out.

I untied the halter top I wore letting it casually fall from my breasts. The halter was then replaced by a bikini top, which accentuated my full, round, firm breasts.

Next, I untied the wrap around my skirt and bent over to grab my bikini bottom from my bag as the skirt cascaded to the schlong suck and vagina fuck pornstar hardcore. The breeze blew between my legs blowing gently on my rear end and in to my soft, moist pussy.

I finished unpacking my bag and settled into the spot I had found on the beach. I rubbed beach cream everywhere I could reach then laid back. I turned on music on my mobile and opened a bottle of cold water. Soon, I started getting drowsy. The sun and the cool breeze could do that to a relaxed person. My eyelids started getting heavy so I decided to take a swim to wake myself up. I am a graceful swimmer; I swam out several hundred yards then let the waves bring me back toward the shore.

I did not notice my husband standing just beyond the rocks and the spot I had staked out for myself. (My husband informed me later about his presence as he too reached there earlier than the schedule and saw me coming out of the car) He stood there watching me, as my arms sliced through the water and then my breasts bobbing along the top of the water as I floated back to shore.

I rubbed my wet skin, wiping the water from it, as I walked out of the water and back up on the beach at my spot. I glanced around, and saw no one.

I took my wet bikini off and wrung it out then spread it out nearby. Unaware of my audience, my husband, I smoothed more cream on my body and lay down on my blanket again. Still aroused, I lazily traced my body lightly with my fingers. I flicked my erected nipples with a finger which I had moistened in my mouth. Using both my hands, I explored my own body. As I did, I breathed faster and more shallowly.

I took my time, savoring the exquisite sensations caused by my surroundings, beautiful weather and as well as my hands. I began to moan. I didn't even think about my husband, who was hearing me, watching me from other side of the rock.

My moans became louder and higher pitched as I worked myself into sex. I used one hand to spread my juicy pussy lips and the other to rub my clitoris in circles.

My finger increased in speed and I applied more pressure as I came closer and closer to an orgasm. Beyond the rocks, my husband watched me with love. It was his first experience to watch me doing self masturbating. It was a beautiful sight for him. He had watched very closely every part of my body many times but this was a wonderful view for him watching his naked and beautiful wife masturbating on a beach behind the rocks.

My full, round, soft and firm boobs, my smooth and clean Shavian wet pussy, a flat, hard stomach were dancing and moving with each of my breath. My arms danced along side of me as my hands worked their magic. Long, lean legs flexed as my feet dug into the sand.

My husband could not resist, he crept towards me quietly so as sexy babe rides toy pov to disturb me because he wanted to see more and more of me. Before he reached near me, I cried out with joy as my back arched and my pussy spit out its juices. Almost as quickly, I rolled onto my stomach and started to enjoy my climax.

I had no idea of how long I lay there. It didn't seem like very long and almost suddenly, I could feel the shadow like effect behind me but. I paid no attention to this, the clouds would block out the sun light frequently during the day. My arms were stretched out, palms down. I spread my legs even farther apart. My husband could clearly see my shaved pussy and the wetness still covering it. He was close enough to see me, smell me. He was ready to touch me, taste me.he knelled down between my feet and walked on his knees to get between my legs.

I, unaware from presence of my husband, did not move, except the air in my lungs raising my round ass slightly off the ground. He did not hesitate even for a moment. He was already naked just as I was. His swimming trunks lay in a heap just beyond the edge of my blanket. He reached out his hand slowly. He ran a finger, ever so lightly, up the inside of my thigh. Suddenly, I have opened my eyes feeling presence of someone and I was shocked and surprised to see my naked husband sitting between my spread legs.

For a moment, my breaths stopped and my eyes were become big in various feelings in that short moment. It was then; my husband informed me that he has been watching me since I reached there on the beach. I was shying to hear that my husband watched me masturbating on the beach but he told me that it was very good experience for him to watch me masturbating unaware from his presence.

It was wonderful view for him to watch me necked without my knowledge and seeing me fingering my own pussy. He told me that I am so sexy that he could not resist himself.

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As he got closer to my wet pussy, I raised my hips. He traced the folds of my wet pussy with his finger then dipped it into my pussy well. It was already hot and wet. He could feel the walls of my vagina clamp down on his finger. I softly moaned as he moved his finger in and out of my pussy hole.

It was as wet as a tongue when he pulled it out and started massaging my clit. I raised my ass even higher into the air. Tingling strands of sex fire struck deep within me as a quiet moan of pleasure escaped my lips, the first sign of acknowledgment.

I felt his hands move over my back. He could feel hot and beautiful euro chick valentina gets laid in taxi movement of my sexy ass round muscles in pleasure. His hands moved down to my back. He pushed me forward slightly and spread my pussy lips to fully expose my anxious, moist opening, and then he bent down to taste my pussy juices. I gasped as his tongue reached forward and found my erect clit peeking out from behind my folds.

I pulled my knees under me and raised my ass up in the air. He prodded and nuzzled after I moved to give him easier access, then he dipped deep into my pussy well, tasting and exploring my depths. I was hardly aware of anything except the hot pulses of sensations coursing through me. I wasn't sure if my excitement was heightened by the location or the situation.

Every spot he kissed or touched burned like fire. I burned down deep to that ultimate spot that tingled with desire. Only he could hear my breath coming faster and the cries of pleasure I was making.

He straightened up and moved in closer and slowly entered his hot cock in to my cock hungry juicy pussy. As he did, I rocked back, pushing him in until I had his full length hot rod buried deep inside me. A cry of pleasure escaped his lips at her unbelievably warm welcome.

He grabbed hold of my hips and pulled back slightly. He reached around with one hand and found my swollen node of hot amazing hotties lusty seduction hardcore reality and stroked it as I shoved back onto him, again taking in his full length. Our fucking game was in full swing on the open beach, behind the rocks and we both were busy in playing our most favorite game without thinking about rest of the world.

He gradually increased his speed and his hot rod was moving in and out of my pussy like a fuck machine and we both were on seventh cloud of pleasure. When he sensed I was close to my climax, he began stroking me even harder and faster. I rocked back and forth on his rock hard fuck instrument. He steadied me with his free hand and pulled back his cute teen ass lick riding the old wood again. Then he plunged back his cock into me and pulled back.

Not wanting this sensational experience to end too soon, he pulled completely out and came over me. He bent over and took my breasts into his hands. As he felt the warm fullness of my sexy, soft, round, firm breasts, he grazed a nipple with his tongue.

Then he took it into his mouth and pulled it. He suckled each nipple until he felt my hips buck beneath him, signaling my impatience to have him inside me once again. I felt the soft skin of the tip of his cock head tickle my thigh.

I started to reach down hold his rock solid dick in my hand. I could clearly feel wetness on his standing cock. I hold his cock between my palm in such a way that my thumb was on his wet cock head have started to move my thumb over his cock head in circle, making him more hot and near to his climax so that we could finish together.

I could clearly feel the effect of my rubbing his cock head on his cock which started to dance and also his body was reacting to my sexy workout on his cock. He moved further towards my mouth and I took his hot lollipop in to my mouth. Now my tongue was doing the same what my thumb was doing before. I was moving my tongue over his cock head and my hand was started to move up and down holding his cock tight between my palms.

Soon, he started to fuck my mouth by moving his cock in and out of my mouth. We both were at peak and it was the right time to have his cock again in to my pussy so that we could reach up to a wonderful climax.

He backed down between my legs, tonguing me once again. He always likes the taste of my pussy juices. He pulled my clit into his mouth sucking it hard. He could see my breasts heaving with each breath I took.

My fingers found their way into his hair, and I pulled his head even closer to my juicy pussy. He slowly pushed his forefinger deep into my quivering pussy. I felt my head spinning and a familiar eruption building up deep within me. My legs began shaking as I tried to catch my breath. He got on his knees and guided the head of his hard manhood to the entrance to my soft womanhood.

My hips rose to meet him and nasty beauteous hottie loves to enjoy sex hands reached out for him. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him farther into me, my pussy was swallowing his whole dick in to it. He penetrated his hot, hard, long and thick cock fully in to my thirsty pussy and felt his own climax nearly found its peak.

He was plunging in and then pulling back again and again. He sensed my readiness for climax and began to stroke me harder and faster. My hips were dancing on his each and every stroke as he penetrated his full length cock in to my pussy.

The sight of me was more than any man could bear. My breasts danced about to the beat of his intrusive cock. My tongue wet my full, luscious lips. My fingers dug into the sex mom and son mom and son xxx com beneath the blanket, and he could see the lean muscles in my arms flex. My flat stomach seemed to know with the excitement of his touch. The hips topping my chiseled legs framed the soft area above my slit.

The sensation of my soft, smooth skin caressing his straining dick and his nut sack on my ass hole was unbelievable. Just by fucking a sexy wife like me, sent his blood rushing to his love tool, making it even harder than thought possible. I was lying naked on the beach before him and he was fucking me.

As always, the response he received from my hot, willing body was more than he could have asked for. I didn't hear my own breath coming faster and faster, or the moans erupting from me but he did. He grabbed my buttocks firmly, lifting me off the ground and opening me up so he could delve to the very depth of me. We both felt that the head of his long and hard dick hit the back wall of my deep vagina, her cervix consume the tip.

I grabbed my own boobs in my hands and massaged them in time with the rhythm of his penetration. I took in every bit of his hardness, the lips of my pussy reaching out for his balls. He felt my wonder walls quiver and spasm as my pussy got slutty helena valentine takes a hot outdoor sex for cash and hotter.

He was continuing pushing in and pulling out his cock in of me fully, as 1boy and 3 grils sex hunger enveloped him. I could feel his hot rod growing inside me. I knew he would soon explode. Not a single word had been exchanged between the two after he started fucking me.

He looked at me, visibly aroused, and felt my body reacting to the elements of his strokes, his fuck. I had to close my eyes as the climax erupted from me.it started deep in my lower abdomen and quickly spread to my squirming pussy and then the rest of my body. I screamed out, "fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me now!" as I came.

came. and finished. He saw how my pussy clamped down on him as it showered him with my juices. Barely able to move inside me, he forced his way as deep as he could go as I could feel his hot fluid push at the opening on the head of his throbbing cock. As he buried himself deep inside me, his cum mixed with mine.

The sexy bodies of ours first tightening then relaxing once spent. He collapsed on top of me and he kissed my full mouth, his tongue flitting in and out of my slightly parted lips. I could taste myself on him. When he pulled back to look at me, I was smiling and he smiled in return. Then he pulled himself completely off of me, stood up and looked around. His hanging cock was going softer and coming down slowly and slowly pointed downwards.

Silently, he picked up his trunks and casually, he put it on and started to look towards me. I was continued to lay there totally astonished with what had just happened between us unexpectedly. I was enjoying the after effect of a very good fucking session we had on the beach behind the rock. I was lying necked on the beach blanket and was feeling pleasant effect of cool and watery air of the beach on my lovely body. It was giving a wonderful feeling when cool air passing between my naked legs, touching my wet pussy.

I asked my husband about his cloths as he was there only with his swimming trunk. He told me that his cloths were in locker of the beach club of which he was still a member. I took a deep breath and looked at him. He was smiling looking at me.

He told me to have some swimming together as the beach started becoming crowded little bit on evening time was approaching. I, again put top of my bikini on my firm boobs covering them and also bottom covering my sexy pussy. We held our hands together and started walking towards sea. We enjoyed our swimming for about one hour or so. It is needless to write that it was not just a simple swimming. We were playing with each other's sexy parts in sea water and were enjoying.

Other couples in the water were also doing more or less the same what we were doing. I am sure and dam confident that he would have fucked me in the water too while swimming, but he did not because of presence of other couples around.

We finished our swimming and I have changed my cloths. I wore my top and skirt again, without wearing bra and panty under them as I was not wearing my under garments while coming to beach too.

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I put my wet bikini in to my beach bag along with other things and have returned to the car parking. My husband went to the beach club wearing his swim trunk to change his cloths. Julee