Nasty alice romain enjoys a solid pussy fuck

Nasty alice romain enjoys a solid pussy fuck
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I had business in London and need to get there in a day and half. I did not leave myself much time but I had clients who were waiting on a proposal and I needed to sign some papers to make it official.

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It was raining and fog had set in. I was in the mountains and the roads had become dangerous. I need to find a hotel and something to eat before it got to late. It was nearly midnight when I finally found a Pub near a dirt road, I had taken by mistake. It was only a few miles from the highway and I knew I could get back in the morning. I got out my Porsche and opened the door to the Pub.

The Le French Milk Pub & Inn was a small but rustic Pub with 2 rooms and a small Pub with some French beer on tap. I sat down in a corner booth away from the bar and the bartender came over and gave me a pint. The beer was warm and the old man brought me some roast beef and potatoes about 20 minutes later.

There was no one in the Pub and I had two more beers before I finished my meal.

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About an hour later I looked outside from a window over my shoulder and notice the rain was coming down harder. I could barely see my car in the driveway.

I did however see a man run by the front of the pub and come in the side door. The man quickly took seat at the bar. He had a shot of whiskey and 2 beers before he took of his coat and put it on the back of his chair.

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He looked my direction and raised his beer towards me and smiled. The bartender came over and took my dishes and I asked him to buy the man at the bar a beer on me. The man at the bar drank his beer. He got up and came over to my table. "Do you mind rasin old mom young boy anti sex storiesstory I sit down." said the man.

"No, please sit down. Looks like you have had a long night." I said. "American?" He said. I nodded yes and then sipped my beer. "I am French and I have been stuck in this town for some time. What day is it." He said. "Novemebr 30." I said. "My god I have been here for 3 months. I am a sales man for a big dairy farm near Paris and came here to meet a farmer who was selling milk.

I have been here since the end of August and have not been able to leave. Can you keep a secret?" I nodded yes and put down my pint on the old wooden table and pulled my seat closer to him. "First my name is Fred and the story I am about to tell is not for the faint of heart.

It happen to me and I am afraid I may never be able to leave this town or the farmer who I came to see a few months ago." said Fred. I took off my glasses and wiped them and took another sip of my beer. "I got a call from a women who lived on a farm and she had come up with a new brand of milk that she needed me to produce and sell for her.

She told me to come alone and as quick as possible to help her. I did not tell my f****y were I was going and got in my sports car and drove 12 hours to see her. It was raining that night just liketonight." said Fred.

There was some thunder and a lighting bolt flashed outside the window. I sipped my beer again and looked at Fred. "Once I got to her farm, she invited me into her old farm house and I followed her inside. She took my coat and put my briefcase next to the kitchen table. She reached into her ice box and pulled out two milk juggs and placed them on the table. She popped off the top and poured each one of us a glass of milk.

She got up and went into her living room and came back with some cookies and a jar of white cream." said Fred. I folded my hands in my lap and moved my feet under the table and curled up my right arm towards my face. I looked and noticed Fred breathing had increased. "I took a bite of the cookies and sipped the milk in the glass. It was cold and she sat and looked at me. She took of the lid to the jar of white cream. She used her fingers to extract some white cream and placed in her palm. She warmed her palm and rubbed the cream on my hands.

I drank the milk glass faster and had a weird sensation on my skin. I looked at her and my eyes were beginning to close. My vision was getting weak and I noticed she had not d***k any of her milk." said Fred. I turned my head and looked around the pub to see if any one was watching us. Fred paused and then said "I woke up about an hour later. I was in a room that was 12x12x12 and was lying on a small bed. There were only four metal walls and a small toilet on the far end.

There was a milk machine next to the head of the bed on my left side. I moved my arms and legs but they were shackled to the bed. I looked down and I realized I was naked. I had been completely shaved and my clothes were on a wooden milking stool near the foot of the bed.

I yelled for help and moved around but no one could here me. I kept thinking back to what happen but it did not make any sense." said Fred. I moved in my seat and squeezed my hands as I looked at Fred and waited for more of his story.

"The door to my room swung open and sunny leone full story how tuse condom women who I had met earlier was standing there. She was about 5ft 8 with big black leather boots that came above her knee. She had jet black long hair that flowed passed her shoulders and wore lots of makeup. She had big red fiery lips and smelled of cheap perfume.

She had on a big black corset that was tied tightly around her huge chest. She was a large women who I would learn later was called a SSBW. She had a leather strap in her right hand and with her left she unbuckled her bra and her big 44HH tits fell down to her waist. She measured 44 HH - 42 waist - 54 ass. She was not wearing panties and her big hairy pussy was a mess.

I could see her big cunt lips looking at me and she barely could move as she walked toward me." said Fred. I gulped my beer and shifted my weight on my chair. "Fred I brought you devilsfilms pristine edges casting call open mouth cumshot and knee high socks this farm for only one purpose.

You are to help me and my friends in this town make money. You will do everything I say. You will ask no questions. If you are good I may let you leave over time. I was scared and looked at her and nodded yes. We need a person with your expertise in making my farm and others in the town more profitable. I don't want to milk another cow. We have found that breast milk is better and you can help us.

I read your bio on the Internet and know you were a doctor at hospital delivering babies and now you own a big dairy farm. All we require of you is to sign off on the milk and help us produce my white cream in the jar upstairs." said Fred I looked at him and put my hand on my head. "What did you do?" I asked "She explained that they needed my signature on the milk bottles to certified the milk was good and they need my sperm for the white cream. I was puzzled but she put down the leather strap and took off her corset and her huge juggs fell into my face.

I started to suck and bite her nipples and she started to suck and stroked my cock. She deep throated my big cock and licked my balls and rubbed her tits all over my face and chest.

She got up of the ground next to the bed and mounted my cock. She started to ride my cock hard and her tits flopped in my face.

I tried to move my hands but I was still tied to the bed. She put her mum f son with his daughter on my chest and pounded her pussy on my big cock. I only could take so much pleasure and when she orgasmed on my dick and got off and she pulled up a big jar next to my cock, I started to cumm.

She shot my big load onto her face and spit my load into the jar. She wiped my dick clean and sealed the jar." said Fred. Fred took a sip of his beer and looked around the bar. "I woke up about an hour later after the women had left. The door opened and another women came in. She was about 5ft 5 with a pink teddy on covering her BBW body.

She had brown hose that was held up by some black garters and was wearing 4inch black platform high heels. She had a huge white ass and bent over to pick something off the floor next the bed. She signed in on a note pad and took off her pink lingerie. She measured 42FF - 38 waist - 40 ass.

She also had two large breast that were capped off my two huge nipples the size of my thumb. Her nipples were wet and she fondled her breast causing hot white milk to shoot out and land on my stomach. My dick was hard in no time and she smiled as she looked down at me. She walked over and climbed on the bed putting her bald pussy in my face. She reached down and f***ed my head into her pussy. I was licking and sucking her cunt lips with my tongue and she orgamsed flooding my mouth.

She screamed and moaned and clamped on my head as she had another orgasm. She then got up and sat down on the milking stool next to the bed and plugged in the milking machine. She put two big glass containers on her nipples and breast and then the milk squirted out her nipples and into a long tube that lead too a big milk container on the floor. My dick was still hard watching her and she got back up and sat down on my face again.

I started to lick and suck her and could see the milk shooting out her nipples and she orgamsed on my face. After an hour she got up and left me with a hard on and picked up her big jar of milk and smiled at me." said Fred. My dick was getting hard in my jeans and I was having a hard time listening to Fred story. "I went to sl**p and woke up the next day.

The first women brought me breakfast and let me use the bathroom. She tied my legs back but let my arms free. A couple of house later as I was still naked lying in the bed I could her foot steps over head from upstairs and then the door to my room opened. There was a blonde women who was about 5ft 9 with big curly hair and who was wearing a riding outfit.

She measured 38GG - 34 waist - 44 ass. She had skin tight brown pants and a white blouse that was stretched out but could not hide her huge juggs. I saw she had the same jar the first women had collected my semen in and I figured she was there to get some more.

I smiled and watched her take off her clothes.

She had tiny feet with pink painted toe nail and a small rose tattoo on her ankle. She had big meaty thighs and a huge ass that was tan to match her body.

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She had two big fat nipples on her huge tits and she was also producing milk from her big juggs. Her name was Lola and she sucked my cock and fondled my big balls and licked my ass hole as she let me eat her big pussy.

She also put the milking machine on her breast and got into a sixty nine position so I could eat her pussy and fondle her big ass. I moved my hands all over her ass and tugged on her hips. I felt her put the white jar next to my dick and when she deep throated my dick and kissed one ball I erupted and she pulled my dick out and shot my load into the jar." said Fred.

"What happen next?" I said. "I have met over 20 women who have come to the farm house to produce milk. All the women are either BBW or SSBW and have huge tits hot sex korea movie erotic ass.

They sometimes fuck me or I eat there pussy so they will produce more milk. They feed me and let me walk around the farm with the understanding I will not try to escape. They have sex with me as many as a dozen times a day.

I was beginning to miss my f****y and tonight I was able to sneak out when the woman of the house went into town to get some milk containers.

I saw this Pub as I was coming through the field just over there." said Fred. I looked over at the end of the bar and noticed the side door had opened and the bartender was just closing the door.

"Do you want me to call your f****y or give them a message. I can drive you to Paris in my car out front." I said. "I am not sure what I want to do." said Fred.

I shifted my hard on in my pants and placed my hand on the table. Fred and I were still talking and not paying attention. Madelyn marie with tommy gunn sex story reached down to get my beer to have another drink. The glass felt warm and when I began to drink my beer I looked at Fred. He was drinking his glass and I noticed his drink was white. His head tilt down and his eyes closed.

He slump to the side. My eyes were getting darker and I fell off my chair onto he ground. I looked up and noticed a tall women in a over coat and she was giving 6 containers of milk to the bartender. She walked over and looked down at me and I noticed her black leather boots that went over her knees. part 2 cumming soon Buck xoox