Young old hairy seduce her wet dream

Young old hairy seduce her wet dream
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It was around two in the morning when I first got the text message. It was early July and so far I had wasted most of my summer doing what teenage guys do when they suddenly have nothing to fill the calendar: sleep. I was in a half sleep haze and was just about to go comatose for the next twelve hours when my phone beeped and buzzed on my nightstand. Sleepily, I looked at the name under the big envelope, and raised an eyebrow quizzically when I saw that it was Brianna that had texted me this late.

Brianna and I had always talked rarely, and we wouldn't at all if it wasn't for the fun night we'd had at prom junior several months back. We were both bored with our dates, whom we'd gone with more out of laziness and resignation than any great affection, and more than a little drunk from covert swallows from hidden flasks. Brianna was about 5'3 if I had to guess, pale like most in the Pacific Northwest, with dramatic curves that looked like a Greek god's and a pair of luscious milky white two hot stunners have some naughty fun that men loved to stare at if she wore anything remotely low-cut.

That night she had chosen a rich purple gown with a deep neck to draw stares from even the most whipped man there.

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I remembered vividly how we'd found a hidden coat closet and staggered in, groping each other wildly. Neither of us were in any mood for foreplay, so I turned her around and pushed her against the wall.

She eagerly bent over and grabbed onto the rack. I pulled her dress up and her lacy thong down, then without hesitation I my 7" inch cock from my pants and drove it deep into her pussy while she moaned.

I grabbed her wide hips tight and thrust into her again and again, grunting with the pleasure of her tunnel. She kept up her groans and squeals as I rammed her with increasing speed.

In no time Brianna came hard, almost screaming with euphoria. Without words at the intensity of her orgasm She arched her back and her legs buckled as I held her hips tight and continued my penetration. I usually last quite a while, but the adrenaline of the moment, coupled with her juices gushing over my dick and her hole squeezing me in spasms forced me over the edge.

I let out one last groan and pulled out as I felt it coming. "Shit, here it comes," I warned. My load out and landed all over the back of her dress and her dark brown hair. I blew a few more strings, then stopped moving to catch my breath. "That felt good" I said and massaged my tender dick a few times. Brianna was still bent over in the afterglow. "Oh god Jace.

oh god," she had repeated quietly. After a few seconds she looked back at me and smiled, then stood up and gave me soft punch in the arm. "Ugh," she said, her expression of bliss masking a mild annoyance "You came all over my dress .and my hair!" She rolled her eyes, giggled, and got on her knees to suck every bit of semen out of me. I chuckled too and closed my eyes to savor the moment of a gorgeous girl sucking my cock.

We'd managed to clean her up somewhat, and no one noticed the rest of the night. The next day we'd had a long phone call. "You were the best I'd ever had babe," I'd told her after some chit-chat. “I thought about you when I was putting some rounds into Vanessa (my date, a skinny blond with no boobs but a nice ass)." "Oh yeah?" she'd replied after a playful laugh. "Thinking of you was the only way I could cum with Alex (her date, a dumb football jock).

I almost called him Jace. I imagined that his cum on my face was yours." I was thrilled, this was the most into me a girl had ever been. "Well maybe you can find out what that really feels like soon," I'd said. We talked a little longer about sex and life, but had other commitments to get to that night. Unfortunately we'd never had another encounter like that one, as she'd started dating the large and rather scary looking captain of the soccer team soon after.

They'd been together now for more than a year, and every time her and I met since then we'd be no more than cordial, our eyes smiling knowingly at each other. It was then a puzzle to me why she'd text so late at night. I opened my phone and squinted as the back light briefly blinded me. "I need u now jace" she'd written. "aaron and me broke up and im so lonly." I paused briefly to consider events.

This was finally the opportunity to fuck Brianna again that I'd been waiting for, and even get a chance to see her killer tits and fine body I'd only glimpsed the first time around. I made the obvious decision to text her back immediately. "I'll be there in 10 minutes baby, be waiting.

=)." I said. I hauled ass out of bed, not worrying about noise with my parents out of town. I threw on the first clothes I found then sprinted downstairs to my beat up Subaru, a truly epic boner already growing in my jeans.

I sped through all the back streets to get to the area where I knew she lived, then a thought occurred to me. I didn't actually know her house number. I sighed and made to take out my cellphone as Footsiebabes cum on my perfect little feet pulled onto the street I knew she lived on.

I almost instantly realized there was no need to text her, as I immediately saw a curvaceous figure standing outside a house, looking expectantly down the road. It was obviously Brianna, and my heart leaped as I drew closer. She was wearing only a sheer black pair of yoga pants.

Her beautiful Double-D breasts hanging pale in the moonlight, exposed to the air. They were as great as I'd always imagined, two hot stunners have some naughty fun similar and entirely natural, with pink puffy nipples and areolas to match.

She'd obviously taken my command to be ready to heart. I hummed to myself and rubbed my ever-hardening boner through my jeans as I pulled up and stepped out of the car.

"Mmm, what took you so long," she said, caressing her heavy tits as I approached. "I was distracted," I quickly replied and locked my lips onto hers, my hand moving up to caress a firm breast. We made out for a little bit, as I pinched and rolled her stiff nipples to her occasional moan.

She suddenly pulled away and held up one finger. "I think I should take care of something first," she said. She grabbed and rubbed my now massive erection through my pants as she used her other hand to carefully take down my zipper. I smiled, excited at this turn of events.

She pulled out my cock with great care, and looked at it admiringly. "He looks happy to see me," she said as she lowered herself to her knees. She licked my head a few times and I groaned in delight. Brianna then began to take more of my thick member into her mouth, forcing me against my car. She almost had all seven inches down now, and she began to bob up and down, sucking gently and keeping me on the edge with sporadic breaks of hand work.

"Oh baby," I said.

She relaxed her throat and took down the whole length, surprising me with an ability I'd never have a girl do before. She teased the base with her tongue and softly fondled my balls. This was the Holy Grail of blow jobs. "Oh god," I groaned in gratitude and moved my hands down to the back of her head, running my fingers through her long silky hair. She intensified the motion now, getting me closer and closer to my peak.

"Oh fuck Brianna, it's coming," I just managed to gasp out as I stiffened and grabbed her head even tighter. "Ugggghh," I wailed as I send a massive wad straight out and down the back of her throat. My body convulsed as I fucked her face, draining more and more gobs of semen into her mouth and down her throat.

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She almost gagged but swallowed just about all of it and keep on sucking and bobbing throughout. She'd obviously practiced her technique. When she'd sucked out every last drop of cum she could, she took her mouth off my member and smiled up at me, one thin string of jizz dripping from her lips onto her heaving tits. "That was great baby," I said honestly, silently noticing a recently turned on light in a nearby house.

I didn't care though. Why would I be ashamed of getting great head from a hot chick? "Now I can't wait to fuck you right though," I said. "Can't wait either," she replied back in a tone of voice I'd learned to recognize as "horny." I helped her up and steered her towards the house, smacking her round ass in her yoga pants as I did.

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She gave a slight giggle at this and opened the door for me. I didn't notice any other cars in the driveway so I assumed her parents weren't home. She followed through the door after me and led me upstairs and to her bedroom. Without needing an invitation I threw her onto the bed and stripped off her pants.

She group of people play highest card wins wearing anything else. I would need a few minutes until I could get hard again, so I decided to return the favor she did for my by the car. I stripped off all of my clothes, revealing my moderately toned body, and forced my head down between her legs. She had a nice pussy, perfectly shaved down to a landing strip, and I didn't waste time eating it out.

"Mmm," she said. "Aaron never did this for me." I didn't reply as I was already deep into the folds of her slit. I flicked my tongue in and out and she squeezed my head with her well built thighs in approval.

I worked through her lips to find her clit, and when I did gave it a gentle suck. She gave a yelp of pleasure so I sucked a little harder, managing to work a few fingers into her pussy to explore deeper. She gave a short, gasped moan. I'd honed my technique on my previous few girlfriends, so I knew it wouldn't take long until she was writhing with orgasm on the bed. I could also feel that my cock was at full girth yet again so I made the last couple moves that I knew would bring her all the way.

I gave her clit one last hard suck and drove my three fingers in deeper to caress her g-spot on the inside. Sure enough, she cried out loudly with orgasm and dug her finger nails into my scalp as her thighs clenched tighter. A rush of juice came through her pussy and I lapped up much of it, further stimulating her clit as I did. Her pelvis bucked like she was trying to throw me, but I held on and continued my tongue lashings.

She soon relaxed her grip on me and I got up, stroking my cock. "Oh that was SO good," she said, and I grinned at the compliment. She soon opened her eyes and spotted my erect member. "I want that inside of me," she said, licking her lips. I didn't need to be told twice.

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I crawled up on the bed and settled in between her legs. I guided my throbbing cock into her lips, and she gave a short breath and wrapped her legs around me. Gasping myself at the tightness of her slit, I also took the opportunity of having my mouth free to suck on some of the other female erogenous zones.

I worked my mouth all around her upper body as my hips pumped furiously into busty milf driving examiner bangs in car. I grabbed her tits in my hands and pumped them forward and back with me too.

When I wasn't keeping her mouth busy with mine, she let out a continuous stream of small mewling noises, which kept building and building into full on wails of joy at my thick root pounding her. She was soon ready to cum again and I didn't slow down, sucking hard on her left nipple as she climaxed. Her fingernails scraped across my back.

Her hips convulsed again and I felt her back lift up off the bed. I struggled to keep control over myself as that heavenly feeling of a pulsating pussy gushing with juices hit me, but I managed to keep from shooting off too early, I still had more planned.

---------------- Part 2 is up right now! Go read it if you enjoyed this.