A pair of big tit 3d babes suck and fuck a big cock tube porn

A pair of big tit 3d babes suck and fuck a big cock tube porn
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Sunday "David, do these guys in the porn films really have such big cocks or are they faked somehow?" "No I guess they're real Maddy. That's probably why they work in porn. But I don't think they all have enormous dicks." "But I've never seen one as small as yours.

I guess guys with small dicks won't get jobs in porn," "I've never thought of mine as small Maddy. And you've never mentioned anything about it before." "Oh no David darling. I just mean small compared to the guys in the porn films. I just didn't know such big cocks existed until you got me to watch porn films with you recently.

I wonder what it would feel like to have such a big cock inside my little pussy. I don't see how it would fit." "I guess your pussy walls would stretch. After all, it would have to stretch if you gave birth to a baby." "Oh wow. But giving birth hurts.

It doesn't seem to hurt the girls in the films, although some moan quite a lot. David, do you think any ordinary guys have hair job is the new blowjob brunette big tits as big as these?" "Now how would I know Maddy?" "I'm just interested David.

After all, when I married you I was just seventeen and yours is the only cock I've seen since I played with Peter when I was twelve years old. David you seem excited by all this sexy talk. Shall I get on top or do you want to do me in the missionary position again? Can you try and make it last more than a couple of minutes please?" Monday "David, I spoke to Sally at work this morning about penis sizes.

She says she prefers to use the word dick. Sally said that her husband's dick is seven and a half inches which she says feels pretty good inside her. She's offered to loan John to me for a few evenings to make love to me so that I could experience what a larger dick feels like." "What do you mean Maddy?

Are you talking about Sally's husband having sex with you? You've gotta be joking. Surely you wouldn't?" "Of course not David. I was actually hoping to see one even bigger. Sally says some guys have nine or ten inch dicks. Could you imagine that?" "What do you mean, hoping to see one bigger?" "Well I never had the chance to experiment before I married you four years ago and after watching all those porn films with you, I would just like to see a real big dick in the flesh.

That's all. So that's what I told Sally and when we finished our early shift, she came back here and helped me put an advert on a site called Craigslist.

Shall I read it out to you?" "Yes please, you've got me extremely worried. I wish you'd spoken to me first." "Don't be silly David, there's nothing to ne worried about. So here it is. Young, innocent wife, would like to experience a large dick. Must be at least nine inches. But no sex, just wants to look and touch.

Send photos." "Well I hope in future you tell me what you plan to do before you get into trouble." "Of course David. I'll tell you everything I do. By the way do you want another quickie like last night?

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I've never known you want sex two nights in a row." Tuesday "David, I'm so glad you're home. I've got some replies to my advert. I was so excited, I raced home from work after my morning shift and I've spent the last three hours masturbating looking at these guys' dicks. Come and look at all these responses I've got." "Just how many Maddy? Have they sent pictures?" "Oh yes, I've got lots of pictures.

Look at this one. He's black." "Oh my god Maddy, he's got an erection and he's photographed it for you." "Yes of course. Isn't it beautiful? It curves slightly down not upwards. But they don't all do that. Look at this one. It curves sideways. I bet that would create some new sensations in my pussy." "I thought you were only going to look." "I am David. I'm just imagining what they might feel like.

There's nothing wrong with a fantasy is there? Look at this one David. I think it's been photo-edited. He says it's sixteen inches which Sally said was impossible." "Do you mean you had Sally here this afternoon? Maddy, exactly when did you masturbate today?" "David you are a prude aren't you? I think you're more naive than me. Sally came home with me to help me choose and we both got so turned on, we just had to strip off and masturbate." "You were actually naked in front of Sally?" "Now you're being very silly.

You're forgetting Sally and I played sport together at school. We've seen each other naked in the showers hundreds of times. And we used to have sleep-overs where we learnt to masturbate each other. Ok, have you calmed down? Good because I want to show you the four guys that I want to interview." "Four, why do you need to see four?

And what are you going to do?" "I just want to see how they look and feel. There's no guarantee these are their real photos. So I thought if I interviewed four guys I would get a better idea.

They're all coming here at hourly intervals tomorrow afternoon when I finish my shift. Do you want to look at these dicks with me and then make love to me pretending you've got a big dick like these in their photos?" Wednesday "Maddy why are you naked?

It's dinner time. Have you got my meal ready darling?" "Sorry David, the last of my interviewees has only just left. I'm surprised you didn't bump into his Porsche. I haven't had chance to get dressed yet, let alone get your meal. Slutty blonde babe aidra fox gets banged on camera for a ride David, I'll tell you all about it after I've cooked your dinner." .

"Maddy, why were you naked? Were you naked when those guys were here? Please tell me you didn't have sex with them." "No, no, no. Of course not David. Why don't you also get undressed and then I can wank you as I tell you all about it. The first guy was black. We stayed in the lounge and he simply stripped when I asked him. His dick curved downwards. Do you remember his photo? I had to wank him quite a bit to get him fully hard." "You said nothing about wanking them Maddy." "I know, but my advert did say look and feel.

Anyway, don't interrupt. So when he was really hard he wanted to fuck me and when I said no, he started calling me a prick tease and a white slut. So I told him to leave. But I did like wanking his dick. I could really slide my hand a long way and he didn't cum even after thirty minutes. Thank goodness because I wouldn't want to clear up the mess his big balls would have made. The next guy was late. I think he was an exhibitionist. He just wanted to be naked.

His dick was hard as soon as he stripped off. We just sat around talking and having a cup of coffee and then he left. The third guy was quite young, maybe twenty three like you. He was really nice and wanted to kiss me and have me undress him.

He said my short skirt and tanned legs were really sexy. As we kissed he slid his hand up my thighs and slipped them inside my panties to finger my pussy.

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It felt really erotic standing there in our kitchen whilst a handsome stranger played with my pussy. I can't remember when you did anything like that; I suppose that's what made it so sexy.

I wish you could have been there to watch us. He could perform miracles with his fingers and soon gave me a lovely orgasm." "Maddy you said you were just going to look at their dicks. You said nothing about letting them play with your cunt." "You know I don't like that word David. I prefer pussy. I know it was an obvious oversight of mine. Of course they would want to play with my tits and my pussy.

So shall I continue my story? I think your little dick says yes. So after Roger gave me the first orgasm I took my dress and bra off and then he sat me on the kitchen table and took my panties off so he could get better access. No let me finish David. Oh gosh, you've just cum David. I bet that felt good didn't it? Anyway Roger fingered me to three more orgasms; just using his fingers.

But I wanted desperately to see his dick so I knelt on the floor and lowered his trousers and underwear. His dick sprung out and hit my face. His dick was very long and straight, just like his photograph.

Do you want to see? See what I mean, Isn't it beautiful? I just had to wank him and to be honest I was really tempted to let him fuck me but we ran out of time and he rushed off to his girlfriend. She must be a lucky girl." "Oh my god Maddy, you didn't actually do it with the next guy did you?

Please tell me you didn't." "Shush David, of course not, well sort of. Just listen and you'll find out. So I had just put my bra and panties back on when the doorbell rang again and the fourth guy was here.

He was really big and handsome. I couldn't wait to see him naked. You should see his muscles and of course his dick was to die for.

He had shaved his pubic hair and it looked enormous. He said it was only fair that I should be naked as well so he took my bra and panties off and I played with his dick whilst he played with my pussy.

He asked if he could put it in me but I said no, not this time. So he suggested I sit over his waist and slid my pussy up and down his hot bloody first hard sex story but without penetration. It felt really good David. We ought to try it. Gerry loved my tits and I had six orgasms as I slid my pussy over his dick and played it against my clit.

Do you know we made love for an hour in that position without him sweet hot chick demi lopez loves a cock. Isn't that amazing?" "Is that it now Maddy? Have you got it out of your system? And can I fuck you now, I'm really hard again?" "You can fuck me if you promise to say ok to my request. Oh you are so hard aren't you David? I suppose this is like when we read those stories together.

Just say yes darling." "Ok Maddy, but I only agree so long as you're not going to have intercourse with someone. Now can you get on your back please?" "Not missionary again. Ok David.

Please try to make it last so Roos xxx 2019 full storybrazzers can have an orgasm. Stick it in then. At least you won't have to do any of that foreplay you dislike. Anyway thanks for agreeing to let me have the last two guys back again tomorrow. I thought it was cruel not letting mom sleeping and son saylent bed sehar sex cum.

So we'll have a bit more time tomorrow and then I'll be able to let them ejaculate." "Oh fuck, Maddy, oh fuck, you're so tight, ohhhhhhh. That was great Maddy. Did you cum?" "No David, but never mind. At least I had lots of orgasms today with Roger and Gerry." Thursday "Maddy, this is getting a bit of a habit finding you naked when I get home from work. Is my meal ready?" "Not yet darling, Gerry has only just left." "Do you mean you were naked in front of those guys again Maddy?" "Of course David.

It's no big deal. They've both seen naked girls before." "I'm sure they have, but you're my girl. And you have a gorgeous young body which I thought was only for my eyes. I hottie gets cake and two dicks at bday they were pretty turned on by your sexy body." "You're right David. They both said I've got the sexiest body either of them had seen.

So you should be proud and not get all selfish about other guys seeing me naked. Besides no other guy has ever seen me naked until this week.

So you've had a pretty good run. Do you want me to get your meal ready or what?" . . "So tell me the worst Maddy." "Well first get undressed David. You seem to like my stories. Anyway when Roger arrived he was all luvvy duvvy and we spent ages undressing each other. He kept kissing me, telling me he loved me and was going to leave his girlfriend. When we were both naked we got on this bed just like you and I are now.

We lay together kissing whilst I wanked his big dick and he fingered my pussy again. Roger said he was going to play tunes on my g-spot. When I asked what that was, he said, feel this. Oh my god David. It was unbelievable. Roger kept me climaxing solidly for half an hour. I had to give up wanking him because I had no idea where I was.

Why did you never learn to do that for me David? Can we try to repeat what Roger and I did? You finger me and give me lots of orgasms whilst I wank you.

Oh Roger also liked to suck on my tits as I wanked him. Go on David, kiss my tits. Oh no, I'm sorry David, I've made you cum. So after I'd recovered from all my orgasms I wanted to see Roger cum. I got on my back and pulled my legs apart so that he could rub his dick over my clit. It looked amazing; he gripped his dick and used it like a dildo to give me even more orgasms.

Of course every so often he put his dick into my pussy to get it wet before teasing my clit again. "Maddy, that sounds very much like intercourse to me." "Don't be daft David. He only put it in a few inches and didn't keep it in for long. Oh, I suppose when you think about it, it is very similar to when you fuck me isn't it? Shall I continue the story?

Roger continued pushing his dick into my pussy to lubricate it and giving me loads of orgasms but finally he stood at the end of the bed and wanked himself furiously. When he came his goo even reached my face and there was loads of it all over my tits.

Roger and I had a shower together so I could get ready for Gerry. He's really sweet and very much in love with me. But I told him not to be silly and go back to his girlfriend. I had to agree to see him again one day before he would leave. Now do you remember how I had barely put my panties on before Gerry arrived yesterday? I wanted him to have the pleasure of undressing me, so before he arrived I put my best lacy underwear on and my new dress. "But I bought you that underwear Maddy.

You've never worn them for me." "I know David, that's why I wore them. I wanted to wear something new for Gerry. So in a way you were with me this afternoon." "But Maddy, this started with you just wanting to see a big dick.

Now you're spending afternoons in the nude playing with strange guys. It's not right." "David they're not strange guys any more. I'm getting to know them and I'm really having lots of fun. Both Roger and Gerry have been very nice to me. But as I said before, why shouldn't other guys see me naked? You've had a monopoly over my body up till now." "Can't you see Maddy. This is making me feel very inferior." "I know David, but I suppose that's because you are very inferior.

That's not my fault is it? Shall I continue with my story? So when Gerry arrived, he was full of compliments and kept saying how pretty I looked. We kissed for ages before I took him up to our bedroom.

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He's a really good kisser as well. I'd almost forgotten how much I love kissing. We stood just eurobabe with glasses sucks off and banged by stranger there and Gerry eventually removed my dress. He went crazy when he saw my underwear and even made me stand on the bed so he could take some photos of me. David, Gerry is really jealous of you being married to me and having had exclusive access to my body for the last four years.

So you ought to feel proud David." "I am proud of you Maddy. I just don't like the thought of someone else undressing you and playing with your naked body." "David, that's not what your dick says. How big is it by the way? I've still got the plastic rule here that I used to measure Roger and Gerry's dicks.

Oh dear it's only just four and a half inches David. Ok, ok, if I push it into your groin it's just about five inches. Can you believe it, both Roger and Gerry are almost ten inches. My goodness they're twice the man you are David. Isn't that a funny expression? Shall I continue? I think your dick says yes. I undressed Gerry quickly because I wanted to see his lovely body and his beautiful dick again.

I expected him to undress me but he just picked me up and threw me onto the bed and then put his face between my legs. David, he actually licked my pussy through my panties.

But when they were soaking wet with my pussy juices he finally took them off using his teeth. Oh David it was so fucking sexy. Then guess what? Gerry used a strange expression. He said he wanted to eat my pussy. I didn't know what he meant. But I'm so glad I trimmed my hair earlier this week as Sally suggested. Gerry seemed to really love my pussy. He said it was the prettiest he had ever seen. I didn't ever think of pussies as being pretty.

But he said my skin was so soft, smooth and white with lovely pink rose petals at the centre and he even called my clit a rosebud. David, he actually spent a whole hour eating my pussy as he called it.

Oh it was wonderful. He used his fingers in my hole playing with my g-spot. Do you remember I told you about that earlier? I have never had such a wonderful time in my whole life. He made me feel so good. As soon as I had one orgasm, I could feel the next one growing and tingling in my pussy. Gerry said I was moaning and screaming all the time but I don't remember what I said. David, I don't understand.

We could have been having fun like that together over the past four years. Why did you never do that for me? I'm definitely inviting Gerry back every day to eat my pussy. Would you like to sex doctor sex stories xxx com my pussy David? Gerry says I taste like damsons. He loved licking up my juices. I don't understand why you don't like it.

"Maddy darling. I don't understand it but I seem to be so hard again. I would just like to fuck you. Can I Maddy? I hate hearing you talk about these guys touching your body, but you make it sound so sexy. What did you do next? Please god, you didn't have intercourse did you?" "Ok David get on top of me and stick your dick in.

I'm already very wet. Darling, you're still the only one who has had intercourse with me. I'll ask you first before I go that far. So after Gerry licked my pussy I thought I should return the favour. I had already seen Roger cum earlier on my tits so I thought I'd give Gerry a blowjob.

But unlike your dick, I could only get a few inches in my mouth. It was really difficult so in the end we went back to making love with me sitting on his dick. I really loved doing that with Gerry. It was really just like making love. We kissed for ages and Gerry kissed and played with my tits. I slid back and forth along his dick. It was so big it was like having a massive cucumber between my pussy lips.

Gerry held my bum and I slid up and down giving myself dozens of orgasms." "Oh Maddy, oh f…, Oh yes, ohhhhhhhh. That was great Maddy. Did you cum?" "No sorry David, but as I said yesterday, it doesn't matter because I can get more than enough orgasms from Roger and Gerry. To be honest this arrangement is working quite well isn't it darling? You get excited by my stories and get to cum and I get lots of attention and orgasms from my two lovers.

It's a shame you don't make love properly. Do you want to hear more? Maybe I can get you hard again. Anyway, after about an hour of making love to Gerry I realised he needed to cum otherwise he would probably still be making love to me now. So I put my mouth over his dick and wanked him hard until he started cumming. My god, there was so much cum, but I swallowed as much as I could because it tasted quite pleasant. So after that it was a rush to get him dressed and get him out of the door just before you arrived home.

I'm surprised you didn't taste his cum in my mouth when you kissed me. " "Are you going to see him again Maddy?" "You'd like that wouldn't you David? I can tell because you are amazingly hard again. This must be a record for you; cumming twice in one day and getting hard again.

Yes, because it's Saturday tomorrow, I'm going to Gerry's house in the afternoon. I still have a shift at the hospital in the morning, so Gerry will pick me up and take me back. Gerry has offered to let me feel his dick inside my pussy.

I can't wait to see how that feels." "Maddy, you said you wouldn't have intercourse." "I'm not David; I'm just going to put his dick inside me so I can appreciate what it feels like. It's not as if I'm going to let him cum inside me. And then he's going to eat my pussy again because I loved that.

David, you've already cum twice. You should be able last longer this time. Please try to make love to me like a real man. Try to imagine you are my lover and you are fucking me for hours with your big dick.

Oh no David, not already. Never mind dear. At least you got to cum three times today." Saturday "Hi David, I'm sorry I'm not home yet. Actually I'm sitting here with Gerry's dick inside me. It's totally, unbelievably, incredibly, amazingly fantastic. I can sit completely still and I can feel my pussy walls pulsing against his big shaft and every so often I have another orgasm. I'll tell you all about it when I get home.

I have to go now because I can feel another orgasm coming on, oh shit, shit, bye David." . . "Maddy, I had to make my own meal this evening. I'm not happy about all this time you are spending with your lovers and not being at home for me." "Firstly David, I only have one lover now. I told Roger we needed to finish because I didn't want him to split up with his girlfriend. And secondly, I'm here now for you. I can tell you all about my day and get you excited again.

So let's both get undressed first. Are you ready David? Today, Gerry picked me up from the hospital in his Porsche. You should have seen Sally's face. She hairless cum hole rammed really hard hardcore and russian Gerry was a dish and fancied having a threesome with Gerry and me, but I explained I was still only getting to know him.

Gerry's place overlooks the river and is really beautiful. I told Gerry I needed a shower because I'd got hot and sweaty at work, so we both undressed quickly and got into his shower together. It's really nice sharing a shower with Gerry; I just love his strong body. Gerry turned me around so my back was against him and he fed his hard dick between my legs sliding it in and out. Do you know his dick is so big, it seemed like I had my own six inch dick.

I held his dick so it rubbed against my clit. Gerry likes to call it my rosebud. I think I had three orgasms in that position before my legs collapsed and Gerry carried me to his bed. Do you want me to wank you? I'll take it gentle so you can maybe last more than a minute or two. Gerry made me lie on my back with my legs in the air. Do you want to see?" "My god Maddy. I can see your arse hole and inside your vagina. Surely you didn't let Gerry see you like this." "David, I'm sorry to tell you but Gerry licked both my anus and my pussy in this position.

It was amazing. He really loves me. I mean, he loves my body. I don't know how many orgasms I had. But I couldn't wait to feel him inside me so I eventually told him to stop so I could really enjoy his wonderful dick. I wanted to control his penetration so I made him lie back and for a while I gave his dick a massage. Oh David, you should see Gerry's dick. It's so gorgeous; it's big and so straight with a large head.

I could play with it forever. I rubbed oil onto his dick and rubbed it with both hands, squeezing him and stretching him. Let me try it with yours. It's not quite the same, I wanked him hard and then I… Oh that's a shame David.

I can't show you what I did with Gerry's dick. I know I don't have much experience, but Gerry's dick is the most beautiful thing I've seen. I think I really love his dick. I'm pretty sure that when I'd finished massaging him, his dick was even bigger.

I must have spent an hour playing with his dick. I don't know how he didn't cum. But in the end I was there to feel his dick inside my pussy. I squatted over him and put his dick between my lips and then slowly lowered myself.

It was like trying to push an orange into a milk bottle. Eventually after lots of pushing and more oil I managed to get the head inside and then a couple of inches but I couldn't do any more. It just wouldn't go. I moved up and down a fraction and after about half an hour I had got half of him in me but I was knackered. Gerry turned us over so I was on my back and he tried pushing.

He moved his dick in and out for ages and of course I had lots of orgasms as Gerry tried to push more and more of his dick inside me. But David, even with only half inside me, it felt out of this world.

It took another half hour of thrusting in and out and a load more orgasms before Gerry was all the way inside. It was like I couldn't focus on anything other than his dick which was filling my pussy." "Maddy it sounds very much like you two were fucking. You said you wouldn't. This is very upsetting Maddy." "I don't think your dick is upset David.

We weren't really fucking. We simply had to move up and down to get his full length inside me. That's not fucking and he didn't cum inside me.

Shall I continue? I wanted to get on top of Gerry so he rolled us over and I had to spend another half hour moving up and down before I could take his full length again.

Once he was all the way inside me I just sat there without moving and I could feel orgasm after orgasm flow through me like waves. That's when you rang me. It was so erotic speaking to you with ten inches of Gerry inside me. I'd like to do that again when he really fucks me." "What are you on about Maddy?

It was supposed to be a one-off. Just to be able to know what it felt like. Now you want to cheat on me." "David, you are the one who's been cheating on me. You've been married to me for four years and we'd been going out for two years before that. You've enjoyed the best years of my life, and what have you done for me, FUCKING NOTHING. You've never skinny beauteous bitch is valuable at cock riding hardcore and blowjob me an orgasm during sex.

I've always had to use my finger. You don't like to eat my pussy and you refuse to fuck my arse. I'm sorry David, I didn't mean to get cross with you, but you called me a cheat. Darling, most girls play the field before they get married. But you took my virginity and I've never so much as seen another hard dick. So just look at it as if I'm getting the experience I should have had before I met and married you. So as I was saying dear, tomorrow I'm going to Gerry's for the whole day and he says he's going to make love to me for hours and hours.

Why don't you have one more go at making love to me properly and show me that I don't need to have a lover. Tell you what. If you can make love to me for even ten minutes I'll forget all about Gerry. Ok David, Yes that's it, that feels good. See David, you can do it. Yes, yesss. Oh noooo. Oh David you've totally ruined your chance to keep me for yourself.

Sunday "Maddy, I know what you said last night but I still don't think you should be going to Gerry's house today to have sex with him whilst you are married to me." "David dearest. Do you think I'm pretty?" "Absolutely Maddy. You have such a sweet face. Such lovely skin and soft pretty features." "Thank you David. Do you think I'm sexy?" "Of course you are. You have gorgeous tanned legs, a sexy firm backside and amazingly exquisite tits.

You should be a model, you are so perfect." "Ok, that might be a bit over the top. But what do I get in return? A very average man with no muscle tone and the beginnings of a beer belly, who has a very small dick and is very selfish in bed. I think I deserve something better.

Gerry has a body like a top athlete, a beautiful big dick and he's a sex god in bed. So cheerio David, I'll see you this evening after Gerry has shown me what real love making is like." . "Hello David, Gerry suggested I call you to give you an update and maybe something to have a wank over. First of all I want you to get a cucumber from the kitchen and then I want you to get undressed, if you're not already watching porn. Just so you know I'm kneeling on the bed and Gerry is fucking me from behind.

He calls it the doggy position. David, this is everything I could have alektra blue india summers mountain camp sex for. I hope you're happy for me. This is better than any porn we have watched. After I got here, Gerry ate my pussy nearly all morning and this afternoon we've been making love for hours. We're still doing it slowly because he doesn't want to hurt me. Oh my god this feels good. Just feel that cucumber and imagine it going into my pussy.

Why don't you try sticking it in your backside. Oh my god, oh god, urggghhhh. Sorry that was another orgasm. By the way, Gerry has promised to give me a hundred orgasms today. Can you imagine that? And he has only cum once so far. Anyway I'll see you later darling. Keep trying to get that cucumber into your arse dear." . "Maddy, what time do you call this? What on earth have you been doing all day?" "What a silly question David.

I've been making love to Gerry all day. Why don't you come upstairs whilst I get ready for bed. I've got to get up early for work in the morning." "You can't have been having sex all day. That's impossible." "Impossible for you David, but not for Gerry. We made love from just after lunch until eight o'clock this evening.

We had to take it slow because I'm still getting used to the size of his dick. So most of the time I sat on top of Gerry so I could control the pace.

But Gerry really loved fucking me from behind. He likes to stick his dick in really deep and hard. I see you are hard, would you like a wank. Come here darling, this can't be easy for you. Anyway Gerry stayed hard for two hours before he came and then he came again three hours later. I think he could have carried on all night but I said I needed to get home to my husband so I finally gave him a blowjob." "What with all your pussy juices all over his dick?" "Yes David.

Some people actually like the taste of my pussy. In fact I do. This evening Gerry fucked me as I lay on my back whilst he stood on the floor at the end of the bed. He fucked me like a steam engine going in and out for ages. His dick was so hard he could probably pick me up just with his dick inside me.

When I put my hand on my tummy I can actually feel his dick when he's all the way in. You're doing quite well today David. You've probably lasted three minutes so far. Oh gosh, there you go. Can you imagine being hard for three hours and how good that would feel for you?

Gerry wants to try anal sex next time but since he's away tomorrow, I'm going round to Sally's house. She says I should practice with John first to get used to having a dick in my rear hole.

So good-night David. See you tomorrow. I'll try not to wake you in the morning." "Maddy, please remember I'm your husband and I love you. This is torture for me." "I know darling but nice torture which you seem to be enjoying. I think it might be torture for me tomorrow." Monday "Hello David. I've got your meal ready for you. So as soon as you've washed it'll be on the table darling." "Thanks Maddy.

You seem happy today." "Yes I am. I went back with Sally after our morning shift. John took a half day off work especially so he could initiate me. But first Sally and I had fun undressing him and taking it in turns to have sex with him." "You mean you had sex with John. You mean intercourse? And John fucked you in front of Sally?" "Yes David. It's called a threesome. It's really fun. But you do need a guy that can stay erect for an hour or two.

Obviously John is not as good as Gerry." "Obviously!" "David, that was uncalled for. I've been very pleasant to you and never deliberately put you down. John managed to cum twice before we stopped so that I could try anal sex. Wow, I can tell you now; anal sex is so different. We needed to use lots of oil on his dick before it would slide in.

But he was really good and took it slowly. As soon as he started moving in and out Sally played with my rosebud and I had constant orgasms which helped me get used to his dick.

But I told Sally I needed to get home for you so here I am darling.

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Why don't we have some time together this evening? You could try eating my pussy and then make love to me. It would be nice if you could give me an orgasm too.

Eat your dinner and then we can have some fun together." . "David, go on put your tongue inside me. It's not going to bite. Oh please David. I would really like my husband to eat my pussy. Feel my soft lips. Even Sally says I have a pretty pussy and she sees lots working in the maternity ward.

Oh David, you're making me cry." "I'm sorry Maddy. I don't want you to cry. It's just that the whole oral thing seems sort of, dirty." "But you're happy for me to give you a blowjob." "That's different. You can see what you're putting in your mouth." "Ok dear, I suppose you can't help it if someone has poisoned your mind.

Can you fuck me now please? I thought the most erotic position was when Gerry and I knelt on the bed and I had my back to him. That's it dear, push your dick in. Then I leant up and put my arms around his neck. Oh dear, you dick has popped out. Try again, oh that's not going to work is it.

I suppose it needs a larger dick. I'll get on my back again for you dear. Please try to last long enough to give me an orgasm. So David, have you any suggestions what positions I could try when Gerry fucks me tomorrow? Oh no David, not already. I feel just as sorry for you dear. At least I've got my super lover now but you only get two minutes of fun at a time. It's such a shame David. Never mind, I guess Gerry will know plenty of new positions to try. Good night dear." Tuesday "Hello David.

I thought I ought to call you. I know how upset you get when you don't know where I am." "I guessed where you are Maddy. But when are you coming home?" "Another hour or two dear. Gerry is still making love to me. Oh fuck Gerry, slow down. This is unbelievable David. I'll try to get home before you go to bed. Bye." . "Huh, you're home at last. Did he fuck you in your arse then?" "Yes dear, let's get undressed and I'll tell you all about it.

I'm just going to fetch a cucumber so you can see what I'm dealing with. I couldn't wait to get undressed as soon as I got naruto and shizune porn hentai and yaoi his place. My pussy was already soaking so we started making love almost immediately.

Can you believe his dick is even bigger than this cucumber? I'm just going to put it inside me so you get an idea. Oh shit, oh fuck, this is good. I should have tried this years ago." "Maddy, you can't get all of that inside you surely." "Don't call me Shirley. Sorry, old joke. Of course I can. Gerry's dick is bigger than this. Why don't you masturbate me with it? Thanks David. Oh fuck, oh yes, yes, yes, yesssssss, ohhhhhhhh.

Phew. Slow down David. I've just cum." "Really, that was quick." "That's what it's like with Gerry. I can climax almost one a minute until I practically black out. So after two hours fucking we decided to try anal sex. It took gallons of oil before he went very far in. God did it hurt, even after yesterday's practice with John.

I know, that has really turned you on. But first, before I wank you I want you to turn around and kneel on the bed. I'll be just a minute." "Maddy what are you doing? Oh no, nooooo. Owwwwww. That fucking hurts. No more, Noooooooo." "Darling, now you know how stuffed I feel when Gerry fucks me. It's quite unbelievable isn't it?

Of course I'm getting used to him in my pussy now but this is how it felt in my anus today. Of course after a few minutes I started enjoying lots of orgasms especially when he played with my rosebud. I could play with your dick I suppose." "Maddy take it out please, it hurts like fuck." "Sorry David, I think you're ready for some more.

Your little dick is so hard. Zrazzers milf office full storys so cute." "Noooo Maddy, Oh fuck, no more, no more.

Owwww. Why are you doing this to me?" "David, when I realised how you've deprived me these past few years, I was really angry. I was hurt. I want you to feel hurt. I want you to feel my hatred and anger for you." "No Maddy, nooooooo.

Oh god, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Owwwww." "Look at your dick David. It's the hardest I've seen it. Mind you it's not much bigger than Gerry's finger. Let me wank it for you darling. Why don't you try to last at least a few minutes David?

You'd get so much more enjoyment. Oh David, darling you've cum already. Stay still and I'll remove the cucumber from your arse. I bet you feel empty now. Sit next to me if you can darling. David, I'm afraid our marriage as you know it is over. Gerry said I could wank you tonight but no more quickies." "What do you mean? How can Gerry say what I can do?" "Very simply darling, Gerry owns my body now and you can only do what he allows you to.

If you try anything more I will say that you raped me. You are lucky to even see me naked. Shame you didn't stay erect for longer. Good night dear." Wednesday "Maddy this is getting beyond a joke. I suppose you've been fucking Gerry all afternoon and evening haven't you. With no regards to my needs." "Actually David, I was fucking Gerry and his friend Kyle. That's why I was late. Why don't you join me upstairs and get undressed so I can wank you." "Two guys. Oh Maddy, you're getting to be a real slut now." "David, before I wank you, I want you to eat my pussy.

Please dearest. Go on, you know you want a wank. I'll lie back and you can eat my pussy." "I'm sorry Maddy. Can't I just fuck you?" "I've already told you David. Gerry owns my body now, but he was willing to let you eat my pussy. David, up till now I've been very kind to you. I've never insulted your pathetic little dick, your totally pathetic love making or your selfish attitudes. But you seem incapable of learning or even trying to improve. But if you are good, I will stay with you for a little longer." "What do you mean by that Maddy?

Are you planning to leave me? Please don't I'll do anything if you'll stay." "I was hoping you'd say that David. We'll see if you can live up to your words tomorrow. Good night dear." Thursday "David I'm so glad I was able to be home for you today.

Come upstairs; I've got a treat for you." "Can't I have my meal first?" "Don't worry I've got plenty for you to eat today David. Get undressed dear." "You do look sexy Maddy.

Can I fuck you? I promise to try to last longer." "We'll see David. It depends if you are good. First I'll lie back and you are going to eat my pussy. Go on, otherwise I'm leaving you today.

That's right, lick up that white goo; it's Gerry's cum." "Maddy, this is disgusting. I've put up with quite enough. But this is too far." "David, do you want to stay married to me, to be able to see me naked and for me to wank you. If you do hurry up and eat up. Otherwise clear off David. I have no further use for you. Oh good, keep going, all of it ……&hellip. Excellent, well done David. Sit here darling. David, up till now I've been very kind to you.

Until today I've been totally faithful to you David." "Faithful. What about your time with Sally's husband. And yesterday with two guys." "They were all stories David.

I made them all up to get you excited to give you a chance to show me you're a real man. All those times that I was pretending to be with my lovers; I was actually stopping at my mum's place or with Sally.

They were just stories David, but you did enjoy them didn't you? I've given you lots of chances to be a good husband but you wasted them in just the same way that I've wasted four years of my life being married to you. My lover is going to move in and he will make love to me whenever and wherever he wants. But I will also let other guys make love to me if they look interesting. But if you are good, I will stay with you for a little longer." "What do you mean if I'm good?

Where do I fit in all this?" "Excellent question David. From now on you will be my cuckold; like a housekeeper with a few extra responsibilities. You will help bath me and get my clothes ready. You will clean the house, do all the laundry and learn to cook all the meals.

From now on you will sleep in the spare room companions daughter catches mom fucking her girlpartner first time training my little when we are having sex it will be your job to clean us after my lover has cum." "But I love you Maddy.

What do I get out of it?" "Well sometimes you can watch us and you can wank yourself if you want. When I get pregnant, you can help look after the baby. If you like you can even request a position for Gerry to make love to me." "What if I say no Maddy? What if I refuse?" "Darling this is Gerry, who I've been telling you all about. You know him as Gerald of course. I believe he's your new boss; the guy who got the job instead of you.

I'm surprised you didn't recognise him from the photos I received, but I suppose you were only looking at his dick. When I saw his photo I knew he would be just right and he's certainly proved himself this afternoon.

So think about it carefully David because if you say no you'll be moved to the bank's branch three raunchy lassies have some kinky fun Iraq. So stop gawping and take a seat. Oh If you say anything I will punish you with this belt and from now on you call me mistress when you address me.

Do you understand all that bitch? You've ruined my life and I'm about to ruin yours."