Beauty porn teacher jewels jade fucking in classroom

Beauty porn teacher jewels jade fucking in classroom
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My first story was badly written so I'm hoping to redeem myself with this one. For privacy purposes name and any location information will be changed.

My name in the story is Dave by the way. Also forgive the strange format of the paper, I was using a bad program. Leave comments, tell me if I should write a sequel. ------------------------------------ I'd never really liked high school relationships, I always thought them to be full of drama, and annoying shit that I didn't really care to get myself into.

I prefered to just get on with my life and go to college, so I really had never had a girlfriend. I'm not a bad looking kid from what im told, 6'2 with shaggy brown hair, a good build, 210 pounds which is a lot for my body type but most of it is in muscle mass. The reason I stay in good shape is I've always been a football player, gotta keep my strength up. Anyways, I'd never put much merit into relationships until I met this girl, her name is Karlee, she's a dancer and a damn hot one at that; shorter charcoal colored hair, very cute face with beautiful eyes, and a body that any man would chop his left nut off just to get in bed with.

She has a small petite frame, standing around 5'3, from my guess I would say about a C cup bra size, and a very slim toned stomach topped off with a very tight ass. It's to die for. There was only one problem, she was only 14 and a freshman, while I was kendra star hot anal slut gg exclusive analfucking boyandgirl and a senior, not a big deal later in life, but at the time and from where I come from, we call that robbing the cradle.

The first day I met Karlee I was astounding at how cute she was, just watching her gracefully move around the room with that perfect dancer style gave me a huge hardon. I was even more suprised at her age, a girl that young I would've been sure would have been just another annoying freshman but she was quite mature for her age and her looks made her look just as old as she was mature.

I loved it. One day I was in class, Karlee and I texting back and forth to pass the time when she invited me over later that day to help with her math homework. I thought it was a fine idea considering I loved hanging out with her not only to look at her great body but because she was a genuinely fun person to be around, she just had that giggly charm that made everything seem that much funnier.

So later that night around 9:00 PM I hopped in my car and drove down to her house, the first thing I noticed was that there were no cars in the driveway or garage, I thought this strange because she always had a sister or her parents home but I just shrugged it off and went up to the front door.

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When I knocked she immediately threw open the door and threw her arms around me in a tight hug, I could feel her boobs mashed against my lower chest and squeezed her harder. Finally after she let go I noticed what she was wearing, she was wearing a loose pair of navy blue sweat pants and a tight t-shirt which had the phrase "My eyes are up here." plastered right across the front.

From what I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, because I saw no evidence of it the way her chest bounced while she was talking animatedly to me.

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She dragged me into the house and shut the door. "Hey do you mind if we just do the homework in my room? My room is the only one with air conditioning right now." She said.

I agreed because with it being about 90 degrees out I wasn't about to argue. "My family is out for the night, they went to a movie so we have a couple of hours to work by ourselves." She said Weot into her room and I sat down on her soft egyptian cotton sheets and made myself comfortable while she went over to her backpack which was in a chair across from me. She bent over in her backpack apparently looking for her book but I wasn't thinking about that, all I could think about was the ample view of her breasts I was getting as she bent over.

My suspiscions were right, there was no bra underneath her shirt. By the this time I already had a hardon just watching, she glanced up from what she was doing and kind of looked me up and down, then went back to what she was doing, although I could've sworn I saw a grin on her face. "I think I left it downstairs, I'll be right back." She left the room and I breathed a sigh of relief, now I had time to position my cock to a "safer" position in my pants so that it wouldn't be so easily visible should I get more excited.

After I was finished with that I looked around her room and the first thing I noticed was her mathbook sitting squarely on her desk. "I'm back" She breathed. sweet darling delights two dicks hardcore and blowjob

I looked back towards the door and what I saw was breathtaking. There Karlee was wearing nothing but a small red thong and a matching bra. I gasped at the sight and was frozen there, not able to do anything. She walked towards me and she pushed me back on the bed where she straddled my legs and started to kiss me widly, thrusting her tongue into my mouth forcefully. I was shocked at first but now my body began to take over, I reached up and pulled her down on top of me and started kissing back, the whole time she was grinding her wet pussy onto my raging hardon, I felt like I was about to explode right there.

Finally after 5 minutes we broke our lustful embrace and she sat up, still straddling my legs and dick.

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She slipped my shirt off over my head and she began to caress my naked chest. Ever so slowly she ran her hands down to my abs and then she slipped off of me and onto the floor. Then she got down on her knees and with a swift motion had my pants down to my ankles with nothing now to hold my cock but the thin layer of fabric of my boxors. She unbuttoned the button restraining my aching dick and pulled it out, she dasped at first at the size, being about 7 inches she wrapped her small hand around the head and slid up and down, with each stroke increasing the speed slightly.

The sensation was amazing, after a little while I could feel the tingly sensation and I knew I was close to cumming. "Oh god Karlee, I'm gonna cum" "I can't let you cum like this" She raised her head up and quickly took the tip of my cock in her mouth.

Immediately she downed 6 inches of cock and started bobbing her head up and down, sliding her tongue around my cock as she went.

Oh it felt so fucking good and I could feel the cum building in my balls. "Oh that's so fucking good Karlee, don't stop. Im so close to cumming" This only urged her to go faster and I watched her boobs bounce up and down when finally I came in her mouth. I thought bangbros this video is all about insane latin booty catalina amp rubi would spit it out but to my suprise she kept my cock in her mouth and she kept sucking, lapping up every last drop of cum left.

"Now it's my turn" She said. Suddenly came the steady hum of the garage door as it roared to life. Followed by the sound of a car engine pulling into the driveway. "Shit, you need to go!" She said. I quickly stood up and pulled my pants up then grabbed my books from the floor while she put on a pair of shorts and a T. She walked me down to the front door and gave me a quick hug and squeezed on to my now soft dick. "Tomorrow night I'm going to need help with my History" She grinned.

I walked out into the hot weather with a little bounce in my step, suddenly I was beginning to like this whole high school relationship thing.