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Watch her bathe her amazing teen body in the
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As William stood in line at the convenient store checkout with his few items, he noticed that his girlfriend, Kate, was once again, on the front cover of a tabloid, this time for attending the Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco.

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He had not seen the outfit that she worn for the event, but now that he had it was probably a good thing he didn't.

Even looking at the pictures of her caused his cock to stir, her tight yellow shorts that showed every luscious curve of her tight narrow ass and from the front the cute babe sucks a big delicious dick of her cunny.

Then there was the sequined halter top that made it obvious she wasn't wearing a bra over her perky little titties. No, if he had seen her before the event, he would have probably ripped her clothing off and fucked her until she couldn't walk, let alone skate. Knowing that he would see her soon, Will picked up the magazine and flipped through it, hoping to see more of Kate in that naughty outfit.

Though the pictures of her did not disappoint, it was the pictures of Kate's hot young sister, Pippa, that made Will become a little harder. Philippa Charlotte Middleton, better known as Pippa to her friends. Or better known to Will, the girl he could never have. On moving day at his first year at St. Andrews, Will had come across a girl bent over, her shorts riding up her firm young ass, exposing her long, tanned legs.

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Being the horny nineteen year old boy that he was, Will had no problem to let this girl know that she was being watched, especially since it was going to be great material for later in the shower when he jerked his royal staff off.

However, Will soon found out that this girl was not going to attend the university, but rather her sister was. When he first met Kate, he thought she was pretty, but nowhere near as sexy as her younger sister.

Ever since that day, Will could big cock bf bangs teen gf and her busty mom get the image of Pippa's ass out of his head, especially when he fantasized about letting his tongue trace that tight little hole, or taking her virgin ass with his large cock. It was difficult to focus only on Kate when Pippa was around them, especially with her teasing ways.

He was aware of her flirtations, her suggestive comments that would make Kate blush and make him hard. He knew that when she bent down in front of him that she knew she was showing a large portion of her chest, her tits not confined by a bra, swaying with her every movement. Her breasts were bigger than Kate's a handful and no doubt a mouthful. It took everything in him to not reach out and cup one of her tits, to knead the flesh, to pull on her nipple, to see how pointy they would become.

Recently, Pippa had become more adventurous with her sexual teasing. She would often press herself up against William's body longer than accepted, touching him somewhat inappropriately, such as her hand on his thigh or cupping the bottom of his ass.

Will was flattered by the attention, especially since he considered her to be the sexiest of the two Middleton sisters, but he could never cross that line with Pippa, although Kate would laugh it off and when they were alone together Kate would press him for details on Pippa's latest indiscretions.

Kate got that sexy "cat in heat" look in her eye when Will told her how she has rubbed her crotch against his ass and so on.

Kate was so hot in their lovemaking after these confessions, William began to make up little peccadilloes for Pippa. As much as Will was attracted to Pippa, he loved Kate and didn't think he could ever hurt her by hooking up with her sister. God, how he wanted to. *** For Pippa the attention was getting very old. She pulled her hood over her head.

Here we go again. She braced herself as she opened the door, holding her arm up against all of the flashing lights. The paparazzi were out in full force this morning, covering every inch of her front lawn.

She blinked quickly, trying not to be blinded as she tried to escape. After what seemed like ages, she finally managed to get in her car. She sighed, rubbing her eyes, feeling as if this day would be too long all ready. She revved the engine to tell the photographers to back off unless they wanted to be run over.

She sped down the street, mother sex with playfellows daughter mail order threesome well over the speed limit until she was several blocks away from her ever-present stalkers.

Knowing they would be on her trail, she kept driving, taking strange twists and turns to try to keep them away. She picked up her phone and dialed her friend Liv's number. She bit her lip as the phone rang. "Hey, girl. What's up?" a light-hearted voice picked up. "Hey, Liv, I need a favor." "Go on?" Liv questioned. "The paparazzi keep following me again and I was wondering if I could come stay with you.again?" she winced, feeling guilty for continually asking her friend for shelter.

The other line was quiet for a moment, then Liv started slowly, ".Well, I mean, you know you can stay with me. It's just that-" "Really?" Pippa smiled, holding porn-star latina in latinaporn tube porn an excited squeal. It wasn't often she could escape from her stress of being constantly watched and every chance she got to hide made her incredibly happy.

"Well, yes, of course, but I-" "Thank you so much! I'll make it up to you I swear! I'll bring the best wine and we'll watch some of those old Hollywood movies you like so much! It's gonna be great." "Okay, but I want you to-" "Anything, I'll do anything. I'll go-oh, hey, wait, Kate's on the other line. Look, I think I know what this is about," she rolled her eyes, "so I gotta go, but I'll call you later.

Bye!" Pippa switched lines, then took a deep breath, "Yes, Kate?" she asked sternly. "Hey," her sister said softly. "Look, Pippa this thing you have with teasing Will, don't you think you are taking it too far." Pippa shifted the phone to her other shoulder. "Too far!? With the crap I have to put up with every day, I have to get my jolly's off somehow don't I sis?"she bit back. The line was silent for a moment. "I know the attention is awful, Pippa, but you don't have to take it out on Will." "I'm tired of this, Kate, Chap loves fucking horny awesome bitch hardcore blowjob really, really fucking tired of this bull shit," her hand gripped tighter on the steering wheel.

"I know, I know, that's why I'm trying to talk to Will, but I-" "But what?" Pippa she snapped. "I just don't think there's anything we can really do." "You mean you're not going to help me." "That's not what I said, I-" "Listen up, I'm not the one who decided to marry into the royal family.

I never wanted any of this publicity. Do you think it's fun having to cover my face everywhere I go so that I don't end up in every magazine sold on the streets? Do you know how hard it is to get away from these people?" she choked back tears. "I love you, Kate, I really do, but this is getting to be too much, don't you think it unfair that you are the only one who gets to ride that big royal cock?

" "Really Pippa, there's no need to get…vulgar-" "No need. You get a body guard. Hell, you have, like, ten!

I get harassed every fucking day. But, no, I can't get help from the crown because I'm not going to marry the fucker!" she yelled at her sister.

"Look, don't fucking talk to me until you either make some kind of deal with the press or agree that I can fuck Will, okay princess to be!" and with that Pippa slapped her phone shut. She kept on driving, and was able to slip into a grocery store hooded and with dark glasses and buy a bottle of red without being recognized. She arrived at Liv's just a few minutes later, parking her car on the shady side street that the paparazzi would never dream to turn on to.

She got out and grabbed the wine bottle, heaving a sigh of relief. She walked up to the familiar white door and buzzed flat 221. "Pippa?" Liv's voice came over the intercom. "Hey! Can you buzz me in?" Pippa smiled, finally feeling a bit relaxed. "Yep, hold on," Liv pressed a button. "Okay, try now." "Thanks!" Pippa called back as she opened the door.

She trotted up the stairs and turned down the left hallway to see Liv waiting for her. "Come here!" Liv broke into a huge smile, beckoning Pippa to give her a hug. Pippa smiled and ran over to her friend, embracing her tightly. "Thank you so much," she said. "Anything for you, darling," Liv pulled out of the hug, wiping a strand of her long black hair away from her ruby red lips. "Let's get you settled in," she held open the door to her flat.

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Pippa handed her the bottle of wine. Pippa walked in and was a bit shocked to see a full photo background set up and several whips and handcuffs all over the ground. "Are you doing a photo shoot tonight, then?" Pippa turned back around. "Well, doll, I tried to warn you on the phone, but you wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise!

But don't worry about that," Liv breezed past her, setting the wine bottle down on a table. She then turned down the hallway, saying, "I've got you all set up in the guest room down here." Pippa followed her down the hall and into the room. She flopped onto the familiar blue gingham bed, melting into the sheets, feeling tired all ready.

"Looks like you won't even need any wine tonight," Liv laughed. Pippa smiled up at her, yawning a bit. "I think I might just take a nap and come out later. Would that be all right?" "No, of course not.

You can't take a nap in this house, who do you think you are?" Liv stuck a tongue out at her. "I'll try to keep Hazel quiet for you." Pippa furrowed her brows. "She's my sub tonight," Liv explained. "Ahh," Pippa nodded. "Sleep tight." Liv smiled. "Thanks." Pippa watched Liv flip off the light and exit the room before rolling over with a humph. She closed her eyes and stretched, grabbing onto the blanket and kicking off her shoes. She nuzzled against the pillow and took a few breaths before dozing off.

"Oh, please, more!" a shrill scream woke Pippa up with a start. "Down, slut! Don't talk you little cunt!" Pippa heard Liv yell back. Pippa rubbed her eyes. Her stomach gurgled and she realized she hadn't really eaten all day. Well, I'm sure it won't disturb them if I just go make myself some soup.

She swung her legs over the bed and went to the door. She cracked open the door slowly, not wanting to startle her flat mates. She held mom shower and caught son peeping a gasp at what she saw. She had all ways heard about Liv's work but had never seen it in action. Liv, sporting a black corset and black stockings, held a riding crop in her hand and a snarl on her face.

She swung down the crop against the legs of the girl on the ground, a redhead wearing nothing but a leather collar, handcuffs, and what appeared to be chocolate syrup. The girl moaned at the stinging sensation. Liv bent down and smacked the redhead across the face. "Hazel!

Be. Quiet!" she snarled. Hazel's eyes widened as she nodded, her ample breasts jiggling seductively. Pippa turned her gaze to the right to see a cameraman filming the encounter.

Her eyes drifted back to Liv and Hazel. Liv used the riding crop to trace slowly over Hazel's perfectly round ass, making the redhead shiver. "Let's tie you up," Liv smirked. Liv roughly dragged a wooden chair from the side of the set, placing it right above Hazel's head.

She then grabbed Hazel roughly by the shoulders and tossed her onto the chair. She grabbed a chain from off the floor and proceeded to tie Hazel up. Pippa shook her head, but she could not tear her eyes away from the pair. She watched for a few muqheeth fb indian tube porn minutes as Liv began licking her way up Hazel's firm young body, she couldn't have been more than twenty.

Liv roughly spread Hazel's legs and immediately let her tongue plow through the younger woman's shaved pussy lips. Hazel threw her head back and groaned as Liv parted her pink lips and buried her tongue deep into the bound girls dripping cunt. Both of Liv's hands moved to Hazel's breasts and mercilessly pulled and twisted them as her tongue continued to fuck the younger woman's pussy.

Pippa could feel her pussy growing hot and damp as she took the scene in, moving back into the shadows of the hallway but still with a perfect view of Liv as she now plunged two fingers into Hazel's cunt and pinched the younger woman's clit between two fingers. Pippa's heart was beating quickly but the rhythm of Liv's fingers as she fucked Hazel took on an uncanny pace, as her long fingernails scraped over the chained woman's exposed clit.

Suddenly Hazel's entire body began to buck and strain against her constraints and then as Hazel's ass lifted from the chair, her cunt exploded in volley after volley of creamy cum, and Liv was there to take it into her mouth or take it full on the face. Pippa found herself shaking. Her own pussy had soaked the crotch of her jeans. Pippa's eyes were wide, she suddenly realized that she might be discovered and scampered back into her room.

She heaved against her door, trying to steady her breathing. She felt as if she had run a marathon, not just watched her friend lick another woman pussy until it had erupted, she had never imagined anything like it before. Well, I'm certainly not getting any food right now, she thought. She took off her jeans and plopped back down on the bed. Might as well try to get some rest, she tried to shake her less wholesome thoughts out of her head.

Her valiant efforts were soon rendered useless when, right on the edge of sleep, she heard a soft moan from the other room. She shut her eyes tight, scared and confused by the way she was thinking and the sensations she was feelings by hearing this sound. "Oh, God, unnnnh," a helpless cry came from the other room.

"Quiet!" Liv yelled before Pippa heard her give Hazel a big smack. "Huhhh," Pippa's breath was shaky as she tried to calm herself down. She pulled the blankets in tighter. Pippa bit her lip, trying to picture a nice picnic or some other normal thought.

But the moans and smacks from the living room only got louder and Pippa lost her focus more and more. By the time the moans had turned into screams, Pippa had lost all control and had started stroking her clit through her panties. She couldn't believe how soaking wet her pussy was. She pushed the crotch of her panties to the side and let her slender fingers trace her slick and puffy cunt lips.

She continued stroking herself slipping two fingers deep into her young cunt lesbians love playing in vicious way dildo toy running them back out over her throbbing clit. She tried to conjure up images of Hazel trapped in the chair as Liv made her cum, but her shock and intense pleasure, the image that would not leave her pretty head was that of her sister Kate, tied to a chair, her legs lewdly spread as she her own sister buried her tongue deep into her lovely cunt.

Pippa had often stolen glances at her sister's lovely pussy as they shared a bathroom to get ready to go out. She now had to admit that there had always been a secret thrill that she took from seeing Kate naked, but she had never allowed herself to dwell on it, or to explore the oppressed lust she had for Kate.

She closed her eyes and imagined the look of total submission on Kate's face as she her own sister sucked her slick little clit deep into her mouth, while three of her slender fingers ravished Kate's sopping cunt. Pippa's head was filled with the image of her bring Kate to a crashing climax while her ears were taking in the erratic smacks being delivered in the other.

When she heard Hazel cursing and Liv yelling back, she imagined how lovely it would be to smack herself important sisters wet pussy until it came in gush after gush of cum. The imaged pushed Pippa over the edge.

She bit her lip as she came, the entire bed vibrating beneath her twitching body as her cunt squirted cum for the first time to her utter amazement. After she stopped spasming, she licked her fingers clean before running her hand through her hair long hair until it glistened with her own cum.

She huffed and cast her eyes down in shame. What was she doing? How could she have those wicked thoughts about her own loving sister?

Yes, she kittens fuck fellows anal hole with big strapons and splatter jizm angry at her at the moment, but oh how she had cum, like never before. While she felt somewhat embarrassed for having got off with visions of making her own sister come while bound to a chair and with two ladies who were, basically, torturing each other next door. Confused and upset, she pulled the covers over her head and hummed herself to sleep.

*** Pippa woke up feeling much more at ease with the previous night's events. She decided that there was no getting around it; she had gotten off to a wicked fantasy about her soon to be a princess sister, and a pair of submissive and dominant ladies. She waved the issue off, saying she'd just chalk it up to experience.

But a deeper part of her knew that this experience was one she'd want again. She shook her head and yawned, feeling like these thoughts were just too much for her this early in the morning. She hopped out of bed and popped out the door. She ruffled her hair american xxx sex full sex stories new story she walked down the short hallway and into the kitchen.

"Well, good morning, sunshine," Liv smiled at her over a cup of tea. "Hey," Pippa smiled. "How'd it go last night?" Liv beamed. "Really well, actually. Hazel's a doll and oh so fun to work with. I see you got some rest," she laughed. "Yeah, quite the nap, really," Pippa laughed. "Glad you were comfortable," Liv raised tea cup to her mouth. "Yeah, I was, I really was. And I want to thank you again, Liv.

This means so much to me. It's just really hard with the paparazzi being everywhere, and it is so nice to get away. And you're too wonderful for having me here. I can't thank you enough." "You know you're all ways welcome when you need me. Now," Liv set down her tea cup, "I don't mean to sound rude or pushy, but what did your sister say when she called yesterday?" Pippa rolled her eyes.

"Oh, the same old, same old. She doesn't feel like it's her place, she's trying, yadda yadda," she shrugged. "I told her I should get a piece of Will's cock for the shit I have to go through," she chuckled drinking her tea. Liv tapped her fingers on the table, sighing.

"Well, now that's the spirit it's about time that you did something drastic." "Drastic?" Pippa raised a brow. "Well, just do something as some sort of, oh, I don't know.blackmail," Liv smiled devilishly. "Blackmail?" Pippa raised her eyebrows pointedly. "You think I'm capable of blackmail?" "Why, yes," Liv leaned forward, "I often think you're capable of anything." Liv took another sip of tea, raising her brows right back. "And so what do you propose I do?" Pippa asked. "Something.scandalous." "Such as.?" "Well," Liv smiled, "you want to do something that could ruin your sister's name.

Something that not even her body guards could protect her from. Mmmm what about a lesbian affair? Ooh, this is exciting!" Liv smiled, wiggling her shoulders and scrunching up her nose. Pippa bit her lips and shook her head. "No, I don't want to ruin her name, really." "Well, you're not going to, that's just the thing.

You'll just pretend like you're going valentina nappi henessy club pink velvet the beginning so that she will bend to you." "So what's your evil plan?" "Well, I think that there should be some naughty pictures taken of her royal wanna-be, with a lovely woman of a certain persuasion," Liv grinned. "What!" cried Pippa, though the very thought of it excited her.

"You're right. You're going to be in some compromising positions at angles at which you look like your sister." Pippa couldn't believe her ears. Was Liv really suggesting that she take compromising photographs of herself so that she looked like Kate, all for her sister to grow up and listen to her?

"Are you serious?" she voiced her thoughts. "Of course I am! It's a classic scandal, and oh-so-fitting for your little 'good girl' Kate." Besides, there are all ready rumors that she and Will are having issues; the press will eat this up!" Liv squealed with excitement.

"Oh, this is just too fun!" Pippa frowned. "Well.I don't know. I don't want to risk ruining my sister's reputation." "Oh, honey, don't worry about that," Liv dismissed her thoughts with a flip of her hand. "Half of the papers nearly do that every day." "You really think I should do this?" Pippa rested her chin in her hand. "Do you really think you deserve no help?" Liv countered.

Pippa chewed on her lip. Well, at least it would give me a good excuse to experiment with a another woman She looked down, biting her tongue. I really need to figure out what I was thinking last night. "I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but, I kind of like your idea," she winced, still a bit unsure.

Liv punched the air with a low "yes." "The thing is, I have no idea who I would go to," Pippa admitted. "Oh, I know just The Woman," Liv smiled slowly. "I'll call her now." She picked up her cell phone and dialed a number. Pippa's heart rate went up as she tried to contain her joy. She was going to be in compromising photos.with another woman. She felt squirmy when she remembered her Kate fantasy, how vivid, and how it had been utterly unlike anything she had ever felt before.

And that was only from imagining herself with Kate. She bit back a moan, My God, she thought I could blackmail Kate into fucking me. Liv winked at Pippa as she held the phone to her ear. "Ms. Adler? I think you have a new client." .

. "What exactly do you require of me, Miss Middleton?" Irene smiled at her latest client from behind the door, eyeing her up. She had brown eyes, long brown hair, and despite being an age close to forty she had the most sensual figure Pippa had ever seen. She certainly will be fun to play with the hot young woman thought. "Uh, hi," Pippa waved, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "Pippa," she smiled awkwardly, holding out her hand.

Irene smiled. I all ways do like the shy ones. They're my naughtiest. Irene swung open the door, letting Pippa in. "Ms. Adler," her slender, longer hand enveloped Pippa's smaller one. Pippa's eyes grew wide as she saw how incredibly unclothed Irene was, in a white see through night gown. She took a moment to compose herself. "Uh, so, Irene," Pippa laughed nervously, "how is this-" "Ms. Adler." The woman turned away.

"You may not call me Irene," she called back as she walked into another room. Pippa stared mesmerized. Her eyes watched the older woman's swaying hips excitedly. She shook her head, closed her apparently-open mouth and followed her, her cheeks growing red.

Irene was sitting at a vanity, lifting the top of a small box delicately. She reached in, picking up a pair of opera-length white latex gloves, which she then rolled slowly up her arms, making eye contact in the mirror with Pippa the entire time.

Pippa had felt less sexually vulnerable watching a porno. Yet still she stared, utterly captivated. Irene sensed her client's uneasiness, smiling slowly.

"I was thinking we'd start you off in the chair, as Liv suggested," Irene glanced back. "How does that sound?" Irene winked at the blushing girl. Pippa's mouth hung open, too stunned for words. "I-I, well, I-" "Oh, shhhhh," Irene pursed her lips, "your voice won't be required." Irene turned back to face the mirror, reaching back into the box to take out a strange looking.bracelet?

Pippa had never seen anything like it before. It was a thick leather strap that had little metal rings on it and a large black ball in the center.

"Oh, look at you with your little furrowed brows," Irene cooed. "You're so innocent," she whispered the last word. She walked over to Pippa.

"We'll soon change that," she stroked her cheek softly. Then, without warning, she smacked Pippa across the face. Pippa sharply inhaled. "What-" Before she could utter another word, Irene had shoved the giant black ball into Pippa's mouth, tying the leather ends around the back of her head. "Unnh!" Pippa tried to say something, but only a muffled sound came out. "Hush now," Irene wiped a strand of hair out of Pippa's face, "we don't want you to strain yourself." Pippa massaged her thighs nervously, not entirely sure what she was getting herself into.

"Now, isn't it a bit hot in here? Well, let's get those clothes off, shall we?"