Voluptuous chick in seethrough lingerie gets enjoyed

Voluptuous chick in seethrough lingerie gets enjoyed
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By Hardrive. One night we were all sitting around talking about inappropriate sexual encounters we'd had in the past, when Mollie jumped up and volunteered to tell us her story. She said it happened several years ago and involved a man named Howard Trevor, her mother's second husband and the man that had been her step-father for about two years.

Mollie began by telling us that at that time she was no stranger to sex, though she was still a virgin. She had been masturbating since she was twelve and through her imagination she had many sexual encounters with numerous imaginary lovers. One of her dream lovers was her mother's second husband. He was a dreamboat of a man and she began lusting for him since the first day her mother brought him home.

Howard was in his late thirties but he had the body of a much younger man. She guessed that was because he had been a Navy Seal or some such thing and his lean muscular body had several scars that made him look even manlier.

At night she could hear him making love to her mother and the loud energetic sounds that came from her mother's bedroom drove Mollie wild with thoughts of Howard's lean sweaty body and his protruding erection. Now, most kids don't really like to think about their mothers having sex, especially boys, but girls don't seem to be as inhibited and Mollie would often lie in bed and envision what was going on in her mother's bedroom. She could picture Howard's firm body standing naked over her mother and she couldn't help but feel turned on by what she expected he was doing to her.

This was mostly Mollie's mother's fault because she treated her daughter more like a girlfriend than a mother. For example, she was very open with Mollie about sex and when it came time to explain sex to her daughter, Allison didn't give Mollie the typical mother daughter talk.

She gave her daughter a complete and graphic description of exactly what happens during sex and even showed her a book with illustrations to make sure Mollie understood absolutely everything. After the talk, Mollie understood almost everything she needed to know. She knew who had what, where it went and why, but no description of sex can tell a person how it actually feels.

Mollie was told that it was like masturbation only better. That blew Mollie's mind since she couldn't imagine anything feeling better than masturbation.

It was obvious that a man's penis made a big difference when it came to making a pussy feel good so Mollie began to fantasies about penises. She wanted to see what an erect penis really looked like and how it felt newbie lesbian girls get their slim cracks licked and poked the touch.

But most of all she wanted to know what one would feel like inside her vagina. One night after her mother and Howard had a night of heavy drinking and they retired to their bedroom, Mollie decided that this would be a good time for her to look in and see what was actually happening in there.

The master bedroom was really large and the bed was on the far side of the room with a small couch between the door and the bed. Mollie knew this would be the perfect time to sneak in unobserved so she quietly opened the door and sneaked in behind the couch. From there she could see her mother lying in bed while Howard undressed her.

Allison seemed to be passed out drunk but that wasn't going to stop Howard from having his way with her. Mollie watched as her mother's handsome husband removed her bra and panties. She had often seen her mother naked so that was of no interest to her. Her interest was directed to Howard's trim and athletic physic. She had often noticed the bulge in his jeans and wondered about the mysterious object that lurked beneath that thin sheet of denim.

Now she was about to see him naked and her excitement was rising rapidly as Howard knelt between her mother's legs and tugged at his belt. With one quick push, Howard loosed his belt and pulled his pants down to his knees. His penis popped out like a jack in the box. At sixteen, Mollie had seen lots of penises.

Mainly the dicks of the little boys she babysat. They were just little fleshy tubes that hung from their little boy groins. Looking at Howard she was shocked. His penis seemed huge. She never imagined they could grow so big or get so hard. Absolutely mesmerized by Howard's shaft, Mollie kept her eyes on it as he prepared to penetrate his unconscious wife.

Holding his cock firmly in his right hand, Howard leaned over her naked body and Emily felt all tingly between her legs. She could feel the heat rising from her vagina as her little pussy began to drip a soggy slippery fluid that dampened her peach bush. Howard was drunk, so he had to keep stroking his dick to maintain his erection. He kept pulling the foreskin back and forth as he approached her mother and leaned over her. Mollie couldn't see what he was doing as he prepared to penetrate his wife so she stood up and leaned forward to get a better view.

That's when she tripped over her own nightgown and fell. Howard heard the noise and looked up just as Mollie was getting up off the floor.

Their eyes met for a few seconds just before Mollie bolted out the door, ran to her room and jumped under the covers. Mollie stayed under the covers and wondered if her step father would wake his wife and tell her what happened. Allison would kill her if she learned that her daughter was sneaking into her room and spying on her so Mollie stayed hot lips teen makes stepbros cock cry her blanket scared of what her mother would do.

That fear increased when she heard her door squeak open so she braced herself as she peeked up from behind the covers expecting to see her angry mother but when the shadowy figure stepped into the dim light she could see that it was Howard.

He was naked from the waist down and he was still holding his erect penis as he continued to stroke the shaft back and forth. "Is this what you wanted to see?" Howard asked slurring his words as he stumbled into the room.

He walked right up to her bed and stood only a girl crying and squirting during sex feet from her face. Mollie said nothing; she just stared at his cock.

She couldn't believe he was bringing it this close. It was long and fat with a big round crimson head and there were veins protruding from the shaft. Then Mollie's eyes opened wide as Howard squeezed his dick and made it swell in his hand. It looked monstrous yet fascinating and Mollie couldn't take her eyes off a small drop of lubricant that was dripping from the small slit in the gleaming tip.

Feeling a little unsteady, Howard leaned against the edge of her bed and then sat down. He was drunk but not so drunk that he didn't know what he was doing. He knew Mollie was curious about men so he asked her if she wanted to touch his dick. Mollie didn't answer but she continued to look as Howard pulled back and forth on his cock. When there was no reply, he took Mollie's hand and brought it to his erection.

Mollie didn't resist. She was afraid but she was also curious so she allowed her mother's husband to guide her hand to his penis. Placing her little hand on his rod Howard smiled as Mollie's fingers wrapped around his shaft and gently squeezed. She could feel the hot spongy flesh and it filled her with excitement. The next thing Mollie felt was the drunken man's hand under the bed covers and up her nightshirt. She felt his large meaty hand move up between her legs until he reached her crotch.

His fingers worked their way under her panties and for a moment she considered calling out for her mother. Mollie knew her mother was passed out drunk and wouldn't respond but she suspected her scream would drive Howard away. That's not what she wanted. She was more turned on than scared so she decided to wait and see what Howard would do next. Howard found his target and his clumsy hand caressed her naked pussy. His fingers fumbled all around her vagina before he found her crack and slipped the tip of his finger into the wet gap between her labia.

Mollie tensed up and slutty stepmom cocksucks stepteen boyfriend blowjob and milf his penis in response, then she gasped when she felt his finger slip between the lips of her pussy and start moving up and down the crack. Feeling a little panicked, she tried to close her legs but Howard stopped her. He looked her right in the eyes and told her not to be afraid, that he was not going to hurt her. Then he gently probed her little virgin hole by tracing little circles around the opening with the very tip of his finger.

Mollie liked the sensation and she relaxed her legs as the tingling she felt around her hole radiated throughout her crotch. Howard put the tip of his finger into her vagina and gently finger fucked her with his finger. He assumed that she was still a virgin so he wanted to go slow and not probe too deep or go too fast. Mollie was technically a virgin but she had often had her own finger in her vagina so what Howard was doing didn't cause her any discomfort; in fact it felt good so Mollie relaxed and let herself enjoy the pumping motion of his finger as he slowly went deeper and deeper.

She closed her eyes and started to squeeze Howard's dick in time to the rhythmic action of his probing finger. She continued doing this until Howard placed his hand over hers and showed her what he really wanted. He asked that she pull his foreskin back and forth and then he demonstrated by guiding her hand. Mollie complied and they mutually masturbated each other for a while. It felt good and her expression revealed her delight with the attention he was giving her vagina.

"You like it, don't you baby?" Howard asked as he swirled his finger inside her pussy. Mollie didn't reply, she just closed her eyes and continued stroking his shaft. Then Howard suddenly withdrew his hand and pulled the bed covers off her body. He lifted her nightshirt and pulled small kute sex girl sex towards him so that her legs hung over the side of the bed.

He then leaned over her body, spared her legs with his knees, and taking hold of his cock he brought it to within inches of her panty covered pussy. "Don't worry, I'm only going to touch you with it." The liquor on his breath was strong, but Mollie was too excited to care. "It won't hurt at all," he slurred his words. "I'll just slide my dick up and down your little crack. Trust me; you're going to like this." With his dick firmly in hand, Howard made contact with the top of Mollie's pubic mound and then he pulled her panties aside exposing the crack of her pussy.

As he made his way down the channel of her vagina, her pussy lips parted and the head of his cock descended into the soft inner folds. It felt good, and as he continued to brush his prick up and down the length of her crack, her labia opened wider and the head of his dick dipped further stunning brunette teen getting off on toys into the wet sensitive grove of the soft pink channel.

Mollie moaned when she felt the firm warm skin of his dick rubbing up and down her crack. His hot round head set her pussy on fire and she opened her legs wider to give him greater access to her vagina. Mollie's pussy felt hot and it ooze copious amounts of vaginal fluids that made Howard's dick slid easily along the tender channel.

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Howard smiled at her response. Little Mollie was acting just like a big girl so he decided to work on her clit and see what she would do. Using the large bulbous tip of his dick, he tossed the little fleshy organ from side to side. Then, with the flat underside of his dick, he rolled the little bean around until it felt like a pearl nestled in a chucked oyster.

Mollie moaned and arched her back. She raised her pubis so high that Howard could see the opening of her vagina.

The little pink folds parted exposing the opening which reminded him of the open mouth of a baby bird begging for the worm. Howard brushed his dick over the opening and twirled his dick all around the tiny hole. Then he poked at her hole and Mollie felt an electric shock pass through her body.

Instinctively she raised her knees and tucked them into her body. Her little pussy laid open like a blossom and her tiny hole ready to receive his waiting cock. Mollie's reaction told Howard that she was ready. She wanted to be fucked and he wanted to fuck her, but something in the back of his head was telling him to stop. What if she told her mother? He contemplated the consequences and it gave him reason to pause.

He had a sweet deal going with Allison and this could ruin the whole thing. Besides, Mollie was too young to fuck. Fucking her could land him in jail for a very long time. Looking down at Mollie's face he could see the desire in her eyes. Then he looked at his dick, poised and ready. Her cunt was so inviting and it didn't take much to imagine how good it would feel to push his cock into that tight little hole. If only he could trust her to keep quiet.

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"Mollie, do you want me to do it?" He asked as he tried to catch his breath. "Can I put my dick inside you?" Mollie considered his question. Her brains had turned to jelly and the only thought going through her mind was the one burning question that had filled her mind for months.

How would it feel to have a dick in her cunt? She was about to find out and her heart was beating fast. Closing her eyes, Mollie gripped the sheets and nodded her head up and down.

Then she waited as Howard moved his cock to the bottom of her crack and started to press his dick against the entrance to her pussy. He began by making little lunging motions and with each lung her hole opened wider as his dick pried open her virgin hole and stretched the thin tissue of her hymen to the breaking point. Mollie quivered with anticipation and her heart pounded wildly as she waited for that final push that would send his naughty lesbians have some fun together homemade licking cock deep into her vagina.

Just as she felt him leaning forward, Mollie heard a load clapping sound and Howard suddenly stopped. Then he made a gurgling noise and pulled his dick away. Mollie didn't realize what was happening until she opened her eyes and saw her mother hanging from her husband's neck. One arm was around his throat and the other held a handful of his hair. Howard spun around and tried to shake her off but Allison wrapped her legs around his waist and held on tight. Then she pulled his head back and racked his face with her nails.

"Get the fuck off her you cock sucker." Allison screamed. Howard fell back and continued spinning as he struggled to get Allison off his back. He grabbed her wrists and tried to defend himself, but by the time he got control of her hands, he was bleeding from the face, neck and shoulders.

Throwing Allison to the ground he pinned her shoulders and tried to calm her down. He repeatedly she knows that wellhung black stallion is watching her and wantonly plays with her sexy body to make Allison to cool it until she stopped struggling. Then he began to make excuses. First he told her that he was drunk and didn't know what he was doing. Allison cursed at him and spat in his face.

Then he told her that he wasn't going to do anything, he just wanted to touch her with his dick. That only made Allison angrier and she began to thrash about until she pulled one hand free and tried to rack his face again.

When he saw his excuses weren't working, he got mad and started blaming Mollie. He called her a little cock teaser and a slut. That put Allison into a full rage and she kicked at him repeatedly until she landed a good shot to his groin. Howard screamed, released Allison and stumbled back in pain.

He curled up on the floor cradling his balls and moaning while Allison looked around for something to throw at him and she began with her sandals. Howard stood and defended himself as best he could by holding his nuts with one hand while slap away the missiles that were flying towards his head with the other. Slowly he worked his was past Allison, out of Mollie's room and headed for his room with Allison in hot pursuit. He gathered a few of his things while he continued to fend her off and then he dashed out of the house with Allison screaming obscenities at him and throwing everything she could find and she didn't stop throwing things until his car screeched out of the driveway.

Howard was history. Allison was mad as hell and she wanted to fuck him in every way she could. She didn't dare call the cops. Her family was well known and she didn't want to air out her dirty laundry in the local newspapers.

She had to take another tack so she called her lawyer at home and told him what happened. She asked that he prepare divorce papers and told him to make sure Howard didn't get a fuckin' dime. After she hung-up, she walked nervously around the room. She still had a lot of pent up rage. Allison remembered the fat Dutch pig that raped her when she was a teen. She was never able to get that bastard so she directed all her anger at the man she caught attacking her daughter.

She began by starting a barn-fire in the back yard and she burned all of Howard's things, but that wasn't enough. What she really wanted was to see Howard dead and she let her emotions get the better of her.

She called her drug dealer, a man that had recently been robbed at gun point by a couple of hooded men in ski masks. She told him that Howard was one of those men. It was a lie but she knew the dealer was a violent son-of-a- bitch that would chase Howard out of the State and maybe even out of the country. She never wanted to see Howard again. The whole thing was a disaster for everyone and in the end everyone paid a big price.

Allison never said a word, but Mollie knew she was broken hearted. Howard had been a good husband for two years and Allison loved him. Late at night she could hear her mother crying and though Allison never blamed her daughter for what happened, Mollie knew that it was all her fault. If she hadn't gone into her mother's room that night, overnight witch step mom sex would have happened and her mother would probably still be married to Howard.

At that point, Mollie bowed her head and broke down in tears. Mollie's friends stepped forward and tried to comfort her by doing a little male bashing. Her friend told her that Howard was a jerk. After all, Mollie was just a kid when that happened and Howard was a full-grown men. He should have known better. As far as the friend was concerned, Howard was a no-good, sick perverted monster and he got what he deserved. Mollie lifted her head and told her friend that she didn't know what she was talking about.

Howard was no monster. He was just a horny guy whose judgment was seriously impaired by a half dozen stiff drinks and a stiff cock in his pants. He really busty vienna black trades her pussy for a free ride such a bad guy.

He had been a good husband to her mother and in the two years they all lived together, he never once made a move on Mollie, not until she went to his room and rattled his cage.

Mollie ended her story by making an observation and giving us an epitaph. She observed that all of our lives hang on the turns and twist of chance.

What we do in an impulsive moment can either make us a villain or a hero. Then she told us something we didn't know. Howard was a decorated war hero. One night while they were on patrol, his platoon got pinned down by machine gun fire and several men were killed or wounded. That night, as he sat cold and scared in his fox hole, he could hear his men calling out in pain.

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Without giving any thought to his own safety, he charged the machinegun nest. Though he was this bitch takes it deep in her asshole several times, he single handedly destroyed the enemy position so the medics could get to wounded men. What he impulsively did that night when he charged the enemy machinegun and saved dozens of lives made him a hero.

What he impulsively did the night he followed Mollie into her bedroom made him a villain. "So, was Howard a villain or a hero?" Mollie asked us. "Is it really fair to judge a person's entire life by an impulsive act done in the heat of the moment?" Mollie's voice dropped down to just above a whisper when she said she had one more thing to tell us about Howard.

About two weeks after Allison kick him out of the house, they found his body. The drug dealer; the one Allison called the night she kicked him out, found Howard living in a shelter outside of town. He shot Howard in the head and dumped his body in the river like so much trash. The fish feasted on Howard's corpse for days before they found him. He was unrecognizable and no one claimed the body so Howard was buried in a pauper's grave.

Not a fitting end for a decorated war hero. Mollie stopped and whipped a tear from her eye. We all sat quietly as we contemplated the surprise ending to her story.

Everything seemed so clear while Mollie was telling us her tale. Howard was a jerk and he was lucky to have gotten away with only being thrown out in the street. But now that we knew how the story really ended, we weren't so sure that he deserved what he got.

Exactly what should the penalty be for a drunk that foolishly allows himself to be enticed by a curious teenager? I'm not sure I know the answer to that but I don't think it should have been a bullet to the head and a watery grave. THE END IF YOU LIKE THIS STORY, PLEASE GO TO THE SEX STORIES FORUM AND VOTE FOR "MOM'S SECOND HUSBAND" IN THE CAW8 CONTEST&hellip.