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German teen gets fucked hardcore and blowjob
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I had known her since birth. She was my God mothers sister. Her name was Kim and she was my first crush, ever. Before I even knew about lesbianism I just knew I wanted Kim. She looked like Prince and was obviously the stud in her relationships. My God mother had yearly cook outs and I always knew Kim was going to be there. I was 10 when I first got the idea that Kim was a lesbian and my crush on her wasn't so innocent. I was getting ready for the annual cookout and I was trying to figure out what I would wear.

I was so insecure about my body. I was chubby for my age and I always got teased. I finally decided on a pair of light blue jeans and a regular yellow t-shirt. As Turned on cougars fucked in outdoor orgy looked in the mirror at my light brown skin I just decided to go with it. I slipped in my favorite black sneakers and went to find my uncle. My parents had died when I was 3 and my uncle was my last living relative. I'm glad he decided to take me in.

"Ready to go, Bean" He said, calling me by the nickname only he uses, as I ran down the steps. "Yup, lets go" I said heading out the door and to the car. The closer we got the more excited I got.

As soon as we got there I jumped out the car in search of Kim.

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I walked into the house and scanned the room. I said hi to my God mother and everyone there. I didn't see Kim and I didn't want to ask where she was.

The longest hour of my life went by and finally she walked into the house. She had on tan cargo shorts and a plain white polo with dark sunglasses on. I also died. She made her way around saying hi and when she got to me I just beamed. "Hey Teya. It's been forever you're almost grown" she laughed and pulled me into a hug. I inhaled blond milf tits and verified amateur blonde xxx step moms new fuck toy scent and hugged her tightly not wanting to let go.

"Hi. I'm still little silly" I joked back She let me out of the hug and I felt cold. "No you're growing up" she left it at that and went back to mingle. I barely got to talk to her because everybody was talking to her and I'm just a kid why would she want to talk to me. For once we stayed late at the cookout and I soon fell asleep. I felt someone pick me up and start to carry me upstairs. I opened my eyes half way up and looked into Kim's eyes. I couldn't believe she was carrying me.

She just looked up at me and smiled. "Hey sleepy head. You fell asleep. I was gonna put you to bed" "You can put me down. I know I'm heavy" I said with a pout "Oh hush you're perfect" and then she kissed my forehead. I didn't know what to do I just put my head into her chest and let her carry me the rest of the way. Once we got into the room she put me on the bed and sat on the edge "So Teya, you know I meant what I said.

There is nothing wrong with you. Who says there is something wrong with you?" "Well the kids at school make fun at me because I'm bigger and light skinned" "There is nothing wrong with the way you look. You're just more comfortable to hug than the other kids" she started tickling me and soon I was giggling around and felt so much better. When she stopped I gave a slight yawn and she said to go to sleep. My uncle would come get me when he was ready.

She kissed me in my cheek and left. I laid down thinking about what she said and the two kisses she had given me. I felt a tingling sensation between my legs and I put my hand between my legs to see hot latina teen receives a messy facial it was. I was wet, I oiled adorable gal enjoys coarse fucking hardcore massage hearing the grown ups talk about being horny and wet.

I guess I see what they meant. I didn't know about masturbating so I just got up to go to the bathroom to wipe myself. I quietly walked to the bathroom and saw the light was on. I just waited outside until I heard my name "Hmm Teya" I slowly pushed the door and saw the shock of my life. There was Kim sitting on the toilet rubbing herself.

Her eyes were closed and I could see her privates from here. "Fuck Teya. Yes touch it" Omg she was thinking about me. I started rubbing myself through my underwear just like she did.

It felt like heaven. She started moaning louder and I got scared she might see me so I went back to the room and laid back down thinking about what I saw.

I eventually fell asleep and was later woken by my uncle carrying me into the car. 5 years had pasted since the cookout and I still masturbated at night thinking about Kim's pussy, all wet and hair trimmed short. I hadn't seen her because come to find out that cookout was her going away party too. She had decided to join the military and was going to be deployed the next week. I heard updates of her about her while being nosy and listening to my uncles phone calls. One day while being nosy I heard the best news ever.

"So she's coming back on Friday" My uncle said into the phone. I could only hear his side of the conversation but I just knew he had to be talking about Kim. "Oh I see. Well that would be fine.yea.that's ok.NO, not at all. I'm happy too" Now the conversation made no sense and I was anxious to hear what was going on. I kept my ear to the door and suddenly it opened and I almost fell through.

"You sure are nosy young lady" My uncle had gotten up and I didn't even notice. "Well, I was coming to find you to tell you the news but since you are here I can tell you". We walked into the living room and sat on the couch. "Kim is going back from deployment Friday and since we are the only ones who won't be out of town for the summer she will be here for a week" My uncle said it casually while I on the inside was dying of excitement.

"Now since we do not have a guess room she will be sleeping on the couch, try not to be in her way" With that he got up and went into the computer room to finish some work he brought home. I had 3 days until Kim would be there and I was a nervous wreck. It had been 5 years and I was pretty much the same, just a bit taller, 5'1, and I had gained more weight.

I was 220lbs with size 40DD breast with brown areolas and nipples the size of dimes; that sat up nicely because New xxx sexi hot movie sex stories always wore wire bras and only took them off at night, even though I wore a non-wire bra to keep them in place. I had a nice ass, if I do say so myself, that would constantly show under the boyshorts I loved to wear instead of regular granny panties.

I also had wide hips and thick thighs. I cleaned around the house like my uncle insisted (even my own room) and the day she arrived I had cooked dinner and was getting ready when I heard the door open. "Bean we are home" My uncle called. "Come down and say hi" I almost ran down the stairs and half way I realized I was too busy cooking to get dressed properly.

I had on dark blue shorts that came mid-thigh and a lace bra with a white tank top on. I looked a mess, but it was too late now. I continued to go down the steps and as soon as I rounded the corner into the living room my mouth dropped. There she was still in her uniform putting down her duffle bags beside the couch. She hadn't even seen me yet and I was so nervous to hear what she had to say as I replayed how she thought I was perfect 5 years ago.

I hoped she still felt the same. "Wow you aren't the same little girl I remember before I left. You grew up, but still as beautiful as before. Now give me a hug" She said looking me up and down before walking over to grab me up into a big hug.

"Hi Kim. I'm glad you're back. I missed you" I was mortified I had said that last part. I only meant to think it. "I missed you too. You give the best hugs" She said with a smile. We ate dinner and talked about her adventures in the military before dad announced he would be going to bed because he had an early Saturday meeting (or golf as most people call it).

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I cleared the table and went to wash the dishes. I was so into my mind and thinking about Kim I didn't notice all the water I was splashing at by the time I finished washing the dishes the front of my shirt was almost soaked through.

I grabbed a towel and started drying myself off. As soon as I lifted my shirt and started drying my boobs Kim walked in and looked directly at my hard nipples showing through my bra. "I'm sorry I just came in for some water" She said never moving her eyes from my nipples. "It's ok. I spilled water on myself I was just cleaning it up. I'll cover up now&hellip.Nobody wants to see my fat" Before I could blink she was in front of me with the most serious look I had ever seen on her face.

"Just like I said before I left, you are perfect. There is nothing wrong with you. Any boy would be glad to look at what you have" "What xxxxxx 18 sistar story com girls though?" Ever since that night I knew I was never going to be interested in boys.

Women were sooooo much better. "Oh I definitely know any woman would be happy to see what you have to offer" With that she kissed me on the corner of my mouth and walked out the kitchen. I finished cleaning up and went into my room where I masturbated until I passed out with my hands still between my legs. The next day I woke up to the smell of bacon.

I showered and got dressed and went downstairs. Kim was in the kitchen finishing up eggs wearing men's swim shorts and a bikini top. "Hey, eat up and take a dip with me in the pool" she said while sitting a plate of eggs, bacon and waffles in front of me. "I can't swim. Uncle Joe keeps trying to show me but I never catch up." "That's because he isn't me.

I won't take no for an answer so eat up and change" "Ok Kim. If fuck teaching xx story mom say" I quickly finished eating and ran to change into my two piece bathing suit.

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I walked outside feeling a little weird. I wasn't used to wearing so little. I had boyshort bottoms with a halter top. "Ok come to the steps with me. We can start slow" She ushered me into the water and we slowly walked until the water was at my shoulders.

"First you need to learn to tread water" She then lifted her feet off the bottom of the pool and moved her legs around so she wouldn't sink. "Ok move your arms like you're pushing the water to part" I did as she said. "Ok now more your legs like you are riding a bike" I didn't even attempt to move then. "That means I have to take my feet from the bottom on the pool?" I looked nervous and I felt it too wife creampie while husband sleep if I sink?

I'm scared" The next thing I knew she had moved to the back of me and put her hands on my waist. "Ok now I have you" She then lifted me up so I feet were barely touching the floor. I kicked like she said and all the movement must have made me hard to hold up because she next thing I knew her hands had lost grip and now she was gripping me on the side of my boobs.

Beeg balak and wghit girl sex startled me so bad I fell back and that caused her fingers to move to my breast. I could feel her finger tips on my nipples, which had been hard since I got into the cold water. I started to move forward and then I felt something what made me pause. She was running her fingers along my nipples!!! She did it a few times before she suddenly pushed off me, got out the pool and walked into the house.

I stayed in the pool for a few minutes before I got out, wrapped a towel around me and just walked up to my room. "I'm so stupid. Why would I think she likes me? I imagined the nipple thing, and now she will tell on me and will leave" I laid on my bed and cried myself into a nap.

I woke up right before dinner, and showered to get the pool water off me and grumpily made my way downstairs. "Hahahahaha he did that?" There was Kim sitting at the table eating the dinner salad my uncle had made like nothing had happened earlier. "Hey, bean. We were just talking about work.

Did you sleep well?" He must not have known about the pool thing because he wasn't yelling. "Yes. I was tired" I sat down ate and finished before them both so I could go back to my room.

I stayed in my room until the wee hours of the night, and then I got thirsty. I made my way down the steps in my bra and a thong and stopped at the stairs when I heard it again&hellip.The same moan I had heard 5 years ago. "Fuck Teya, yes" I peeked around the corner and in the dim light of the moon I could see her laying on top of cute college sluts giving double blowjob on webcam cover facing the steps with her fingers rubbing her clit faster than ever.

"Hmm your nipples feel so good. I'm about to cum" As soon as she whispered that she started to shake and buck around the couch bed. I ran back upstairs and masturbated myself to the new image of Kim mixed with the old. I hadn't even noticed I fell asleep until I heard a knock on my door. "Teya, your uncle wanted me to tell you that he would be back he went to&hellip." Oh shit at that moment she opened my door and saw my laying in the bed with nothing on and my legs still wide open.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to barge in. Um I'll just go" She quickly closed the door. I had no clue what to think but my pussy knew what to feel.

I masturbated one more time making sure I was loud and even moaned Kim name a few time to let her know I was thinking of her. After last night I knew she wanted me and now I bold (or horny) enough to go after her. I took a shower and made sure to shave everything until I was as hairless as a newborn.

I bypassed underwear and put on my shortest shorts that I knew would show off the shape of my ass and didn't cover the whole thing.

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For once I didn't put on a bra, my boobs set up high and I put on a thin tank top that you could see my nipples through without them even being hard. Then I walked downstairs and found Kim downstairs watching tv. I sat on the recliner and leaned it back until my boobs were standing proud. "Hey. Can I watch tv with you?" I said while looking out the corner of my eye at her look directly at my boobs.

"Um sure. No problem" She said stuttering a bit. The show continued and the temperature seemed to drop a few degrees and I felt my nipples getting hard. I also saw Kim looking. "Do you like what you see?" I said turning my body towards her so she could really see. "I didn't mean to stare" She said looking away "You can look I mean it's only fair since I saw you last night" "WHAT!?" "Yea I saw you playing with yourself last night when I came down to get some water" I got up out the chair and looked at her "I also heard everything you said" I sat down on her lap facing her and made sure to spread my legs wide.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I've been oversees to long and in the pool I slipped and couldn't help it" "I saw you 5 years ago at the cookout too. What was that all about" I inquired "Ok fine, the truth I've always thought you were the most beautiful, sexy person in the world. I purposely choose to come back at this time because I knew everybody would be away and I needed to see you" She looked defeated "I've always loved you" As soon as I finished my sentence she kissed me.

Her lips felt so good on mines as our tongues danced and her hands slid down my back to grab my ass. I moaned into her mouth letting her know I liked it. "Take off your shirt"she whispered as we came up for air finally. I pulled my shirt over my head letting her see my large, perky boobs and almost instantly she had one nipple in her mouth as she pinched the other. I was moaning uncontrollably as she worked her tongue over my extra sensitive nipple.

She then picked me up and laid me on the couch and started to unbutton my shorts. "You must be really horny, I can smell you already" she pulled my shorts down and realized I didn't have on any underwear.

"hmmm and shaven too. Just how I old amputee gets cock sucked and rode on by blonde it" she went back to work on my nipple as she positioned herself on top of me while she played with my clit slowly. I could feel my juices getting on the couch but I didn't care. She rubbed me until I was screaming her name and came a few time. "Shit, shit shit" she suddenly got up running around grabbing my clothes. "What's wrong?" I said still in postorgasmic shock "Your uncle just pulled up.

Hurry upstairs and I'll clean down here" As soon as she said that I heard the car door and ran upstairs. I quickly put on some sweat pants and oversize tshirt and made my way down to the living room. He was just walking through the door. Fortunately for us, Kim had sprayed some scented stuff in the air so you could barely smell the sex and uncle was none the wiser.

Unfortunately for us he decided to take the rest of the week off and we never got a chance to finish what was started before Kim left for her sisters house at the end of the week.