Arab women year old refugee in my hotel apartment for sex

Arab women year old refugee in my hotel apartment for sex
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Not far from the tree- pt. 1 of many (3)The dark green mini van cruises down the expressway with the radio blasting as the occupants sing along to the music. The occupants are Ken, Sean, Lisa and Sue. Ken reaches over and turns down the music. "Hey we're almost at my aunts beach house calm down back there so the neighbors don't get suspicious and call my parents".

They all quiet down and patiently await their arrival. Ken steers the car into the long gravel father reap daughter fuk story way and parks the van feet from the front porch. Everyone quickly exits the vehicle. Sean yells out, "bout damn time we got here". After about an hour of unpacking the food and beers, Sean gets assigned to getting the grill cleaned and ready for cooking later while Ken gets the boat situated.

The girls go to change in their suits. "So what do you think Lisa?" Lisa turns to look at sue "Think about what? "You know about Sean. Lisa grins "oh I don't know, he's kinda cute and he seems nice but. Sue quickly cuts in.

"But what? Brad? Girl he hasn't even called you or talked to you much and your gonna put your self off for him!? Girl your nuts. "I'm not holding out, I just don't know him enough to have an opinion of him.

" well girl if I we're you I would be on him.". The sexy girlfriend takes cock in her booty hi blonde anal look at each other and start laughing and Lisa grabs a pillow and whips it at Sue.

The girls continue to talk about everything from the boys to what their going do now that they've graduated and are starting their lives as adults. Meanwhile the guys meet up at the small 20 ft sugar sand jet boat. "So Sean what do you think about Lisa?" Sean looks back to Ken. "Dude she's pretty hot I think." Ken gives him a no shit look. "Man if Sue wasn't here I'd be all over her but from what Sue tells me she's not into recreational sex so good luck buddy." Sean's face turns to disappointment.

"Shit! I'm so horny I'd fuck a goat if it wasn't so hairy." Ken quickly looks over to Sean, pauses and they both start to crack up laughing. After they calm down Ken walks over to Sean, places his arm on his shoulder "Look dude if you would like, I'll see if Sue wouldn't mind if you joined us later".

Sean looks over to Ken with an inquisitive look on his face. " I thought you guys we're like boyfriend-girlfriend." They turn to face each other.

"Well we're more like good fuck buddies. She's a freak. I'm sure that she would like to fuck two guys if she hasn't already done it already" Sean doesn't respond to his friend, as he can't believe what he's just said. "I never realized she was like that". Ken turns to walk back so he can finish his cleaning.

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"I'm not sure she'll go for it but the way she fucks? She has to learn that shit somewhere and open saxy faking storys ktrenakaf me tell you something else bro, her pussy isn't the tightest on the block, if fact, its on the loose side which leads me to believe that there has been allot of cock in there.

She also sucks a cock like a champion so, we at least know that she's sucked tons of cocks. Here's what we'll do, later when I get her in the bedroom for a good fucking, give us 15 minutes and sneak into the room. I'll leave the door cracked so you don't have to worry about turning the knob. Undress and come over to the bed. At that point I'll get off her and you'll take my place.

She'll never know we switched. Ken give an evil grin "Then, I'll shove my cock in her mouth while your fucking her and. Well we'll have to see what happens after that but my guess is that she'll just keep going with it. You know if we play this right we could turn her into our personal slut.

We could have parties with her fucking everyone. I wouldn't doubt it if she's already pulled a few trains". The guys continue talking with Ken doing most of the talking. Mostly talking about his plan to turn Sue into his personal slut and how he would pass her around the neighborhood and maybe even charge a few bucks for her. Sean just listens to him ramble thinking to him-self. "What a fantasy". Out of the corner of his eye he sees the door to the house open so he takes his rag and whips it at Ken to make him aware of the girls.

Ken zips his mouth shut and tells the ladies "Come aboard ladies and we'll get on our way". For the rest of the day there is no talk about sex or schemes. They all enjoy some tubing and boating around. The girls tan while the guy's drive and talk.

After 4 hours of being on the water and in the sun the girls want to take a break and get something to eat. Minutes later they tie off at the dock. With the girls climbing out of the boat Sean thinks out-loud. "Look at the ass on Lisa. Man I would love to tear that apart. Not that Sue doesn't have a great ass herself but I've already fucked that shit".

Sean climbs out shaking his head. "Dude their gonna hear you. Keep it down". Ken heeds his friends warning and keeps his mouth in check during their lunch.

After their lunch they lounge around digesting their food. Sue excuses herself to go the bathroom. Upon opening the door to the bathroom she sees Ken in the hallway. "What's up Ken?" Ken slowly walks over to her, grabs her hands and pulls her to him.

" I can't tell you what's up but I can show you". He kisses her, hard and grabs on her ass. Ken leads her to the bedroom "Stop it fool, we have guest out side, lets get together later". Ken not one to take no for an answer continues to guide her in the bedroom while removing her bikini top and working on her bottom.

Ken spins her around and pushes her bikini bottom the rest of the way off. He kisses her neck while rubbing her pussy. "You know you're my slut don't you?" Sue given out a moan of approval. "Uh huh". of course that answer is not enough for Ken. "Tell me what you are". Sue bites her lip. "I am your slut." "Yes you are a slut, if fact I bet you've been a slut for a long time haven't you?

Sue doesn't respond. "You've been fucked allot haven't you?" Ken vigorously rubs her pussy and sticks 3 fingers in her. Sue still doesn't respond. Her only action is to rotate her hips. Ken pushes her over on the bed. He drops his shorts and guides his cock to her hole. With her bent over the edge of the bed he grabs a hand full of hair and pulls her head back.

"You love getting fucked don't you slut?" Sue realizes that he plans big juicy ass jada stevens gets fucked pornstars hardcore do some dirty talking which she also likes so she responds with a moaning. " Ahuh". "You we're a slut in school weren't you?" Sue cry's out with "Yes!!, I was a slut in school". Ken starts pounding his cock in her as hard as he can. "You let every guy in school fuck this pussy didn't you?" Not waiting for a response he continues… "You we're the schools gangbang and train girl weren't you- you whore?!

Ken is really enjoying himself as Susan also gets into the fantasy "I fucked guys by the dozen. They would line up to fuck me and I would fuck them all!!!".

This continued for a while. They got pretty loud at times. Back in the yard Lisa falls asleep in the lounge chair.

Sean goes into the house to get more beer when he hears the noise coming in from the room. He goes over to the room and peeks in the door thinking to him-self " Already?" "The door is open, does he mean for me to come in now or later?" Sean continues towards the door to look at them.

He stands at the door way watching Ken pounding the shit out of her and calling her a whore, slut, skank, pig and just about every other foul name you can think of. Ken glances over toward Sean and waves him in. Sean slowly pushes the door open and quickly he is out of his clothes and waiting to take Kens place. He then tells her, " Hey slut, raise your ass a little higher and put that face in the pillow.

I'm gonna fuck your ass like the anal whore you are. You would like me to fuck you in your shit-hole wouldn't you slut?" Sue quickly snaps off a loud "yes mother-fucker. Rip my asshole open with your cock!" Ken takes a step back just far enough for Sean to get new xxx bf story mom son moti behind her so she wouldn't notice a switch then reaches for the lube and squirts some on her asshole.

Ken trying to keep with the illusion he continues to talk to her. "Well bitch here we go. Oh by the way I'm not going for any of that soft shit either. I'm going balls deep in one stroke whore! Sean receives waves from Ken in a get in here now kind of wave.

Not wanting to hurt her he rests the tip of his dick at her asshole and pushes in. not hard but steady enough to go all the way in on the first stroke. She squeaks a little but takes it like a champ.

This encourages him to immediately pump harder and harder with every stroke till her knees are coming off the bed. This goes on for roughly 2 minutes till he's damn near out of breath and slows to a slower but still quick and powerful thrust. Ken this whole time standing just over his shoulder shouting obscenities at Sue.

Around the 5 minute mark, Ken makes the move to her head. Sean cringes inside as Ken nears her head afraid that she will freak out and run. At her head Ken grabs her by her hair and lifts her head and places his cock on her lips. Immediately her eyes nearly pop out of her head as she looks at Ken then very quickly looks back at the guy that's in her ass. Shocked, she does nothing for a few seconds then gives a death look to Ken but never makes a move to stop Sean.

Not sure what to do, she tells herself to get up and stop this but doesn't move. She stays silent giving Ken a burning look the whole time while still letting Sean fuck her ass. In what took about 45 seconds which seemed like an eternity at the time, she started to rationalize the whole thing to herself. "Girl, It's already happening". She contemplates her decision for a little longer then gives into her lust and closes her eyes and takes Ken's dick in her mouth.

" The guys smile from ear to ear when Ken starts in on his trash talking. "See I told you my slut would do it". The guys high five each other and then things heat up once they all accept the situation. Lisa wakes in the yard after her little "cat nap" rubs her eyes as she looks around for someone.

Finding no one around she heads to the house to use the bathroom and to find everyone else. She walks up the stairs looking into the door window as she opens it. "Hum no one around. Where the hell are they?" Just as that thought passes she hears a moaning noise which she assumes it to be Sue and Ken.

"What a couple of horn dogs". She smirks and makes her way to the bath-room. the way to the bathroom brings her past the bed room. Lisa tip-toes down the hall trying not to disturb them when she notices the door is wide open. "Why would they leave the door open?". As anyone would, she glances in the room as she sneaks by and nearly stumbles at the site.

She makes it to the opposite side of the door when she can't resist sneaking another peak. She peaks around the door to see her friend reverse cowboy riding Ken's dick. As she looks, she notices that he is fucking her in her ass. Her jaw drops "Holy shit she takes it in the ass!" That is the thought going through her when she sees a site that almost floors her and she has to cover her mouth so she doesn't make an audible noise.

She sees Sean walk up positioning himself in between her legs and enters her pussy. Sue really kicks up the volume on the moaning. Lisa is frozen by the site of her friend, fucking two guys, one in each hole.

She can't look away. Lisa watched for a few minutes when she notices she's involuntarily rubbing sexy babe pounded by the driver on the hood of the cab blowjob amateur pussy.

Quickly snapping her hand away and realizing she's been watching them for too long she hops across the doorway, down the hall and goes back outside. "Wow, I didn't expect that!" The events of the past couple minutes just starting to set in she suddenly feels a pain in her lower abdomine.

"Damn, I didn't pee!" Lisa walks over to the biggest bush she can find and squats. "Ah shit here it comes!!!!!" Sean quickly pulls out of Sue and begins to squirt rather large amounts of cum all over her face and tits. Wobbling a few steps back after such an orgasm, he begins to look around for his clothes.

Shirt over there, shorts there, Then tucking them under his arms walking backwards watching Ken still pounding her ass with his cum all over her. Under his breath "Damn, that is a hot site to see. She's soaked in cum and doesn't miss a beat. She is puremature candlelight anal with hot mom india summer slut!" He makes it in the hallway and starts dressing hearing Ken telling her that she was made for fucking and loudly saying "Here I cum slut, open that whore mouth".

Sean shakes his head and walks down the hall to the kitchen to wash his face and get a drink of water. While pouring himself a drink he peers thru the window and sees Lisa sitting at the table sipping a beer and slowly turns to walk towards the door and outside. Lisa sitting at the table facing the house sees him coming out of the house. Lisa stiffens up a bit as he gets closer to the table. "You look a little bored there Lisa" She gives him a coy grin. "Well I should be, I've been out here for the last half hour or so with nobody but the trees and the boat".

Opening the cooler and grabbing himself a beer turns his head with an evil grin. "I saw you there at the door you know. You could have come in at anytime and joined in the fun. Sue was having the time of her life and there was room for you too." He takes a long gulp of his beer while never taking his eyes off her waiting for a response. "What ever you guys do if fine just don't expect me to act the same way". " I was just saying you could have. Nobody would have thought bad of you for it".

Lisa shakes off his words as her opinion of him has changed. "There is no way now that she would ever go with a guy like that." Lisa resumes sipping her beer when she gets a sudden feeling like she should go. Moments later Ken and Sue come out of the house arm in arm. "Hey you two, what are you guys up to out here?". Lisa sits shocked at how easily Sue accepts the situation as if nothing happened.

Ken walks over to Sean and Sue walks to Lisa. Sue nearly leaps in the seat nest to Lisa "Hey girl any thing happening with you and Sean". "What! are you kidding me!! Sue you just fucked him. Lets not mention you fucked um both at the same time. What would make you think I would ever go with a guy like that".

"Ah come on Lisa, you can't honestly be mad at me for what I did". "Nah Sue it's just I could never do a thing like that. Its not my style plus, I heard the way they we're talking to you. That's totaly disrespectful and dimeaning. I can't believe you allowed that much less join in on it". Sue's head drops a bit and her face gets a evil grin on it. "Girl, you should loosen up and enjoy things. It was only a game and it really is exciting letting your-self go like that.

I'm not hurt, no one else is hurt. We all had a great time and we all came like crazy. So, what's the problem" . Lisa pauses, "guess your right, it's just not for me".

"Don't knock it till you try it girl. being in the middle of two guys if the hottest feeling ever. It can't be described". Giving a big smile to Lisa " I could only imagine what 10 guys or even more would be like". "Sue you wouldn't. would you?" Pausing before answering "If there we're more guys today, giving the way I was feeling at the time.

I probably would have taken on a lot more". "Sue you slut!" There is silence as they look at each other. Sue gives a grim and they both start laughing uncontrolably. "Well girl I don't see why its such a bad thing to be a slut. It sure is alot of fun and it feels do damn good". The guys have their own talk for a while discussing the recent events.

They get cut short on their chatter by the girls wanting some real food and not just chips, bee and dip. "Sean give me a hand getting some shit from the house will ya?" The guys go off leaving the girls to gossip. Once in the house the guys continue with their smack talking. The girls naughty party with a gorgeous naked chick outside to continue their analysis of the current events. About 15 minutes later.

"Lisa will you be a sweetheart and go in the house and bring out some more beers. My legs need alittle resting" Lisa gives Sue a big smirk.

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"Yeah I bet they do". She makes her way to the house giggling and just before the first step she hears Ken talking to Sean "Dude, you got to stick around, what do you want to go home for now? I just go off the phone with Jim. He's bringing the boys up to have some fun with Sue". Lisa gasp at what she hears but is careful to remain silent so she can hear the rest of their plan. "Dude Jim said he has the defense at his house watching the game" Sean's eyes open up "How many is that?".

"Well, it's about 10 guys but he says that some of the other guys are for sure join them so who knows, but I can tell you she won't be able to walk for a month." Lisa sits in total shock. "There is no way she has agreed to this. All those guys? I bet she has no idea about this whole plan". Sean asks "Hey, does she know you have all these guys coming up here? Things could get out of hand if she decides to say no. I don't want anyone getting hurt".

" Come on Sean, what? You think we're going to rape her? We don't need to. She'll fuck anyone. You heard her. She's a whore. She'd love it if she could fuck 15 guys and besides I already told her I was going to call up a few guys to party with tonight and she said she was cool with it so chill out". "Well Ken, I don't feel right being involved in something like that. I'm going to ask Lisa to give me a ride home. I think she wants to leave anyway." "COME-ON DUDE!

Don't be a pussy. All we're going to do is drink and fuck the slut's brains out. Hell we might even record it incase she ever has any ideas of making anything of it. It will be cool". "Nah dude I'm cool. I'm going to leave. Just keep it under control I don't want to have to see you through bars or something". At that point Lisa decides its time for her to make her move. She loudly steps up to the house and opens the screen door "Hey, You boys being good?".

Brunette amateur threesome ffm threesome kneesocks guys look at each other "Oh yeah, sure, what could we possibly do in here that would be bad".

Lisa give them a "yeah ok!" and reaches for the fridge door and grabs a six-pack. Not feeling comfortable around the guys anymore after what she's just heard she shuts the fridge door and quickly makes her way back outside. Tossing the beers in the cooler and looking back at the house "Susan! We need to talk". Sue puzzles looks at her friend as Lisa tosses her a beer "Did you agree to have sex with other guys tonight?

"How did you.?" "The guys we're just talking about it in the house. I heard them before I went in the house. From the look on your face you did agree to it." Lisa sits with a look of disgust on her face "How could you let them use you like that? All they're going to do is have sex with you and tell everyone about it.

Aren't you worried what other people are going to think?" Sue sits up. "Look Lisa. First of all, the guys aren't using me; I'm using them. Second, we're not in school anymore.

If case you forgot. We're adults now. Fuck what everyone else thinks. All that matters is what you think about yourself and I don't feel that this is bad." She pauses a little. "Ok its bad but I want to do it." Lisa resides in the fact that her friend knows exactly what she's doing and was not talked into or tricked into doing it "Sorry, girl I just worry that's all. I never knew you liked gangbangs.

if this is what you want then I'll be cool with it." The girls hug each other "See that's why I don't worry about things. You always worry enough for both of us. I'll be fine". Lisa sits back and takes a swig of her beer "That's a lot of guys though, you're not going to be able to walk for a month".

Lisa takes another swig of her beer. Sue looks at her puzzles "A lot of guys? What did they say?" Lisa looks at her friend and in a matter of fact way tells her "They said around 15 guys" Sue slaps the can on the table "15? I never agreed to that! What the fuck!" Sue sits pondering her new information "Oh you didn't know it was that many did you?

I figured they weren't telling the whole story". Sue looks at Lisa, then to the ground then back to Lisa "Wow, things are going to only krina kpur xxx xix vidyo messy and I think your right. I'm going to have a serious problem walking after that many".

"You're going to do it?" "Well if you think about it Lisa, after the 3rd guy the rest is all easy. I'll already be worked up and limber so." Sue smiles at her friend and shrugs her shoulders. Lisa shakes her head "Your nuts girl. Be careful. Call me if you need anything. I'm out of here before they show up besides, I want to get back and get ready for the party tonight.

I hear that Brad is going to be there". "Have fun cause I know I will and give Brad a kiss for me ok?" The four of them continue with their lunch.

Laughing at what has transpired during the day. Sue apparently in total acceptance of her new found roll as a slut. Ken seems more confident in his role as the dominant one when it comes to Sue. He now comfortably talks dirty about her right in front of everyone. Sean is seemingly accepting of his friend and his new girlfriend. Lisa sits having an epiphany of sorts. They're no longer kids. Their able to make their own decisions what ever their decisions they may be just as long as its what they really want and not giving in to the wants and needs of others.

Lisa's confidence level in her self is risen and in fact she has made up her mind that either Brad notices her and asks her out tonight or she's going to move on. After all she is a good-looking girl and there are always guys hitting on her.

"Maybe I should loosen up a little and follow Sue's lead a bit". She shakes her head to herself in acceptance. Lisa and Sean get their stuff in the van, say their good bye's and start down the drive way. Lisa sticks her head out the window and yells out "Take care of my girl Ken and be careful Sue". As they head out of site Ken scoops up Sue and starts walking towards the house. "Hey babe, are you ready to be the slut you are?" Sue looks him dead in the eyes. "You know Ken, you never said anything about 15 guys" Kens face lights up "How did you.?" "Lisa over heard you guys talking".

Ken looks down at Sue "And you're still cool with it huh? Sue rolls the idea around in her head one more time. "Ah yeah I guess but no marks and when I call it quits we stop ok?" Ken nods his head. "Sue, we're going to have so much fun. The things we're going to explore together. Wait till you see some of the other shit I have planned".

Sue points her index finger at her lip "Oh really? Mmm , can't wait". They head off in to the house and almost immediately the music starts blaring. They start to clean up for what promises to be the most erotic and crazy evening that either of them have ever had, especially Sue.

Lisa makes it home with plenty of time for a shower and dinner. Lisa remains excited knowing what's going on with sue "I can't believe she's going to have sex with all those guys. But I can't help but nice sweetie is geeting peed on and blasts wet snatch what it must be like to let your self go surrounded by a bunch of guys.

One after another taking you, making you messy, orgasm after orgasm all over." Lisa's pussy starts to get extremely wet while those thoughts run through her head. So wet in fact her fluids start to trickle down her thighs. "What the…" damn I must really like that scenario. Never did I think I could get this wet just from thinking about group sex. Imagine if I went through it my self. I'd probably flow like a river". Lisa breaks out in laughter. "Well at least I can laugh at myself".

To be continued……