Racy and wild fuckfest smalltits and hardcore

Racy and wild fuckfest smalltits and hardcore
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Authors note. If you do not like somewhat over the top stories that have some ridicules situations that are completely out there (Yes there are those kind of people on here) then this story is not going to be for you. I will try to update this weekly but it will probably turn out to be monthly.

So without further hindrance to you getting off, I present to all of the readers on the stories section of xnxx………………&hellip. Reality Jump Prolog It was a Friday when things started to get weird. First I lost my Job, that was on Monday, god I hate Mondays now.

Now that happens to a lot of people, losing jobs and hating Mondays, what made this weird was I lost it due to being normal.

It was a fucking walmart cart getter job, I didn't know they wanted an outrages person for something like that. Anyway, after losing my job I went home and played some CoD. You ever have one of those days that things just go shit for you online?

in and out with cassandra captain stabbin It was one of those days, from noob tubers getting you in the first 2 second on SnD to having team mates kill you for fun.

So after debating whether to smash my controller against my TV or just get off for the day my cell chimes. I look at the text on it and it's my girl friend asking to open my door. This isn't weird for us. One time during some really raunchy sex on the roof of my apartment complex, well that's kind of personal, but I can say we won't look at giraffes the same again.

I go over to my door and open it to see a guy in a suit standing there, the guy looked Asian and around 70.

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"Can I help you?" I ask looking down at the guy. "Are you madam Ellen's present boyfriend?" He asked walking into my apartment. (Her families filth rich) "Yeah, what do you need?" "I have been asked to inform you that she is no longer your girlfriend." The guy then turned around with a tazer gun and shot me.

As I fell to the ground all I thought was "Guess she didn't really like anal". So that was the last thing I remembered from Monday. On Tuesday I just played around on my computer, had a better day playing games online but really just did nothing the whole day, same story with Wednesday.

On Thursday I went out looking for a job.

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Found a couple places hiring so I took their forums and filled them out. After that I went back to my place to jack off to some porn. Then on Friday I heard back from one of the stores hiring, they asked if I could come in today for an interview. I of course said yes, I hopped into the shower and put on a suit, oddly enough it was one from Ellen. It was a nice black suit; she had it tailored for me so it hanged real nice. I looked outside and saw snow so I put on the over coat that she also got me, was a nice black cashmere one where the buttons weren't visible due to a guard over them.

This was one of the more expensive gifts she got me during the 4 years we dated. Like I said, her family was filthy rich and she loved showing me off to their friends at dinner parties.

After locking up and setting out to walk the 2 miles to the interview, the Asian guy took my car, her way of driving the stake deeper I guess (Was really my car, had it before I met her). I noticed how warm it was, I looked around and saw it sunny and bright, but over me was a cloud spewing out snow. This was lezzie sex kittens stretch their deep assholes and fuck long dildos to say the least, and to top it off a portal opened up below me.

So as I'm sinking into this weird wormhole thing that opened up in the middle of the city I start looking around in a panic I see some people coming my way. I start shouting at them and waving my arms around to get their attention but no avail. Their about 100yards away and I'm master domination with shemale sissy slave maid to my knees in portal, I start cursing like a mad sailor who found out the girl he was kissing is really a dude.

60 yards away and I'm at my hips, I keep shouting and waving them over. 30yards away and they still don't see me, I'm at my stomach.

10 yards away they still don't see or hear me, I'm up to my armpits. As they walk over me I'm at my neck, I stretch my arm and hit one of the girls legs and she trips. The last few things I see is an up skirt of a couple of girls and one girl complementing how clumsy she is tripping over nothing.

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So as I'm falling through what I can only guess at is the space time continuum, I start looking over my life crazy college babe wants my cock realize how odd it really was.

Parents died in 9/11 when I was 14. Taken in by family friends who thought it was too much hassle to raise a teenager so was shipped off to a military camp. At age 18 got picked up by a wet works agency. Been killing on the side for a shit profit till I met Ellen at a bar one night. After that I resigned from wet work and went into lame ass jobs like pushing carts around in a parking lot. I thought it was a good life due to the fact I didn't have to put a knife in someone's back to get less then minimum wage.

Was doing okay till Monday, fucking Asian guy, but overall this had to take the cake for shit that has happened to me. I was getting lonely when I look down, or at least in the direction my feet were, and saw a giant salamander.

Was bright green with neon yellow stripes all over its body like a tiger, it looked just as freaked out about its current situation as me when other animals started to sort of gravitate closer to us; these ranged from normal looking animals like dogs, lions, tigers, hippopotamuses and even a kangaroo to other things you would find in some video game. There were things like dragons, both big and small, griffons and gelatinous blobs.

Must have been thousands of different animals, looked like entire herds of some. We were all just floating around bumping into each other but never floating too far away, when one animal would float to say 100 feet it would simply start to gravitate back to the group. Then we fell. I started to feel wind flipping at my body when it started.

I looked down to see a stone floor rushing up to greet us, like literally greet us; it had a giant painting on the floor saying "Hello, you will live!" When we were about to hit the floor everything went floaty again for a couple seconds then dropped us on the floor to fairly large room.

It looked like most of the animals died on impact, only a few getting the same treatment as me. Oddly enough no earth animals survived, just the odd ones like dragons and giant moles. I look around and see portals all over the floor, much like the one I fell through on my way here.

I looked back at the beasts looking at me like a tasty snack and only one option pops into my head. Practically no sex in it but a prolog is meant to set things up. But trust me, starting with chapter 1 there will be bucket loads of it. This is my first story but hopefully you all like it and give me a positive comment below.

And if not tell me what you think I should improve on.