Tattooed babe maya bijou first steamy sex session

Tattooed babe maya bijou first steamy sex session
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Part 3 - Tracy arrives. 'Hi Sue', said Tracy a tall formidable looking woman. 'The guys here would like me to do some work to those lovely tits of yours, in exchange for 2 weeks worth of product. What do you think?' Sue was confused, horny, and needed product. A 2 week supply she could stretch out, maybe even wean herself off the retched stuff. Tracey put 5 large spoonfulls into a bag and placed it on the counter. '1 hour with me, and this is yours' she said. 'Deal?' 'Yes' Sue replied Sue was sent off to get showered and told to return naked, in the meantime Tracy retrieved a bag from the car and placed a normal dining chair in the middle of the room.

When Sue returned she was told to sit on the chair with her arms over the back of the chair, when in position her wrists were strapped to the chair base, then a rope was tied around her waist and under her armpits to the back of the chair to secure her completely.

her legs were then tied to the outside of the chair, leaving her pussy exposed and her body imobilised. Tracy applied some cream to Sues pussy and she began to feel a deep tingle start to move through her body, she then started to suck a nipple whilst expertly fingering Sues pussy and invited Tina in to work on the other nipple.

'In order to understand pleasure' Tracy whispered, 'you need must understand the body and then begin to train it as necessary', she whispered. she could feel Sue approach an orgasm and said 'Do u want to cum Sue', Sue nodded, but instead of finishign her off, tracy removed her fingers and said to Tina, 'go for it'.

Tina went from sucking Sues nipple to biting it while twisting and pulling the other one, she then started spanking Sues big tits, while Sue begged her to stop and eventually Tracy had to pull her off and then returned to fingering Sues cunt again. She continnued this pleasure folllowed by pain for a few minutes, until she said to Sue, ask one of the guys to fuck your face and I will let you cum. Sue was desperate, 'James will you fuck my face please', and happy to oblige he turned her head to the side and began slowly and deeply fucking her face, while the girls sucked her sore nipples and Tracy worked her cunt.

Tracy waited until James was buried in her throat when she let Sue cum, but as her orgasm started both Tina and Tracey twisted and pulled Sues nipples, and spanked her tits hard leaving her gargling with James cock stuffed in her throat whilst cumming. After convulsing for a couple of minutes Sue had expereinced the hardest orgasm of her life, but time was ticking so Tracy moved in for phase 2. she tied Sues hair back in a bun and pulled it downwards to that her head was pulled backwards and she couldnt see down.

She then put a ball gag in her mouth and pulled out 2 large tit pumps and placed them over each tit and began to pump. 'You have a lovely set of double D's Sue but I think you would look stunning with 2 G cups with big thick erect nipples, what do you think?' Sues eyes opened wide and she could feel her tits being pumped up and away from her body after sexy teen girl keeps moaning hardcore blowjob while tracy stopped and said, that will do for now as Sue felt her tits almost being ripped from her body.

Tracy inserted a thick knobbly dildo into Sues wet cunt and attached a lead to her clit that went to a small electrical box. She then flicked big ramrod enters mouth and ass hardcore and russian switch which started the dildo revolving in her cunt working on her G spot then she would jolt as a jab of electricity hit her clit.

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She was left like this for a couple of minutes and you could see her clit getting bigger. she gave a couple more pumps on the tit pumps then said to the guys, 'lets play a little game, and work on her blow job skills'.

Sue you have 3 minutes, only using your mouth to make the guys come. if you do then i will move on to my next task, blacked tiny blonde teen with huge black cock of you dont then i will keep pumping and your tits will be way beyond G cups by the time ive finished, so its really in your hands. Tracy removed the ball gag and set a timer, Ok Sue over to you choose your first guy and get working.

Sue was rightly proud of her body and the thought of oversize tits on her size 8 frame didnt sit well. 'Mike, can I suck your cock please'. Nah, sorry darlin not today.

'Wes will you fuck my face and stick your big black cock down my throat, please' .well as you asked so nicely. 'Wes walked up and Tracy released her hair so she could go to work on Wes's cock. she built up a steady rythm, and did her best to keep her eyes locked onto his as his cock slipped slowly into her throat. she was becoming an expert cock sucker and was slathering all over his cock bobbing her head up and down as fast as her neck muscles would allow, the timer went off and Tracy pumped twice to extend the pressure on her tits.

This combined with the gargle coming from Sues throat sent wes over the edge and he dumped a load deep into her stomach.

'Good girl' said tracy, now just one more and this time I will help.

James had left the room so only disgusting neil was in the room Neil walked over and took out his stubby cock and put it in Sues mouth, he then took hold of 2 handfuls of her hair and began pulling her onto and off of his cock, slowly at first then faster and faster.

Sue's head wa sa blur going backwards & forwards as neil abused her mouth, then he slowed down and said 'hang on, if I don't come then those titties get pumped is that right' 'yes' said Tracey so Neil took his hands out of Sues hair and looked her in the eyes.

'So you better make me cum cunt otherwise thise titties will be the size of watermelons.' Sues eyes exploded. 'Please Neil, fuck my face' she said as she furiously slid her moiuth up and down his cock, she used every trick she had begging niel to cum, but to no avail.

the timer went off and Tracy began to pump. Sue kept sucking, tears leaking from her eyes, screaming as her tits were abused and by mistake bit down on neils cock causing him to inadvertendly cum which Sue swallowed and screamed 'stop' Sue's heart was pounding, her chest heaving from the pain in her tits, her body still betrayed by the dildo ploughing away in her cunt, and she had almost forgotten the hairy babe with small tits loves to ride her clit was being zapped on a regular basis.

One more said tracy, Sue looked at Mike with fear in her eyes. 'I tell you what sweetheart, you can try and get me to cum in 3 minutes, but you will never get my cock in your throat and after 10 your tits will be the size of balloons, so you can try me or you can ask Tina to kinky teen pounded good while handcuffed in many poses pornstars and brunette on your face and I will give you five minutes to make her cum.

your choice' Sue had never done this, but in her current predicament she had no real choice. 'Tina will you let me lick out your hot wet cunt please.' Lisa smirked, how the mighty had fallen.

Lisa slipped off her knickers and climbed over Sue 'make it good cunt cos if I feel you aint trying I will start pumping' 'Sue started licking Tinas wet cunt and for a beginner was doing a half decent job. 'Look at me while you work' said Tina and Sue looked up to see tina filming Sue on her phone. Shame rushed through her but she knew she dare not stop so she continued.

In the meanitime Tracy has removed the dildo and the wire and began to tongue Sues clit which had doubled in size. As she worked on Sues cunt Sue worked harder on Tina. Sue felt another orgasm building but as she was about to cum, Tracy moved away and instead injected a fluid straight into Sues clit.

Sue screamed but the noise was muffled by Lisa who now had hold of Sues hair and was grinding her cunt into Sues face. Tina came hard and covered Sues face, mouth and tongue in cunt juice. As Lisa climbed down Tracy reduced the pressure on the tit pumps and pulled them off.

Sues tits were clearly 2 sizes bigger. very good said tracy. She then pulled Sues hair back into a bun, pulled her hair back and reinserted the ball gag. Tracy and Lisa returned to Sues nipples.

Sucking teasing with their teeth pulling until they were hard and rigid and then nipple pumps were applied to both. several pumps later you could hear Sue complaining under her ball gag and they paused.

Tracy then returned to Sues clit which was 4 times its original size and incredibly sensitive.

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she worked her ebony slut rachel raxxx bends over for white cock over the nub and then into her cunt. after a couple of minutes Sue wanted to cum. 'Do you want to cum Sue' she asked and all Sue could do was give a small nod and a muffled yes.

Tracy stood back and attached a long thick straop on to herself and placed it at the edge of Sues cunt, whe removed the ball gag and told Sue to beg. Please fuck me Tracy, make me cum, stick the big plastic cock in my cunt please.

and tracy obliged. it took some doing but eventually half of the big cock was stuffed inside her and Lisa began to work Sues clit. the trouble was every time she got close to cumming they would pump her nipples causing shock waves through her body and delaying her cumming.

after 5 minuetes she was covered in sweat and visibly shaking. Tracy built up the speed with her big cock then with one hand on Sues clit she squeezed it between her fingers and released the 2 nipple pumps at the same time.

Sue let our a long loud moan of approval that went on for several seconds then her eyes rolled up into head as she passed out. Tracy had 10 minutes left and was intent on enjoying herself.

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She untied Sue and took her over to the desk where she tied Sues hands behind her back and up to her shoulders and then passed a bar under her back causing her to arch her back and push her tits forwards. She then attached some fishing wire around the base of her 1 iinch long nipples and then tied a wet leather strap tighly around the base of her tits. She then attached a clit stimulator to her permanently engored clit and then she brought her around with some smelling salts.

As she came too, Sue looked down to see her tits were now huge with big long nipples, and they were rapidly turning purple thanks to the leather straps. however what she also felt was her clit being teased, and she ached to have a cock to go with it.

OK Sue, just a heads up. I have 7 minutes left. You will find that your tits and nipples will shrink a little over the next few days, but not much, and your clit is permanently engorged. This means that wearing nickers and a bra will leave you in a permanent state of arousal so its either no underwear or its permanently cum city for you. I have tied your tits and now I am going to fuck them up, no permanent damage of course, but america naughty girl natasha malkova mofos house party so that your body will require abuse in order for it to cum.

I call it brain training. you will be left in a state of almost permanent arousal but only abuse and humiliation to your body will allow you cum.

and that is my gift to you. Sue looked horrified. 'gentlemen a semi circle if you will' said tracy and the four guys and tina stood in a semicircle. Her tits were on fire and her pussy dripping with cunt juice, with her arms tied behind her she was powerless as the onslaught on her tits began, pinching, pulling, slapping, spanking as Tracy slowly fingered her cunt, the guys began improvising pulling one tit up by the fishing wire and the other one down, then someone grabbed a leash and began whipping her tits.

Tracy then led on the floor and pulled Sue down onto the big strap on as the abuse continued with a minute to go, Wes walked behind Sues head and pulled her head backwards and stuck his cock deep into her throat, he was fucking her face, tracy her cunt and her tits were purple when Tracy nodded to lisa who released the ties on her tits and nipples. The senssation flooding into her tits with a dildo in her cunt and a black cock stuffed in her throat caused Sue's biggest orgasm of her life, she screamed and shook, causing wes to dump his load in her throat and mouth as Tracy pinched Sues clit, once again she passed out.

When she woke up she was naked, her clothes next to her along with the bag with her 2 weeks supply It took 48 hours for Sues tits to return to any kind of normal and when they did Tracy was absolutely three babes suck on a big boner, her DD tits were now FF and her nipples were permanently aroused making wearing a bra impossible. This combined with her clit being extremely sensitive which meant that knickers and even trousers or jeans were out of the question which made Sue, look, dress and feel like a slut… but she was determined to get her life back so she took the product she had and she gave herself a quarter dose each day … after 48 hours she was struggling, constantly finding ways and times to satiate her appetite to cum, but finding herself more and more frustrated… after 72 hours she needed desperately to cum and her toys and fingers could not get the job done… Desperate times called dady sea mom cheating sex desperate measures so she laid on her back and began to tug and twist her nipple pulling it up and away from her body, her biggest dildo ploughing away inside her cunt.

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She started to spank her own tits but it wasn't enough, she needed more. She grabbed a ribbon from her bedside table and tied it around the base of her left tit, but she couldnt get it tight enough, and after an hour she gave up, frustrated, horny as hell and seemingly no way to address her erika sawajiri sex scenes from helter skelter. she took a full teaspoon of the product, she had to, but all this bought her was 24 hours and then the craving returned.

Ashamed, but broken she found herself outside the warehouse once again. 'back so soon' Neil said as she walked in, 'what can i do for you?' 'um are any of the other guys around' she asked, 'Nope just me' 'I was wondering if you could give me Tracy's number?' as Tracy was a distributor maybe her terms would be more paletable than the abuse she was facing at the hands of these people.

'Well I could, but why should I?'. 'because I am asking you to? Please' 'Well i tell you what, come over here and show me those new tits and cunt and i will think about it' Sue had no choice. She walked over to neil opened her blouse and lifted up her skirt.

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'Fuck me' he said 'Now thats an exceptional rack' as he started rubbing his crotch and sliding a finger over her clit. Sue let out a little involuntary moan then stood back. 'You need to cum dont you cunt?' 'Yes' Sue said head bowed. 'tell you what, come to my bar today at 12 and work a 2 hour shift behind the bar, i will then arrange a little gift for you, guaranteed to make you cum and then I will give you Tracys number. Otherwise fuck off' The thought of an orgasm made her nipples rigid, and whilst she hated Neil, she needed to satisfy herself.

'Ok, tell me when and where'