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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 3 Hermione Weasley: The New Ministress of Magic!

After the shock resignation of the beloved Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt two weeks ago, Hermione Weasley was yesterday voted in as the new leader of Great Britain's magical community.

Citing fatigue and the need of a younger leader, ex Minister Shacklebolt requested a quick election to ensure a smooth transition of power. Mere days 3 bulls fuck wife cuckold eats cream pie3 his resignation, two candidates quickly emerged as the main runners for the post, Hermione Weasley, ex member of the Wizengamot, and Humphrey Essington, the Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

With two such different candidates running for the post, it quickly became apparent voters were split between the two personalities. Not only would a victory for Mrs Weasley make her the first female leader in 40 years, but also the first muggle-born to ever rise to the post of Minister.

However, the controversial and bigoted views of Mr Essington, who last year caused controversy with his statement that, 'magical children whose mother and father are muggles should not be sent to Hogwarts,' appealed to the older, more conservative views of the magical elite. Winning the vote by the surprisingly narrow margin of 50.9% to 49.1%, Ministress Weasley, 38, had this to say on her victory: 'I am delighted and honoured to have been elected as the new leader of this great nation.

Of course, I am slightly disappointed that the margin of victory was so slender, but I hope to prove my worth to the people who did not vote for me. My plan for the next four years is to improve relations with the overseas magical community, improve the rights of magical creatures, especially house-elfs and goblins and to increase spending on our already excellent education system.' Though happy at the appointment of his lifelong friend, the Head of Auror Department Harry Potter expressed his dismay at the narrowness of victory: 'I find it disgusting how after everything Ministress Weasley has done for the magical community, only half of the electorate could bring themselves to vote for her.

I thought the death of Lord Voldemort nearly 20 years ago would bring in a new age of tolerance but it appears that I was wrong. I want it to be known that I fully support Ministress Weasley's new regime and will work hard to ensure that her time in office is deemed a success.' In a amazing turn of events however, the Daily Prophet can exclusively reveal that Mr Potter was actually originally offered the role by ex Minister Shacklebolt himself, only for him to turn it down for reasons unknown.

However, the Daily Prophet would like it to be known that they echo Mr Potter's comments and wish Ministress Weasley a long and prosperous time in office.

See pages 15-18 for more on the latest scandal: traces of Hippogriff meat found in meals labelled as 100% Grindylow. Ginny threw the newspaper aside as she got up from her chair and turned on the radio to her favourite station, Witch Music FM.

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Ginny had finished Quidditch practice early and was awaiting Harry's return from work with a roast dinner sizzling away in the oven. With the relaxing music playing lazily from the radio and the glorious smells wafting in from the kitchen, Ginny poured herself a healthy sized glass of red wine as she prepared to eurobabe with glasses sucks off and banged by stranger in for a quiet evening with Harry.

She shuffled into a comfortable position in her squashy arm-chair as she looked around the luxurious room of her and Harry's mansion. Ginny's eyes gazed upon the many pictures that adorned the walls, her and Harry's wedding day, James 1st birthday, Ginny's first professional victory at Quidditch.

Finally, Ginny's eyes settled on the most recent picture, taken last week of her and Harry on a rare day-out to the beach. Harry still looked remarkable for his 38 years. Gone was his mop hair, which had been replaced by a different style, where he kept his hair short on the sides and back but long on the top and fringe. This, along with the slight greying tinge of hair around his temples gave him a more mature, leader-like look.

He had also put on a few more pounds since his teenage days and his body was even stronger and more defined then before. Ginny also knew that underneath his t-shirt in the picture lay a long, pale scar across his right pec which he had received in battle. Ginny, as well looked hot despite being in her mid thirties and giving birth to three children.

The years of intense Quidditch training had helped keep her body in fine condition and her beautiful C-sized breasts were still as gorgeous as they were when she was a teen. Her ass was not quite as peachy as it used to be, but Harry could have no complaints over the beauty of his wife. Suddenly, the clanging of the front door announced Harry's arrival from work as he entered into the living room.

'Evening honey,' said Ginny as she got up to give a vacant looking Harry a kiss on the cheek, 'how was work today?' 'Terrible Gin.terrible,' replied Harry wearily as he threw himself into his favourite chair beside the fireplace. Ginny looked on with concern as Harry removed his glasses and tossed them aside onto the expensive, wooden side-table.

Harry began to rub his eyes slowly as Ginny sat on the arm of Harry's chair. 'Talk to me darling,' spoke Ginny softly as she began to rub her fingers through Harry's dark hair. 'Remember me telling you about the tip-off we got over them dark wizards?' began Harry as Ginny continued to stroke his hair, 'well it came off.

We found a bunch of them holed up in a house in London. I lead the attack with twelve of my best men. It.it was carnage Gin, I killed two men today.it never gets easier,' finished Harry as he felt his voice begin to shake. 'Harry.,' said Ginny lovingly as she slipped into his lap and held his head to her bosom in comfort, 'you are a marvellous man and my handsome husband.

You are perfect to me.' 'Thanks Ginny,' replied Harry, 'its lesbian driver does pussy licking with client, sometimes it gets all too much for me.

Everyone always expects me to know what to do and look to me for action. I just wish sometimes I could escape it all, just run away from here and live out my days with you in peace. 'O Harry,' said Ginny in a watery voice as she raised his head and began to kiss him gently on his soft lips.

After so many years of marriage, Ginny knew how best to relax Harry, as her fingers began to travel down towards his groin. Within a few moments, Ginny unbuckled Harry's belt and with a few tugs, had pulled his trousers and boxers to his knees, revealing his glorious cock. Ginny broke away from her lingering kiss to admire Harry's hardening member. Even after so many years, she always felt herself grow horny at the sight of his long, shaved seven inch dick.

'Your just a bit stressed, my love. Just sit back and let me help relax you,' purred Ginny as Harry smiled warmly to her. 'Ok Gin,' replied Harry with a final kiss as he shifted into a more comfortable position in his chair. Ginny slipped down nimbly to the soft carpet as Harry parted his legs to give Ginny better access to his cock. Ginny watched on in arousal as Harry's dick swayed as it began to grow to its full, eye popping length.

Ginny looked up at Harry dirtily as she gave her dainty hand a long lick before she took hold of Harry's cock. 'Ahhhhhhhhh,' moaned Harry as he closed his eyes in preparation. Slowly, Ginny began to rub her hand up and down Harry's shaft, pulling his foreskin down in the process to reveal his shiny dark red head. As she continued to jack off Harry, Ginny felt her own pussy begin to moisten in pleasure as she slipped her hand down her panties to play with her clit. 'Mmmmmmm,' moaned Ginny as she felt herself become turned on more and more.

After a few moments, Ginny began to increase the speed of her rubbing, occasionally twisting her hand as she pulled down on Harry's cock. 'Yeah Gin,' groaned Harry as he placed his hands firmly on the arm-rests. Ginny responded by lifting up Harry's cock slightly so that she could begin to suck on his large, round ball-sack. Harry felt his body tingle in pleasure as he felt his wife's warm, wet tongue begin to nibble and lick his sensitive ball sack.

'More.more,' sighed Harry as Ginny dove her mouth onto his sack, taking more and more of his balls into her moist mouth. Ginny worked her tongue furiously on Harry's hairless, wrinkly balls as her saliva began to coat them in a pleasurable gloop. After a few more minutes of this, Ginny released his balls and let the large amounts of saliva in her mouth to pour from her open mouth onto Harry's head and shaft.

'Ahhhhhh yeah,' Harry moaned gratefully as he felt her warm saliva coat his entire cock. This extra lubrication helped Ginny to increase the speed of her fist pounding of his cock as she began to work both her hands on it.

Harry watched on in a dirty trance like state, as Ginny's hands moved like a blur all over his large cock. 'Ahhh fuck!' Harry groaned a little louder as Ginny mercilessly continued her fast beating of Harry's dick. As she did this, Ginny occasionally flitted her tongue over Harry's sensitive head, causing him to each time moan in pleasure. Suddenly, Harry's loud groans and tensing of his body betrayed his impending orgasm to Ginny, who began to jack her hands quickly up and down Harry's excitable head.

'I'm cumming, I'm cumming,' moaned Harry as Ginny directed the tip of his head at her open mouth. 'Ahhhhhhhhhh.oooooooh.ahhhhhh,' Harry grunted as suddenly, four long shots of his hot, pearly white cum erupted out of his dick. Ginny expertly caught the first three shots in her gaping mouth while the fourth landed messily on her cheek. 'Ahhhhh yeah Gin,' sighed Harry in appreciation as he looked down to admire his handiwork. Ginny winked back at him, as she continued to rub his cock with one hand, while with the other, she scooped up the cum on her cheek and poured it into her mouth.

Harry watched on as she swirled his seed around in her mouth before downing it in one gulp. 'Good girl,' said Harry as Ginny licked the remaining flecks of cum off his softening dick. 'Thanks Gin,' said a satisfied Df back from the gym humiliation foot smelling as once Ginny cleaned him up, he pulled up his boxers and trousers. 'No problem darling,' replied Ginny as she crawled up onto Harry's lap in a cat-like fashion for a hug.

'I feel much better now,' said Harry softly as he began to play with her long red hair. 'Good,' purred Ginny as she snuggled her head into Harry's powerful chest. They stayed in this loving embrace for a few minutes until Harry disturbed the moment. 'Erm.Ginny, what's that smell?' asked Harry curiously as a burning smell drifted into the living room. 'Dinner!' shouted Ginny urgently as she dashed into the kitchen to japanese stepmother filmed by stepson blackmailed by stepsonw friends sounds of Harry's roaring laughter.

* The monotonous ticking of the ancient grandfather clock and the gentle snoozes of the important occupants of the portraits only heightened the importance of the grand office.

The room was illuminated by a crackling fire in the grate, which lay behind an old, wizened oak desk. The desk once belonged to Artemisia Lufkin, the first female Ministress of Magic, and had been specifically requested by the new owner of the office. Suddenly, just as the grandfather clock chimed for three in the morning, the double doors to the office burst open as a giddy and red faced Hermione and Ron entered the room.

'Here we are then,' said Ron excitedly as he fell into the chair opposite the desk, still clutching at a half drunk bottle of champagne. 'Yes, my new office,' replied a tipsy Hermione as she closed the doors and took a seat in her own, authoritative looking high chair. Ron brushed the confetti from his hair which still lingered from the victory party they had just left as he stretched out his legs and put his feet up on the desk. 'I can't hcck.

believe it Hermione, who would have hcck. thought that one day we'd be sat here with you the leader of the Ministry,' hiccuped Ron as he took a long swig from the bottle. Hermione smiled as she looked into her husband's eyes.

Ron had not changed much in the 18 years they had been married. His bright red hair was still kept at a medium length and due to the physical work of being an auror, he had retained his strong body. The only difference to Ron was the beginnings of a few wrinkles around the corner of his eyes, and the replacement of his silver arm with a brand new flesh arm. Soon after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Hermione decided it was unsafe for Ron to be seen with the silver arm Voldemort had given him and so with the power of the Elder Wand, had created a new, real arm.

Similarly, the last 19 years had been kind to Hermione. Despite giving birth to two children, she had still maintained an excellent figure with only a tiny roll of fat protruding from her otherwise flat tummy. Her excellent, plump D sized breasts were still as perfectly round and firm as ever, though her large nipples had began to droop slightly. Her straight brown hair nicely framed her heart shaped face which as yet, had not developed any wrinkles or blemishes.

For skinny petite blonde small tits and piercing lady of 38, Hermione still had the looks and figure of a lady in their early twenties.

'I know Ron,' agreed Hermione as she looked around her plush office in appreciation, 'after tonight the hard work starts.' 'After tonight.,' said Ron as he looked over at Hermione devilishly. 'Ron.,' said Hermione slowly as she saw the beginnings of a smile unfurl on Ron's lips. 'Come on Hermione,' Ron said slowly as he walked over behind Hermione and began to nibble on her neck, 'we haven't had any alone time since before your campaign.

How about you start sucking my raging hard-on right now?' 'Ron!' giggled Hermione as she looked around the room nervously, as if she expected the world's media to walk in at any moment, 'we can't!

Not here.' 'Mmmm, why not?' asked Ron as he reached round to grope Hermione's breasts, causing her to moan in appreciation. 'Becau.we ca.I should.o Ron,' exclaimed Hermione as the combination of the alcohol, Ron's kisses and the groping of her large, sensitive breasts caused her to give in.

Quickly, Hermione turned around in her chair and began to passionately kiss Ron on the lips. As Ron felt Hermione's tongue enter his mouth, he slipped his hands under her dress and began to squeeze and feel her fleshy mounds. 'Mmmmm,' moaned Hermione gently into Ron's mouth as she felt Ron tweak and pull at her large nipples. Quick as a flash, Hermione rose from her chair and pushed Ron against the desk as she slipped to her knees and began to pull down his trousers.

'Ahhhhh Hermione,' groaned Ron loudly as he felt the last two weeks of sexual frustration evaporate instantly as Hermione engulfed his hard, fat six inch dick. As she continued to suck and lick furiously on Ron's dick, Hermione released her boobs from the confines of her dress, allowing Ron to bend down and give them a squeeze.

'Yeah.yeah.,' groaned Ron dirtily as he grabbed the back of Hermione's mika give more pussy and beautiful handjob massage amateur firmly.

Hermione took the hint as she let Ron begin to thrust his fat dick, hard and deep into her mouth. Ron felt tingles of pleasure erupt around his body as he continued to hump his cock into Hermione's mouth, causing her to gargle and gag in response.

After a few more minutes of furiously pounding his wife's mouth, Ron bent down and lifted her onto the desk, causing papers and stationery to fly onto the floor.

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Ron paused for a moment to undo his shirt, revealing his strong, toned body to Hermione. 'Mmmmmmmmm,' moaned Hermione as she raked Ron's six pack with her sharp, well manicured fingernails, leaving faint red trails on Ron's toned stomach. Ron unclasped Hermione's skirt and flung it aside, leaving her in only her ankle socks and black laced knickers.

Ron rubbed his dick up against Hermione's knickers, feeling the warmth of her wet pussy emanate from under the material. Unusual doll gets sperm load on her face eating all the cum being able to take any more, Hermione quickly removed her panties, revealing her moist, shaved pussy to Ron.

'Beautiful,' moaned Ron as he began to rub his hard, fat dick along Hermione's slit like pussy., coating his dick in her pussy juices.

Suddenly, Ron swiftly bucked his hips forward and slipped in four inches of his dick into her pussy, causing Hermione to moan loudly. 'Pound me Ron, pound me!' begged Hermione. 'Your the boss,' smirked Ron as he grabbed hold of her supple waist and began to thrust, hard and deep into her. Within moments, Ron had picked up a steady rhythm, as he let his hands move gradually up Hermione's body until they rested on her jiggling tits.

As he continued to thrust smoothly into Hermione's tight pussy, Ron dove his mouth onto Hermione's large, erect nipples, causing her to purr in appreciation. 'Mmmmmmmm,' she groaned softly as she ran her fingers through Ron's thick hair. Ron felt himself become more and more turned on as he continued to suck and slurp all over her areolas and nipples, quickly alternating between each breast.

Suddenly, Hermione gave Ron's a tight ass a quick spank, encouraging him to continue his pounding which he did with pleasure. 'Ahhh yeah Hermione,' sighed Ron as he felt himself go balls deep into Hermione's pussy, which was now sopping wet with her pussy juices. Ron kept his cock in this position for a while, letting Hermione grind and ripple her hips pleasurably over Ron's cock. Ron smiled at his wife as she did this, while he began to rub and play with her sensitive clit.

'Do me doggy Ron,' begged Hermione after a few moments, as she reached up to give him a dirty, sloppy kiss on the mouth. With an animalistic grunt, Ron flipped over Hermione on the desk, so that her ass was raised high in the air. Giving it a long, hard slap, Ron took hold of his dick and expertly inserted it into Hermione's pussy.

'Oo Ron,' moaned Hermione, 'say I'm a bad girl.' 'Your a bad, bad girl Hermione Weasley,' purred Ron with a smirk as he gave her an extra hard thrust in response while he forced her head down into the hard, wooden desk.

'Say I'm a dirty Ministress who needs to be punished,' shrieked Hermione unexpectedly. 'Your a fucking dirty Ministress,' moaned Ron hornily as he unleashed a flurry of spanks onto Hermione's firm ass with his free hand, causing her to moan in delight.

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Fully turned on by this point, Ron took hold of Hermione's ass and began to thrust deep into her pussy, so that his balls smacked loudly into her pussy. 'Why I never!' said a shocked voice behind them suddenly, 'in all my time in this office.' Still thrusting, Ron turned around to see many of the portraits were awake and watching the scene in front of them with dismay.

'Get out of here gramps,' said Ron to a particularly old looking wizard as he turned back to Hermione and gave her ass a spank. 'Well really!' said the old man as he and the rest of the paintings walked out of their frames, no doubt to their other, more quieter portraits.

Waves of pleasure over-whelmed a now sweaty Ron as he felt Hermione's tight pussy clamp down onto his hard cock. His body weight arched onto his tip toes, giving him leverage to thrust downwards, deep into Hermione's pussy.

Ron grabbed hold of Hermione's ass cheeks with both hands and began to massage them as he felt his orgasm approach. 'Ooooo.ahhhhh, here I cum Hermione!' panted a red faced Ron. Suddenly, Hermione gave out a loud shriek of ecstasy as she went through her own explosive orgasm. Her warm, moist pussy juices coated Ron's dick inside her as the combination of this and the tightening of her pussy forced Ron to climax.

'Ahhhhhhh!.ahhhhhhhh.urghhhhh,' grunted Ron loudly as he shot his creamy load deep into Hermione's pussy. The excitement caused Ron to collapse onto Hermione's back, making her exhale sharply as his powerful body landed on top of her. Ron kept his softening dick in Hermione's pussy, occasionally thrusting in a dog like fashion to make sure every last juice of his cum escaped his cock. Finally, with a last kiss of Hermione's neck, Ron raised himself up and slowly removed his soft cock from her vagina.

Hermione got back on her knees and helped clean up his cock, sucking their combined juices off his head and shaft. 'Ahhh that's nice,' said Ron pleasurably as once Hermione finished, he went and re-dressed.

'That was so kinky Ron,' said Hermione breathlessly as she too began re-clothe. 'Yeah it was,' agreed Ron, 'lets not ever go that long again babe, I don't think I can take it.' 'Ok Ron,' laughed Hermione as they both went to exit the office. * Many miles away, sexy chick eva lovia gets demolished by lawyer pornstars hardcore a dark, cold morning, the silhouette of a man appeared on the hill before the city of Thorogod.

He looked down with pity and anger at the crumbling city. 'They will pay for what they did here,' said Sky to himself, as he continued on his journey towards the city.