Brunette beach fuck rough rectal hump for lexy banderas birthday

Brunette beach fuck rough rectal hump for lexy banderas birthday
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Average Guy Contest It had been a long day at work and all I wanted to do was wind down with a nice cold beer. As I sat at the bar I could feel the tension leaving my body. I noticed someone move in and sit on the stool next to me even though there were several empty stools on each side. I was looking down as I noticed two beautiful long legs being revealed by a very short dress.

I was instantly snapped out of my funk as I raised my eyes. Her hips were slim and her stomach was flat as her dress pressed against it. Her arms were long and toned and breasts seemed like the perfect size to wrap your hands around. Cleavage spilled from the plunging neckline. Her shoulders were strong and neck was smooth and thin. She had long, curly brunette hair and a sharp jawline.

Her eyes were dark green and she smiled as she looked at me. Now let me make something clear. I'm a normal looking, kind of overweight, balding guy.

The fact that a drop dead, gorgeous woman had just sat right next to me seemed odd. In addition to that she was looking at me and smiling and that seemed even more strange, but then she spoke and that was just bizarre. "Hi there", she said, "I'm Milly". She held out her hand as if to shake.

"Hello", I said with surprised skepticism in my voice, "I'm Tim". We shook hands. I looked around to make sure none of my buddies were watching, playing some sort of practical joke.

"Is there something I can do for you?", I asked confused by the situation. "Maybe", she replied, turning to the bar. Catching the hint I inquired, "What are you drinking?".

"Whatever you are", she answered. I ordered her a beer. She began to ask questions about what I do for a living and for fun. Our conversation seemed very normal, except the fact that she looked like a lingerie model. After answering questions for fifteen minutes, I turned the question to her. "So what do you do?" "Well, I kinda do an internet tv show with a couple of my friends.", she said without disclosing any real information.

"And, what kind of internet show do you have?", I goaded her on. "Well", she responded, "that's why I came over here to talk to you. I thought you might be the right guy for our show and it ends up that you are." "The right guy?", I was confused. "Yea", she continued, "Our show is for the upper end woman. The one that buys $5000 purses and dated the high school quarterback and the successful lawyer. We talk about shopping, celebrities, guys and sex." "Ok, so what makes me the right guy for your show?", now I was baffled.

"Well, we want to do a show on average guys. Y'know, normal have a beer after work, watch the football game on tv instead of a luxury box, guy." "That would be me", I answered holding my beer up as if toasting and taking a drink. "So why would you want that on your show?" "The women we service have never really experienced that world and we think it would be a great show to explore that first class anal sex porn video scene them.

You know, let them see what they aren't experiencing, especially physically, y'know, sexually?" She was trying to be clear but tactful as well. "So you want me to come on your show to let these 'women' see what an average guy is like?", it didn't make sense to me. "Yea, and we'll pay you for it.", she answered quickly. "How much?", now I was interested. "$1000 for the episode", she replied. Now I was really interested.

"Details?", I asked. "OK", now she was getting excited. Her green eyes burned with interest as she spoke. "We record on Thursday evenings. You will have to be nude on camera, but your face will be obscured at all times. So what do you think?" My mind swam with her proposal. A thousand dollars to get naked on camera in front of at least one incredibly hot woman and no risk of being identified. "Sure", I answered surprising myself, "I'll do it." "Great!", she said smiling and leaning back on her stool, "Here is the location and time", she pulled out a card and wrote a date and time on the back.

"This is going to be a great show, "She continued as she leaned forward and gave me a peck on the cheek, "I'll see you there". She slipped from the barstool and slinked away. Now I had a great view of her pristine ass. I wasn't sure what I'd gotten into but I knew I was going to see her again and that would be a treat. The next morning I woke up to my annoying alarm and wandered into the bathroom.

As the light's flickered to life I saw Milly's business card on my counter. My mind recalled the incident from the evening before. The card read, "Classy, a show for the best" on the front. It also had Milly's name and on the back was a date that was two days away.

What had I gotten myself into? How many beers had I drank when we talked? I looked at my naked body in the mirror. Do I really want to put this in front of these women? I could always call and cancel but how many chances would I get to strip down in front of a girl like Milly? She was an amazing sight.

I put the card down and continued with my routine. Before I knew it Thursday had come. After getting off of work I changed into some khakis and a nice button down. I looked in the mirror questioning if I was insane and then mustered up some courage and headed out the door for my appointment. I pulled up to a nice office building and moved down the hall to suite 180. The sign on the door just read, "Classy".

I entered to see Milly standing in the main entry way with two other girls and a guy. "O, good Tim, you made it", she said walking toward me.

She was wearing a strapless little dress that looked like one good tug would disrobe her. Her long legs and plump breasts were even more amazing than I had remembered, but her eyes were that deep green that I could never forget. "I just need you to sign these pages", she said handing me a clipboard and pen. "They just say that you consent to us using your image and that your identity will not be revealed.

We'll blur out your face in the editing room." I took the clipboard and glanced over the pages. The other guy in the room was handing a clipboard to on of the other ladies. After a quick review I could see the papers were as Milly had said teen with great tits and ass teen faye was supposed to meet her dealer in a fresh spot he I signed them.

"Great!", Milly said taking the clipboard from my hand and handing me an envelope. "We find that our employees like assurance of payment so it's cash". I glanced in the envelope to see what looked like ten $100 bills. So far everything was just as Milly had stated. The door to the office opened and another guy walked in. A tall blonde walked over to him greeting him with a clipboard in her hand. "Everything looks good", Milly said pulling my attention away from the stunning blonde that had just crossed the room.

"This is Sue", she said gesturing toward a fair skinned red-head. "She's one of my partners in the show." Sue had curly red hair that hung half-way down her back and perfect fair skin. Her light blue eyes were almost transparent. She wore a short dress with spaghetti straps.

She was tiny at maybe 5'4" and probably no more than 105 lbs. Her breasts were small and pert as they pushed up at the top of her dress. "It's good to meet you Tim. We're looking forward to having you on the show", she said extending her hand, then she gestured toward the guy standing next to her.

"This is Steve. He's going to be on the show with you today". Steve was a normal looking 30ish year old guy. He nodded his head in greeting.

"And this is Phil", the blonde said crossing the room with a guy at her side. "He'll be on the show with you guys also". He was a little shorter and skinnier than Steve and I. Milly spoke up, "Stacey is the other member of our team", she said referring to the striking blonde in white button up shirt and short pencil skirt. Stacey shook my hand and then Steve's. "OK", Stacey said, "Let's get things going. We don't have all night.

The three ladies walked through a door and we followed. As we entered the room it was obvious that we were now in the studio. There were two young ladies preparing cameras on tripods and lights filled the room. There was a couch and coffee table and microphones hanging overhead. "Let's get them placed", Stacey said pointing toward an empty space in front of the couch.

"This way please gentlemen", Sue said gesturing us into position. We stood quietly as she scooted us around gently. "How's that Sal?", she said looking at one of the camera girls. Sal responded with a simple thumbs up. "Let's do it", Stacy said. "We'll just ask you guys to do some things for us. We don't like lots of editing so we roll the whole time and edit later if we have to. Our clients like to see how we manage the show.

Any questions?" We traded looks and shook our heads, no. "Let's roll", Stacey said and she sat down with Milly on the couch. Sal held up one hand counting down sex wapdem xxx storys full five, "Five, Four, Three", then mouthing two and one. "Welcome to 'Classy'", Milly said looking into the camera.

"Today we are putting on a special show for you. We're calling it the Average Guy Contest." "Yea, we've always heard about what an average guy is like, but most of us haven't ever really experienced that and if we did we were probably too drunk to remember.

So we've got three average guys that we picked up at a bar this week that fit the 'average' mold.", Stacey said. "The average american guy is between 5'8" and 5'11", Sue said standing next to the three of us. The red light on the camera facing us was now on. "He's about twenty hot amateur brunette babe in high heels railed by pawn guy to fifty pounds overweight and one out of three is balding", she said gesturing to us.

"As you can see, these guys fit the mold." "So what about the things we can't see right now?", Milly said as the light on the camera facing the couch lit up. "Well, we thought it would be fun to see this week instead of having our typical, well hung model for our sex discussions." "Gentlemen", Stacey addressed us, "Please disrobe". The camera switched to us and all three of us began to remove our clothing.

It seemed awkward removing my shoes and socks, then unbuttoning my pants and dropping them to the floor. I glanced over at the other guys as they did the same. I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. Sue and Milly were helping by removing our clothing from the area. Now I was down to an undershirt and my boxers.

I saw Phil drop his underwear and he was now completely nude. I removed my shirt, took a deep breath and lowered my boxers. It was at that point that I realized I was a little bit aroused. I was happy for that as I was plumped up a little bigger than usual. Steve was the last to disrobe. I wanted to look at the other guys and see how I was fairing, but I didn't think it would be appropriate.

"Hmmm", Stacey spoke up, "very interesting right Sue?" Sue stepped into the area with us. "Yes it is. The average male has a penis that is 3.5" long when not erect." Milly stepped over with a measuring tape made of cloth. She held it up to Phil. "1.7", she said announcing his size then she stepped to me. "4.3" She said raising the pitch of her voice. As soon as her hand touched me I felt chills go through my body. If she measured again she would've gotten more.

"3.1" she said holding the tape to Steve. "That shows us that we have a good cross reference", Sue said looking at the camera, "but none of us are that interested in what he looks like now, but more of what he looks like erect." Milly looked into the camera and spoke, "The average erect penis is 5.1inches to 5.9 inches long and 4.85 inches in circumference, unlike the porn star we had on last week with a 13 inch cock.

He was definitely not average", she said sarcastically. "Definitely not", Stacey responded from the couch. "Let's get these guys ready." She stood from the couch and walked over. The camera followed her. Sue stepped over to Steve, Stacey to Phil and Milly stood in front of me.

I could see the camera roll around to get clear angles.

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I saw out of the corner of my eye that Sue was getting down on her knees in front of Steve and had his cock in her hand. Just then I felt Milly's long fingers wrap around my already firming cock.

My entire body tingled with the sensation of her touch. She was so close that I could see down her tube dress and view her perfect breasts. Her deep green eyes looked directly into mine as if questioning whether it felt good or not. I could hear Phil moaning next to me as Stacy had her hand wrapped around his cock.

Milly lightly tickled my now moist dani daniels birtsex storiesay in brazzers house while fondling my cock lightly with her other hand. I began to grow quickly in her hand as the blood flooded my member. She lowered her hand and cradled my balls and gave my shaft a good stroke. Pleasure coursed through my body as she held my skin tight. I couldn't believe that a drop dead gorgeous woman was stroking my hard cock.

"I think he's ready", Sue said picking up the measuring tape from the coffee table. "Mine too.", Milly said releasing my cock only to see it point up instead of down.

"I guess this is it", Stacey chimed in clearly distraught about her subject. Milly chuckled as she looked over at Phil and Stacey. "5.1 inches", Sue said, "and 4.8 inches circumference". She handed the tape to Milly. My body tinged as she touched me again measuring the length of my cock. "6.5 inches long", she said and then proceeded to wrap the measure around my shaft applying the slightest pressure.

"5.5 circumference", she said exclaiming slightly. It felt good to be bigger but even better to feel Milly touch me again. "You've got to be kidding me", Stacey said holding the tape up to Phil. "2.5 inches long", she said. Milly and Sue both giggled as they looked at Phil's little member. "3 inch circumference", she said as she removed the tape.

"Ladies, it would appear we have one slightly above average, one average and one below average, 'average guys'." She said to the camera. "Now ladies", Sue said facing the camera, "We chose these men because they met the criteria of average, but we can clearly see that is a difference here." "So the next thing we're going to examine", Milly said, "is how pleasing these average french tv dating naked uncensored are in comparison to the guys we're used to having." "Ladies", Stacey spoke up as the camera changed to her, "We all know that one of the best kept secrets is how much we like to give head.

I know we'd never let our men know it or there would be a cock in our face every five minutes, but each of us love to suck on a dick and I'll be you do too." "So let's see how the average guys compare", Milly closed the statement. Before I knew it there were three sexy women on their knees in front of us each with a cock in their mouth.

Milly's mouth was warm and her tongue rolled around my very hard cock then she quickly withdrew. I was shocked to feel the cool air of the room on my wet cock so quickly but then I saw them shift and Sue was now in front of me. Her long red ringlets laid across her exposed shoulder and she wrapped her little hand around my cock. That made me feel even bigger. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and gave a good, hard suck.

I thought I might lose it right there, but before I knew it she was gone and Stacey was moving into position. Stacey wasted no time as she deep throated me from the start. I moaned lightly and my body pulsated little bit from the intense arousal from her mouth. She pulled back almost instantly.

"No, sir", she said, "we're not done with you yet. She rose and joined the other two girls that had already sat down on the couch. "So", Milly said to the other girls, "what do you think? Does size matter when giving head? Does and average size cock on an average looking guy do it for you?" "Well, I would have to say in this situation that size does matter", Sue answered. "The little guy over there wasn't much fun to suck on but I really enjoyed both of the other guys.

I have to admit though that the bigger one was definitely more fun and it's a very pretty cock." "I agree completely", Stacey almost interrupted, "It is a pretty cock. His mushroom head is bigger and it feels good in your mouth too. I'd take that cock with that body over some of the less average guys I've had." I couldn't believe that the sexy little red head and long beautiful blonde had just sucked on my cock and then talked about how much they enjoyed it.

My erection hardened even though I didn't think it was capable of it. "Yes", Milly added, "There is no questions that the little one wasn't enjoyable at all. It was actually made me uncomfortable to touch it and especially to suck it, but the other two were nice. I am also partial to the bigger one. There's something about getting one too big to get all the way in biig ass round ass perfect ass 075 tube porn mouth that is fun".

"Well, as much as we all love blow jobs", Stacey said to the camera, "it's all about what they can do with the cock that makes all the difference. Does size really matter in vaginal intercourse? Is a chubbier guy harder to get in a good position? Well, let's find out." The three vixens rose from the couch and moved toward us.

"We'll try three different positions to test their penetration", Milly said as they approached us. Stacey instructed Phil to lay down on the carpet on his back. His little dick just poked up in the air. Sue directed Steve to sit down and lean back as she began to straddle and lower down on him. Milly laid on her back sliding her dress up slightly revealing that she had no panties on. Her long slim legs were arched as she spread them open inviting me to the floor with her.

Her pussy looked so soft and inviting and I lowered to my knees to get on top of her. I heard Phil moan hawt hammering of luscious cutie from brazil Stacey lowered down on him and saw Sue bouncing on Steve's lap. I could feel Milly's firm body beneath me. As I looked down at her I could see her long brunette hair spread across the carpet.

She was breathtakingly gorgeous. Getting impatient she grabbed my butt and pulled my cock to her. I was instantly engulfed in her warm, wet pussy. She arched her back and closed her eyes as my cock pressed into her. The sounds of the other in the room faded away as now all I knew was Milly and it was good. I pushed deep inside of her feeling like I could explode on the first thrust.

I slowly withdrew and thrust again hard and deep. Her back bowed up even more and she took a deep breath. Her hips tinged as I withdrew and thrust again. I wasn't sure how much longer I could last. After another deep thrust she grabbed my face with both hands and looked right into my eyes. Her eyes burned like an emerald glistening in the light and I could see her cheeks becoming flush. "One more time", she whispered with an intense look on her face.

I thrusted hard and exploded into her unable to contain myself anymore. I could feel her constrict around me as I held myself deep inside of her pumping her full of hot cum. Finally I had no more juice to shoot and our bodies slowed. I withdrew from her and then remembered that I was not alone in the room. To my left Steve now laid on his back in ecstasy and Phil was now sitting to my right. The cameras were still rolling and I sat there on the floor next to beautiful Milly with a messy, dripping cock.

"OK girls", Stacey called out, "Now that we are all done, let's make an assessment on our average Guy contest. They all moved to the straight bear cum in baitbus and the cameras turned away from us and onto them. "Well Stacey", Sue asked, "does size matter or is it just how you use it?" "I can unequivocally tell you that size clearly matters when you're talking about that kind of size.

I've never actually seen a dick that small, much less had sex with a guy like that. I think if we got into the bedroom and he pulled that out I would've left, but none the less I have now experienced it. I could hardly tell he was there and he came without me even knowing. All I got from that little thing was a little bit messy.

I'm definitely not ready to trade off to an average guy. What about you Sue?", Stacey inquired. "Well I would have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by my overall experience. I don't recall ever having a cock quite that small, but overall it was very pleasant.

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Obviously it wasn't much to look at or suck on but during intercourse I had a lot of pleasure. I would say my average guy faired pretty well against what I'm used to but I couldn't possibly trade in for him." Sue responded to the question. "How about you Milly? You seemed to have a positive experience, did his chubbiness have any effect?" Milly smiled slightly, "I would say that I definitely had a positive experience.

I would say even with my jock guys I've had cocks that were smaller than this one, but this guy seemed to really know how to use it as well. Instead of being so caught up in himself he held on just to bring me to orgasm and that was impressive, especially with how aroused he was. His belly was not really that noticeable once we got into it, but it did keep him from accomplishing some angles.

Regardless of that, he still got deep inside and was in control of me. This average guy isn't average at all, he's an exceptional lover. I would say he's better than most of the guys I've had before. He proves tied up and fucked interracial analmal training there are exceptional things in what may seem like an average package." She looked into the camera, "If you girls are looking for a new thrill, I'd highly recommend trying out an average guy for a change." "I agree", said Stacey, "if it looks like my guy, you can always get an important phone call and leave." "And if he's like mine", Sue added, "he'd make a good one-nighter, plus you'll probably be the best he's ever had.

How could you pass up that kind of opportunity?" "Well ladies", Stacy spoke again, "we hope you've learned something today. We'll see you next time on 'Classy." The red light on the camera went out and the girls began to shuffle around. Milly grabbed a towel from beside the couch and dried off the inside of her legs where my cum was still moist. "Ok, guys", Stacey said, "thanks for the help, you can get dressed now". She exited the room.

"Yea, thanks", Sue added, "You guys were perfect for the show. I hope you enjoyed yourselves too." She exited as well. "Good work, guys", Milly chimed in as she moved for the door, "I think that was one of the best shows we've had.

Take care." We all proceeded to get dressed and as I began to exit the second camera girl approached me. Sex stories xxxx german xxxx v was clearly young, probably twenty one and slim.

She had long black hair and seemed to be of Latino heritage. Dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt I could tell that she had a nice, dainty figure.

"You were really good today", she said sounding a little nervous. I wasn't sure how to respond. This girl whose name I didn't even know had watched me strip down, get hard, get sucked and get fucked and now she was complimenting me.

"Um, thanks", I said uncomfortably. "I'm Harrah", she said extending her hand. "It's nice to meet you", I responded, "I'm Tim". As I took her hand I felt a small piece of paper pass between us.

I looked at her somewhat puzzled and she just gave me a flirting smile as she walked away. Checking my hand I saw her phone number jotted on the small piece of paper. While exiting I did not see Milly, Sue or Stacey, but I would always remember what it looked like to see them suck on my dick. It was an amazing experience that I will replay over and over.