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Wild milf getting hardcore sex blowjob mature
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ATTENTION: This is a story out of imagination only. It is intended only for those places in the imagination where we think things that we would never do and would not work out that well in real life. It is a fiction and intended for entertainment of the private mind only. It would help to read part 1 History oldnanny very chubby granny and fat mature fucked with strapon bdsm scene chapter 3 Mark had some business to do concerning the move to his new home and town.

He could have done it all by phone and online. He usually preferred to do those things in person, however. And, though he denied it to himself, he also needed to put off his Spanish tutoring of Valentina for a while. He didn't quite know how to handle dealing with Val. She had taken their relationship down a path that he had tried to keep his imagination away from.

She was a charming, bright, sweet girl blossoming into young womanhood. He adored her. He had experience at loving, caring for, and protecting a daughter. Val was like having a brother and sister blair williamson daughter who would never get to meet the first one.

Now that Val had changed the bitchy emo babe deepthroats and anal banged by big cock field, Mark didn't know exactly how he was going to handle it.

She was part of the family next door. They were really good people and had become good friends, almost an extended family. Mark was not oblivious to the fact that most people would be glad to have him drawn and quartered for what he had done already, not to mention what had crossed his imagination. You see, Mark had already had a very special loving experience with a young teenage girl.

As Mark dropped off to sleep in the motel on the return drive to his new home, sweet poignant memories overtook him. He began remembering the story his fraternal twins David and Susan had related to he and his wife of their sexual awakenings.

5 years earlier David and Susan Jones shared a bedroom till they were about 10 years old and nudity was no big deal around the Jones family home. The family had even been to a couple clothing optional beaches. Around 12 for Sue and not long after for David they began being a little more careful about keeping clothed. Mark and Marla, their parents figured that was pretty normal during the changes of puberty.

Sue had found the pleasures of stroking herself around the time they got their own rooms and David followed a similar discovery about a year later. Mark and Marla had always been physically affectionate and playful with each other and the kids took it for granted.

On rare occasions they had heard sounds of play behind their parents closed doors. In the middle of their 13th year, one night David had to use the bathroom well after bedtime. On the way back from the bathroom he heard playgirl gets her cunt pounded at final hardcore creampie from his parents bedroom. For a moment he paid no attention till he heard him mother moan a little louder and heard his father whisper "Careful.

Don't want to wake the kids." Okay. That got David's attention. He leaned in close to the door and carefully put his ear to it. He heard a muted, "Oh OH Just a little more. OH OH!! Now!! Give it all to me!!! UUUHHH MMMMM" in a tone he had never heard from his mom before. At the same time he heard an extended grunt from a male voice. That was his dad. Not being stupid and having had access to the internet, David knew instantly just what had transpired in his parents bedroom.

He carefully rushed back to his room, grabbed his now hard cock, and began stroking. He was soon rewarded with the spurting pleasure bomb of the best cum he could remember. He kept slowly stroking gently to keep his cock spasming even after he had shot all his juice.

Occasionally David would try and catch them again. What kept him from obsessing was guilt that his parents sexual activities in this culture were a private thing. He had learned that it was not an honorable thing to invade someone else's privacy, especially of someone you care for and respect. He did manage to "accidentally" catch them a couple more times over the next few months. One time he found that he had been stroking himself without really noticing it and before he knew it had to catch his cum in his other hand to keep it off the carpet.

A quick return trip to the bathroom to rinse off his hand and dick ensued. A little before their 14th birthday David found himself listening at his parents and stroking his almost full grown hot babes blow boners in an orgy thru the opening in his boxers when he heard a quiet whisper, "What are you doooing???" Probably the most BUSTED moment of his life, he looked up and saw his sister in her usual nightdress, a mid-thigh T-shirt and, though they weren't usually visible, white cotton panties.

She looked shocked and very curious.

David, utterly caught flatfooted couldn't even get out a decent "UHHHH". Sue asked, "Are mom and dad fucking? My God, are you listening to mom and dad fucking. OMG and you are jacking off too." David whipped his hand off his cock which remained sticking out of his boxers. Sue quickly crept up to the door with her ear while her wide eyes were glued to David's rampant manhood. David just stood there watching his sister listen through the door. He slowly put his ear back to the door.

He heard a skin slapping and a barely recognizable female voice, muffled as if through a blanket, saying, "OH God! Oh God! fuck me harder! Cum in me! make me feel your juices hot in me!

You're making me cum!! Don't stop!! I'm cummmmming!!!" Then a male almost sounding like a caricature of a pirate, "AAAAARRRRGGGHHH" David was surprised to find that his sisters hand was wrapped around his cock pulling and pushing on it. Then at about the same time that he heard his mom cumming and his dad obviously pumping his load of sperm into his mom, Susan was stroking his cock over the edge. David kept his mouth and teeth tightly clenched so as to not cry out as his cock gushed in the hottest cum of his young life so far, spurting all over his sisters t-shirt and hand.

The last few weaker spurts squirting on her thigh. He had to tell her to stop when it became too sensitive. She held and continued to massage the wetness all around his shaft as it began to soften up. She whispered to him, "I have to clean this up and I think we will need to talk about this tomorrow. Tonight's just a little too weird. She smiled at him, kissed him on the cheek, and told him goodnight. Her eyes lingered on his for a moment then she reached to the back of his neck and though inexperienced kissed him square on the lips with an intense passion.

All David could do for a moment was watch his sisters form, waist, ass, and legs, disappear into the bathroom at the end of the hall. He wondered why he had never really realized just how hot her body was before.

The next day David and Susan talked over the night escapade and decided they should keep their hands off each other. It was just a little too weird. They didn't realize, though, that they were each looking at each other in a way they never had before.

They also didn't realize they were looking at their parents in a different way also. They had all seen each other nude before but now there was an added dimension to how they saw their parents. David saw his mothers expressions in a new way and he couldn't keep his eyes from following his mothers waist and ass as she moved through the house, her buttocks rolling in that utterly female side to side bounce. He just tried to be careful not to be noticed.

He didn't realize his was doing the same a little bit with his sister. Susan found her eyes would glance sideways at both the crotch and muscular ass areas of both her father and brother. Each did catch their parents another a couple times.

If the one found the other already had their ear glued to the door, they just stayed near their own partially opened door and watch their sibling rubbing their self while listening to the door. Just before their 14th birthday their parents had gone to a party. The kids had not needed a babysitter for a while.

For different reasons they were both awake when they heard their parents car park in the garage and the door shut. They both wondered if their parents were going to make love that night. In their beds they waited for their parents to come down the hallway to their bedroom. Each stayed carefully under the covers in case a parent looked in on them to wish then sweet dreams as they slept. Nothing. Finally after listening carefully through his door and hearing nothing, David cracked his door. His sister was just behind him doing the same in her room.

They did hear something from the kitchen. They did not hear kitchen sounds. No schlong suck and vagina fuck pornstar hardcore door or water tap sounds. They saw each other and heard a "Ssssshhhhh!". Then some more muted sounds and a chair sliding on the floor.

They looked at each other and sneaked out of the hallway into the living room where from the shadows next to the sofa they could be hidden and still get a good look at the kitchen. There were tiny faint lights from their kitchen or electronic devices. It was enough to make out a soft but clear picture of their parents. They saw their mother and father wrapped tightly in each others arms. What the kids did not know was that their parents had had a resurgence of their sexuality in their late 30's and had occasionally either been meeting other couples or going to swing parties for the last few years.

They had just come home from a party and were still aroused from the very pleasant night. One of their fathers hands had popped one of mom's breasts out of the front of her dress and was kneading it and pinching her nipple.

Mom pulled her mouth off of Dad's to push against his ear and moan into it. Dad whispered, "Shouldn't we take this to our bedroom. The kids." By this time it was obvious that her hand was stroking dad's cock between them.

"I want this right now! Hairy babe with small tits loves to ride me on the table and do me. The kids are in bed. NOW!". Dad growled, took mom under the armpits, lifted his wife to put the edge of her ass on the end of the table where the chair had been before they began kissing.

Susan took in a sharp breath when she saw that her mother already had dad's cock out of his pants and was stroking it's stiffness skin to skin. Dad pushed her dress up and pushed her bikini panties to the side, and looked her in the eyes as he slid into her pussy. "All the way" from mom. Mark pulled out about an inch and punched his groin into hers.

She hissed, "God that feels good!" as Mark continued to pump his wife's hot clinging pussy. "If Davids cock ends up as much fun for ladies as his dad's, there will be a lot of happy girls. And women." Sue looked over at David, then at his cock which was hard as a rock and David unconsciously had his hand wrapped around it. She looked back at her mom and dad. They were face to face kissing. Mom had opened dad's shirt so her naked breasts spilling out of her dress were frantically rubbing her hard sensitive nipples against his chest.

Sometimes he would back off so he could lean down and suck one of her breasts in his mouth and maul her nipple with his tongue. His hands had slipped from those breasts to her ass, pulling her pussy tightly against him at each thrust. They continued humping and pumping for several minutes. The kids attention frozen on them. Mom's legs which had started spread wide were now clutching his hips trying to get him deeper inside her.

Their mom pushed her mouth down on their dads shoulder to muffle a scream as a fountain of sparkling pleasure started to pulsate from her pussy through her belly to her breasts and back to her pelvis.

It kept slowly growing. Dad started pounding her harder. She was frozen, muscles standing out, shaking, and clutching at their father with arms and legs, as the pleasure made her sure her belly must be glowing in the dark. He slowed down a little, trying to time each deeply socketed thrust with one of her pussy's clenching pulsations.

Her cum just kept going ebbing and cresting. Dad made a deep noise in his chest, slammed into his wife. paused, then slammed as deeply as he could a couple more times, pumping his cum into her pussy and bathing her uterus.

Marla could feel every hot jet of cum she had brunette amateur threesome ffm threesome kneesocks from his body. She finally let her clutching arms relax and fall back away from him. Her breasts wet with sweat and looked like the ideal adult breast to David.

Full enough to be affected by gravity but firm enough that it was not a large effect. Marla looked at her husband and almost whispered simply, "You are a real stud. I love looking at you when you are inside me. I probably love almost anything when I feel you inside me" Sue was still getting off on the hand she had in he panties along with her mom, belly clenching and spasming. David was still squeezing his cock but hadn't finished. David whispered right in Sue's ear, "I knew mom was a good looking woman but Holy Jesus!!!, She is the hottest thing I have ever seen.

I'd love to do that." "My God did that come out loud?" he thought to himself. "Well I have to agree with mom. Dad IS a stud". They both realized what they had said, and stared at each other in shock. About that time they heard their dad tell mom that they should straighten up a little and kiss the kids good night. Sue and David hurriedly crept back to there beds and pretended to be asleep. Hot and beautiful euro chick valentina gets laid in taxi her dad kissed his supposedly sleeping daughter, she remembered how those same lips had suckled on her mothers soft full breast.

She wondered where else those lips might have been recently and found herself rubbing her still slick wet pussy lips, bringing the slickness up to moisturize her swollen clit. She had a delicious smaller cum, all the muscles of her legs making her toes point and her straight rigid legs clench her thighs together.

She lay there for a minute. She got up, went to her door, listened till she could hear the quiet snore her mother. Sue ghosted down the hall and through her brothers door. She could see that David had the sheets off his chest and was rapidly stroking his cock.

"Can I help you with that? I've already gotten off and Mom and Dad are asleep. She reached out and gently pushed his hand out of the way. She began stroking and whispered "Wow it is really hard and really soft too. This time it's wet" "That's precum, a lubricant. Slow down now but keep going all the way up and all the way down. Oh Oh! Make me cum!" he whispered harshly. With that Sue could feel his already primed cock spasming in her hand and see his cum jet out onto his chest, once even hitting his chin.

As she kept caressing his cock, it very slowly wilted in her hand. "Now everyone has had at least one good cum and I think I can get to sleep. We need to talk some more, though. Night night bro." She kissed him on the cheek, pulled back, looked at him for a sec and kissed him quickly on lips. Then she was gone into the shadows. On her way back to her bed she curiously touched her the tip of her tongue to the cum on the back of her hand.

Strange tasting but the thought of it being the potent semen of her brother made her shudder and she licked her hand clean. The next day They took a walk out to a local school where they could play wall tennis. They slipped behind the privacy of a large hedge. Susan started "That was the hottest thing I have ever seen, apparently you too." David nodded, Sue continued, "Were you serious when "you said you would do that," about mom?" David could only hot ebony babe sucking and fingering at gloryhole room masturbation blowjob, "Well, uhh, I uhh I mean a woman as good looking and horny as mom was last night" Susan studied her brother a moment and replied, "Bullshit!!

If you could get away with it You would fuck her like the horny stiff dicked dog you are. Admit it." She was quiet and saw the faraway look in Davids eye and knew that in his imagination he had his pork buried deep in his mothers moist womanhood. "After I jacked you off I went back to my bed and soon had 2 fingers inside my pussy dreaming it was dad fucking me and making me cum like he did to mom." Susan continued, nasty chicks get fucked with big cocks was soooo shaven asian lady plays with her sex toy blowjob. I have not really done anything with boys.

I have kissed and made out with one of my girlfriends at sleepovers but nothing more. I have made up my mind I want dad to be my first." That brought a shocked look from David. She continued, "I want to be able to turn him on so much that he won't be able to say no, so I think I need to learn some things.

Would you help me?" More shock from David. With that Susan reached up to David's head, pulled his head to hers and kissed him. She didn't pull away, though. She slowly opened her mouth as her lips massaged his.

His lips opened and her tongue slowly slipped out to lick his lower lip then touch the tip of his tongue. His arms stole around her waist and pulled her closer. Her soft B-cup breasts flattened against David's chest and both broke the kiss breathing heavily. "That is a good start" She said. "God I am so horny, I think I am ready for the first lesson.

Let's teach you too. First, put your hand under my skirt." She felt David put his hand on her knee and begin to slowly and nervously slide it up her thigh till his fingers touched her panties. "Now rub it a little gently. Ah, that's it. Now slip your hand over the top of my panties and under them. Feel me. Yeah, Oh yeah. Now slip your fingers down lower. Do you feel me getting wet?

Slip one of your fat fingers into the hole there. Not deep just once you get barely into me and swirl your finger around.

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Does it turn you on to feel my pussy and know you are turning me on?" He found just the beginning of her sparse bush. He liked its femaleness. Her face and neck were beginning to blush and her breath was coming hard. "Is this the first pussy you have touched?" David nodded as he also was breathing heavily and kept caressing her virginal opening.

Now that your finger is wet slide it up adorable petite ebony slammed hard in doggystyle by her boyfriend interracial and pussyfuck slit.

Do you feel the lips on either side. Just start swirling your finger around as it keeps coming up. UUUHHHH!!! Yes! right there. Make it wet and slick. Dip back into the opening if you need more pussy juice. Do you feel something like a little pea? Just softly rub all around on that. Yeah! Don't stop!! MMMMGGGHHHH!!" she growled, and she was cumming. Susan's whole body tightened up unbelievably and she groaned in climax. "Okay stop, that is enough." When her breathing returned to normal, she looked at her brothers red face then to the front of his string tied tented gym shorts.

She was still turned on by her climax and she remembered what David's dick had felt like cumming in her hand last night. She looked around quickly to make sure there was still no one around and pulled the tie string. She pulled down his shorts and his 6 inch of throbbing manhood popped out. The head looked big, purple and wet. The veins were thick and visible. Sue reached down and gripped it. It twitched and a blob of thick clear fluid bubbled up from the thin slit in that purple helmet.

moaned and his hips flexed to drive his 14 year old 6 inch thickening cock into Susan's over flowing fist. She was feeling so sexually turned on that before she knew it, her head dropped down and his cock was in her already sucking mouth. Susan reveled in the sense of power and total control of her brother. All he could do was grunt, " Oh OH AH AH!" as his eyes rolled back up in his head. She stroked the shaft and sucked on the knob like it was a big nipple and soon was rewarded by a warm salty odd tasting fluid.

David was so turned on by touching his first pussy and watching his sister writhe around and stiffen up when she came that he was on a short fuse.

On top of it all his sister's hot sucking mouth was the absolute best feeling he had ever felt. He felt his cock swell some more and pressure moving from his taint up through his cock and blow out the head.

She had no idea what to do as she felt her brothers hand resting on the back of her head, so she kept on stroking and sucking his pulsating erupting cock. She ended up with a mouthful of what she realized was her brother's sperm. She turned her head to the side and opened mouth. A big glob of office mature wife is a side business hit the ground. Her mouth still tasted of cum. She closed her eyes and ran her tongue around her mouth now savoring the taste.

With an impish smile Susan leaned over her now prostrate brother and kissed him deeply running her tongue into his mouth.

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"What do you think of the taste? I kind of think I like it. I may swallow it all down next time." Susan told David. "I'll bet mom likes to suck cock. I think she is a very sexy woman" Next time!!!! David thought he had died and gone to heaven. Thinking of his mother doing what his sister had just done made his cock spring back to hardness.

"Not now tiger. Now we start working on you fucking Mom and Dad taking my cherry" smiled Susan. more to come of Marks children's sexual awakening.