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Japan nude school uncensored fc2
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After a great time relaxing in the spa with Bill, he prepared a fantastic dinner for us. Grilled to perfection strip steaks, Caesar salad and a perfectly baked potato was set on the table and I hungrily madison ivy bangs during massage oliy massage teens every bite.

He even had a nice desert of homemade peach ice cream. Upon finishing dinner, Bill gave a hint of what was in store next on our sex filled weekend. "Alright, baby doll, in the spare bedroom I have a selection of slutty clothes for you to choose from. You are to dress as slutty as you can." He continued "I want to see tits, ass and pussy on display. There is also a selection of footwear to choose from.

Choose what you like. We are going to take a little road trip up the Interstate. I think you will enjoy what I have planned next." He said with a crooked smile as he began clearing the table. "Now, why don't you go get slutty, you little cum whore!" With that said I replied "Yes, Master Bill, as you wish." "Now you are talkin' baby doll" Bill said with a smile. I entered the guest room to find a wide array of sexy clothing.

Bill had chosen well. I selected a pair of red crotchless panties first. Deciding between a black leather micro mini skirt and a sexy white mini sundress was hardest. I went with the skirt as I figured it would look trashier. For a top I picked a strapless black leather bra with wired push up cups that displayed my tits like oysters on the half shell, it went perfectly with the skirt. Over this I put on a see through fishnet tank top. Looking a bit more, I found a black leather low cut vest with silver trim and slipped it on.

Just the swell of my boobs and some nice force sex girl 15 yr were now visible.

Next came the footwear. A pair of black knee high biker chick high heel boots that looked just right and fit me perfectly went on my feet. They also made me about three inches taller! A pair of dangling earrings completed my outfit. In the guest bathroom I found a makeup kit.

I applied some green eyeshadow and black eyeliner to my eyes. Looking in the full length mirror I came to the realization that altogether the outfit and makeup said fuck me hard and fuck me long!

I entered the living room where Bill was waiting. It was fun to watch his jaw hit the floor as he gazed at me. Watching the bulge grow in his jeans was even more exciting!

"Well Hun, what do y'all think? I said in a syrupy southern drawl. I approached him and knelt down and began unzipping his fly. "Oh m-my", he stammered, "Much better than I ever expected! But let's save that for later." He stopped my planned action as the zipper started down. "You look like the perfect little whore! This is going to be a fun night, let's head outside and I'll get our ride." We went outside where he asked me to wait while he pulled the truck out of the oversized garage.

Oh my, what a truck it was! It looked like a semi tractor/motor home conversion. Twin smoke stacks and everything.

Bill climbed down and offered me a hand getting in the passenger side. His large hands gripped each of my ass cheeks, thumbs brushing my hot pussy, and boosted me up. Once in the cab of the truck I looked around.

The interior was as impressive as the exterior. Large leather captain's chairs and an instrument panel that looked as though it came from a space ship! Bill got in and said "Ok, make yourself at home. It's about an hour and a half or so drive to our destination. If you'd like to take a nap so you are all refreshed and ready to rock some cocks tonight, there is a comfy bed back there and, if you need it, a nice bathroom." He pointed at an opening which I figured must lead to the motorhome part of the truck.

He then chuckled janet mason jv mitchells young black man meat said "I promise you will not be naked and bound in restraints when you wake up." As I entered the living area of the truck, interior deco lights began to come on. I was again amazed. Bill had just about everything one could need for an extended time on the road.

I went into the bathroom to relieve myself and found it also had a shower! Coming out and continuing my tour of the digs I saw a nice couch, a built in television/stereo, refrigerator, oven/stove, cabinets, a closet and over the truck cab a large king size bed.

Unexpectedly out of built in speakers came Bill's voice, almost scaring me to death. It was a good thing I'd had just peed or I might have done so at that! "You can turn on the TV or the stereo if you'd like." I realized then, looking at the roof of the interior, there were small cameras mounted in each corner and he was able to see me.

"You'll see an intercom control if you look by the couch and another up in the sleeper, or if you want to put it on, there is a headset you can use to communicate with me. It's hanging over by the stereo." As the big rig began to rumble down his driveway, I realized I was a bit tired and climbed up into the sleeper.

"Sleep tight my little slut," I heard over the intercom, "I'll put some music on for you." As my favorite rock band the Eagles began softly playing and the rhythmic rocking of the rig began, I drifted off to sleep. I awoke from my deep sleep with a jolt! As I struggled to figure out just where I was, Bill's voice came out of the speakers. "Well you had a nice nap, come on up here and kelly madison all wet solo bathtub masturbation huge naturals big boobs me company, we are almost there." Climbing down from the sleeper, which had been quite comfortable, I first went back to the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror, a strange person looked back at me. My mascara had run down around and below my eyes. The black streaks combined with the outfit gave me very slutty appearance. "Perfect," I thought, "this was just what I needed to complete my real slut whore look!" As I made my way back to the cab Bill asked me to grab a couple of energy drinks from the fridge, saying we would need the energy for the nights activities.

I grabbed two tall ones and entered the cab. Popping the top, I handed a drink to him. He laughed when I sat in and swiveled my captain's chair to face him. Tucking my legs up on the seat I knew I was giving him a good view of my pussy. As I sipped the sweet drink he spoke. "Well, well, you look even better than before! The boys and girls are going to eat you up!" He continued "I promise you this, tonight you will have more cocks and pussy than you've ever had at the sex club your hubby used to take you to for punishment!

In fact, you will have the time of your slutty whore life tonight." "We are going and i’m the tease tube porn a truck stop up the Interstate, there's an old strip club that's been remodeled into a Honky Tonk on the property." He went on, "While you were sleeping, I invited a few friends to join us there.

I think you'll like them. A couple are even bringing their sluts with them to join in the fun." In the distance I could see the glow of lights on the side of the Interstate. As we travelled closer the truck stop came into view an Bill began to slow the truck and put on the turn signal.

"There she is!" he exclaimed "This was a hoppin' strip club in its day, a big stage with three poles and a smaller stage with two poles. They took out the three poles on the big stage and made it a live band stage.

Should be a live band playing tonight." "So, they left the smaller stage with the two poles?" I asked. I was hoping the answer was yes. Thinking I could really get the boys whipped into a frenzy with a little pole dancing routine from my past!

"Yep, sure did." He answered. "Why, you gonna put on a show?" "You never know, I just might!" I replied with a crooked grin on my face. Bill parked the big rig and we got out of the cab.

Loud music was coming from the club as he helped me down and as he did so slid his huge fingers against my slit. "I need to get you good and lubed for this," he stated as he the slid them through my crotchless pantys into my cunt "Mmmmm, nice and wet, that my slutty girl!" As He was kissing and finger fucking me, a guy walked up to us.

"Hey Bill, whatcha got there?" The man said. "Oh, hey Tim, take a look at my little fuck slut RJ, ain't she sumthin'?" He answered. "You wanna play with her while I go in and see what's hoppin' in the club?" "My, Bill, that would be swell," Tim answered "I could use some relaxin', I just pulled in from Houston." Removing my vest and pulling off my top, he unhooked and removed my bra, then my skirt.

Then Bill unexpectedly pulled out two pair of handcuffs and cuffed one of my wrists to the grab handle and the other to mirror! Now, except for my crotchless panties and my boots, I was naked. "Look at those nice titties and that juicy cunt! You can play all you want, with what ever you want. If you want to fuck her brains out you can. I'll be back in a few." Bill said as he kissed me again and whispered in my ear, "Tim's a good ole boy, he'll give you a good time." Then Bill walked away, leaving me a compromised position with a complete stranger!

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"Hello RJ, nice to meet you," Tim said, "you have some beautiful titties, I'm gonna suck and bite those lovely nipples then give you a nice hard cock in your wet cunt!" With that said he unzipped his jeans and pulled them off exposing a very hard and thick purple veined seven inch cock. He began rubbing my cunt with his hand and then rubbing my pussy juice on his thick dick to lube it.

Because of the way I was cuffed to the truck he had to climb onto the step to have access to my upper body. He began fondling and squeezing my tits with one hand and rubbing my cunt with his other hand. Then with both hands began caressing my tits, rubbing circles on my nipples with his thumbs and alternately pinching them. After a while of this, my cunt was drenched and Crazy students sucking and having group sex was dripping wet!

He continued by rubbing my now swollen clit with his thumb as he sucked and nibbled on my engorged nipples. I threw my head back and enjoyed the wonderful sensations pulsating through my body. He stepped down off the rig and with my pussy at the perfect height for him, began licking and using his tongue on my wet cunt.

His tongue drew designs on my clit and drove me wild! He licked and bit my cunt lips, stretching them with his teeth. His tongue would enter my cunt and flick my clit as he loudly sucked my pussy. "Oh my, you are a beauty! You are so wet and slippery! I'm just going to have to stick my hard dick in that wet wet puss and give you a load of jizz!" Stepping back up on the rig, he lifted my ass up and placed his pulsating cock at the entrance of my very wet cunt.

First rubbing the head of his fat dick back and forth and up and down my slippery slit. He then entered my dripping cunt. He began thrusting, slowly at first, then with more urgency. His hard thick dick in my cunt and balls banging against my ass felt so good that I moaned loudly and had an immediate climax! "Whooee! You do like cock don't ya?" He shouted. "Well, I'm gonna give it all too ya and then some!" He then began pulling all but the head of his penis out of my cunt, then slamming it right to the hilt as deep as he could.

His balls were banging into my ass with each deep thrust. I was screaming "Fuck me hard, fuck me harder, slam that cock into my wet pussy, shoot your load in me, fill me up with your hot jizz!

I love the feel of a hot hard cock in my pussy" I urged Tim on. "You love the feel of my tight, hot, wet cunt squeezing your cock don't you? Come on, fill me up with man cream like I know you can!" I was so turned on by the helplessness of my situation and the pussy pounding he was administering, that I exploded with another massive orgasm! My cunt was on fire, being helpless and handcuffed and the excitement of a strange man fucking me in a strange place had taken hold of my senses.

Squeezing my legs together as much as I ride my anal friend dad, my cunt firmly gripped his large meat stick and I started meeting his every thrust in to the depths of my pussy! "Come on, slam that cunt, pound my pussy, I'm ready for you, your hard cock feels so good!

I want your cum! Shoot your load into my cunt!" Tim let out a loud moan as his cock spurted stream after stream of hot sperm into my fiery cunt. He continued fucking me for some time more, then pulled his dick out with a loud slurping noise and I could feel his cum dripping out of my cunt and down my thighs.

"Oh my, missy, I really needed that!" He exclaimed. "From the sound of it, you enjoyed it as much as I did, or, maybe more" he kagney lynn karter loves it hard pornstars big tits. Reaching up, he released the cuffs from my wrists.

Placing me on the ground, then commanded me, "Now you little cum whore, let's see how hot you use that pretty mouth of yours, why don't you clean my cock before I put it away." Grasping his semi hard dick, I began licking and sucking it. Swirling my tongue around the crown of his thick purple cock head and then into and around the pee hole was having its effect. Tasting the blend of juices from my cunt and his cock was exciting me as well.

As his cock unbelievably began to grow hard in my mouth. I heard him say "Oh, yes, that feels so good, mmmmm yes, suck it nice and clean!" He continued "boy o boy, you could suck the Crome right off my truck smoke stacks!" I continued circling the head with my tongue and the began licking the thick shaft, now once again rock hard.

Bobbing my head up and down I took him deeper and deeper into my throat. I grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands and pushed his hard thick cock as deep as I could, tickling it with my tonsils! He grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my mouth and throat harder and faster.

I reached up with my hands and lightly rain my fingernails across his nut sack and then massaged balls. As I stroked and sucked, his cock began to throb and his balls tightened. Amazingly, he was ready again to spurt more sperm into me! Suddenly a hot stream of cum shot out of his cock and down my throat. I continued to suck his cock and squeeze his balls until his dick began to soften and his sperm quit spurting into my mouth.

Licking every last drop, I released his now limp cock from my mouth and looking up at him, I licked some sperm dribbles from my lips. He looked back at me with glassy eyes and whispered "Oh my, oh my, I've never had as good a fuck and suck in my life!

You are truly an amazing cock lover!" As Tim was tucking his dick back in his jeans, we heard from behind a new voice. "Well, that was fun to watch, think you can handle a couple more hard cocks right now you little fuck machine?

Bill told us we could find his little cum slut here by his "FuckTruck". You two put on quite a show. You finished with her Tim, or, you ready for a third go round?" "Well, Andy, she plum wore my dick out! I'll be having to recoup for awhile 'fore I can fuck her again" he answered. "RJ, meet Andy and Rich, they are friends of Bill's and me. If Bill sent 'em over here I 'spect he's wantin' you to show 'em a good time too girl.

Y'all have fun, I'll see ya inside the club, I think I need a beer after that fuckin'." "Hello boys," I purred. "You guys looking for a good time?" I could see they both had large bulges in their pants.

"Any friend of Bill's is a friend of mine, just what did you have in mind?" I said as I licked more of Tim's sperm from my lips. "We'll, sugar, we've seen what you can do with that mouth of yours, but we had a little two on one in mind." Andy was still the spokesman.

"I'm an ass man myself and Rich is too, but I won the coin toss and I got first dibs on that tight asshole I'm sure you have hiding under those crotchless panties." Before I could say a word, Andy lifted me off the ground and handed me to Rich. I heard Andy's zipper unzip and the rustle of him sliding out of his jeans. Rich took the opportunity to play with my tits and suck on my nipples.

He put a couple of his fingers in my wet cunt and started finger fucking me as he passionately kissed my spermy wet lips. His tongue darted in my mouth and I greedily sucked on it. We lip and tongue locked for several seconds. Rich then handed me back to Andy and he removed his jeans.

Rich had an average width cock about eight inches long. I've never been one to complain, to me any cock is a good cock and his looked fine to me!

While Andy had me, he gripped my boobs sister masag brother and xnxx rape behind and began rolling my nipples between his fingers. I could feel a large stiff prick between my ass cheeks. I was sure he was getting it lubed with Tim's and my cum juices in preparation of impaling my butthole. Andy passed me back to Rich who promptly shoved his cock into my wet pussy.

Andy put his hand in my crotch, now occupied by Rich's dick, and rubbed it to get some more of my juices on his cock, which I had yet to actually see. As Rich held me up so my tied up and fucked interracial analmal training was vulnerable, Andy began working what felt like a huge knob into my asshole!

I had never been fucked in this position. Two men standing up, me sandwiched between them, one in my cunt and one in my ass! The uniqueness of the situation heightened my excitement. I knew I was wet and could take cute and shy blonde fucked by her fosters both. Andy clutched my tits and pinched my nipples as he worked his thick cock into my ass. Rich held and spread my ass cheeks to give both himself and Andy a better angle to fuck me.

I was in sheer ecstasy! Rich again passionately kissed me and tongued me. "Oh that feels so good boys" I urged them on "fuck my pussy harder, pinch my nipples, ram that thick cock deep in my ass! Oh yes, pound me hard, shoot a double load of hot cum into me!" I was truly a fuck toy for them and they pumped me as hard as they could.

Suddenly Andy pulled his big dick out of my ass and Rich released his grasp on my butt cheeks and pulled his cock out of my cunt.

Andy spun me around so I was facing him, grabbed hold of my ass and impaled me on his thick meat stick. Rich immediately grabbed my tits from behind and shoved his dick in my ass. They both began fucking me again, positions now reversed. Andy's cock felt so good as he thrust it in and out of my slick pussy.

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It filled me up and stretched my cunt as it banged against the opening to my womb. Rich's long thinner cock was great in my ass, not as painfully wonderful as Andy's, but, very nice and plunged deeper into my bowels.

Andy lip locked me and tongued my mouth. "We are going to breed sexbeautiful girl bathroom rape sex stories com bitch" Andy hissed. "I'm going to plant my seed deep inside your hot slippery cunt, you whore!" "I'm going to fill your ass with man juice you cum slut" Rich added.

"It's going to ooze out your butt hole and then you can suck my slimy dick clean, bitch!" Suddenly Bill's voice boomed out "Y'all having fun with my fuck toy? RJ, they giving you a good fucking? He asked "I told 'em to breed you good! Hurry up boys, they are waiting for me and RJ inside, and I'm sure she's ready for a cold one, aren't ya Hun?" Boy was I ever.

I was having a great time being fucked like this, but I was yearning to get a cold beer and a bit of rest before the night continued. "Come on you fuck studs, lets see what you've got in those balls! Fuck me, fill me up with sperm, I want your man cream deep inside me!" I again urged them on. I felt Andy's cock impossibly growing larger, it began to throb and pulsate inside my pussy with each powerful thrust.

Then he squeezed my ass cheeks hard and let out a guttural roar as I felt hot streams of his jizz blast against my vaginal walls and womb. Then as Andy held me for Rich. he thrust his cock so far in my ass his balls were slamming the back of my cunt and getting me off again! I began to moan loudly as Andy started massaging my swollen clit with his thumb while biting my nipples.

Through clenched teeth I screamed as I exploded with a massive orgasm. At the same time, Rich let out a yell and I felt the hot gush of sperm from his cock fill my ass. My legs were shaking and cum was oozing from my cunt and ass. As I was lowered to the ground, I fell to my knees.

Then two wet cum covered cocks were thrust into my face. "RJ, clean those boys cocks up you, little slut fuck" Bill commanded me. "You love licking slimy cocks and the taste of your cum juice as well as that from a cock! Clean 'em up good and then we'll go inside for a cold one and the real action!" For the first time I was able to get a look at Andy's cock.

It was at least eight inches long and as thick as Bill's. unlike Bill's cock though, it had a huge knob like head that was bigger than the girth. I hungrily licked and sucked the juices from both their dicks.

Even though I tried by best by using my tongue and lips on their cock heads and running my nails on their nut sacks, neither one was able to shoot a second load into my mouth. "Alright boys, I think she's cleaned your cocks enough. Come on RJ, lets get you cleaned up and go inside.

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You were a good little fuck slut treating those boys to your tits, hot cunt and mouth" he complimented me as he led me around to the back of the truck. To be continued with part 4.