Bathing brunette moans in the hot tub

Bathing brunette moans in the hot tub
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I had always classified myself as a chubby chaser. At 30 years of age and standing 6 foot 2 inches tall, very handsome, with an amazing 9 inch dick, a lot of women loved me, but I usually went after the plumpers. I had fucked my share of chubby girls; I loved the chubby girls with nice big tits, big, round asses, and a pretty face to boot and Tina was no exception: I met Tina one hot night at a Greyhound bus station in the middle-of-nowhere Nebraska.

It was two in the morning and Tina and I were the only two people in that station. She was sitting quite close to me, despite the fact that we were the only two there.

I couldn't help but glance at her and notice that she was racy and wild fuckfest smalltits and hardcore a very low cut top, which showed off her massive cleavage, that shown with sweat.

I also noticed that she happened to be wearing small shorts.

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I was immediately turned on and my cock grew very hard, just staring at her. Very soon, Tina turned and looked at me. "See anything you like, big boy?" She asked me "I just couldn't help, but notice what you were wearing." I responded with a half-smile. "Mmhm," she said, "You like my big boobs?" She asks. "What straight man wouldn't?" I ask "You'd be surprised." She says stimulating women own poon tang deepthroat and blowjob a giggle.

"Some men don't like these 38H tits." I look at her and lift my hand slowly and reach over towards her chest, she actually leans toward me and allows me to cup one of her big tits. "You like that, don't you?" She asks. "Oh hell yeah." I assure her and squeeze the other one. "I know a place where we can go, if you want to see them." She tells me and then stands up, her big round ass, seeming to taunt me as my cock throbs in my shorts.

I stand as well and follow her out of the door and down the street. We walk about 20 minutes before we come to a small, seemingly abandoned building, but yet when we walked in, she flicks a switch and the light comes on, revealing a queen sized bed with silk sheets. "You want to see these tits, huh?" She asks, but doesn't wait for a reply before she pulls off her shirt and her tits come into view. I stood in awe as I stared at the big wonderful tits, her nipples were erect and about the size and color of pencil erasers.

Her areolas were a good size and color too. I took a step forward and hefted one of those big juicy tits into my hand and leaned down to flick my tongue across the nipple. "Mmmm." Tina moans lightly as my tongue caresses her nipple, and she pushes my face right into her tit. I suck as much of that big juicy tit into my mouth as I possibly can and then I do the same to her other one.

As I service her big tits, she reaches down and takes a hold of my fully erect dick through my shorts. "Jesus fucking Christ, you are huge!" She gasps and I just answer with a chuckle. She slowly strokes my cock through the material before I stop sucking her tits and drop my shorts, allowing my dick to come into view and I hear her mutter; "Holy shit!" I smile and place my hand upon her head and she takes the cue and drops to her knees, with my big cock right in first time sister sleep brsex face.

Tina then sticks her tongue out towards my dick and licks the very tip.

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I wrap her hair around my hand as she flicks her tongue up and down the length of my cock before slowly working two or three inches into her mouth. I sigh as her warm mouth envelopes about 5 inches of my rock hard dick, and she begins to bob her head up and down, giving me a damn good blowjob. "Holy shit," I mutter, as she sucks my big cock. "Goddamn, you give good head." She looks up at me and winks as she continues to suck my cock. After she blows me for about ten minutes, she stands up, turns around and bends over the bed.

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I take that as I sign to pull her shorts down. I move forward and grab her shorts, but instead of sliding them down, I grab ahold of them and yank at the thin material, ripping her shorts right across her big ass. "Oooh, someone is kinky." She says as she begins to pant slightly.

As I rip her shorts all the way off and reveal her big round ass, I can smell just how aroused she is. I kneel down, with her big ass in my face and pull her legs apart, so that I can bury my face into her soaked pussy. I immediately lunge my tongue into her moist hole and she gasps as I lick at her wetness. "Oh fuck!" She moans as I savagely eat her pussy from behind, soaking my face with her wetness.

"Oh fuck, eat my pussy!" She cries out, cute teen fucking in her first porn scene ever la nintildea star back and presses my face harder into her pussy. After a while, I stand up and rub my huge cock against her pussy and she jerks a little.

"How are you going to fit that big thing inside of my pussy?" She asks. "Oh, it'll fit." I reply as I stick the head into the hole. "Oh shit." She gasps as I work about three inches into her soaked pussy. "More! Give me more!" I grunt as I slide more of my big cock into her tight pussy, feeling her pussy stretch wide to accommodate my dick.

Then without any warning, I plunge all 9 inches into her and she squeals as I hit the back of her pussy. "Oh fuck! I feel so full!" She moans as I allow her pussy to get used to being so stuffed.

"I've never had anything bigger than 6 inches in me before, fuck it feels so good!" I slowly begin to slide my dick back outward, and then I push it all the way back into her pussy, making her gasp again.

She moans as I repeat the action and grips the bed sheet. I begin to gain a bit of speed and her moaning slowly rises in volume. Pretty soon I am thrusting my cock in out of her tight pussy like a piston as her pussy makes loud sloshing noises. I hold her hips and occasionally I smack her big ass, which gains even louder moans from her.

I begin to really slam my cock deep into her pussy, causing her to almost scream with pleasure before I suddenly stop and pull out. Before Tina even has time to ask what is wrong, I touch my dick to her asshole, causing her to jump. "Oh shit!" She exclaims. "Your cock is far too big for that! You'll destroy my little asshole!" "That's kind of the plan." I say and work my head into her tight brown eye. "Holy fuck." She groans and I sink a bit more of my cock into her ass.

I deliberately take my time, so as not to hurt her too much, sliding a bit more of my cock into that tight asshole, then stopping and then sliding a bit more in, until pretty soon, my cock is buried to the balls in her ass. "Oh holy shit!" She cries out. "If I thought that you filled my pussy up, it is nothing compared to how full my asshole feels!" I merely chuckle and slowly work my cock out of her ass and slowly slide it back in.

"Faster baby!" She moans. "Please!" I happily oblige and start fucking her ass as fast as I can go without hurting her too bad. My dick is hugged hard by her asshole, so hard in fact; I am surprised that she isn't cutting off the blood to my cock with her tight ass. I had fucked a few women with tight assholes before, but none of them could compare to Tina's.

I looked down at her round, plump ass as I piston my dick in and out of it and immensely enjoy the sight of my huge cock tearing up this tight little asshole. I then leverage myself up and practically stand above her ass and she lifts it higher so that my dick won't come out and I begin to furiously pound her asshole as hard and fast as I can go, causing her to squeal as I rip her tight asshole apart.

"Oh goddamn! Oh holy fuck!" She screams as I ravage her ass. "Jesus H. Fuck! Pound my little asshole"! I smile and slam harder into her asshole for a while more before I decide to return my dick to her sweet pussy. I grab Tina, flip her onto her back, roughly shove her legs up and jam my dick, fresh from her ass back into her pussy, causing her to squeal again.

I begin to pound her pussy with no mercy, slamming deep into her pussy as hard as possible, her big tits bouncing hard.

After a while of pounding her like this, I stop and pull out. I stick my dick back up her ass for a moment and then walk up to her face and roughly jam my cock into her mouth. "Taste your ass!" I demand as I make her suck it. She moans as I slide my cock in and out of her mouth, but I soon get bored of it. I pull my cock out of her mouth and walk to closet and open it and begin to look around.

I soon find what a few good length of rope and walk back to her. "Ever been tied up?" I ask her. "No, but I am willing to try anything." She says. I grab her wrists and wrap a bit of rope around them and then do the same to her ankles. I scratch my chin and look up, spotting the perfect beam above the bed.

I grab a body and cum hole need stimulation hardcore and russian chair, move it toward the bed and stand up on it. I then take the length of rope in my hand and toss it through the space between the beam and the teacher and student xxx vidod, making the rope come back toward the bed.

"What is that for?" Tina asks, but I don't answer. I wrap the rope that is tied to the beam through the rope tied to her arms and legs. I then lean all my weight onto the rope, which acts as pulley system and lifts her from the bed. "H-holy shit!" Tina gasps as I pull her up and tie the rope off into a secure spot so that she is lifted high enough that when I stand on the bed, my cock can easily reach her ass and pussy.

I plunge my cock deep into her pussy and begin to fuck her brutally as she is suspended in the air. I hold nothing back as I ravage her tight pussy, determined to give her a fuck that she would not be forgetting any time soon.

I try not to allow her to swing too much as I don't want the rope to hurt her too much before my fun was over. I switch my cock into her asshole and pound that for a while and then switch back to her pussy, switching back and forth every so often before I finally fire 5 huge globs of warm cum deep into her ass, which as I should have expected, began to leak back out of her ass as soon as I pulled my cock out.

I then lower Tine back to the bed and untie her, as her moaning subsides, with my cum still leaking from her torn asshole. "Holy fuck, that was the best fuck I have had in my 28 of years of life!" She exclaims as she lies next to me.

I chuckle and wrap my arms around her chubby body and we fall asleep together. The next morning, I wake up before Tina does and I slowly spread her legs open, exposing her waiting pussy. I bury my face into her warm snatch and begin to lap at her pussy, which soon awakens her. "Good morning to you too, Mr. Big Dick." Tina says with a giggle, before throwing her head back and letting out a long, loud moan. I immediately attack her clit and begin to suck on it as I rub her pussy hole with one of my clever fingers, causing her to squirm and moan louder.

"Oh fuck!" She squeals. "I think I am going to cum!" Sure enough, her pussy explodes in my face and her juices drench me, as I try to catch as much of her sweet nectar in my mouth as I can.

As soon as she is done cumming, I stand and walk over to her face.

"Ever been pissed on?" I ask her as I grin and aim my cock at her. "No." She says, but doesn't have time to say anything else as I aim a stream of hot piss right at her face and tits. "Oh holy fuck!" She squeals as I piss on her. "That is making me horny!" After I finish pissing on her, I lie on my back and tell her to suck my cock. She obliges and soon begins to slurp on my cock, making it get rock hard in seconds. "Deep throat me!" I shout and she struggles to fit as much of my huge dick into her mouth as possible.

She gags and jerks back, but I grab her head and shove it down, causing her to gag more. "Did I say that you could stop, you bitch?" I ask. "You are my fuck slave now!" I pull my cock out of her mouth so that she can answer. "No, master, I am sorry master." She says. "Now I have to fucking punish you." I tell her and I stand.

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I grab her head and shove my cock deep into her throat, causing her to gag more, but I just hold her head into place, as tears begin angelina castro face full of cum deepthroat and cumontits stream down her face from trying not to gag too much. I finally release her head and she vomits over the edge of the bed causing me to slap her. "Did I fucking say you could puke?" I ask her "No master!" She gasps I jam my cock deep into her throat again and she gags once more, but I ignore the sound, shoving my dick deeper into her throat.

I pull back again and she fights back the urge to puke this time and I decide to allow her to rest. "That was pretty exciting!" She gasps, her eyes streaming. "I've never done that before." I smile and wipe a bit of vomit from her chin. "You might want to clean that up," I tell her, "And while you're at it, you might as well get dressed. Our bus to Phoenix leaves in 30 minutes." Tina nods and leaves the room and I get dressed and I am pulling on my boots when she re-enters the room, fully dressed and cleans up the vomit.

We then leave the little building and walk briskly to the station just in time to board our bus. Tina sits next to me as I look out the window, waiting for the bus to get moving. "So does this maybe, mean that we are going out?" She asks. "Sure." I say as I turn and smile at her. "That was truly the best sex that I have ever had." She tells me and I smile and caress her cheek. "I'm glad that you enjoyed it." I say and then I lean back and fall asleep as the bus heads toward Phoenix.