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Pretty cutie caresses large shlong pornstar and hardcore
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. THE NURSES: I should have known better. Steep trail hiking with my grandchildren, along with the wonderful fun, put me into a nursing home to rest and recover for a couple of weeks. It is a very nice place for the type, though.

The nursing help is especially adept and caring. A young one, who is new to her beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams even chastely kisses me on the cheek after each time she administers to me.

Cute! So, I find myself at lunch, in the cafeteria, since I am ambulatory again. And another guy comes to sit with me, to avoid those that mumble into their food, I assume. He looks to be about my age and is very animated in his yakking at me. He brings up the food that is very good here. Not exceptional, but definitely very good. And I readily agree with his assessment. And then he moves on to Robin Nestling, our very young and attractive nurse.

Must had one of those nightmares of parents, the ones with a sense of humor that they couldn't avoid using in naming their dear daughter. Probably if she had known what a bother having such a name was going to be for her during her diaper stage, she might have spit up, pooped and peed on them more often. Baby humorous revenge, you know. Oh, well. They might have named her Robin R. Brestling, to seal the deal for her school nightmares, but held themselves back from that. Just barely.

She did turn out to be a delightful young lady, though. Hope that all of the tormenting boys got her nastier school mates for their wives.

Anyway, Brester, my companion for dinner this afternoon, brought up something even more interesting about our Robin. Since these kinds of facilities didn't pay the help, especially the newest ones, diddly in pay, she was moonlighting with the men, coming back in late at night to service the guys for tips to be able to pay her rent and actually eat.

And evidently tips were very good. From what she had told him, she hoped that in about five years, she would have saved up enough to move on to some other kind of business. Hopefully one of her own. I agreed with him, that she was making a good choice to use her time to lay the foundation for her future.

Even if it was in a nontraditional way. Probably would far exceed what she night have gained through an I.R.A. though. And then he laid out a plan that he would like to offer to her. And he was looking intently at me at this point. He wanted to share with some other guy in renting a two-bedroom condo and offer her to stay with him and the other guy (staring me down at this point) with her paying no rent, but servicing each of us once a week.

I quickly ran this through my mind with my bookkeeper's mind and offered that babe gets fucked in both holes telsev would probably have to kick in two hundred a month for her food budget to make it come out even.

He nodded at that, but replied that if he and that person could swing it, the not requesting of that food money might be the final leverage to getting her to agree with it.

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And also, with her being able to save all of the money that she was paid and gained through her nighttime activities she might get to her goal in only two years instead of the five that she figured on.

And then he changed the subject, sort of, and asked about my situation. I told him that my sister and her husband had moved into my condo and were paying a reasonable amount of rent for it. I hated to take it back over, since they were being so good about things, but had no place arranged to move to yet.

Brester's eyes lit up with that. And he asked if I would be interested in pairing with him with the offer to the nurse in coordination. I remarked that I would check into this and let him know in a couple of days and he got excited, but asked that I hurry it up since time was running out to make decisions on what each of us would do after we sprung out from this place. We were both due to be medically paroled on the same day a week and a half later on a Saturday. So, after lunch I called my son, who was now running my bookkeeping and accounting firm, and ran the situation suggested by Brester by him.

I did leave out the pretty filly running around with two old swaybacks, though. He said that he would check things out and if it looked good, he would put some money down on a place that looked like it would do for the two of us old guys.

He evidently ran this by a local detective agency that came back with a report that Brester was a quirky guy, but honest and harmless. I already knew about the sunny leoue new sex stories xxxx story 2019 with him coming up with this prospective plan.

And my daughter-in-law, the lovely and fine lady that she was, had found a darling (in her words) ground floor condo at a reasonable price right over on the street of the infamous Mt. Baker Condo complex. Oh, it is not that bad, really. It is just a preserve for the oldster 'pervs' of town, not that I was judging, you know.

My place would be just a couple of blocks north. Just far enough to avoid any overflow of noise from below, but close to the 'well known' RED KNIGHT'S escort preserve, another of the highlights of Maple Grove Way. Anyway, Mabel put down an earnest money payment on the place and brought pictures of it to show me and Brester. He was more interested in my daughter-in-law, but I warned him to pull in his horns, because this fine lady was already taken, by my son.

So, with that he calmed down and acted almost gentlemanly as he took a more serious look at the pictures and gave his approval of it. He then took out his handy checkbook and wrote a check for the first, last and damage deposit amount in full, with me to repay him when we moved in.

Both of our names would be on the rental agreement. And since we both had excellent credit, it would surely go through. And it did through the rental agency and we moved in over the last couple of days of our medical incarceration with my grandchildren's help.

It was ready for us when we left the gates of the nursing home. And so was Robin, who had been first overwhelmed and then very gracious in her acceptance of our offer. The evening of our being settled into our sensual redhead bonny bon squirts a river while being fucked balls deep gp home, she showed up after dark with three large chests and a couple of those rolling luggage's to be moved into our home.

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Since, both Brester and I were sparing on our own clothing, there was plenty of room in each of our closets and bureaus for her things. Since, she would be sleeping in each of our rooms in rotation, this worked out fine, and we even let her have the top drawers of the bureaus in our appreciations for her.

After she had been there a week, we also found her a vanity to put in the master bedroom where Brester was established. We both got fervent kisses over that, too. Since both Brester and I had made love with her more than once in the nursing home, we were quite knowledgeable of her sexual manners. She was just a regular gal, not much into kinky stuff, though she did allow anal monthly in monthly rotations to each of us.

Once a month for one of us, that is. And she was blond black boots bitch fucking in the shadows much into the romantic and loving stuff, like kissing, having her breasts attended to and oral all around. I can't think of one time that I was ever disappointed in our relations.

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And I know that Brester wasn't either. Just a few times over the two years that she was with us did she allow both Brester and I to have her together.

The first time being the night that she moved in with us. She could tell that both of us were very heated to have her that night and so she indicated to us to be together in Brester's bed and she would after having a shower join us. To say that two old duffers were expectant of having such a pretty young woman to share between us that night, is to seriously under estimate the situation.

And when she appeared into the room and doffed her pretty robe to be naked to our views, we were both seriously pinching our arms to make sure that we were not having serious 'wet dreams.' But we established that we weren't and since we were not having a wet dream teen jaye summers sucks and rides fathers buddy and she was very dry from her toweling and drying of her hair, she with a very sweet smile moved up to be laying on her back between us.

With this Brester and I moved to our sides to be each taking up a side of her. And we shared her to her multiplied delight. She especially seemed to enjoy our attentions to her titties, at the same time and when we each had a finger up her pussy together, she got her first climax, when Brester hit her 'G' spot.

Then we took turns with her taking our dicks into her mouth for light sucking and licking and us rotating in having our dick up her pussy. Finally, with us guys getting tired, she had me lay on my back and she mounted up on me cowgirl style and then leaned forward to be laying on my body, with Brester coming up into her pussy from behind, us both being up into her at the same time. She instructed Brester to provide the movements from behind and soon he and I shot our full wads up into her dear little abdomen, to her additional climax and all of our slumping into a resting.

Then we fell apart, with me pulling a sheet up over us and we intertwined together for the night. What a wonderful beginning to her residence with us.

During her two years with us, she continued her late-night excursions back to the nursing home and was never caught in it, or more likely ignored as it was keeping the male residents very much calmed down for the rest of the staff. She was such a delight around the condo, with her taking on her share of the cleaning and cooking and also decorating it with her person dressed in slinky loose and cord supported top that stopped just below her breast line complimented by a pair of dance panties with very fluffy leg holes.

And for her feet she had found a black pair of fluffy slippers to match the colors of the other parts of her costume. This kept us very entertained between our scheduled intimate nights, mine on Thursdays and his on Mondays.

It just worked out so fine, but after the two years, she left us to take up with a really nice guy of about her age, and we were very generous in our wedding gifts when that came about. We never got to have her again, but before she left the nursing home and our place she had talked to a number of the other newer struggling nurses and found another one to take her place with us.

And so then, Edna and Edith (twins) came to be with us. While Robin had been a certified practical nurse at the age of eighteen when we met her, the twins were at the ages of twenty-two each and both full registered nurses, too. But both still grossly underpaid for their qualifications.

Most of the girls who took these underpaid jobs, did so to just get the experience necessary to get better jobs, but they still had to live till then and living on these low wages was very challenging. That is where Brester and I came in, and they came into our lives.

Brester and I were a bit worried about this at first, two lively nurses living with us two duffers. But, on the first night in home, with each one in a bed with us, things fell into place very well. For one thing, these gals were sexual animals. They loved it and even though they were each obligated to give us the business each week and took care of the guys at the nursing home on some of the nights, they didn't contain themselves or us at that.

In a practical sense we could have them anytime and anyway that we wanted, and did so regularly. That first night in our condo, Edna started out in Brester's bed and Edith was in mine.

Even though they were twins, they were not identical. They related to us that their mother was a serious slut and proud of it, and on the night that they were conceived, she had had an orgy with several very able lovers taking her in succession.

So, probably the two girls were of different fathers, despite them being generated in the same night with the same mother. Didn't make no never mind to them. They were as close to each other as any identical twins that I ever knew. I suspected that they got their first lessons in adult love in a bed with each other and no one else, but they never volunteered that information, and I never saw them playing with each other.

It would have been quite a challenge with them in different beds with each of us usually and once in a while all of us together. But, on that first night in the condo, they alternated between our two beds, changing partners about every half an hour and both Bester and I got them in all three holes each, with them in absolute glee in the giving.

I couldn't see in the other bedroom, but things started with Edith and I actively kissing and she was barely into the shallow kissing that some women and providers insist on.

Hell bent for leather, deep kissing with tongues extremely active and spittle all over the place was her 'thing.' And when she moved me down to her tits, she lifted them up to my attentions and ordered me in the applications of my mouth to them.

No milk for the present (It came in for both of them later under ordered medications by them and repeated usage by us at our requests. They were happy to oblige, and the guys at the ravishing starlet with big tits enjoys masturbating home loved them too.) But it was hard to tell the absence until then with all of the spit flinging around.

I think Edith, or maybe it was Edna got her first blast from my sucking on her tits. She and Edith were the most actively sensitively reactive tit suckees that I had ever met, then or later. They just loved it and would even serve up their tits in the middle of the night when we were nearly asleep, a really fine way to enjoy the night.

Especially later when their milk came in. But, by the time that we got to sucking on their pussies, I had completely lost track of whose pussy my mouth was on, but I knew for sure that it wasn't Brester's because he was male and just as busy in the other bedroom with whoever wasn't in mine.

When my mouth got down to the working zone, she first had me lick up and down the female slit there to lather the area up and wake up all of the lovely female parts. It didn't take at all long and it was very lesbian couple enjoys themselves with sex toys up and hot to the touch.

Then there was another switch and whoever was beneath me then was in the same condition as the one that had just left. So, I moved my mouth to engage with her pussy hole and with that, she yelled at me to stick it in, as far as it would go, and to my surprise it reached to her 'G' spot. I never did figure out how that happened, but she was beside herself with that and dumped a large load of her female cum into my mouth for my trouble. But she didn't let me off with that, she with her hands virtually welded my lips to her pussy hole and ordered me to continue to suckle on it.

And when she was raising up on her haunches in desperate desire of fucking, she lifted me up and forced my dick up inside of her and rode me from underneath to her total climax and mine. I was the one to pass out from the exertions and release and she tenderly moved me to over on my back and reversed herself to bring her pussy up to my face for when I woke up and her mouth to my dick which she so very gently suckled on for long into the night.

Thankfully the two of them accomplished their savings in just a little over a year and another young one became available, when they left. But, Brester and I delayed her arrival until we got back from a Mediterranean Health Spa stay of a month to recover from the wondrous love makings of the twins.

My family was aghast at our situations over the years, but had enough sense to stay out of our business, since they had no bone in our life's dish. It was all upon us. And a bonus was that none of them ever bothered us in person, there are so many bonuses to an intelligent decision that we make, isn't' there? And our status was intelligent, since it prevented two old duffers from living sad and unfulfilling lives.

The next girl was named Tina, and despite her name was Asian, of a Chinese and something else mix that she never volunteered to us. She was tiny as some Asian females tend to be, but not in her sexual appetites. She at first kept us almost as busy at the two twins had together.

But after a bit, she saw that she was overdoing it with us and so transferred some of her activity to some of the guys at the nursing home, to their joys, I would imagine. But, Brester and I were still getting all that we could want for ourselves too. And she had the delightful habit of having the curtains closed and wandering about the apartment nude. Sort of a mobile sexy decoration in person, and best of all, if either of us got the inspiration, she would render herself up at a moment's notice, like us guys could do that.

But it did occur that we would take our pills in anticipation of her showings and then move on to her available sexy chassis upon our supposedly spontaneous urges. She knew, of course, but to maintain the fun, she always acted surprised and cooperative, too. On one such occasion, Brester was out of the condo for one of the rare times of our association and Tina was busy washing dishes at the kitchen sink. There weren't that many, but he was occupying herself to drain off her considerable energies for the moment.

So, as she was 'lolly-gagging' around at the sink, I decided to energize things a bit, with her gorgeous little body in view, so I approached her from behind and gathered her into a firm hug while she continued to swipe at the dishes she was playing with. And then I moved her body back a bit from the sink cabinet and lowered myself to have my face even with her pussy.

She lowered herself and widened out her legs, so that I could operate on her nether regions. This made it even more of a challenge to finish the dishes because now she was supported in place not totally by her legs that were quivering with my oral attentions to her pussy and hands to her ass, but mostly by her elbows on the counter surface.

The bonus from this was that with her body suspended oldnanny very chubby granny and fat mature fucked with strapon bdsm scene the sink countertop, her body was easily maneuvered around to fit my sensual desires, the bad thing was that her eyes were closed and her gorgeous nina elle licking and sucking large hard meat interracial pornstars useless to finish the washing of the dishes.

But, thankfully, that seemed to have a very low priority to her at the time, as it also did for me. By the time I was done getting her pussy and ass in amazing brunette fills herself with big toys for a sexy docking maneuver, she was ready for it and begged me to move to her back and take whatever port there I wanted immediately and in this case I chose the ass, the tiny thing to plunge into with my then rock hardened cock.

Since this was only an occasional thing with it, I always chose the anus when it happened as other times I might want it, but be unable to complete the desired intimate process. She was thrilled with this, because it meant that she wouldn't have to take a day after pill with me unloading up in her ass.

She hated condoms and liked to play dangerously with her reproductive process, but to our reliefs she never did get pregnant, as far as we knew in all of the time she spent with us. And she stayed the longest of them all. For about a decade, long bangbros milf kendra lust takes control of the thief ryan mclane Brester and my old age. By the way, that time at the sink, with me up her ass, she began to bounce her ass up and down on my cock and soon both of us emptied our cums, hers on to the floor.

And then she knelt in it before cleaning it up and finished off my cock with a thorough sucking to remove all traces of my offense to her ass. What a gal. She finished the dishes, just as Brester came back into the apartment.

He unwise to what had transpired between Tina and I. Oh well, 'what you don't know can't hurt you!' I often wonder what idiot thought that saying up. Brester died before Tina left the condo and my brother-in-law moved in with me upon Bresters death, with my sister's demise too.

Not related to anything Tina or he did, just coincidence at its saddest. He and I got along quite well, but though we shared the condo, a bit larger than the one that he and my sister had lived in (that I still rented out), we though sharing the girls that stayed with us, we never did so together in the same bed. I guess that I reminded him too much of his dead wife, my sister, and he didn't want any trips down memory lane; just a good fuck once in a while with a willing partner.