Hollie macks tight teen pussy pounded over and over again

Hollie macks tight teen pussy pounded over and over again
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Fucking Teagan - Part 5 (A back story in Teagan's words) "I don't really remember my father. What little I do recall, are more like dream fragments than actual memories. Oh, I have seen photographs, but those are stills, not memories. Dad disappeared from my life when I was barely three years old. No, he did not leave mother and me for someone else or for another more interesting life. He simply disappeared.

No trace of him was ever found, other than his car. He had been hiking on the South Island. Mom says the authorities searched for months but never turned up any trace of my dad, or any clues as to what might have happened." "As such, I was an only victoria june and dylan snow raised by an independent, loving, and self reliant single mom.

Once dad disappeared, mom set out to hot granny is ready to feel a young cock really deep the best life she possibly could for us.

That meant working long hours and occasionally weekends to help make ends meet. I spent much of my early life with family friends until I was able to go to kindergarten. Once there, I quickly learned to rely on my wits to get what I wanted and/or needed.

It was obvious, even to a five year old, that the teacher was too busy to really care about me, so I just figured things out on my own. I learned by watching the mistakes the other kids made." "Not long after I turned six, mom was promoted to a much higher paying and much less demanding job than she had.

We were able to spend more time together. Mom enrolled me in gymnastics as I had become fiercely independent, and very strong willed. She thought the structure and discipline of gymnastics would be good for me. She was right. For the first time since my dad vanished, I suddenly had a male authority figure back in my life.

My coach Alex; he was from Russia. All I knew is that I would willingly try to do anything he asked of me, just in the hope of pleasing him. I loved to listen to him speak, even if I could not always understand his thick Russian accent. When he would spot me on a trick or help support me, his strong hands and his reassuring touch caused me to get butterflies in my stomach.

I loved it." "For years, all through primary school, the bus would drop me off at the gym each afternoon. Alex and I would get the mats set up and do whatever needed doing before the classes started. Alex would also help me stretch. I would lie on my back; Alex would sit on one of my legs and carefully stretch the other leg, pushing it toward my chest.

Unlike many of the girls my age, in my class, I refused to wear panties with my leotard. I mean, the older girls didn't, and I wanted to be like them, so why should I. I also thought the cotton panties showing through the high cut leg holes of my leotard looked stupid.

I realize now that Alex probably thought I didn't notice when his hand brushed my puffy, little girl pussy as he helped me stretch. But I did notice; and I loved the electric sensation of his "accidental" touches. I also loved the attention he paid to me. Having a strong, powerful man hug me, be nice to me, and genuinely care about me was wonderful. I often wished that Alex was my dad and that he would like my mom and we could be a family.

While that was not to be, like a drug, I was hooked forever on the feel of a man touch on my body. " "Mother Nature can be a cruel bitch. Basically, over the course of the summer of my twelfth birthday, she pretty amateur blonde passenger railed by nasty driver reality bigcock me, from a little girl into a woman. No warning, no time to plan; just little girl one day, full woman the next.

Or so it seemed to me then. The awareness of that rapid change became almost overwhelming to me. You see, I never saw myself as unusually attractive, but everyone else apparently did. I just wanted to be normal. I just wanted to be like everyone else. Only a few girls didn't seem to care. Leigh was my best friend of all. Her older brother Evan however, was a sexy, dripping hot, pain in my ass.

I was desperately, secretly in love with him. He teased me mercilessly, but I also knew he liked me nearly as much as I liked him. Problem was, I was so much younger than he was, he could never stacey is getting a big black cock striptease and piercing his mates if he was to try and "date" a twelve year old. A solution presented itself one Saturday afternoon. I had walked to Liegh's house to see if she wanted to go to a movie.

Evan let me in, and informed me that Leigh was with their mom and would not be back for hours. As soon as I turned around to leave, he grabbed me, playfully threw me on the couch and began tickling me. I put up a good fight, but Evan was way too strong for me to ever win. I needed an advantage. I kicked him hard in the stomach.

He fell back and sat there for a minute with a surprised look on his face. I needed to act fast or I would be dead as soon as he caught his breath. I hopped down on my knees, grabbed his cock with both hands, looked up at him and licked my lips with one of those "Ooo, what now?" looks on my face.

We quickly made a deal. I strung him along on our "little arrangement" for almost two years until I finally let him fuck me. "Once mom and I moved to America, I gave up gymnastics and took up select softball. I had played in a recreational league in NZ for several summers, but in America, the players and the game were at a whole different level. That's how I met Mike. He was different from other coaches I had worked with.

He had funny, sort of crude sense of humor. No subject was off limits. Most importantly, he was kind; and really, quite hot and ripped for an older guy, and he didn't yell. The first afternoon I worked out with Renegade, I had a terrible practice. I couldn't field anything, I couldn't hit.

I guess I put too much pressure on myself. Mike walked out to second base, pulled me aside and had another girl fill in at second. I just knew he was going to ask me to leave, or tell me I was no good and embarrass me in front of everyone. But he didn't. He simply stood behind me, put his hands on my shoulders and asked me to describe what I saw.

We talked for several minutes about "really seeing and understanding" what was actually happening on the field and not just observing and reacting. He told me he believed in me and he thought I had what it was going to take to play for him. Right then and there, I started to develop feelings for him; I had not felt the butterflies in some time.

But they were suddenly back with a vengeance. Mike's strong hands on my shoulders, and his quiet, reassuring tone of voice were a tantalizing reminder of Alex and Evan. The bond between Mike and me grew black guy and girl sexxy fill sex stories story little each and every practice. After a while, no obstacle mattered to me anymore. Our age difference, a wife, job, jail, whatever, be damned.

I needed him to touch my body. I wanted to sleep with him…bad. I swore to myself that somehow I was going to make it happen. I spent the next nine months, gathering information, strategizing, and putting my plan into action.

" Fucking Teagan Part 5 Teagan bounded down the stairs two at a time and jumped into my arms, nearly knocking both of us to the ground. She wrapped her arms around my neck, her long sexy legs around my waist and kissed me hard; our tongues battling each other in a passionate dance of lust for one another. "Babe, oh my god, you feel so amazing, I have missed you SO much!" It had been almost five weeks since Teagan and I had more than a day or two to spend together uninterrupted.

The two weeks in Colorado and then almost three weeks that Becca was back in the US. I was looking forward to the next couple of weeks as much as she was. Teagan reluctantly hopped down. All through dinner we talked about the last five weeks catching up on the time we had missed, and setting plans for things we needed to do. Softball wasn't over for the year and the start of her junior year in high school was just three weeks away.

Tori and I had spent some of the last three weeks talking more about the relationship that Teagan and I shared.

The whole idea of her dad being with a seventeen year old was still challenging for her; but she was becoming more comfortable with the idea every day. Well, in truth…at least Tori no longer wanted to hold Teagan down on the bottom of the pool. I left the college decision up to Tori; she decided to return to Gonzaga for the fall semester. We had talked about her staying in town for a year, but ultimately Tori made the decision I figured she would.

I was finishing up the dinner dishes and Teagan had been unpacking her stuff. As usual, once Becca was gone, Teagan moved all of her bathroom stuff, makeup, toothbrush etc. into the master bathroom.

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The essentials, along with her most used clothes were now securely in my room. I put the last of the dishes in the dishwasher and looked around for Teagan. I found Teagan in the bedroom, laid back on my bed, wearing nothing but a smile and playing with a large, round, bright red, sucker.

She had her pussy lips spread with one hand and was holding the sucker in the other. Teagan rubbed the sucker over her tongue, getting it dripping wet and then used it to get herself off; first rubbing it around and onto her nipples, and then moving down Teagan had her head back on a pillow, her eyes closed and her pouty lips parted slightly.

Slowly and erotically, she worked the sucker into, out of, and around her pussy, coating herself with the bright red, sticky sweetness; melting it slightly with her own tangy sweet juices. Tantalizingly slowly, she fucked herself with the sucker. Occasionally returning it to her mouth nasty model stretches her twat and enjoys hardcore sex licking her pussy juices off the sucker, before, once again, drawing a wet red line down between her tits, and gently sliding the sucker back into her pussy.

I stood in the doorway mesmerized; watching her in amazed silence for several minutes. I think she knew I was there, but she paid no attention to me, concentrating only on the motion of the candy, into and over her pussy and clit. Soft gasps and curled toes giving away clues to the intensity of her self induced pleasure. I stepped quietly into the room, pulled of my shirt, unbuttoned my shorts, and crawled gently up onto the bed.

Teagan opened her eyes and looked at me, bursting into playful laughter as she did so. "I knew you couldn't resist me." She cooed softly, grinning from ear to ear. Teagan reached out to me with both arms as I moved in to kiss her, wrapping her arms around my neck.

The cherry sucker was intense, and slightly sour; couple that with Teagan's succulent juices and the taste was intoxicating. I kissed her deeply and hard until I could no longer taste the sucker on her lips. "I need to make love to you babe; I need you inside me for hours." She sighed deeply as I moved my slow, intense kisses down to her neck. Chill bumps raced down the right side of her body, her nipples tensing and shrinking to small hard nubs, despite it being an unusually hot, early August evening.

Following the trail of sticky red sucker juice; slowly, I worked my way down her tight, toned, body. Alternately licking her body and kissing her full pouty lips; sharing the thick, sticky, red liquid as I lapped her body clean with my tongue.

We kissed passionately, with a rabid intensity, our tongues playfully fighting each other for the last drops of the sour cherry sweetness. Teagan gasped and moaned quietly as I moved lower and bit her nipple gently; she slipped both of her hands up to the back of my head and pulled me softly into her chest.

Slowly; I continued working my way down her tan, sexy body; following the sticky, red trail further down her chest and around her belly button. Teagan giggled and cooed, as I licked and sucked her sugar covered body; occasionally laughing out loud when one of my kisses tickled her too much.

I eventually worked my way down below her tan line. Venturing off a little, I softly kissed the inside of her thighs, lifting her leg and slowly licking and kissing the line between her sexy ass and the back of her leg.

"Babe, no, wait, you lie down now." Teagan panted heavily. I rolled over and lay on my back. Teagan sat up, turned around and lay down on top of me; positioning her sexy body just so. She grasped my quickly hardening cock and began to rub me with a slow, erotic stroke. She was alternating between rubbing me and sucking me deeply into her warm wet mouth. The feeling was unrushed but intense, and I could feel her passion for my cock in her work. Fortunately for me, Teagan had positioned her sexy shaved pussy right in front of my face.

I could sense her arousal; tangy, yet feminine, mixed with the sticky sweet molten cherry sucker, the scent making me hornier by the second.

I reached around her legs, spread her labia slightly, and dipped my tongue into her sopping wet pussy. She tasted like fresh sour cherries that had soaked for hours in sweet cider. The flavor of her juices was similar to the way her lips tasted when I first kissed her, but deeper, richer, and more intense.

I couldn't get enough. I continued sucking, licking and gently biting her as I cleaned the last of the molten sucker off her. "Babe, that is soooo good!" She panted. "Please…more…I need more." I dove back into her as she pushed her head down onto my cock.

Her moaning went silent for a moment as she air locked herself. I could feel the muscles of her throat trying to swallow the bulging head of my cock, fighting to unblock her airway.

She held still for another moment as I continued to playfully torture her clit with my tongue. Suddenly Teagan jerked her head up off my cock, her lungs gulping air. She still had a firm grip on the base of my cock with her hands. "Oooooo&hellip.Fuuuuuuuk! Babyyyyyyyyyy! Yesssss…god yesssss.

Miiiiiiike…aaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhh." The sexy, alto growl came from deep in her throat. She simultaneously clamped her thighs around my head as her well muscled body shuddered with an electric orgasm; her pussy rewarding me with more of her musky sweet wetness.

She went limp and sort of slid/rolled off of me. She was still panting hard, her breathing deep and slow. Teagan may have had her first orgasm of our two week reunion, but I hadn't. I sat up, shoved a pillow under her head and shoulders, and placed her arms up over her head. She didn't resist me in any way; it was obvious, at least for a while, she was willing to let me do whatever I wanted. I kneeled between her legs, reached back and gently, but firmly grasped her ankles, pulled her legs up and spread her as wide as her body would allow.

She was exquisite. Teagan was relaxed and grinning seductively at me. The inner pinkness of her pussy, surrounded by her petite, dark edged inner labia was stunning to behold. Teagan shuddered softly as I dipped two fingers into her pussy, wetting them with her slick feminine juices. I rubbed my cock, spreading her wetness around the head as I stroked myself to full rock hardness.

I teased Teagan for a moment or sexy milf teaches beautiful teen how to satisfy cock, rubbing and pressing just the head of my cock into her pussy. Teagan wiggled her ass, bit her lower lip and got a pained look of frustration on her face.

She looked up at me, silently pleading with me to plow into her and fill her with every inch of my cock. I needed to be in her as bad as she needed me inside her. I pushed part way into her, pulled almost all the way out, and then plunged my cock deeply into her tight, slick pussy. Teagan's reaction was instantaneous as our pubic bones slammed together.

She locked her legs around my waist, just above my hips; her heels low on the small of my back, drawing me deeper into her with, amazing force. She looked into my eyes, unblinking, one hand wrapped around my right tricep and one gently stroking the side of my face. "Mike, fuck me babe! Please fuck me deep and cum in my pussy.

I need to feel you cum in me. Please babe, I love you so much…I need to feel you cum in me…so bad." I began thrusting in time with her legs pulling me into her.

She now supported her upper body by pulling up on both of my triceps, arching her back and leaning her head back. Only her petite, firm ass and the back of her head were touching the bed as I was supporting most of her weight. She was rocking her body into my cock, pulling back with her legs and arms as I thrust forward. It was not possible to be any deeper inside her. For several minutes we rocked together, her pussy clenching my cock, fighting to hold me deep inside her, as I partially withdrew my cock, only to thrust deeply into her again and again.

Teagan was beginning to lose control. The rhythmic work of her legs on my back was now more random and violent as she crushed her clit into my pelvis, bucking like a wild horse under me. Suddenly she tensed her abs and pulled her head up, burying it beside my neck as she pushed herself toward an orgasm.

He breathing was shallow and irregular; she pulled back, looked at me and said. "Mike, babe that's it. Like that. Just like that!

Give me more…More…MORE! AAAAAAAAAAAGODYeaaaayyyyyyy! Her scream of ecstasy was as amazing as her body's convulsing with a violent uncontrollable orgasm. There was nothing subtle about it; her hot pussy juices flooded past my cock as I continued to pump into her pussy as she came. It only watch your wife riding a male pornstar femdom humiliation humiliation pov a couple of more moments before I couldn't hold off any longer.

I emptied my balls deep into her wet pussy, filling her to overflowing with thick cum. We collapsed together, exhausted and out of breath.

We kissed deeply and passionately as our heartbeats slowed in unison. Teagan was still trembling cougar in high heels pornstars and hardcore as she finally opened her eyes and looked over at me.

"I love you Mike. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I love you so much." "I love you too baby. More than I have ever loved anyone." I said. We kissed softly as we held each other and relaxed for a while longer. It was deep twilight as Teagan and I stepped out into the back yard. It was hot. The temperature had to be still in the ninety's and the humidity was not far behind. The pool water was going to feel good. As soon as I turned on the underwater lights, Teagan sprinted for the pool.

She was a strong swimmer, having learned to surf and swim in the ocean back in NZ. Teagan's graceful shallow dive shattered the glass smooth surface of the water. She swam underwater to the far end of the pool, did a flip turn, and swam back before coming up for air, right in front of where I was standing, at the foot of the steps. "Mmmmmm, I like this!" She cooed softly as she wrapped her arms around me.

Teagan was a vision of beauty; her thick black hair wet and slicked back. Tiny droplets of water covered her skin and the deep blue/green glow of the underwater lights was casting eerily sexy patterns across her naked body.

Her pupils were large in the dim light, and it was as if I could see all the way into the deepest reaches of her soul. We stared into each other's eyes, silently speaking volumes about the love that continued to grow between us. I sat back on the steps, Teagan sat down on my lap facing me; holding my face in her hands, as we began kissing each other deeply; each of us drinking in the shared passion between us.

We were lost, or perhaps frozen, in time. In reality it didn't matter which. At that moment, time could not have been more irrelevant. All that mattered to us was that we had the person we loved right where we most wanted them to be.

Teagan and I swam, played, kissed, held each other and played some more. There were some large thick pads around the edge of the pool; eventually, Teagan crawled out of the pool and lay down on her stomach on one.

I lay down beside her. We dried off quickly in the hot evening breezes. We talked for a bit and Teagan asked, "Babe, can I have a massage please?" "Sure baby." I said as I rolled over, sat ebony strap girls compilation and young black teen strapon squirting ebony bosss and straddled Teagan gently.

I settled back, partly supporting my weight on her thighs, with my semi hard cock laying in the crack of her ass. That hadn't been the plan, but I liked the way it was working out. I began a slow, erotic massage, beginning with the base of Teagan's neck and shoulders; slowly working my way down to the small of her back. Teagan's muscle tone was exquisite. Years of three hour a day gymnastics workouts had created one of the sexiest bodies I had ever had the pleasure of exploring.

It was easy to feel the structure and tone of each muscle group. I continued down, working on the firm muscles of her spectacular, petite ass. I licked my thumb and rubbed her tight anal starfish . "Shhhhh…ooooobabe…that's sooooooo good." Teagan mewed softly, sounding like she was half asleep. "Like that do ya?" I asked. "I love having you touch me, but especially down there…" Teagan sighed deeply and moaned softly as I continued to lightly caress her ass and pussy.

She was already getting horny again. Her slightly gaped open pussy was already glistening wet. I slipped two fingers into her and massaged her G spot firmly.

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"OOOOooooOOoooogod…OOOOO baby yessss." Her voice softly quivering as waves of pleasure washed over her. "Ok, now you've done it." She giggled softly, "I need you back in me…please…do not make me beg." "Relax baby, I want you to enjoy this." I quickly stroked my cock to full attention and rubbed the head against her now sopping wet pussy, coating myself with her juices.

Teagan lifted her ass up slightly as I pushed my cock deep into her. "Unnh…Oh fuck yeah!" Teagan exclaimed. "Wow…it's really good like this." She was still stretched out flat on her stomach; me spreading her ass cheeks, with my cock, buried as deep in her as I could manage. I knew Teagan was flexible, but she surprised me as she pushed her upper body up and tilted her head back as far as it would go.

Her lips were literally pointing straight up begging for a kiss. I wrapped my hand around her throat gently and pulled her back a little farther so I bald stud fucks a skinny looker brunette cumshot reach her lips. We kissed passionately, if a bit awkwardly, for a moment until she made an odd noise as I felt her try to swallow.

I let her go and she coughed and gasped for air. She had a silly grin on her face as she twisted around to look at me and said, "Let me turn over please?" I slipped out of her, and in an instant she was on her back, propped up on her elbows with her legs pulled up and her pussy pointing straight at me.

"Ok, that's better. Now fuck my pussy like you mean it, baby!" I plunged back into her tight, sopping wet pussy. Teagan wrapped one leg around behind my right thigh and pulled the other one up and rested her heel on my shoulder, giving me some resistance to push against. I hammered her three ways; hard, fast and continuously.

"Oh god…oh god…oh god! Fuck, me, hard. Gorgeous gal is screwed in anal hardcore blowjob Fuck me more…more baby…MORE!" Teagan couldn't or wouldn't shut up. It kind of reminded me of Skye and her verbal strings of disconnected nonsense when she was getting fucked.

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Teagan continued to encourage me. Alternately begging me to fuck her silly, or curling her lips and breathing through clenched teeth. I began to feel her pussy clenching down on me, and not a moment too soon, I could feel my own orgasm beginning to stir.

Teagan was trying to be quiet considering we were outside. She was shaking her head from side to side and clenching her teeth. Suddenly she froze, closed her eyes tightly, tightened her abs and pounded the mat we were on with her fists. Her pussy muscles locked down on my cock as she came. I thrust into her a couple of more times and pulled out.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and scooted up toward her face. Instinctively, she opened her mouth as I shoved my cock in. "Mmmmm…mmmm…mmmm" was all the noise she could make as I emptied my balls in her mouth.

I pulled out as one last spurt hit her in the throat and ran down between her tits. Teagan was breathing hard, between swallows, and was still breathing through mostly clenched teeth. For a second or two, I couldn't tell if I was watching passion or anger. I didn't have to wait long for my answer. Teagan dropped back on the mat, wiped the remaining cum off her chin and added it to the cum on her chest; she rubbed it into her boobs until it disappeared.

Teagan slowly got up on her knees, pulled me to her and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Babe…I…I really like it when you get rough with me, it makes everything so much hot baby masturbating on website for chatting intense. I really love it. I won't mind if you do it again." Well this was cool. Suddenly my young lover discovered she's ok with being fucked a bit roughly.

We'll see how far she wants to take this little kink. Teagan and I walked hand in hand back inside and into the shower. Both of us enjoyed taking our time in the shower. The hot water, running our slick soapy hands over each other, occasionally more sex, what's not to love? Back in bed Teagan spooned up next to me. We lay there for a few minutes talking. Suddenly she sat up and said "This is not working, we have to get this right." She flipped the covers back, immediately grabbed my cock and began another sloppy blow job.

"Baby, I thought we were going to go to sleep…" I asked, not really sure I wanted an answer, based on the fact that her blow job felt so good.

"We are." She said matter of factly. "But we have to get it right." She returned to sucking me deeply into her mouth once again. Teagan was alternating between sucking and a sloppy hand job. It didn't take more than a couple of minutes before I was rock hard again. "There, that should do nicely!" she giggled, as she spooned back up next to me.

Teagan reached between her legs, took hold of my seriously hard cock, and slipped me inside her pussy. I pushed deep into her, as she snuggled as close as she could and said "G'night my love." "Good night baby. I love you." I said as I kissed the back of oiled up euro anal whore lucy love neck.

Teagan giggled and sighed deeply, her warm sexy skin felt amazing up against me. I couldn't help but think how much happier my life was when Teagan was with me. In Colorado she had said she trusted me with her life. Earlier, out by the pool, when we were looking into each other's eyes, there had been a connection of sorts. Something clicked deep inside each of us. As I lay there, silently holding the magnificent young woman I loved; I began to realize, Teagan and I were now one, tangled, inseparable and addicted to one another.

Not only sexually, but also, at the deepest levels of our souls. "Hold on a minute Teagan, someone's at the door." Sundee said with an irritated tone in her voice. The doorbell had interrupted their phone conversation. "Jeeezus." Sundee moaned, looking through the peep hole. "It's Javier… again. What the fuck is up with him." "Didn't you break up with him forever, like, last month, before we went to Colorado busty pornstar chicks fucked by a doctors huge bbc something?" Teagan asked with a disbelieving tone in her voice.

"What part of "go away" does he not understand?" "I don't know." Sundee sounded tired. "He just won't give it up. He keeps calling and texting and now he's standing on my front porch. I tried to be nice and let him down easy. I guess I'm gonna have to piss him off so he will get the message." Teagan heard Sundee open the door and say "DUDE!

Really? What the fuck is wrong with you? I broke up with you, it's over, leave me the fuck ALONE!" Teagan heard Javier say something, but she couldn't make out what it was. "Oh PUHLEEZE!" Sundee moaned sarcastically. "Don't flatter yourself, just go…" Javier once again said something Teagan couldn't really hear. There was no mistaking the next words out of Sundee's mouth . "OK, that's NOT cool Javier. Put it DOWN.

JAVIER STOP IT!! NO!! ST…" Sundee had started to try and close the door, but it was too late. The bullet slammed into Sundee, hitting her in the upper left chest, close to her shoulder and just under her collar bone. The sledge hammer like force of the gunshot caused her to stagger backwards into the wall and drop her phone.

She leaned against the wall; her mind racing in terror, as she realized that the guy she was once pretty sure she loved, was now going to kill her. Sundee was unable speak or even catch her breath, as a white hot burning sensation began to spread through her chest.

She could only shake her head as Javier once again pointed the .38 revolver at her. Sundee saw the muzzle flash but, strangely, heard only a soft pop. The second bullet crashed into and shattered a rib on the right side of her body; the slug just grazing the bottom of her right breast.

Bone and bullet fragments ripped into her lung as the remains of the bullet exited through her back. Sundee could no longer stand.

The strength in her legs gave out as she slid slowly down the wall. Her blood, flowing from the bullet exit wound on her back, painted a crimson swipe on the wall. Sundee crumpled into a semi sitting position on the floor. Things were beginning to happen as if in slow motion; her vision beginning to go white on the outer edges. Dizzy and in indescribable pain, she looked toward Javier, and coughed weakly. Sundee tasted blood in her mouth.

"This can't be happening." She thought. "This isn't… the way… it's… supposed to…" Everything slowly faded to a strange, silent, whiteness. Sundee's eyes rolled back in her head as she lapsed into unconsciousness. Javier watched with a morbid satisfaction as Sundee's body slumped onto the floor.

Blood was slowly oozing from the corner of her mouth; her blood soaked t shirt clinging to her bra less boobs. "That'll teach you. Punk ass bitch; try and break up with me…I hot blonde secretary rides her boss dick if we break up, not you!" Javier yelled at Sundee's motionless, body.

"Now we gonna be together forever." Sundee never heard the third shot. Javier, apparently convinced that he had killed his ex girlfriend, put the .38 in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Javier died instantly as his brain exploded from the point blank impact of the bullet. "SUNDEE! SUNDEE!!" Teagan had heard the gunshots, all she really knew, was that Sundee was no longer talking to her. "Oh my god, oh my god. SUNDEE TALK TO ME!!" Teagan listened for any sound. She heard something, but couldn't decide what it was.

In graba escondida asu amiga lesbiana3, it was Sundee, breathing fast and shallow, each breath gurgling through her own blood. Her unconscious body, desperately trying to keep enough oxygen flowing into her one good lung. "O god, please no, please no…SUNDEE!

SUNDEE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING! SUNDEE!!" Teagan screamed into the phone; the panic in her voice was obvious. By the time I heard Teagan screaming and made it into the back room.

She was sitting on her knees on the floor, bent down, with her phone lying in front of her. Teagan was screaming Sundee's name and sobbing hysterically. "TEAGAN! BABY! What's wrong!" I shouted as I ran into the room.

"SUNDEEEEEE!!" Teagan screamed in anguish again. "TEAGAN!! STOP!!" I shouted again, grabbing her by her arms and making her sit up and look at me. "WHAT HAPPENED?" Teagan just stared blankly at me for a moment tears streaming down her face and then said "I think Sundee is dead. Javier shot her. I heard three gunshots, and now she's not talking…Mike we have to go help her." "Baby, are you sure?" I asked, truly hoping that Teagan's mind was playing tricks on her. "Mike, it was loud!

She stopped talking to me, she won't answer me; she yelled at Javier to stop but she never finished what she was saying. Pleeease Mike, we have to help her…" Teagan began sobbing again. It sounded like Teagan was not mistaken. I called 911. "911 What is your emergency?" The operator asked. I explained the situation that I thought had occurred letting her know that I wasn't really sure what, if anything had happened.

"Sir, do you have an address of this possible shooting?" The operator sounded skeptical. "Teagan, what's Sundee's address?" Teagan paused, thinking. "It is over on the other side of the school…like 3…24? River…something. I don't know…" I passed the info, such as it was, on to the 911 operator.

"Ok, sir, this seems to be a confirmation of several other calls of "shots fired" in or near the 300 block of Rivercrest Road." "Teagan, is it Rivercrest Road?" "Yes! Yes! That's it! Rivercrest." "Ok sir, I'm going to need your name, address and phone number.

An officer may wish to speak with you to get a statement. We have patrol units and an ambulance already in route." I gave her the information she needed and hung up. I explained to Teagan what the operator had said. Looking at her face there was no way she was going to accept sitting at home and waiting to see what happened. "Come on baby; let's go see if we can help." It was only a couple of alanah rae fucks bill bailey over to where Sundee lived.

Rivercrest Road was in an older neighborhood of small, but neatly kept homes on small lots. As soon as we turned the corner we were stopped by a police roadblock. The officer explained that they had to keep everyone back as the paramedics had called for a CareFlight helicopter and that it hot blonde pornstar solo the hottest surfer chicks group sex and brunette a clear area to land.

I explained that Teagan had been on the phone with Sundee when the shooting happened and that she could give the investigators the story of exactly what happened. Sundee spent thirteen days in the hospital after enduring two surgeries; one to remove almost half of her damaged right lung and insert titanium plates to stabilize her shattered rib; and a second, to remove the bullet lodged in her upper chest. Despite her serious injuries, her Dr.'s continued to refer to Sundee as "lucky." The girls on the team refused to leave Sundee alone in her room; much to the frustration of the charge nurses on the ICU floor.

Spending hours a day each, the girls rotated in and out, tending to every need, as Sundee recuperated enough to go home. The physical trauma had taken its toll on Sundee. She currently had almost no use of her left arm; and even walking to the bathroom left her somewhat short of breath.

It seemed that her entire body three coed girls have lesbian sexual intercourse bruised and hurting. Rehab was going to be a bitch. Sundee also cried; a lot. The physical pain was helped by hydrocodone, but not nearly enough. The emotional pain was worse and gnawed at her soul. Why? The question haunted Sundee to her core.

Sundee said she was glad she had passed out and hadn't seen Javier kill himself. She hadn't hated or really even disliked Javier; it was simply time to move on. Why had he thought he needed to kill her? Why, in God's name, had he committed suicide? There was no reason; had she really meant that much to him? Or…had she failed to see that he was bat shit crazy; or… was it just another punk teen's selfish play for the ultimate level of attention? To make matters worse, Mitch was staying away from the hospital and not interacting with Sundee when she most needed him to be there for her.

While in Colorado, Sundee had decided she was going to force her relationship with Mitch. She was either going to get him to commit to her, or end the relationship once and for all. I only suspected it at the time, but this is what Sundee was talking about when we were on the deck that afternoon. Down inside, I had known from the minute I found out about it, that the relationship Sundee and Mitch shared was most likely destined to fail. The single biggest obstacle to their success was Mitch's evil, shrew wife, Tricia.

She was a self absorbed, arrogant bitch and would have taken every dime Mitch had, his business and their two boys if she had any idea that Sundee was anything more than just another girl on the team. I had known Mitch for a number of years. I was reasonably sure there was no way he was going to trade his lifestyle and his boys for Sundee.

His timing sucked. Understandably, home, her home was the last place Sundee wanted to be, especially if she had to spend time there alone. While Nikki had the house repainted, the entry way remodeled and the blood soaked carpet replaced, Sundee needed a place to rest and recuperate.

I offered one of my spare bedrooms for Sundee. Nikki could come and go as she pleased or needed to, while Teagan, Courtney, Ally and Skye volunteered to watch over and help Sundee as long as she needed it. It was now late September. Nearly two full months had passed since she had been shot, and Sundee was healing nicely.

The 5'10'' tall, brown haired beauty had regained much of the range of motion in her left arm and shoulder. She was finally beginning to regain some of the 20 or so pounds she lost in the month after the shooting. Despite having moved back home, my pool had become Sundee's addiction. All of her spare time, or so it seemed, was spent in the hot tub or slowly swimming from one end of the pool to the other and back.

The intoxicating combination of the water combined with the hot, early fall sunshine, relaxed her tight, underused muscles and warmed her, "always cold" scar tissue.

In fact, the only thing that still hurt much at all was her rib. Virtually all of the deep bruising that had marred her pale alabaster skin after the shooting had faded. Sundee could now walk around the block without getting winded; running however, was still seriously out if the question. "What do you mean you are not ready?" Teagan asked quizzically. "Not ready to do what…live life?" "Hey…gimme a break.

The last two guys I screwed…;" Sundee paused fighting back tears. "One tried to kill me and the other dumped me like I have some sort of STD cocktail. I didn't even get a real reason. My self confidence hot ramming of a taut cum hole much doesn't exist right now." "Seriously?" Teagan asked in disbelief.

"Have you even looked your Face Book page, or a Face Book page from any of the guys at school? You, girlie, are one hot topic. There must be fifty guys that said they wished they had asked you out, or want to ask you out when you're ready.

Add them all up and you have a hell of a fan club. Do NOT tell me you can't find someone to go to a movie with; you just need to look around." "I know…but…I just feel so ugly and so sad all the time…I guess I'm kind of depressed…Teagan, I don't want to be a sideshow freak anymore…" Sundee sat up on the mat she had been lying on, crossed her legs, and put her head in her hands.

Teagan swam over, crawled out of the pool and kneeled down next to Sundee, pulling her close and holding her tightly. Sundee wrapped her arms around Teagan and began to sob softly. "It's going to be OK my babe, it's going to be Ok…" Teagan whispered.

Teagan gently kissed Sundee's forehead along her hairline and slowly worked her way down to her cheek; showering Sundee with tiny, almost imperceptibly soft, kisses. "I promise it's going to be OK…" The two friends held each other for several minutes . Sundee finally relaxed her grip on Teagan, took a deep breath and looked up. Teagan took Sundee's face in her hands, looked deep into her eyes, and slowly moved closer to Sundee.

Whether Sundee knew what was going to happen is open to debate, but she didn't resist as Teagan's lips ever so gently touched her own. Sundee blinked her eyes and stared at Teagan; huge, hot tears raced down Sundee's cheeks as she licked her lips.

"Sundee I'm so sorry! I do not know what came over me. I should not have…" "No!" Sundee blurted out. "That was exactly what I needed…again…please?" Teagan smiled and kissed her friend again.

This time, teasing Sundee's lips lightly with her tongue, and applying a bit more pressure. Sundee responded; gently at first and then more aggressively.

It took only a couple of moments before the friends were exploring each other, black maid cleans up the bosss dick with gentle passion; their tongues each playfully caressing the other as their kissing moved from soft and cautious to playful and erotic.

Cautiously, Sundee placed a hand on Teagan's naked chest. As usual, Teagan had been swimming topless. Teagan gasped softly and grabbed Sundee's wrist. "Don't go there Sundee." Teagan's voice was gentle, but serious. "Not unless you are ready to take this a lot further…if all you want are kisses, we stop now." Sundee bit her lower lip, paused and then said, "I don't want to stop." Her voice was barely a whisper.

"Ever since that night in Colorado when you kissed British big breasted lady fooling around masturbation and real tits mean I've never seen a kiss that hot, let alone kissed anyone like that. That night, I decided I wanted to kiss a girl…OK, actually; I decided I wanted to kiss you…" "Then this has to go." Teagan said, grinning. She reached around and untied Sundee's bikini sexy teacher facial in class lifted it off over her head, and carefully guided her down on the mat on her back.

Teagan looked into Sundee's eyes; there was a mix of terror and excitement. Teagan could sense her stress; it was almost tangible in the hot, humid afternoon air. Teagan leaned forward, placed her hands on Sundee's boobs and squeezed them. "Bloody hell …!" Teagan exclaimed, letting go of Sundee's boobs as if she had received a shock. She looked down at the two smallish perfectly matched, B cups. There, nestled in the nipple of Sundee's left breast was the source of Teagan's surprise.

A small, matte grey colored, barbell piercing. "Wowww…that is just too fucking sexy…" Teagan cooed, carefully running the tip of her finger around Sundee's areola and gently over the piercing.

Sundee closed her eyes and gasped softly as Teagan's lips caressed her nipple and areola, teasing the titanium piercing with her tongue. Teagan once again squeezed Sundee's boobs firmly, switching her kisses to the other side. Slowly Teagan worked her way up to Sundee's neck, showering her breasts, chest and even the bullet scar near her shoulder with soft sensual kisses. "Ooohhh, god…uuuungh. Teagan, please…oh my god that feels awesome." Sundee breathed softly as Teagan worked her way up and around Sundee's neck.

Alternately kissing, sucking and lightly biting her friend; all the while being encouraged by Sundee's soft moans, gasps and giggles. Teagan once again kissed Sundee passionately. Not the kind of reckless animal passion she and I shared, cindy hope and anita pearl lesbian pussy a softer, more reassuring passion that reflected the depth of the trust and friendship between Teagan and Sundee.

Teagan moved down Sundee's body, kissing her, and running her tongue over Sundee's sexy, supple curves as she went. Teagan kissed Sundee's hip bones and ran her tongue along the top edge of her Brazilian cut bikini bottom. Teagan tugged at Sundee's bikini bottoms trying to remove them.

Sundee lifted her hips slightly to help. She was completely shaved and had a small but intricate, full color tattoo of a creature with a woman's body and head with a dragon's wings and tail just above her clit.

"Teagan…I…" Sundee paused awkwardly. "I'm not a lesbian, I really like guys…" Teagan looked at Sundee and said sarcastically, "No shit?.Wow, I mean, I really like guys too, what a coincidence! Sundee…just because you kiss a girl and like it does not make you a lesbian. I could never give up making love to Mike; I absolutely adore the feeling having his cock deep inside me gives me, both sexually and emotionally.

I am stupidly, madly in love with him and trust him with my life. But I just like being with a woman sometimes too. Variety is the spice of life after all…" "I know…I just don't know if I can do the same for you…" Sundee sounded unsure and apologetic.

"It's OK Sundee; you don't have to…just relax." Teagan spread Sundee's legs and began softly kissing the inside of her thighs. Sundee lay back and closed her eyes, as if somehow that would make the unknown easier to handle.

Torturously slowly, Teagan kissed her way down Sundee's thigh toward her pussy. Teagan licked two fingers and gently spread Sundee's labia, exposing her pussy entrance and clit. Sundee was wet with anticipation as Teagan slipped two fingers into her pussy and pressed upward on her G spot. "Ohhhh…Ohhh…Ohhhhshit." Sundee's breathy voice quivered as Teagan slowly finger fucked her pale pink pussy.

Teagan took her other hand, pulled back on the hood of Sundee's clit, exposing the deep pink bud, glistening and begging to be kissed. Teagan slowly ran her tongue up and over Sundee's clit. Sundee cooed. "Oh fuck yeah…Teagan that's so gooooood…Oh yeeeeessssss…" Teagan withdrew her fingers and spread Sundee's labia open as far as she could. Teagan buried her tongue into the entrance of Sundee's pussy; alternating, swirling it around and penetrating inside her friend as far as her tongue would reach.

Sundee was moaning and breathing hard as Teagan moved down and rimmed Sundee's clenched pink asshole. "Ahhhh, no, ohmygod, I&hellip.Oh god!" Sundee stammered between breaths as Teagan continued to attack Sundee from her asshole to her clit; lapping up as much of Sundee's sweet pussy nectar as she could. Sundee's body tensed as Teagan once again concentrated her efforts on Sundee's clit.

It only took another moment or two before Sundee shook with her first orgasm in months. Teagan licked Sundee a few more times; she then moved up and kissed Sundee deeply. Sundee could taste her pussy juices on Teagan's lips. Teagan's kisses felt warm and reassuring; she tasted different too. Not like a guy; sweeter and fresher. Sundee relaxed as she continued to kiss Teagan. Eventually, Teagan sat up and looked at Sundee, the girls smiled at each other. "It's nice to see you finally smile." Teagan said.

"It's nice to know you really care. I can feel it in the way you kiss me." Sundee replied. "Girl, we all care about you. Me, Courtney, Ally, Skye…Oh my god…Skye. When she found out you had been shot, I mean, I've never seen anybody cry so long and so hard. You really mean a lot to her. She was convinced she was going to lose a friend she had just found again.

We all were afraid you were not going to make it." Teagan reached down and stroked Sundee's cheek. "I am so thankful you did." Sundee sat up and hugged Teagan. "Thank you. Thank you for everything. Nurse bondage handjob men a tip for the waitress really needed today…" Sundee kissed Teagan once again.

"I'm soooo sorry…I'm just not ready…I…I can't eat pussy…yet." Sundee said apologetically, burying her face in her hands. "It's ok, you'll get there eventually, and then you can return the favor." Teagan giggled, once again hugging Sundee. "I gotta go. Mom will have diner ready before she goes to the shop. See you tomorrow at practice." Sundee said as she dressed to leave. "Sundee, did your Dr.'s tell you it is OK for you practice?" Teagan asked in amazement.

"No." Sundee said in obvious frustration. "But at least I can hang out with my friends instead of just sitting at home alone." Teagan smiled, and blew Sundee a kiss as she turned and walked out the side gate toward her car. "Hey beautiful. Did Sundee leave?" Teagan had come into my office and dropped into one of the overstuffed leather chairs.

There were tiny beads of sweat on her upper lip and between her tits. "Yeah, she's gone." Teagan said pensively. "Man, getting shot really screwed her up. She got a second chance to live her life; should she not be happy about that? I am pretty sure I would be…but Sundee is still all depressed and sad and she cries about freakin everything." "I wouldn't be too hard on her baby. Sundee has had a rough last couple of months.

Taking a couple of bullets, fighting literally for her life, physical therapy, and then to try and regain some kind of normal existence…not to mention the whole Mitch situation. That is bound to screw with just about anybody." "Yeah, I guess…and speaking of asshole ex-boyfriends, have you talked to Mitch about Sundee? She deserves better than what she got from him. I am still pissed at him for the way he treated her…" There was more than a touch of anger in Teagan's voice.

"We've only talked briefly. That insufferable bitch he's married to is watching every move he makes. I think he's really paranoid and didn't know how to handle the breakup, so he just dropped her cold turkey. I do think he still cares about her however." "That's no excuse to hurt her like he did. If he had really wanted to, he could have gotten messages to her, explaining what was happening…she would have understood." Teagan was right.

Mitch could have and should have tried harder to ease the pain of the breakup, or temporary separation, or whatever it was exactly. Looking at Teagan, I could see a plan starting to take shape.

"Maybe what Mitch needs is some competition. Maybe what he needs is to see that she is not going to sit around and feel sorry for herself waiting on him anymore." Teagan got a sly grin on her face. "I know just the solution." Teagan picked up her phone, thumbed through the address book and dialed a number.

"Hello, Dillon…" Teagan said in a soft, liquid voice that positively oozed sex and honey. I could only hear half of the conversation, but it had to go something like this… "Who is this?" Dillon asked curiously. "OK, I know you play football and all, but who is the only person you know with a New Zealand accent?" "Oh.

Hey Teagan, what's up?" "Dillon, I am so sorry about the big breakup between you and Cassandra, not cool. Her meltdown in the cafeteria was really childish. I always thought Cassandra was more mature than that. I guess she just didn't understand what you really meant in that comment you made on Sundee's Face Book page…or did she?" "Yeah, that was pretty ugly." Dillon responded.

"Wait…what do you mean, or did she?" "Well, you see, I think you meant that IF everything was in a perfect world, you would ask Sundee out. I think Cassandra thought you were going to dump her and ask Sundee out…unless you beauty porn teacher jewels jade fucking in classroom WANTED to dump Cassandra and ask Sundee out.

Oh, wait…Cassandra dumped you for posting that you wanted to ask Sundee out on Sundee's Face Book page…" Teagan paused to let Dillon figure out the obvious. "What are you doing tomorrow morning about 9:30." Teagan quipped. "Ummm, sleeping?" Dillon replied. "Not anymore. Be at Fossil Bluff park, fields 2 and 3, at about 9:30.

Sundee will be there. I trust you can handle things from there. Unless you didn't mean what you wrote, or you're scared…" "I'm not scared, and I did mean it. I've liked Sundee since we were in, like, fourth grade. Yeah, I would so ask her out." Dillon said confidently. "Dillon, that's so sweet. You two will make such a cute couple!" Teagan chirped. "And Dillon…be nice and take it slow with Sundee, OK?" "Ummm Ok, why?" Dillon asked, once again slightly confused.

"Because she is my friend and I'm asking you to, OK?" "Ok if you say so." "Yeah, I say so. Bye Dillon, see you tomorrow…" CLICK- Teagan hung up. "God, I cannot believe how easy some guys are to manipulate." Teagan said with a self satisfied smirk on her face.

"You really enjoyed that didn't you?" I asked her, marveling at the ease with which she planted the whole idea in Dillon's head. "You're bloody well right I enjoyed it. I love shit like that." Teagan looked slyly at me and said. "Come on babe, I need a shower and a good fucking before dinner!" I followed Teagan into the bathroom and watched as she stripped off the black bikini bottom she was wearing, rubbed her pussy erotically for a second, and then stepped into the shower.

I quickly followed, picking out a couple of cloths from the linen closet. Teagan was standing under the dual rain fall shower heads letting the warm water wash over her gloriously sexy body. As I entered, Teagan reached out to me and opened and closed her hands like a small child does when she wants to be picked up.

I walked over and wrapped my arms around her. She dug her nails into the skin on my back, kissing and lightly biting my chest as she did so. Not to be outdone, I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled, jerking her head up to look at me.

"Shhhhh,mmmmm…now we are getting somewhere." She purred with a heated passion that could have melted lead. I kissed her, hard, forcing myself on her and not letting go. I slid my grip around to the front of her neck and squeezed. She didn't fight me.

Teagan only slipped one hand up and grasped my wrist; content to scratch her nails over my side with the other, as she kissed me back with a passion at least equal to the force I was kissing her with.

I pressed her body up against the rough slate shower wall, pushing up a bit and increasing the pressure on her neck. She shook her head breaking our kiss; staring at me with a predatory look in her eyes, Teagan opened her mouth slightly and erotically licked her lips. Teagan made an odd noise as she tried to swallow; I released the grip I had on her neck. Gulping air, Teagan hissed, "Babe, you have got me so fucking horney…feel." She guided my hand down to the inside of her thigh.

I immediately recognized the slick slippery feel of Teagan's feminine juices, coating the inside her leg. I slid my hand up and buried two fingers into her pussy. I was instantly rewarded by a gasp and a flood of more of her tangy sweet wetness.

"I am going to give you the best blowjob you have ever had." The tone of her voice made it sound half like a passionate promise and half like a threat. Never breaking eye contact, Teagan sunk to her knees and took every inch of my semi hard cock into her mouth, grabbing my ass and pulling me toward her until her nose was pressed against my body.

She moved her head slowly, taking my full length deep onto her throat several times, gasping for air as she could, but refusing to let me go.

The feeling was unbelievable. Teagan's throat muscled rippled gorgeous peach is revealing her spread narrowed twat in close up clenched around my now painfully hard cock.

I had to force myself to hold still and let her deep throat me to her heart's desire. Slowly, oh so slowly she slid my cock out of her mouth until all she had was the head of my cock left in her mouth.

Teagan continued to suck and run her tongue around and over the soft underside of my cock for several moments. "Sit down babe." Teagan said seductively as she stood up . I sat down and leaned back against the wall. Teagan sucked two fingers on one hand erotically, while squeezing her boobs with the other.

She reached down, spread her labia, and exposed her fiery pink clit as she moved close to me. My face was at the perfect level. "Babe, please?" Teagan pleaded. "Kiss my pussy; I need it so badly…just now." She was beyond horney. "Ohhhh, shhhh, oh babe, just like that…unnnggh." Teagan pressed her pussy toward me as I reached up and pulled her to me; squeezing her petite ass, as I buried my tongue into her sopping wetness.

Teagan moaned and placed a hand on my head. Her body trembling gently as we both concentrated on building the passion slowly to the point where I could easily push her over the edge. I continued to lick her pussy and clit; alternating that with sucking on her tender inner labia for several minutes.

"OOOOHhhhhhhhh…ooooomy god." Teagan moaned in ecstasy as her body responded to my oral assault; releasing more of her sexy slick nectar and shaking in time with my kisses. After several moments Teagan unexpectedly stepped back, rubbed her pussy and said, "NO! I need to cum with you inside me. Please babe, I want to fuck you so badly…" "Come here sweetheart." I said, motioning to her to come sit on my now, rock hard cock. Teagan straddled me and squatted down until she could wrap her fingers around my shaft; guiding the head into her wet, steaming hot pussy.

"Oh…Oh yeah, I need to have you so deep in me." She leaned back slightly; bracing herself by placing her arms on my thighs, sliding her legs out to the sides, and then leaning as far back as she could while impaling herself on the full length of my very hard cock. I helped support her by placing one hand on the small of her back and one on her hip; I pulled her toward me as her clit crushed into my pubic bone. "OH FUCK YEAH!" Teagan exclaimed. "YEAH, LIKE THAT…OOOOOOO…SHIT!" I continued to pull her hard into me, push her back slightly and slam her into me once again.

Over and over again I used her petite body as a fuck toy, slamming her pubic bone into mine; watching in amazement as the head of my cock pushed up on her lower abdomen from the inside. "Oh, like that babe…just a little more…pleeease a little more." Teagan was starting to squirm around. "Mike, I am going to cum…babe More, MORE…OH GOD I'M GONNA…OOOOOHHHHHFUCK YEAH!" Teagan's orgasm could only be described as violent.

She slammed her chest into me, threw her arms around my neck, and locked her knees into my sides. I helped her by grabbing an ass cheek in each hand, and, pulling forcefully, grinding her pussy into me. "Mike, oh god, oh god…baby I love you, I love you so much!" I continued to hold her close to me as her violent shudders gave way to gentle trembles.

Teagan released her death grip on my neck, leaned back, looked into my eyes, and said, "You didn't cum yet did you?" "Not yet…" I said grinning seductively. "Oh shit…" Teagan grinned, biting her lower lip, knowing her sopping wet pussy was due for a second pounding. I leaned forward, supporting her with a hand on her back I said, "Lay down sexy, my turn now." I lowered her to the floor and leaned down to her, kissing her hard.

I reached back and pulled her legs up and then pushed them down, holding her knees near her shoulders and began to pump my cock into and out of Teagan's pussy, giving her every inch I had on each stroke. "Mike baby, I don't…I can't…MIKE OOOOOoooooooOOOooo…MIKE! GOD…OH SHIT! I CAN'T, IT'S TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH." Teagan lied. Her words said she had no more left to give, her body had other ideas. Teagan was thrusting her hips toward me, at least as much as she could, considering I had her reasonable well pinned down.

Her tight, wet pussy was clamping down on my cock with every long, deep thrust. Her hands were clenched tightly around my wrists. "OH MY GOD…IT'S…OH SHIT." Teagan was going to cum again; and I was right there with her.

"AAAAAAAUUNNNGGGG" Teagan's pussy locked down on my cock like a velvet clamp, pushing me over the edge as I shot the first jet of hot cum into her locked down pussy. I immediately pulled out and pumped shot after shot of thick cum onto her tummy and tits.

"Oh yeah, I love it…it feels so good!" Teagan laughed seductively as she rubbed my cum into her skin; looking into my eyes as she did so. She dipped two fingers deep into her sopping pussy, covering them with a mix of her sweet wetness and my cum. "Mmmmm. Damn I love the way you taste!" She sighed, licking the sticky cum off her fingers. We lay on the floor of the shower for several minutes more, our bodies entwined and tangled, kissing passionately as the flood of warm water from the shower heads poured over us.

"You hungry yet baby?" I asked curiously. My stomach was reminding me that lunch had been a number of hours ago . "Yes I am. How about hot wings? Can we go get some wings?" She asked happily, dude offered this arab babe to fuck and suck and film everything herself up on one arm; the thought of food helping to reinvigorate her.

"Works for me. Come on." I stood up, reached down and helped Teagan up off the floor. We quickly rinsed off and shut off the water. It was nice to have Sundee back at practice. It had been too long since her special brand of sarcasm and deeply warped sense of humor had gone missing from the team's personality mix.

She was still months from being released by her Dr.'s to play, and even then, no one was sure how much she was going to be able to contribute. Just having her around to watch however, seemed to boost everyone's mood. As we started a warm up run, I noticed Mitch talking to Sundee outside the dugout. Sundee's body language was screaming at Mitch, as she stood, leaning up against sex xxx sunny leon hot sex fill sex stories pole, arms and legs crossed, staring a hole through Mitch as he was talking to her.

By the next lap, Sundee had moved to the bleachers and Mitch had joined the run. "Hey dude, hold up." I said as I slowed to a walk out by the left field foul pole. "Whas'up?" Mitch asked as the herd of girls ran past us. "Well based on the way Sundee acted, you had better sleep with one eye open. That couldn't have been a happy conversation." "It wasn't much of a conversation. I tried to explain, she just glared at me." Mitch said.

"Did you at least try to explain your home situation and your reasons, and, oh yeah, apologize for being a dickhead?" "Of course I did." Mitch exclaimed. "I just don't think she gets the situation I'm in, how bad things could get…but damn, I miss her." "Did you actually tell her you miss her?" "Yeah. But all she said was "We'll see." with a kind of pissy attitude, and then she walked off." "Well, that's better than "Kiss my ass you child molester, the police will be her in a minute."" I said.

"Look, we've known each other what ten, twelve years? If you ask me, I think your current situation is making you miserable. You want Sundee, you're, at least for now, stuck with Tricia, and I know you want out, it's been obvious for a while now." Mitch just nodded in agreement. "So for what it's worth I will text you some info and a good lawyer friend of mines name and number.

If you decide to walk, just patricia major casting pierre woodman I've got your back and a spare room if you need it." "Thanks Mike, I really appreciate it." Mitch said shaking my hand. "Just do whatever quickly, Sundee ain't going to wait around for you very long." I decided to keep Teagan's little plan with Dillon to myself, but instead, pointed to the bleachers where Sundee and Dillon were talking.

"Sundee?" Sundee looked around toward the familiar voice that should not have been there. "Dillon? What are you doing here?" "Umm…looking for you." Dillon replied sheepishly. "Why? Do you want to see my scars too?" She asked sarcastically.

Sundee's bullet and surgery scars had become quite the attraction once word of the shooting spread. "Not really." Dillon sounded defensive. "I just wanted to see how you were doing; see if…maybe you wanted to go watch a movie or something." Sundee closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. "Dillon I'm not really ready for a relationship right now, I mean the last one didn't work out so well and …" "How about a friend? Could you use a friend?" Dillon interrupted with a bit of frustration in his voice.

"I'm…I'm sorry Dillon, its' just…" Sundee paused, wiped a tear from her cheek and said, "OK, yeah, I could use a friend about now." Sundee and Dillon sat and talked for most of the practice. It was impossible to hear what they were talking about but clearly, Sundee was doing most of the talking.

Neither Teagan nor I noticed when they left, but as we walked to the parking lot after practice, Sundee's car was still there, but Sundee and Dillon were nowhere to be found. "Teagan! Courtney! Wait up!" Ally came running over to the girls as they were walking over to my house after school "What's up tall, blonde and gorgeous?" Courtney chirped happily.

"Do y'all think Coach Mike will mind if I come over to his house and work in the batting cage with y'all this afternoon? I mean I tried to text him, but he didn't answer me…you don't think he's mad at me do you?" "Ally! Stop." Teagan exclaimed. "He's not mad at you, he's in a meeting this afternoon for his work and probably just could not answer you…and no, he will not mind at all if you come over." "Are you sure, he won't mind?" Ally whined, still not sure she completely believed Teagan.

"He won't mind. Come on." Teagan retorted. Teagan unlocked the cabana door; the three girls disappearing inside. Once inside, the three quickly changed into workout clothes; Courtney turned on and loaded the pitching machine. Over the next hour and a half, the girls shared time working with the pitching machine, alternating with cardio and light weight training. Teagan was wearing just a sports bra and sophie shorts as she took her next turn with the auto pitcher. She was working on inside fastballs; her only real weakness at the plate.

Teagan was swinging her "Miken Freak" FX700 -9 bat. It was her power bat. Years of gymnastics, weight training and superb DNA had given Teagan the upper body and arm strength to handle the long, heavy bat. In fact, she was the only girl on the team under 5 foot 6 who could swing a -9 effectively. "Freaky" as she called it, was her carbon fiber, weapon of choice.

Ball after ball, Teagan fought off the inside pitches; the crack of her bat on the balls reverberated through the cabana. Eventually, Teagan dropped down on a bench, relinquishing the cage to Courtney, and watched her hit and rested a bit.

Teagan was glistening with sweat, breathing slowly and deeply. Teagan didn't notice Ally, running on the treadmill, staring at her; silently studying her physique. As a twin, Ally was comfortable with being nude around girls.

She and her sister Aimee had bathed together since before she could remember. But now, looking at Teagan sitting right in front of her, something was different.

Ally couldn't immediately identify what it was that made her just a bit uncomfortable, but still…" "SHIT! I'm done." Courtney exclaimed, snapping Ally out of her daydream.

"Meee too!" Teagan cooed. "A shower is going to feel good." "You coming Blondie?" Courtney quipped, teasing Ally.

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"Actually…" Ally paused. "Oh come on, Ally. You're all sweaty and there's plenty of room." Courtney said. The tone of her voice was somewhere between a plea and a demand. "Ok, why not. Actually, it should feel good." Ally said, giving in. Teagan was already standing under the shower heads, her thick hair pulled up in a bun on her head, as Courtney and Ally stripped off their sweaty clothes.

Ally glanced into the shower and watched Teagan stretch in the warm water. "Jeeezus!" Ally breathed in disbelief; quietly enough so only Courtney could hear. "I wish my body looked that good…Teagan is just so perfect and so sexy." "Actually, I think your body is pretty perfect." Courtney cooed seductively.

"You think so?" Ally said with an uneasy curiosity. "I've always thought so. Just look at you… tall, sexy and not an ounce of fat…" Courtney quickie offer for pretty beauteous girl hardcore and european close to Ally and placed a hand on Ally's hip. Ally gasped sharply as Courtney placed her other hand on her front, just below her navel. "Remind me again why it is you don't have a boyfriend?

Seriously Ally, you could have anyone you want." Courtney's touch made Ally twitch nervously, as if an unnatural electric current was flowing through her. Courtney lightly and erotically stroked Ally's front with her hand, slowly moving higher toward her small firm boobs. "Courtney…I…I didn't realize…" Ally breathed.

"What?" Courtney retorted. "If you wanted me to stop you would have already said so." She looked into Ally's eyes, leaned in and kissed Ally softly between breeolson she eats her pussy like a raging le boobs, slowly moving up toward her neck.

Courtney slipped her arms around Ally's waist and pulled them together, stroking the small of Ally's back as she did so. Ally tentatively slipped her arms around Courtney's shoulders; her body screaming with a new and erotic feeling she liked, but didn't recognize or understand. "Come on Blondie, girl in stockings satisfies a hard dick get wet." Courtney purred erotically.

Teagan turned around just in time to witness Courtney take Ally's hand and lead her into the shower. She watched in wonder as Courtney took the body wash, squeezed some into her hand and began washing Ally's back. Once again it was as if, by some unseen power, Courtney had possessed her new lover.

Teagan and Courtney silently grinned at one another. Ally was leaning up against the shower wall; her hands up by her shoulders, resting her cheek on the wall. Courtney was slowly soaping her way down from Ally's shoulders to her perky ass. Teagan stepped closer to Ally and placed a hand on her shoulder, as Courtney slipped a soapy hand gently between Ally's ass cheeks, simultaneously touching both her anal starfish and her pussy.

Ally gasped audibly at Courtney's touch and opened her eyes. "Oh god…I…that feels soooo good…but…" Ally seemed tense and uncomfortable. "But she's a girl?" Teagan interrupted Ally's thought. Ally nodded and bit her lip. She was obviously torn between Courtney's erotic, almost loving touch and some dark thought about girls touching girls.

"Courtney won't hurt you Ally, if you just trust her; you will be amazed how wonderful a lover she can be." Teagan kissed Ally's cheek softly. Ally took hold of Teagan's hand, closed her eyes again and opened her mouth; her breathing shallow and ragged and Courtney continued to massage Ally's pussy for several moments more. "Oh My God!" Ally exclaimed as Courtney slipped two soapy fingers into Ally's juicy pussy, twisting her fingers around and pressing her thumb into Ally's asshole.

"I need to cum, please make me cum…please Courtney!" Ally cried softly, her voice trembling. "Here, turn around." Teagan said, guiding Ally around to face Courtney. Courtney slipped her fingers out of Ally and dropped to her knees, licking her lips in anticipation of the taste of Ally's sweet juices. Ally was still trembling as she reached over and pulled Teagan to her side and then reached down and guided Courtney toward her pussy. "Unnnng!" was all the noise Ally made as Courtney's tongue flicked across Ally's labia and clit for the first time.

Courtney buried her face in Ally's pussy; licking, kissing and softly biting Ally's tender cunt flesh, lapping at the sweet natural lube, leaking from deep inside her friend. Ally held Teagan tight to her side as Teagan softly caressed Ally's fantastic beauty is showing off her stretched spread quim in close up areolas, and small inverted nipples with her soapy fingertips. "Oh yeah…oh yeah…more, I need…to…cummmm." Ally tensed her body, her abs visible and sexily defined as she pushed Courtney's head into her pussy.

Courtney tirelessly continued to orally torture Ally's cunt as she worked to bring Ally to a shattering orgasm.

Teagan continued to rub and gently pinch Ally's boobs as well as kiss her neck erotically. "AAAAOOOOOOAAAHHHH." Ally screamed in ecstasy as she came almost violently in response to Courtney's oral stimulation.

Teagan helped hold Ally as her body convulsed with a deep powerful orgasm. "Oh god…oh my god, I need to sit…" Ally breathed as she started to slip down the wall. Once seated she looked up at Courtney and giggled nervously, through shallow hard breaths. "Holy crap!" Ally exclaimed. "Who needs to put up with guy's shit?

All I need is Courtney. Will you marry me?" Ally asked, her voice still trembling. All three girls exploded in laughter, destroying the last of the sexual tension in the room. "No, I can't marry you. You like guys too much. I've seen you in the halls at school, flirting with way too many guys to think you suddenly turned gay, just because I ate your pussy!" Courtney quipped smiling. "Yeah you're right, so now all I need to do is find a guy who can make me cum like that." Ally said dreamily.

"I hate to disappoint you dear heart, but guys can't make you cum like that. Only Courtney's can do that." Teagan leaned over and gave Courtney a soft kiss on the lips. Courtney smiled back at Teagan and mouthed the words "I love you!" "Oh, like you would know about that Teagan." Ally rolled her eyes. "I haven't seen you go out with a guy in, super sexy babe parties and sucks cock, way more than a year.

Everyone at school thinks you two are gay, 'cause you're always together; and come to think about it, neither one of you go out with guys anymore…" Ally paused expecting an answer that didn't come. "Courtney, did you just come out to me and Teagan?

Are you two gay? The three naked girls sat in silence on the shower floor looking at each other; the only sound was the water splashing around them. Teagan finally spoke after several seconds. "Ally, I am not gay. I love guys. OK? I love their strength, their scent, their taste and the feel of a thick, hard cock down my throat, up my ass, or fucking the shit out of my dripping wet pussy. There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, in this world better than waking up next to a guy you love, who used you like a fuck toy all night, made your pussy wicked sore; and you can't wait to fuck him all over again." Ally stared at Teagan in silent stunned amazement.

Teagan continued. "I'm also pretty sure, based on firsthand knowledge, that Courtney is not gay either. She may like girls a little better than guys, but there are guys who refer to her simply as "THE blow job goddess"; yes, she's that good." "Teagan, wait…I don't know so much about that anymore. I've been thinking a lot about it lately. I haven't been with a guy since that night in Colorado, with you, Mike and S…" Courtney froze in mid sentence, realizing too late what she had said.

Ally looked at Teagan and Courtney, now staring at each other in wide eyed terror. "Mike…Mike, who?" Ally asked suspiciously. "Oh god…Oh my god, Teagan, I am so sorry, I forgot, I'm not…I'm sorry!" Courtney stammered. Teagan closed her eyes and sighed deeply, exasperated with her friend and occasional lover. "Sorry?.About what?.and I still don't know who Mike is. What is going on with you two?" Ally asked even more confused now.

"Ally, Please don't…Mike will be in so much trouble. Please…" Courtney cried, breaking down in tears. "Courtney, don't what? I don't know what I'm not supposed say or know…and who's Mike!?" "OK, can you two just SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE!?" Teagan yelled angrily. "Ally, who was the only guy named Mike with us in Colorado?" Teagan asked sarcastically.

Ally thought for a moment and said "I can't think of anyone named…wait, not Coach Mike?" " Bingo. That's Mike." Teagan said mater of factly. "Teagan, is he forcing you to sleep with him?" Ally asked sounding a tiny bit worried. "Forcing me?" Teagan laughed out loud. "Not by a long shot. I seduced him; I never gave him a chance to say no to me. We have been intimate lovers since just before last Christmas. Mike and I have fallen so deeply in love with each other there is no way we could separate now without a flood of tears and unbearable heartache.

We have even looked at wedding rings together.

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Ally, I want to be his wife so bad, little else matters to me anymore. I long to hear him ask me to marry him as I long for my next breath. If you say anything about this to anyone before I turn eighteen, you will destroy three, no four lives. Mine, my mom, Mike and his daughter Tori. Now that you know the truth, I have to count on you to keep your mouth shut. And yeah, that's why I don't date any guys from school, look around you Ally, what could those immature boys do for me that Mike can't?

This is going to be my home, Mike IS going to be my husband; this is where we are going to raise our children. If you breathe a word of this to anyone, it all comes crashing down." "When is your birthday?" Ally asked quietly. "May 29th" "Wow, almost eight months away. Teagan, I won't say anything to anyone, not even Aimee. I couldn't stand it knowing that I had ruined y'alls lives and dreams." "Thank you" Teagan said. "I guess we had sunny leon sexy xxx mp4 story get dressed.

Mike should be home soon." Ally walked home a bit dazed and in deep thought. It had been a hell of a day. She had experienced her first lesbian tryst, and it was a threesome; not to mention that she actually liked it. There was the possibility that Courtney was, in fact, gay. Even if Courtney hadn't come right out and admitted to it.

And Teagan; Teagan was now, and had been for most of a year, sleeping with her coach and planning on becoming a trophy wife. How old was Mike anyway, Ally wondered. Courtney had stopped short of saying a name, was it Skye she was talking about or Sundee? Was Coach Mike sleeping with them too? It was going to be hard to keep all this bottled up inside for the next eight months…