Tall german milf we got a tip of a possible robbery suspect inside of a barbershop

Tall german milf we got a tip of a possible robbery suspect inside of a barbershop
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But the word WE, was the one she was having real trouble with. WE! WE! WE! It kept repeating in her head.

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He did say we, What did he mean we? Was there more then one man waiting to have her? My God she thought, how many were out there. She ran into the bathroom, and tried to lock it but the lock had been removed. She heard the bedroom door open, and then close. Then voices calling her by name. She was too scared to even get dressed, she just hid in the shower awaiting the inevertable. She did not have to wait long, She heard the bathroom door open.

She began to cry, the men could hear her, and stood by the shower curtain so she could clearly see their shilouettes, and began talking among themselves. "Mark can you smell something strange" "Yea Carl, what do you think it is?' "Smells like fear to me." "Nah Carl, That's pussy, I know that smell anywhere. Lorna could not control herself, their words disgusted her, they talked about as if she was a item on a shelf.

'Well Mark if there is Pussy in here, it better get itself on that bed so we can fuck the hell out of it, if it knows what good for it." Lorna did not move, she just crouched down into a sitting position, crying hysterically. "NOW" shouted one of the men. Scaring her even more. "Get your ass out here now, cause if we have to come and get you, it gonna she always spreads her legs for the dildo real uncomfortable getting fucked in this shower, and over that sink".

Lorna still did not come out. Carl was getting angry. "Listen bitch, I'm not interested in your fucking crying, just fucking you.

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Get your arse out here and spread em now, because I'm having you, ready or not." Carl's words were not making Lorna feel any better, but she did not want to fight, they looked so big through the shower curtain. Lorna came out of the shower, and got her first look at her next two attackers.

Both men were naked, and stroking their impressive hard ons. At the sight of the naked men, Lorna wiped her eyes, and walked between the men into the bedroom. "Hurry up" Carl yelled.

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He was a big man, and Lorna knew she was gonna be no match for them, Mark the other man was tall but not as muscular as Carl. Lorna laid down on the bed, awaiting this next violation. "Spread your legs Mark said". He sounded about as happy as a man could be. He was about to spend the morning giving Lorna a thorough shafting. Mark couldn't resist and climbed between Lorna legs.

She moaned. As his hands roamed her body, touching every spot before groping her pussy. He was not interested in giving her pleasure and thrusts two fingers into her.

He fiercely finger fucks her. Lorna's body screams, and she squirms around the bed underneath him. Carl is standing by her head watching. finally, mercifully mark removes his fingers. Lorna curls up crying, but Carl lifts her and bends her over a sofa chair and moves in behind her. Lorna knows what is coming… She can feel him behind her his cock stiff as a rock rubbing up her thigh.

She can feel he is large, and fears she won't be able to handle it. She closes her legs in fear, but he easily spreads them. Slowly he forces entry to Lorna trembling body going deeper until his whole cock is buried. Lorna head flew back and up, she screams her body struggling to accept him.

She was unaware that Mark was standing directly in front of her, waiting and as she lifts her head, he grabs her and guides her open mouth over his cock, forcing it all the way in. This is surprisingly easy, as Carl has not pulled back,and has hold of Lorna's waist and thrusts up into her without pulling back. His thighs and pelvis moving in a circular motion over her ass.

Lorna is truly double plugged, and is forced to lift her body higher for comfort and both cocks sinks deeper. Mark starts to work her mouth hard on his cock. Carl finally having enough of holding himself up inside Lorna, also begins to fuck her ever so hard.

Lorna found herself thinking, that the way that they had worked her in this position, they must of done this before, cause it was such a smooth attack. Lorna was moaning loudly, around Mark's cock, as Carl continually slammed into her, burying his monster of a cock, trying his best to hurt her. Mark was now in her throat, holding her head so her nose was in his pubes, her head rocking as Carl pounded her from behind.

Lorna tried to make eye contact with Mark hoping for mercy. You could hear her screams of pain. Carl now had one hand on her waist, the other groping a breast, squeezing it roughly. She struggle, trying to protect herself from his paws. Carl pulled his cock all the way out, replacing it with a dildo from the table of toys.

He fucks Lorna with it enough to coat it with her juices. Then his cock is back inside her. He resumes fucking her as roughly as before. She wines a protest when she feels the dildo at the entrance of her ass. He slides it in and enjoys watching her ass trying to repel it. Everytime it looks like she might susceed, he pushes it back in, causing her to squeal. Mark is pulling her head up and down over his cock. Lorna's whole body is screaming to be released. Mark's is taking long hard stabs all the way into her throat, she senses he is going to cum in her mouth.

She puts both her hands up, one beating at his chest while intense girlongirl action with two luscious starlets masturbation and brunette other tries to push back at his thigh, he takes no notice, he is way too far gone and won't last much longer, hitting her lips with massive force.

"Fuck… you feel so nice…" Mark yells. Burying himself deep as he can as he fills Lorna throat with his seed.

Lorna is desperate to stop it, she fight madly, digging her nails into his legs but she cannot break her head free or even pull back and is force to swallow it all.

Carl reacts to her twisting and gagging by ploughing into her with ever increasing force, driving her into the cock she trying to escape. Marks hold onto her,even though he has stopped cuming. Lorna begins to fear for her life, pleading with them, but they cannot understand her words.

Breath! Please let me breath! AIR! Finally after what seems a eternity to Lorna he releases his grip, and allows his cock to slip from her mouth. Lorna coughs and splutters, trying to get in air at the same time as spitting out Mark's foul seed. Carl continues to hammer away at her from behind, pounding her into the back of the sofa. Minutes later he cums, ramming himself into the exhausted woman, forcing her up on to her toes.

"Aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwggggggghhhhhh! "YOUHH AARRGGHH! YOU BASTARD!" She moaned You fucking bastard! Ooohhhhhhhhh!" Awwww you're splitting me ooooohhh!" As soon as he catches his breath, he sexy passenger anal banged by big cock in the backseat his still hard cock.

Lorna gasping for air collapses on the floor as he finally releases her.Carl is not finished with her yet, and Grabs her hair and makes her clean him.

When he is satisfied, he releases her and leaves letting her know he will be fucking her again tonight assuming she is not occupied. "My turn to fuck you", Mark said. "I wanted to fuck you from behind, but you just did that." Lorna had almost forgot he was still there, such was the savergy of Carl attack. Mark spent the next hour with Lorna, using her in many different position, the girl being too tired to put up more then token resistance.

Lorna wondered how the man could keep it father reap daughter fuk story so long, time after time he came back for more, his cock never going down. Not once did it cross her mind Steve was providing them with whatever they needed to keep going. It was noon before Steve came to wake the exhausted woman, who had cried herself to sleep, cuff back to the bed by Mark before he left.

Steve fucking big tit allys daughter the treat trade pt her some clean towels and toiletries, as on the computer room 31 was recorded as faulty, not to be used, and only his master card would now open it. While Lorna showered Steve change the sheets from the night before. She figured he did not intend to let her go otherwise they would not of cuff her. Besides two of the men said they planned to visit her again.

She wanted to kill Steve, but said nothing to him,just obeying his directions. When she came out of the shower, she found some clothes Steve had left for her, with a note on top of the pile. It was one of those sexy police uniforms with a incredibly short skirt, and revealing blouse, complete with push up bra. Their was also a blindfold which she was to wear. Lorna held a small hope that he was not going to make her have sex again, but this made it clear there was no hope of that.

She dressed and made her way gingerly back into the bedroom, with the blindfold on. "Steve! Steve!' She called "Steve's not here" came the cute legal teen mrp 12 from a strange voice clearly at the other end of the room. Almost simuletanously she felt someone take her hand to guide her, making her jump. She whimpered as it hit her that there were two men again.

Her mind race to the events of this morning with Carl and Mark. She could not do that again, wife creampie while husband sleep men fucking her wildly, madly.

The voice at the end of the room continued to talk. "Don't worry baby, he just going to guide you to your place of work." Lorna knew he meant the bed, and her face screwed up in disgust. She had been repeatedly raped, and was to be double team again, the mans voice talking but Lorna was not processing his words anymore.

Then her fear turned to sheer terror as a third man took her other hand, There were three of them. Lorna began to resist now and cried out. NO! No you can't let me go! I Won't, not three of you. NO WAY! The men easily pulled their prey to the bed, and held the still struggling girl in front of it. "Lorna baby don't worry you won't have to do three men, that would not be fair would it." The voice said Lorna let out a gasp of relief at his words. He continued " After all it would not be fair to do three of us and leave one guy out would it." The men all waited, watching her face as her jaw dropped as it dawned on her what he just said.

When he was sure it had sunk in, h e told her himself. "Thats right baby, you got four of us this afternoon." Lorna tried to beg, but the attack had begun, someone lipped locked her, while the two men holding her arms, had ripped open her top and yanked down the bra and latched onto her still sore breasts.

The speaker had covered the distance between them, and knelt down, catching one of Lorna legs as she kicked out, forcing it over his shoulder. Her pussy was exposed to his gaze, and was soon under attack as he lock his lips on it like a suction pad. Lorna squeal into the mouth of the man kissing her and continue to fight the four men abusing her, but she never had a chance. Now the man sucking and licking her pussy lifted her second leg so she was basically sat on his face.

He clearly knew what he was doing, because as rough as the three other men were, she could feel her pussy getting oh so wet. Her inner thighs were rubbing up and down the stubbled face of the man, irritating her, but his hands were on her outer thighs stopping her from opening them wider. The professional between her legs found her clit, and for the first time since her gang rape had begun she was getting some real pleasure. She gave up the uneven battle and the men on her breast took full advantage, removing the rest of her upper garments leaving her only in her skirt.The man kissing her, had hardly broken the kiss, even for air, and the sensation between her legs caused her to open her mouth and she was rewarded with his tongue snaking in.

Lorna felt her legs being released, and touch back down on the ground. The man continued lapping at her, and the breast suckers had move a hand each to her inner thighs, keeping them apart, so he had easy access. Lorna moans of protest had turned to moans of passion as her body responded to the constant attention. She felt her legs fail, and the men took this as a cue and eased her down onto her back on the bed. The men on her breast and clit followed her down onto her back without releasing their part of her body.

For the first time her mouth was free. Lorna legs were bent at the knee, her calfs hanging off the bed, and she kicked them up, but the man down there was safely between them. OHHH! STOP IT PLEASE! OH GOD YOU CAN'T DO THIS PLEASEEEEE! Lorna saw the man who had been kissing her undressing, and she began to twist and fight again.

Her hands pushed at the men on her breasts, as she twisted her waist and lifted her leg as best she could.

Suddenly her head shot up off the bed, the man on her clit started doing something new. Lorna had no idea what he was doing, but it was driving her crazy. she could not get a clear view of him, as the men on her breast jade and her stepmom fucking a rich guy down on them.

STOP IT! NO! STOP THATTT! OH! OHH! OHHHH! I. I. I CAN. I CAN' T Then Lorna body arched, her breast jutting up into the mouths of the men. Her hip rose one side then the other, forcing her pussy into the mans mouth, and intensifying whatever he was doing to her.

Lorna was cumming, and cuming hard. Her mouth was wide open as if gasping for air. She was so far gone, she had not even acknowledged the 4th man when he climbed above her head. He smiled and slowly inserted his cock into the poor girl open mouth. She was panting so hard, she could offer no resistance. The men on her breast released them, allowing him to sit on her chest, and now they were undressing. The man between her legs, was still between her legs but only licking her now and then, enjoying watching her body tremble, as she came down from her orgasm.

By the time Lorna had regained her senses, the man in her mouth had his cock all the way in. She opened her eyes to see him smiling at her, and then he began. He thrusted at her repeatedly, enjoying her warm mouth. Her arms were pin under his legs, and she could not defend herself from him. He was pulling her head up to meet his thrusts.

The other three men stood watching, enjoying Lorna fight.

Her legs were kicking high trying to kick him in the back. Her body twisted from side to side, unknown to Lorna she was creating the most erotic site for the three voyuers. Hot strippers in lingerie have some fun could feel his cock pushing into her throat as she kicked and squirmed.

It wasn't so much the number of times he ploughed into her, but rather the fact that her jaw ached from the previous blow jobs that made it worse. Thankfully he pulled out after a few minutes. "You will learn to take it all the way down your throat. We will have to work on that later. Now open and suck my cock properly." Lorna again focused on how everyman kept telling her they planned to revisit her.

She wondered just how long Steve planned to keep her as a play thing for these mad men. Sniveling, she had to get a hold of herself. She looked at his eyes and seeing no sign that he might relent. She nodded, and leaned forward to take him into her mouth. She took him and engulf his cock as far as she dared, then sucked hard. She was not going to chance another session being double fucked, and decided to play along so long as there was only one on her.

Over and over she worked, concentrating on bringing him off as quickly as possible, while the others made lewd comments about her abilities.

She focused only on pleasing him. It took a good 20 minutes before she felt his legs tense and knew it wouldn't be long now. He got harder in her mouth.

Then he was shooting into her mouth. She was swallowing cum for the second time as she allowed him to continue to move her up and down milking him of every drop. Lorna hated herself, but she was desperate.

Then she said it. "Who next boys." Hoping to get away with multiple blow jobs. The man who just had a blow job sat in the chair she had been so roughly taken over this morning relishing the feelings her mouth had reluctantly provided him.

Mean while the three other men moved towards her. Lorna cried out. " No! One at a time, please. I'll be good, just please only one. The men ignored her pleas and were all now on the bed, surrounding their prey. "No! Leave me alone." Lorna tried to get off the bed, but was quickly pinned with two men holding an arm each. And with their other hand holding her legs wide, giving the third man access.

Lorna was looking at the man who was priming to fuck her, and her eyes were frozen on his cock. It was massive, bigger by far then anything she had ever seen or had. MY GOD! YOU CAN'T! PLEASEEEEE! NO! PLEASEEEEE DON'T. ITS TOO BIG! She looked desperatly to the two men holding her, but saw no help coming. "Don't let him do this, please, he gonna kill me with it if he tries to put that in me." The man was laying on top of her now, pressing down.

Lorna was squirmming under him, frantic. She felt his cock at her entrance. She had become hysterical again, and she let out a mad scream as the man drove savagey into her.

AAAAAARRRRRGGGHH! NO! STOP! AARGH! STOP IT, PLEASE! The man began thrusting into her like a wild animal, and it was clear he was really hurting her. Awwww shit, awwwwwww! S. S. Stop uuggghh oh no, oh no uhhhhh!" Please stop, your hurting me. The man continued to plough in to Lorna who's arm had been released. Her head flung from side to side, and her teeth were clenched.

Dave the man to her left, said ease up a minute Bill. Bill stop thrusting at the girl, but held his dick inside her. Pleas! Please czech home orgy party 8 out! Lorna begged. Lorna was panting, trying to get air. She could not believe how much it hurt to be fucked by this man. Dave whispered into her ear. "I'm gonna put my cock in your mouth, and your gonna suck it like it is your favorite lolly, cause if busty looking good teen fucking her toys don't I gonna let Bill here fuck you as hard as he can.

Lorna was still breathing heavily, her chest and boobs rising and falling rapidly. She would of done anything to stop him fucking her, and all the men knew it. Crying she said. "O.K. Do. Do what you want, just not him. I. I can't take it. Surprisingly Bill pulled out and was replaced by Dean between her legs.

Dean entered her pussy and watch Lorna whimper, but make no effot to stop him. Dave climb over her face and planted his cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed him in. Dave signaled to Dean, and they commenced fucking. Lorna was pinned under these the two big men, ramming into her as hard as they liked.

She hated it, but she could not take another fucking from Bill. So she just laid back and waited for them to finish.Naively she did not think Bill would be back later. After about twenty minutes of this double fucking, she sensed Dean in her pussy fucking her harder,then ever and hoped he was close. But hope turned to despair, as Dean was roughly pulled off her.

She could not see who was between her legs, with Dave still pumping her mouth, but the first man was still siting on the sofa, and that just left Bill. She cried out around Dave cock in her mouth, realizing what was about to happen. She slammed her legs shut, but soon felt Dave large hands on her thighs, spreading them. Dave responded by ramming himself into the back of her throat. She gagged at the sudden intrusion, but that was nothing compared sunny leone sex xxx vb sex storiespage3 the scream she let out, when Bill rammed himself back into her for a second time.

Bill filled her so much, causing her to suck down on Dave cock hard. It was all Dave could take and came instantly, filling the poor girl mouth for a third time in 24 hours. He pulled out, to allow Bill to really fuck her now. Bitch" Bill said " Making me wait to fuck you, now your gonna get it." Bill was really hammering away, causing Lorna real pain. Lorna cried out from every thrust into her. AAAAARRRHH! OH GOD HELP ME! UUURGGH PLEASEEEEE!

PLEASE GET OFF ME! UURRGGHH OH GOD IT HURTS SO BAD! Bill hammered away at Lorna for nearly an hour, his stamina was amazing. She cried out for him to finish. Please!

Uurgh Please hurry! uurrggh OH God Please finish! Finally, Lorna got her wish and he came with a loud grunt, and the most painful thrust of all. Her whole body arched, she was inpaled on his massive fuck tool. Bill had it rammed up as far as he could go, causing Lorna so much pain. He collapsed on top of the girl, reveling in her complaints.

Please! Please take it out it hurts! Bill wanted to hurt her some more, her pleading really turned him on, but he knew the others had something they wanted to try. When Bill finally pulled out, Lorna gasped a long loud breath, she beat at his chest with her fists. Bill ignored her, he had enjoyed his fuck. Lorna wanted to just lay there and cry, but as soon as Bill left the bed, all 3 of the others were on it. No more! please! Pllease no more! Leave me alone! Please!

Sean the first of the men to attack her, was placing his cock in to Lorna pussy. She had no energy left to fight, and just moaned as he entered her. Lorna waited for the expected fucking, but nothing happened, the men were manovering her. She was confused, until it became clear they wanted her on top. When they had her over on top, Sean pulled her down and kissed her, while he held his dick inside her.

Lorna eyes were wide open looking at him as he roughly kissed her. He still held his cock inside her but had not begun to fuck her. Lorna tried to concentrate on what Dean and Dave, were doing. She knew they were on the bed l, but could not see them, as Sean refused to release his lips lock. Then to her horror, she felt a cold fluid being applied to her ass, and instantl y knew what they were planning.

Someone was lining up to fuck her ass, and while she sat on another cock. She was to be really double fucked this time. No! Stop it, You can't! Please don't do this! Oh please somebody help meeeeeeeeee! It was Dave who had push his cock into her ass, Dean quickly moved, amateur brunette milf noise complaints make sloppy breezy cops like me moist for massive hold her arms, and Sean held her round the waist, pinned on his member.

She could'nt move, let alone get away. Dave was slowly pushing down on her, feeding himself into the now screaming woman. AAARRGGHH! God stop! PLEASEEEEE PLEASEEEEE NO! Lorna had never ever had anal sex before, and she could not believe how much it hurt. She just had to lay there while Dave forced himself deeper and deeper.

Uuurrggh! Ple. Uurrgghh Please Uurgh It hurts! It took Dave fifthteen minutes of excriuating pain on Lorna's part before he got half of his eight inch dick inside. Lorna, had given up protesting, she lay their gritting her teeth and whining from the pain. Finally and without warning, Dave broke through and drove all of his dick in to Lorna's ass, accompanied by the loudest scream of the night. God help me. She whimpered. His pelvis was moulded round her ass cheeks, and Lorna felt a new level of pain.

Now she had two cocks fully buried inside her, just holding deep inside her, enjoying her, with hands roaming all over her body. She thought to herself this was the shaved cock girl miho gets screwed in the backyard, it could possibly get.

What more could they do to her than what they had done already except screw her, and she knew that exactly what they intended to do. She was crying, when she felt Dean gently lifting her head. He force her to rise of Sean chest, and support herself on her hands. His cock was pointing at her face, and she knew what he wanted. She shook her head no, three cocks was going way too far. Dave rewarded her with his first full thrust into her ass, and her mouth open wide, as if all the air in her body was being pushed out.

Dean took his time and enteredshe could not stop him. When Lorna caught her breath, her mouth was stuffed with cock, and she could not stop herself from clamping her mouth on it.

Then they began, all three men began fucking in their respective holes. Dean holding on to her head hardly had to move, as she was propelled forward and up on to his cock by Dave thrusting in to her ass.Dean however wanted more, forcing himself all the way down her throat. Sean thrusting upwards from the bed, inpaling himself in her pussy. Dave was the meanest, he was pummeling her ass with gutso. Lorna was gagging around the cock in her mouth, she could do nothing except wait for them to finish with her.

Each man took turns holding their cock deep inside Lorna, while the other two fuck her. Her eyes were wide open, she could not believe what they were doing.

The triple fucking had been going for about ten minutes, when all three slowed. Dean pulled out of her mouth, and Sean let his cock slide out of her pussy. Dave kept himself in her and locked his wrists around the front of her waist. Lorna was breathing heavily, already exhausted from the tree way action. She hoped they were finished, but she felt both arms being lifted, and her body being rolled with Dave still in her.

They rolled her until she was sitting on Dave with her legs spread outside his legs. With her like this Sean got back in her pussy and the two men resumed fucking Lorna.

Please! Uurrgghh, Please stop uurgh Stop it! Uugrh Pleas! Once the two men had a rhythm, Dean pulled on her hair, and quickly regain his place in her mouth, and she was being pummeled down on to a cock in her ass by a cock in her pussy, With a third cock trying to choke her, Lorna close her eyes, and prayed that this nightmare would be over soon. When she felt more weight on the bed.

She opened her eyes, and around the mass of bodies lunging at her sex wapdem xxx storys full Saw Bill climbing aboard. Dean turned her head to sideways, and Dave released her breasts that he had been busy groping. Bill moved between her breasts squashing his manhood between her two breasts. Lorna was now being quadruple fucked, and none of the men were being gentle.

The men switched position on Lorna until their time with her was up. She was taken twice with three men on her, and four times with two of them. When Steve came in to let them know time was up Dave and Dean were sucking on her breasts, Sean was between her legs sucking on her clit, and Bill was kissing the exhausted but semi conscious woman. In fact the very positions they had started on her in.