Threesome with samantha aka sunny jay and camilla krabbe

Threesome with samantha aka sunny jay and camilla krabbe
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My name is Jason, I'm 15 years old. I'm a pretty sexy kid, at least that's what the girls at my school say. I'm about 5 ft 7 and 167 pounds. I wouldn't say I am gay, but rather bi, but I would rather fuck a guy any day of the nasty beauteous hottie loves to enjoy sex. Not that it seems important I have a little brother Kyle who worships the ground I walk on. The reason I tell you this is well, I like dick, and when you have a cute little brother, there's like an unwritten rule that you have got to fuck him before his 7th birthday, ha joking but that doesn't mean I don't plan on carrying out this fantasy.

I'm just trying to work up the courage to make the move and I knew the perfect time to do it.

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In five days my parents are going to Florida to visit my sick aunt and although upset by my aunt I didn't really care compared to the thought of me finally fucking my little brother. Any way like I said my brother is 6, he has dirty blonde hair like me, he is the same height any normal 6 year old would be and as for weight, my little guy was a swimmer, so he was nice, skinny and sculpted. I I woke up on a bright sunny morning, the day my parents where going to leave, only a few more hours and it would just be me and Kyle all alone for a whole weekend.

As I sat up, I noticed I had some major morning wood. I decided I would rather save my sperm for my little brother, so instead of jerking off I went to take my morning piss.

Standing in front of the toilet I pulled my hard 5 inch dick out of my silky basketball shorts, and released a golden stream of piss and a little bit of pre cum. As I jiggled my dick and pulled up my shorts, I heard my mom and dad talking. I walked out of the bathroom and detoured to the kitchen to see my parents before I went back to sleep.

Good morning mom I said, giving her a big hug. Yo Dad I said as I gave him a swift high-five. Hey pal my Dad said, we got a few ground rules before we leave. O yea I said in a innocent smart aleck voice. For one no alcohol, no drugs, no parties and well you get sliping mom end son pron deal son my Dad said with a laugh. O man their goes my weekend I said with a sly look on my face.

Jason really! my Mom said in a high tone. Just kidding Mom said. Hey guys I'm going to bed, wake me up when you guys are going to leave. I walked back to my room, witch horny teens enjoy anal dicking by hung tutor right next to my brother's which made for some late night sneak and peeks.

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. I woke up with my little brother Kyle jumping up and down on my bed to wake me up. Hi Jason he said with a smile on his face. Hey little guy I said trying to keep my cool about him wakening me up.

Still jumping on my bed, Kyle said that Mom and Dad where leaving soon and that I should come out and say good bye. I said Ight dude ill be right out, as I rubbed his hair. Kyle said okay as he jumped to the floor and ran out of my room. I stepped off of my bed and readjusted my dick. I walked to my closet and put on a shirt, and eagerly walked to the living room to see my parents off. I love you guys tell aunt Karen I said hi and to feel better. The second the door opened and my parents started walking down to the car my dick sprung up, but I wouldn't make my move yet I wanted to play with it for a while.

I was sitting in my room laying on my bed surfing Facebook with a major boner thinking about the fun I was going to have. I got up and went to my top draw and opened a hidden duffle bag I had.

Inside I had a shit load of pot, and my footjob is about to end up with jizz bong.

I went in to the living room and put my shit on the table and walked to my brothers room. As I walked in I said hey little guy what's going on. Dady sea mom cheating sex Jason he said with a smile as he was playing with his action figures. Do you want to play with me my brother said. Sure but not like that and later I said with yet another sly smile. I got a better idea, do you want to come in the living room and watch a movie with me?

Sure my brother said running up to me and giving me a giant hug. I grabbed my brothers hand and led him to the couch and sat down, I let him choose the movie so of course we where watching Toy Story for the hundredth time, but that was okay cause as I said, I had better plans than watching a stupid kid movie.

As soon as my brother saw my pot, he asked what it was. I said its pot and the other thing is called a bong it's what you smoke the pot with. My little brother said o in a surprised voice, quite obviously shy and uncomfortable after that my brother didn't ask anymore questions. It was now 35 minuets in to the movie and I was hard as hell.

I was sitting right next to my brother so I sat up and started to prepare the pot, witch was a fetish of mine.

As I started to light up I asked my brother if he wanted any. My brother said no, but I reassured him that its cool and every one dose it, and of course that was enough for him, but would he be able to handle the pot is what I was wondering. After I took a few hits from the bong I handed it over to my brother and assisted him to the second best feeling he would ever feel after an orgasm of course, but soon I would help with that to.

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It was to much for him to handle so I put the bong away and lit up a blunt, I inhaled and blew the smoke in his mouth and told him to hold it in his lungs, I told him if he could do it I would cute babe sucks a big delicious dick him play GTA 4 witch is something I never ever let him do. Of course a little bribe is all it took and he did it like a pro and before he knew it he was high as a kite. Super high and pre cum drenching my basketball shorts I pulled my half asleep high brother next to me and rubbed his head and thought of the fun we would have, and when I was going to make the move.

10 minuets later I could barely resist so I did the next best thing, looking over and seeing Kyle asleep I decided to jerk off, and knowing the my little brother was right next to me made it so sexy. I pumped furiously at my cock and soon shot streams of cum every where, with some even landing on Kyle.

I got up and grabbed a paper towel and began to wipe myself clean but leaving a little glob of cum on my penis head. I walked up to Kyle picked some cum up with my finger and stuck it on his tongue. Bent down and kissed him on his sleeping lips and went to bed. At 7:00 am I woke up and shot out of bed with massive boner. I went to the living room to find my brother awake and watching Sponge Bob. Hey buddy I said not trying to conceal my boy boner. You want to watch a movie again I asked.

Yea Kyle said lets watch Lion King. No I got a better idea I said. Ill be right back. I went to my room and got a porno, this was a straight porno cause I didn't want to come off gay, at first at least. I went over to the DVD player and put the movie in. My brother said what movie is this.

I froze for a few second and said is Pussy Galore # 4. My brother again very shy didn't mention it. As the movie progressed my brother kept asking me questions. What was that white stuff?

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I told him that was cum and it comes out of a boy when he is excited. He said okay again being shy.

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He also asked what was that big thing in my pants? I laughed and said its my penis. This time he wasn't shy, he said wow your pee pee is big. Ha thanks buddy, want to see it I said? Really? Sure buddy I said as I lifted my circumcised teen dick out of my basketball shorts. Its really big my brother kept saying.

Do you make white stuff Kyle said. Yea you want to see? Yea he said. I grabbed my dick and started jerking off. My hand up and down up and down. About to cum I stopped jerking off, looked at my 6 year old brother and said you saw mine now let me see yours. Before my brother could answer me my hand was already grabbing at his boy dick.

. After pulling down his shorts I drooled at the pair of Spider man underwear my little pal was wearing.

I with both hands pulled down his underwear and stared at his tiny little cock. I took his little 3 inch dick and jerked it off. Jason it feels good. I bet it dose I said as I continued to jerk my brother off. 2 or 3 minuets into jerking Kyle off I told him to suck my penis. Without a complain the said okay, but of course I explained how.

I said pretend my penis is a yummy lollipop, but don't bite I said with a laugh. My brother grabbed my dick sending me in to a climax. Felling my brothers warm breath bobbing up and down on my dick made me ready to do anything. I pushed my brother off of me and stood up. Come one lets go to you're room I said in an assertive voice. We walked into my brothers room witch consisted of a racecar bed.

This is going to be so fucking hot I screamed out loud as I picked my brother up and threw him on the bed in as assertive yet loving way. I laid down and spread my legs out on Kyle's bed. Sit in between my legs I said. As Kyle was doing so, I started to jerk off, and stick my tongue out and mimicked making out with a sexy chick.

As soon as my brother move up to me however this tongue maneuver found its way in to my six year old brother's mouth. I raped his tongue because he just did not know what to do. After braking my kiss with Kyle, I told him to kneel like a dog nasty lesbians fill up their huge bootys with milk and blast it out threesome and creampies spread his legs open. After my cute brother complied I slid behind his cute ass and raped it with my tongue.

Jason stop, I don't like this he screamed. I was to in the moment so I yelled and said shut up and be a big boy. I was so mean he stopped and dealt with the anal rape I was giving him. About an hour of fondling my little brother and kissing him I decided to finish it all, I was going to cum In his sweet ass. I told him to stay still and not to move, as I went to my room to get my ky jelly I use to jerk off, I put some on my finger and stuck it in his ass.

I told him this is going to hurt and that I love him but that I really need to do this and if you were really my brother you would let me do this. With no protest I gently put my dick on hiss butt crack and jiggled around his sweet hole. With out and warning I rammed my dick in to his little tight ass hole, and he cried louder than the time he broke his arm.

For some reason his pain that I was causing made me feel even more horny and I just did not stop. In and out I went back and forth all awhile all I heard where the sounds of this little 6 year olds cries and begging for me to stop. I did not stop still back and forth with sweat pouring down from my face and hairless chest. I felt my orgasm begin in the bottom of my dick and I sped up so fast.

O god fuck yea you're the best brother ever o my fuckin god is all I said as I jizzed in my brother ass. I pulled my dick out and told him I love him so much, and that I'm am so sorry but I couldn't help it.

I turned him around and frenched his little tongue and said good by, not before I taste my yummy jizz out of his ass however. To be Continued as a series revolving around Kyle as an older teen and his life after this scenario.