Amazing cutie has fun with a dick

Amazing cutie has fun with a dick
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This is the story of how me and my cousin had our first time together. My name is Darren I'm 5'9, and I have black hair and brown eyes. My cousins' name is James he's 5'7, and has black hair and brown eyes also. People sometimes mistake us as brothers. (F.y.i: we've had nickname for each other for awhile ( mine is Darre and his is Jay). So it all started when I was 13 and he was 12.

I was sleeping over at his house for the weekend while his parents (my aunt and uncle) were gone on vacation. We were staying up late watching movies and playing on his PlayStation, suddenly we got bored and started flipping through the t.v.

and landed on the adult porn channel. We sat and watched as the little blonde girl got fucked real hard by the guy with the big cock. As we were watching I started to get a tent in my jammies James being 12 didn't know why that happened so I told him and he said "I wanna do what the guy and girl are doing" so I said "ok which do you wanna be the girl or the boy" my horny cousin said "I don't care just as long as we both feel anna king and valentina blue in privateacirceurotrades casting couch. So I told him he could be the girl since he barely had any hair on his body.

We started off by kissing each other passionately and taking off our shirts barely breaking the kiss that was getting hotter by the second. I laid him down on the living room floor taking off his pants and boxers as fast as I could while he took mine off too. When we were completely naked he looked like he saw a Yu-gi-oh card, his jaw dropped and he was drooling a little.

He finally brought himself back to earth and said "your dick is huge Darre (that was his nickname for me)" I laughed and said "I'm only 5 1/2 in. hard Jay" and he said "well it's still bigger than mines" I then said "you can touch it if you want" and he asked me in that sweet voice that he used to get what he wanted, "can I suck it?", me being hornier than ever agreed.

He took my hard stiff cock and started licking it like a lollipop.

He licked the head nice and slow then he got to my shaft, while this was happening I felt like I was in heaven my little cousin was sucking my dick like a pro. He kept the pace up and constantly kiss me whispering "I love you Darre" I moaned in ecstasy "I love you too Jay" then we started 69ing each other bringing each other close to cumming, in the midst of the most amazing blowjob ever, James', 8 year old little brother Jacob woke up and came to the room to see us blowing each other off.

I had always loved Jacob he was more adventurous and curious than James, he was the best of both worlds he knew how to keep a secret and I believe he had a little crush on me.

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Jacob walks in and said "that's not fair you two are having a grown-up sleep over without me", we turned our heads to see a crying Jacob. "I'm sorry Jake we didn't mean to leave you out of this, it's just you were asleep." I said consoling him since he never liked James at all (guess it was cause of his crush on me and the fact that James got more time with me).

I left the room to go get Jacob something to drink since he was crying so hard.

"Leave Darre alone I love him" Jacob said yelling at James. James hated to be yelled at so he punched Jacob in the gut and said "since you love him so much I'll give him to you but you got to finish what he started make me cum." "No, why would you do that?

You know I love him" Jacob said. James said in a manipulative erotic tone"that's why either you'll blow me or mom and dad will know you love a cousin".

So Jacob had no choice and agreed but only if he leaves Darren and him alone all weekend. "Deal he'll be all yours this weekend I've got someone to fuck later anyways, so hurry up and get me off" To be continued&hellip.please comment if you like this story I hope to tell you more, this is just the part 1 of this story part 2 will be coming soon. Comments and ratings are appreciated. Thank you ;)

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