Perfect lesbian sex tape with anissa kate and a hot teen

Perfect lesbian sex tape with anissa kate and a hot teen
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"Come on, Lilly it will be fun!" Jacob says to me. He always wants to do stupid shit like we're still kids. "Fuck no!" I say back, "I'm not going to the fucking zoo!" Jacob has been this way for the longest time.

It's like he never grew past the age of ten, even though he's already eighteen. "Come on, Lill!" Jacob whines, "I can't just go with mum!" "Yes you can, you fucking loser!" I laugh, at my little brother, "Go to the zoo with mum just like you used to!" Jacob storms out of the room in a fit, one that's very embarrassing to have for a man of his age.

I watch him leave, and think to myself that if Jacob wanted to have fun with me, all he'd have to do is ask. I would fuck my brother for sure.

He's six feet tall, has brown hair, and good musculature. He has the body of a model, but the mind of a child, and I don't go for man-children. I've been dropping the most obvious hints for the past three years, but Jacob has let them sail right over his head. He actually thought it was an accident that I walked into his room naked. Like, the towel just fell all on its own, and Jacob just assumed I didn't mean to do it.

Come on, little brother, how obvious do you need the hints to be? Am I not attractive enough for your virgin, loser ass to want to fuck? I know that's bullshit. I'm stacked blonde with the amateur milf with big tits fucks a big cock shaved curvy of a super model, and I fuck like a whore on her last penny.

"Lilly!" Mum calls, "Take your brother to the zoo! He's driving me crazy!" "Fuck no!" I yell, "He can take hisself if he wants to go so bad!" "You know he doesn't have a licence," Mum says, "be nice to your brother, you know the way he is." I groan and get off the couch, grab my keys and go out to the car. I impatiently honk the horn until Jacob finally runs his retarded ass out of the house, almost skipping like a boy in secondary. "Thanks Lill!" Jacob smirks like he won an argument.

I roll my eyes and start the car. When we get to the zoo, I walk with my brother and try to keep myself interested in the attractions. I haven't cared about animals since I was ten, but its better to pretend to give a shit than to actively not. He sees all the shit he wants to see, and I keep my distance and try to appear associated with him as he points and laughs at the gorillas.

Jacob has no excuse for acting like he does, but I guess he can't help himself. "We're leaving." I tell him. "What?" he yells, "But we just got here an hour ago and I want to see the giraffes!" "See them on the telly, we're leaving!" I growl, yanking his arm to no avail. "What is wrong with you?" Jacob yells. "What's wrong with me?" I yell back, "What's wrong with me? You're about to got to university and you still act like a fucking ten year old!" "I'm just excited about the animals!" Jacob insists, "I'm going to be a biologist, so shouldn't I gorgeous teen spreads her legs for shlong excited about what my career is going to be?" "You'll never make it through biology courses," I laugh, "you can't even tell when a woman makes a pass on you, how are you going to tell the difference between red and white blood cells?" "What are you talking about?" Jacob yells.

"My point exactly." I laugh, and then walk to the car Jacob walks back to the zoo, his shoulders slumped, looking very dejected. I'm might zrazzers milf office full storys like a class-A cunt, but I do care about my little brother, and I do feel like a bitch for being so mean to him.

So what if he's a little slow? He has a passion, and that's a good thing. "Hey, I'm sorry." I say, patting him on the back as I wrap my arms around him. "No, you're right." Jacob says sadly, "I need to grow up. It's just. no one teaches you how to be an adult.

When I was in secondary, everyone else just seemed to know how to do it, but I never did. I lost all my friends because they grew up differently than I did. I guess I didn't grow up at all." "Now Jacob, you grew up just fine." I laugh, giving him a sisterly smack on the ass. "Of course you an Mum say that," Jacob says, pouting, "you're the only women who will ever talk to me, and no offense, but I'm looking for a different kind of female companionship." "I can give you ruby is a beautiful big tits bbw babe who loves to fuck you want." I say.

Once again, Jacob misses the hint. "No," Jacob says, "I mean I want a girlfriend, Lill; not a sister." "Why not both?" I say, stating my intentions in the most obvious way possible, praying that Jacob somehow doesn't fuck this one up.

Jacob turns around and looks at me funny. "Did I just hear you say that?" Jacob asks, "Are you fucking with me now, Lill, because I just bared my soul to you and if you're going to fuck with me, then we're just not going to talk anymore." "I'm not fucking with you, Jacob." I saw, in the sluttiest voice I can make, "I want you.

I've wanted you since we were both teenagers." Jacob looks at me with a shocked expression. I just smile back and let my weight fall on one hip, teasing him with my curvy body. I hope that Jacob feels the same way about me, or this would be really embarrassing.

I also hope he doesn't think I'm just doing him a favor, because pity sex isn't fun sex at all. And we are going to have sex. I am sick of waiting. "Well?" I laugh, "Do you want to fuck your sister, Jacob, or are you going to make me look like an idiot?" "I.

I don't know?" Jacob asks it like a question. "It's a yes or no question, brother," I laugh, "do you, yes or no, want to fuck me? Because we can do it right in the zoo, like all those animals you love so much." Jacob nods his head slowly, and I grin and take him by the hand.

I walk him as he follows me dumbly behind, and take him to a restroom. It's one of the kind that is meant for the handicapped, and I smile to myself when I think that it will serve for the mentally handicapped as well.

Jacob gulps like a nervous virgin when I lock the door.

I turn around, and he's standing all awkwardly like he expects this all to be revealed as a big joke. I make sure he knows its not a joke by giving him his first kiss. He kisses me all awkwardly, but eventually he gets the confidence he needs. We tongue eachother's mouths, and I feel him get hard again me.

I giggle into his open mouth and slide my hand into his pants. He jolts as I grab his dick, but then relaxes as I start to stroke him. He's pretty big, at least seven inches, and I get so wet with his hard dick in his hand. I kiss him like a slut, and then get on my knees. gorgeous blonde pink dildo awesome cheerleader rubs e hd, wait!" Jacob says.

I just smile, and take his whole dick into my mouth. Jacob doesn't get a chance to second-guess himself now. He just got his dick sucked by his big sister. I feel him hard in my throat, and I gag a little as I take him all the way in. He starts groaning and moaning, and I wonder if anyone will hear us outside.

I suck him hard and fast, feel him throbbing in my mouth like he's going to cum. He's a virgin, so it's no surprise that he's a little too excited. I ease off of him, and smile up like a subserveant little whore. "You wanna fuck your big sis in the ass?" I ask him. "What?" he yells.

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I grin at him, stroking his cock all lubed with my spit. I bend over against the sink, and see my slutty reflection in the mirror. I see Jacob's behind me, I pull my skirt up and reach back, spreading my asscheeks and teasing him with some twerks. Jacob looks at it like it's a bear trap, and I laugh at him, reach back, and do it myself. I moan like a slut as I feel my brother's dick pushing deep hot lesbian orgy with delicious sex bombs masturbation and group sex my shithole.

It feels so good to have a hard, hot dick in your ass. He goes all the way in and I feel a little pain, but its mostly pleasure. Jacob groans as I tighten my asshole around him and start backing up. My rim grips him and slides up and down his dick, making it dirty with my ass juices. It feels so good to have a dick in the wrong hole. It's so naughty, and I fucking love it, and so does my brother. He grabs my hips and starts fucking me, and I grip the sink and let him do it.

"Fuck me like those animals!' I scream. "Shh Lill! There are people outside!" Jacob says, still fucking me even though he's scared of getting caught. "I want them to hear us!" I yell, loving how my little brother's dick in my ass feels. He's still scared of getting caught, but I guess my forbidden shithole is too much for him to resist.

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He fucks me harder, and I begin to press again the mirror. My tits squish against the glass and my face slide up and down. I moan like a little whore over and over, but now I'm also screaming too because it feels that good. The idea of fucking my brother turns me on, because it's fucked up, and the idea of getting caught in the zoo while my brother fucks my ass is even hotter.

I get louder, and I can't control myself anymore. Jacob can't either, and he's stopped trying to keep quiet as he grunts and moans and yells like a fucking grizzly bear.

My tits fall out of my shirt because they're jiggling so hard from our fucking. They press against the glass and I feel the cold on my erect nipples. Jacob starts slapping my ass and I beg him for more like wild busty lady got a nice fuck good little slut. He's really fucking me now, driving into me with a passion, making my ass jiggle and my body press harder against the glass.

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"Oh yeah fuck me harder!" I scream. "Oh fuck, Lill, your asshole is so tight!" "Don't come in it!" I yell, "Make me come, and then I'll suck you and you fuck my pussy!" Jacob works harder, throwing his back into every motion.

He collides with me and each impact is painful and pleasurable. I start to scream louder and grind up and down on his dick. My voice gets higher, and I scream and scream as I feel my asshole getting destroyed.

I arch my back and cum like an anal whore, and starting panting to catch my breath from the exhilarating feeling. I pull Jacob's cock out of my ass and grin up at him like a submissive slut.

I suck my ass juices off his cock and I think they taste delicious. Jacob looks down at me with an aroused expression as I take his filthy cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, until he's clean. I really love sucking cock. I get up and sit on the sink and spread my legs for my brother. Sexy latina teen striptease and pussy play grins at me, and then shoves his dick in my ass another time.

"Hey!" I yell, but I'm moaning too, "I told you to fuck my pussy!" "I couldn't resist." Jacob laughs, "You feel so good back here." "You better not put that in my cunt!" I yell, "I'll get a UTI if you thaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA!" Jacob shoves his whole dick into my pussy, and it feel so good that I can't even finish what I was saying.

He fucks me with twenty pumps of his hips, and then shoves his dick back into my asshole. I cum again right there, the feeling is so intense. Having my pussy and asshole both getting fucked like that is something I've never done. He pumps into my shithole, and then when it gets too intense, he puts it back into my pussy, until I'm cumming from both holes like a whore and crying because it feels so good.

"Keep fucking me like that!" I beg like a slut. Jacob keeps alternating my holes, never giving me a chance to relax one. I cum over and over again, until I'm sweating through my shirt and slipping off the sink because my body is jerking uncontrollably. Finally, Jacob starts moaning louder and louder, and I feel his dick throbbing. He sticks his dick all the way in, and then blow his load deep int my cunt. I'm really pissed that he came inside me, but I'm too busy screaming my climax to tell him.

I just scream and scream, and enjoy the feeling of hot cum deep in my pussy, without worrying about the consequences. Jacob pulls out of me, and that's when we hear the knock on the door.

To be continued.(if you want more)