Mom guy gives his friends mother a creampie

Mom guy gives his friends mother a creampie
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"Are you certain your plan will work?" Natalya asked with a hint of uncertainty. "I would really hate to have Avyanna's wrath cascading down on me." "You are far too worried my dear," Typheryian cooed. He brushed his hand along her face, but inside he felt disgust. Having anything to do with a Remnant went against his principals.

He hated them more than he did true demons. "I assure you once the plan is set in motion she will fall and once the Asura rule over this world you will have all the power you ever craved." She brushed his hand aside knowing full well his dislike for her kind. "I assure you I crave a lot." "Then you will have it," he said firmly.

"I better," she said firmly. "Or what? You'll kill me?" Typheryian mocked. "I am far more powerful than you my dear Natalya." "Stranger things have happened," she replied unperturbed. She turned and walked around her desk and took a seat. Leaning back in the chair with her fingers pressed against each other and smiled at the other demon. "See that you fulfill your promise or I will be sure to bring the matter up to the council.

The Asura hold the minority seats and I would sure hate," she purred, "to see their fury brought down upon you." "You conniving little bitch," he slurred. "I should kill you now where you sit." "Then who will you get to carry out your little plan? Hmm?" she asked grinning. "The way I see it you have no other choice but to accept my terms.

I control the Black Dragon and I have cute chubby yo girl poses with sexy boy at the casting most influence over the Russian Army now that Maltaus is dead." "You play with fire girl." "Yes, but I know how not to get burned." "We shall see. Until then you will get what you desire." Typheryian quickly dissipated leaving behind no trace he had ever been there.

Natalya sat for a little bit before another presence materialized almost in the same exact spot the Typheryian was. Natalya jumped to her feet expected him with some type of attack. When she realized who it was she abruptly sat back down.

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"It's only you Rythern." "A bit jumpy are we?" The newly arrived demon asked. "It's that fucking Typheryian and his backward threats," she replied looking down and shaking her head.

"You can't honestly believe for one minute he will go through with his promises." "To tell the truth I could care one way or another. It serves my purpose to fulfill his plan. If I get something more out of it, then all the better for me." Rythern moved around the desk to stand behind Natalya and began rubbing her shoulders.

"You know if you openly attack him in front of the council you'll only anger other Asura. That is if you don't bring the council down upon your shoulders in the process." "And where would you stand?" "If and when you drop the bomb on Typheryian?" he asked. "What you don't trust me?" "Quite frankly I don't trust anyone, human or demon.

But you I give the benefit of the doubt. After all letting an Asura into the Black Dragon should be enough to prove that to you." "So me being your lover has nothing to do with it?" he asked looking down at her with a smile. "That may have helped move things a little faster," she said returning the smile. "But it has nothing to do with trust." "Well trust or no trust I have what I want." "And what is it that you have?" "I think you know that answer," he said as he slipped his hand down between Natalya's thighs.

"Come over here," he said, pulling her over to the chair.

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He grabbed her by the waist and pulled off her pants. Then he bent her over his knees. She knew what was coming; anticipation almost made her cream her pants right then and there.

With his left arm, he held her over his lap. She felt his erection pressing against her side.

He stroked her ass. The string separated her ass cheeks and disappeared deep into the furrow between her legs. She trembled, her legs shaking.

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He moved the string aside and thrust his middle finger into her pussy. It was like sinking into warm pudding. "You like this, don't you?" She whimpered in response. He had her roll off his knees. Then he pulled her in close and said, "Undress me." Natalya normally preferred to be in charge, but on some occasions she enjoyed being told what to do. She unbuttoned his shirt, kissing the skin as it appeared from under his clothes.

He closed his eyes and let her enjoy her work. She pushed the shirt off his shoulders and kissed her way down to his nipples. She put one in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the hardening nub. Then she sucked, sucked on it as if she were drawing nectar out of it. He grabbed her head. "Lower," he growled the order.

She unbuckled his pants, and let them fall to the floor. The head of his cock was sticking out hard. She knelt in front of him. "Lick it." That was all she needed. She licked the eye of it, savoring in the juice that dripped from his head. She tore his pants off of him and shoved him back to the desk. Then she placed her mouth over his cock and sucked.

She bathed him with her tongue. As she sucked on him, she worked her tongue around and around. He held her head and shoved it to the back of her throat. She gagged. She loved it when she was taken charge of like this.

He pulled her off his cock and told her to stand up. Natalya pulled off her g-string.

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The silk was so wet. She had trouble getting it out of the folds of her pussy. She was bald and upon seeing it, he liked his lips. She didn't do it for him, but for her. She liked it when the breeze went up under her skirt and teased her naked pussy. She liked it when she got wet and the friction was so smooth that she could cum just by pressing her legs together.

He spun her around to where her back was against the desk and pushed her onto it. She did and was totally exposed. He feasted with his eyes, and then he got between her legs.

He took his tongue and licked up one lip and down the other. Then he sucked on her clit, flicking it back and forth with his tongue. He stroked his tongue down her slit, then in between her asshole and her pussy. Taming a horny hard willy blowjob and amateur teased her even more, ringing his tongue around her asshole. Then up again, plunging his tongue deep into her quivering pussy.

She was so wet and so ready to explode. She moaned in ecstasy and grabbed the back of his head pushing it in further.

He continued sending her deeper and deeper into pleasure. He suddenly pulled away and stood up and shoved his cock into her. He just as quickly pulled out and rubbed it against her pussy; teasing her. He smacked her clit with it. The he rammed it in again.

He slid back and forth, faster and faster. He rocked back and forth and from side to side.

She bucked underneath him and wrapped her legs around his ass. He pulled out and rolled her over onto her stomach then plunged into her pussy. He then massaged her crack with his thumbs. He stroked them up and down, keeping his cock firmly sheathed in police gangbang oil and blonde blue eyes milf xxx milf cops pussy. He got closer to her asshole and used her juices to lubricate her ass. He pushed and one thumb went in. "Mmmm, yes," she moaned.

"That's it." "Tell me what you want," he ordered. "I want it deep in my ass." He smiled and pulled out of her pussy and placed his cock into her ass. He shoved it in and out hard and fast. She grinded against his body and matched his movement. He fingered her clit while she squeezed her breasts. She let out a sudden moan and started to convulsively grab at the edges of her desk. Her ass contracted on his cock. He couldn't take it anymore and shoved his cock up to the hilt into her ass, pulsing and shooting his load deep into her.

He pulled out and let the remaining juice drip onto the crack of her ass, down in between the lips of her pussy. He pulled out and rolled off to one side. She looked over at him. "Like I said, being my lover has nothing to do with it. It's just a perk."