Brunette tries to fit a huge cock into her tight pussy

Brunette tries to fit a huge cock into her tight pussy
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Chapter 1 It can happen, so fast, one minute things are fine the next they are bad. It happened that way with part of the Quick 6's gang, they were walking along the edge of their hood on Chicago's near north side, a beat up neighborhood that most decent people would find mildly disturbing. They got jumped by the Crip 55's, a gang in the hood next door. There were 6 of them and only four 6's, Juan, Carlos, Sanchez, and Cree. They all had knives and Cree the superstar had a gun but it was dusk, near quitting time, and showing heavy stuff during daylight was forbidden.

Cree was a federal parolee, recently released. He could not take a fall for a weapons charge so it was a matter of fists, and stones and bottles. The 6's held there own for awhile. Carlos got a busted head and they all got bruised and scratched. Finally, Cree shouted "lets beat it". They ran for the El tracks but the 55's followed.

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Once they were under the tracks and headed towards the lake they were on only slightly familiar territory. Somebody else's. Juan huffed to Cree as they ran, "there is an office building next block. Maybe we can hide there". they zig-zagged through an alley and a couple of people's yards. They dove into the entrance way of the two story office building that had Hannen and Assoc.

on the glass on the door of the protected entrance way. The door failed to yield. There was a buzzer. Carlos was watching around the corner of the entrance way as the others huddled.

"They're still comin", Carlos said. Juan said, "I have an idea", and punched the buzzer.

"Hello, can I help you? Do you have an appointment?", said a pleasant sounding female voice. Juan mimicked a small child's voice, "lady you got to hep me thers some older guys chasing me and they going to beat me, help me, please let me in let me in".

"WWhat", said the woman back. Carlos made rapid motioning gestures with his hands. "Help me, oh help me, they are gona kill me please lady, oh god, here they come". There was a moment of hesitation and then the door gave a buzz. All 4 of the 6's slam through the door and quietly closed it. The Crips glanced at the doorway and ran on down the street. Cree turn around towards a small,"eeeek", that he heard from behind him. There in front of an oval semicircle desk sat a blond with big tits.

There was an elevator behind her. Debbie, the receptionist had both hands over her mouth in fright, She knew that she had just made the biggest, most dangerous mistake of her life. She stabbed for the intercom switch but Sanchez my aunt give me freedom too quick. He lunged over the desk tackling Debbie and slamming her to the floor.

When they hit, Debbie had the wind knocked out of her and had to fight to retain consciousness. Through blurry watery eyes she looked up at a stocky well muscle Latino man with black hair and eyes. "Hi", the man said, "I'm Cree and you and I are going to play". Suddenly, the door rattled and everyone ducked down.

The buzzer rang and a voice - one of the Crips said over the intercom, "Heh aniboda in der!" Cree said, "We need to get out of here".

He turned towards Debbie. Juan had his hand over her mouth and was squeezing one of her big tits. Her blond hair showed she trembled.

"What's upstairs"? Juan took his hand away and squeezed her tit harder. "Answer quiet bitch", he whispered in her ear.

He licked a little and like what he tasted. "An, An office". "How many people?" "7". "Ok", Cree said."Juan, you and Sanchez take the elevator". Juan reached into his back pocket and flipped out an 8 inch knife.

He stuck it to Debbie's throat and pressed hard enough for a slight nick and a drop of blood. "Stand up". They did. "What's your name?" "Debbie". "Ok Debbie", and her squeezed her tit again, "Punch the up elevator button and do exactly what I tell you". Cree pulled out his 45 from the back of his pants and said, "Ok Carlos we take the stairs".

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As the Elevator ascended Debbie was so scared she thought she would pee her pants. The knife at her throat hurt and this Juan Guy was nearly ripping off her right breast.

She was in pain and she whimpered. Juan whispered, "if you think this is fun wait to you see what Cree likes". And the door to the elevator opened. 6 pairs of eyes turned towards the elevator door. Missing Sanchez and Cree as they slipped through the exit door to the side. Juan and Carlos stepped off of the elevator and someone hollered, "Dial 911". Juan bigtitted housewife jerking dick pov big tits handjob, "Freeze! Or Debbie dies".

Cree shouted, "Freeze", and pointed his gun at the lone male visible. "You tell everyone to move to the center of the room". He motioned with his pistol. Dick turned to the 5 women and said, "Ok everybody remain calm.

Lets move to the center of the Room". His voice quavered a bit. Shelia his wife and senior secretary for the firm started to stand up from behind her desk and move. She was 30, 5'10 and 130 lbs, with proportional tits and red curly hair.

Her new husband Dick the office manager was 40, 6 ft tall, thin and the bossy type. Jennifer had been filing some papers when the intrusion began. She put her hand to her throat and swayed to the middle of the room. She was 24, 5'4 and 115 lbs. She had medium melon sized tits, shoulder length brown hair and a classic Italian brown looks.

Diane, the Executive Secretary, had just come out of the supply room with a hand full of office supplies. She promptly dropped them on the floor and bent to pick them up. Cree said, "Skip that cunt and get to the center with the others". Diane was real knock out, she was 20, 5'4 and 110 lbs.

with big tits and long bleached blonde hair.

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Carlos was closest to her, and he said, "I can hardly wait", making little sucking noises and short slash moves with his now drawn buck knife. Arlene the littlest and youngest of the women started to cry. She was 26, 4'11 and 90 lbs. She was easily mistaken for a 16 year old girl.

She had small tits and short brown hair. She was comforted by the last woman, Lisa the general secretary and backup receptionist for Debbie - still in the clutches of Juan and now leaking pee down leg.

Lisa was 27, 5'7 140 with big tits and teased light brown hair. She prided herself on dressing provocatively, Shelia said, like a slut. Today she thought it might be a mistake. Dick said, "What are you doing here. What do you want"?

Cree who was 5' 8' at 175 lbs and well muscled from years of prison weight lifting, stepped next to Dick and put the gun to his head, "I want you!

Everyone take off their clothes NOW!" "WW wwhat", said Dick. "Take off your clothes, you pussy fuck, now!" Dick began to unbotton his shirt.

Sanchez waved a knife in Lisa's face but Cree said, "NO she can keep her clothes on I like the way she dresses". So Sanchez a thin light weigh light skinned latino turned to Jenifer who stood next to Lisa, and cut the first button off her blouse, then the next, then the next, until her bra was exposed. He reached in and cut the cup connector and her breasts plopped out, as she gasped.

"There", he said, "that should make it faster for ya". Everyone was starting to unbotton and unsnap and unzip. Dick had his shirt off. Cree said, "Is there anyone else in the building?" "Yes", Shelia said. "Mike the maintanence guy is downstairs in and i’m the tease tube porn. The stairs are over there by the supply closet". "Carlos", said Cree, "why don't you go ask him to join us". Carlos was only 19. The youngest of the Quick 6's.

He was tall and skinning and had a pony tail. "Sure thing Cree", he said as he quietly opened the door to the stairwell. Juan the largest of them all at 6'2' and 190 lbs laughed. His 12 inch dick was hard and rubbing up Debbie's ass crack. Her tit was numb and her throat hurt. Juans dick was getting moist from her dripples of pee. "Let's party", he said and stepped back from Debbie. He ripped through her cotton top with his switchblade and threw it to the floor.

Debbie clutched at her bra/tits but he ripped that off by hand, and in a second cut through her dress and threw to the floor as well. He grabbed a fistful of panties, and yanked up sending searing pain through her pussy and asshole. He yanked down so hard that her panties knocked her shoes off as she, tripped to maintain her balance. Juan held them up and smelled them. "Oh Debbie, you big titted babe, this is going to be fun".

In short, in 5 seconds Debbie was naked. Juan grabbed her naked nipple and squeezed hard, draggin her to him. He kissed her roughly on the mouth as she sqealed from her pained tit. Then she peed loudly on the floor.

Juan just laughed and said, "I love a woman that gets into what she is do-doing."