Very hot babe riding that hard powerhouse

Very hot babe riding that hard powerhouse
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The killer laughed as he slid his cock into his unconscious victim's dry cunt. The only moisture coming from the lubrication he had rubbed onto the condom. He was no fool, and the last thing he wanted was DNA evidence left behind in his victim. It did, however, put a small burn in his wallet. He had already raped her three times while she was conscious but then her pleas for him to stop becoming a nuisance and so he slammed her head into the floor.

The damp air was filled with silence apart from the killer's groans as he thrust harder and harder into the unconscious woman on the ground. He knew from her identification that her name was Fahra, a Middle Eastern beauty, well at least from underneath her headscarf. 'All the better', he thought with a smile.

He came with great satisfaction and quickly cleaned himself up. He knew he had to kill her soon. He unsheathed a knife he had on a table nearby and approached the soon-to-be corpse he saw sprawled out beneath him. He was going to make them pay; he was going to make them all pay. And he had only just begun… Jessica Frawson woke up next to her boyfriend, Trent, to the sound of her cell phone ringing. Quickly she searched through her handbag until she found it and answered the call.

"We have another one" were the only words coming from the other end of the phone. "I'll be right there" Jessica said. She hung up the phone and took a look at her boyfriend asleep in the bed next to her. His toned body looked so delicious as the first rays of sunlight started to creep into the bedroom. Her mind wandered back to the love making session the previous night. 'Love making.

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Hah!' she thought knowing layla sin cumshot in muth compilation well it was more carnal lust than anything else. They had fucked for hours doing anything and everything. Jessica was no stranger to the various methods of sex and they had proven that full well.

Jessica, now 26, was only 17 when she first gave head and swallowed. She had enjoyed it then and had always tried to find time to get in a little oral whenever she could and Trent certainly had no objections.

She slipped out of bed naked, letting the sun shine on her nubile body. Her tits were soft, flawless, a size C cup although she always considered that more than enough. Her long, dark hair hung over them as she slipped on underwear over her shaved pussy. She finished getting dressed and gave Trent a kiss on the forehead before heading down to the station. "Morning Agent Frawson" said the detective as he greeted Jessica with a handshake. "The body is this way." He led her towards the elevator and handed her a folder.

She opened up the folder and found numerous photos showing a dead woman, or at least what was left of her. "Her name was Shadiya, she's the third Arab woman that has been killed this way in as many weeks. We're definitely looking at a serial killer." Jessica nodded as she reviewed the crime scene photos. Shadiya had definitely been raped repeatedly; she had severe bruising on and around her vagina. The rest of her body was not so lucky.

Her stomach had been cut open and her face had been bashed in. Certainly a crime of passion: hateful passion. The elevator dinged at the right floor and the two exited.

Walking a long path to the morgue, Jessica knew she had to brace herself, the killer was getting more violent and God only knows what horror this poor woman suffered before finally being brutally murdered. One thing was for sure; she was about to find out. A white van drove slowly down the street. It had been in this area before. It was registered to one Jason Lexison and he knew this area well.

It was the area he had found his first victim. He could barely remember her name now, 'Naj something. Najida I think', but he remembered her face and her body. He took great pleasure in defiling her as he did with all his victims.

But she was special, his first kill, you only get one and he made the most of it. He found her sitting with a friend in a park, a couple of bitches, probably discussing Mohammad or some crap. He couldn't see much of her from under her hijab, but he knew she was probably attractive, for an Arab at least. He watched her from his van for a while until eventually her and her friend both started to leave in different directions.

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This was his opportunity he was hoping for. He started the van and slowly made his way towards her. It was simple getting her into the van, he simply pulled his van up someway up the street and waited for her to walk past, and then he quickly jumped out and hit her over the head and dragged her into the van and sped off. No witness, no worries. He knew he had to get to his house quickly, as he only had 103 minutes until he had to kill her.

That was the time it took the North Tower to collapse. The North Tower, with his wife… He pulled up to his isolated house. He had purchased a large bit of acreage just out side of town, it was a 30 minute drive, but well worth the extra security. He unloaded his victim and carried her into the house and down into the basement. While she was still unconscious from the blow he cut off her clothes with his knife until she was completely naked. He grabbed a handful of her dark brown tits and squeezed them.

'Nice', he thought. His hands moved down to between her legs and saw her pussy. It was shaved, he was glad, it saved him the trouble. It was darker than the rest of her body and he placed two fingers into her slit. She was dry but he expected as much. He put her clit in between his fingers and squeezed hard, this made her stir a little but not completely wake up. He got some rope and tied her arms behind her back and tied that to a pylon in the middle of the basement, just in case she should try to escape.

He threw a bucket of cold water on her face to wake her up. "It's time to begin" he said. Najida slowly regained consciousness, although her vision was still a bit blurry. The first thing she noticed was toilet fuck giving head then fucking and taking a facial cum load she was naked, and secondly that she couldn't move her arms.

'What's going on?' she wondered. Eventually her vision returned and she looked upon a well-built man standing before her. "Good morning, bitch. Have a nice sleep?" "Huh?

What's going on? Who are you? Where am I?" "Shut up. There will be plenty of time for that later. For now I'm going to have a little fun." 'Have fun?' She thought, then she realised what he meant. She began to struggle. Nobody besides her husband had ever seen her naked before, and now this stranger was staring at her, and was about to have his way with her. "No, you can't!" She yelled.

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"I can do whatever I want." Jason slapped her hard across the face and started to undo his belt. He slapped her across the tits with his belt buckle which left a red mark. Najida screamed out in pain, but it only seems to encourage her captor. He hit her another five or six times before throwing the belt away and taking off his pants and shirt.

She saw that he was already erect, with a bit of precum at the head of his penis. He looked slightly larger than her husband although she was more ashamed than afraid of the pain. He slapped her across the face one more time and easily pried open her legs. Then, grabbing her thighs, he moved his cock towards her sex hole and started to push into her.

"Oh no. Please stop! Aarrgg." Her pleas did nothing as his cock found its way into her hole, stepmom kate linn likes to help gina valentina hole that only her husband had ever entered before and she thought would be the only one.

There was definitely a look of pain on her face and this pleased Jason. Perhaps they would feel the same pain that he felt when he lost his wife. He could only hope. Jason started pounding into Najida relentlessly, her petite sex organ becoming raw from the friction.

She wasn't wet enough and her captor sure hadn't been kind enough to lube up. She felt so ashamed and dishonoured. This man was taking away her very soul by doing this. Jason grunted as blood started to ooze from her pussy. The friction was doing its job and it rubbed her raw enough to make her bleed, although now there was at least some sort of lubrication.

Jason started to bite her nipples. He bit them hard until they too started to bleed. He wanted to hurt her badly, and he was succeeding. Suddenly he pulled out, she knew he hadn't finished, so she wondered what he was about to do next. "Get on your hands and knees, bitch." She looked up confused at him.

"I'm not fucking going to ask you again. Now get on your hands and knees or I'll cut them off!" Meekly she did as her captor asked her to do. Jason looked at his watch, '12 minutes to go. I'd better get this over fast.' He slipped on a condom and lubed himself up a bit. He was going to need it. He placed his cock at the entrance of her ass.

She realised was he was about to do and pleaded with him to stop. "Oh please you can't. I've never " "Quiet! Or I'll use my knife instead." Najida simply whimpered.

Jason slowly, but forcibly pushed his cock into her virgin ass. It was a tight fit but eventually he managed to get his whole cock inside of her ass. He fucked her harder and harder, and it seemed to go on for an eternity, although it was nowhere near that long.

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Eventually Jason let out a large grunt as it became apparent he had orgasmed. He looked at his watch and smiled. "Perfect", he said. Najida collapsed onto the floor crying as her captor walked over to the table and got a knife. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her side, and reached down, she felt only a thick liquid there and she soon saw she was bleeding profusely.

The killer then stabbed her a few more times in the chest. Najida started to cough up blood, her life spirit leaving her. With one final blow, the killer stabbed her in the throat and drew a long line down her chest to her cunt mound.

Najida breathed her last breath and died. That was four weeks ago now and Jason was looking for his fourth victim. He was getting more clever, and cunning, and this was sure to not be big tits british chick pov last kill. Suddenly, in the distance, he spotted someone…