Girl plays with her ass and hairy pussy

Girl plays with her ass and hairy pussy
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Danielle was still a little on the nervous side at her new job. She was eager to do well and was always on the top of her game. Being over 40 and starting out in a new career she was anxious to do the best at her job as she had always done in the past.

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She really hated working the night shift and not being home with her husband but knew this was the shift all new nurses had to work starting out. Danielle was 5'2" and 160 pounds with average sized breasts and an ample ass had blonde hair and a beautiful naturally pretty face. She looked a lot younger than she was which she was glad for because it helped her not feel out of place among the other people in her class who were mostly college-aged.

She had been working at the hospital on the orthopedic floor for a few months now and was getting the hang of things. She was very good with the patients and they were very comfortable with her. She had a bubbly personality which seemed to help them with the unpleasant fact that they were in the hospital most of them in some sort of traction.

Over the last few days Danielle had been caring for a patient name John who was admitted with two fractured arms and broken ankle after getting in a motorcycle accident. John was slightly younger than her at 36 and was in good shape.

It was obvious he worked out and was a bit of a party animal. Frequently when she checked in on him he would make flirty remarks but nothing very inappropriate. He would comment on staying longer just because he had a pretty nurse and other harmless cracks.

This particular night there was a short crew working because of vacations and Danielle had to do some of the orderly duties which were normally not part of her normal work. She only had a handful of patients to take care of so she was not bothered by this. She checked the sunny lionel xxxonxxx full storys and saw that she had give John a bed bath since he had missed the one before bed checks because he had been in X-Ray all day.

She rolled her eyes a little because she knew his little comments were coming. When she knocked and came in the room John was on his bed watching TV.

She hesitated because he looked like he was about to fall asleep but when she came in he smiled and seem to get his second wind. She joked with him "calm down.I am just here to give you your bath you skipped out on today".

John made some smart ass comment about skipping it on purpose just for her and they both laughed. She got her supplies together and was thinking about what all she needed to do to since this wasn't her normal everyday job. She drew the curtain around his bed and carefully pulled up the sheet so she could see his legs where she would start. She soaked the wash cloth in some soapy water and started to wash his lower legs making small talk while she washed him.

He was pretty mobile so it made it a little easier when she had to move up to his innocent school girl fucked by her class teacher. As alanah rae fucks bill bailey got closer to his upper thighs he got quiet and just laid his head back and closed his eyes.

Danielle was shocked because when she got closer to his groin she felt her pussy twinge slightly which had never happened before. Being fairly new to this job she had seen quite a few cocks before and it had not been a problem. Maybe it was because he was a good looking guy it was different but she was determined to finish her job.

Danielle was not a prude and enjoyed her sex life a lot but never had that crossed paths with her work life! John seemed to be enjoying it also because his cock started to grow a little. At first it just plumped up at little but as she continued his bath it kept growing also. By now she realized he was also getting aroused so she changed her plan and moved to his upper body. She started on his neck and worked her way down his chest and stomach. this didn't seem to help the growing wetness between her legs.

Her mind stayed on the sight of his growing cock and her clit was now completely erect. It didn't help that she had her clit pierced and could feel the warm slippery steel ball rubbing her clit every time she moved. Her pussy was now very wet and she found herself moving around more so her clit could get some type of stimulation.

It took a lot to not touch it but she instead pushed up against busty sexy babe kayla west playing big boobs pornstar bed rail so that is pushed against the mound of her pussy. John was still laying back enjoying his bath as she moved down his muscular belly and down to his groin.

She had the sheet pulled down just below his waist and started washing his groin just above his cock. She saw that under the sheet he was starting to get hard again. Knowing there was no way she could avoid it she pushed the sheet down further exposing his cock and balls. His cock was now fully erect and she found herself almost mesmerized by it. He was very well endowed at about 9 inches and about 4 inches thick. She quickly glanced at his face and saw he still had his eyes closed.

She soaked the washcloth in some soapy water and without hesitation reached for his cock and started to wash it. She stroked it a few sexy asia knows what a guy wants and then switched to the clean wash rag.

John moaned quietly which really didn't help her forget about her clit which she had been steadily grinding against the bed rail. As she continued to wash his cock she stroked it up and down and watched the tip of it completely engorged and shiny.

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John quietly said "Don't stop" as he moaned under his breath. That was all she needed to hear. She realized he was going to want some relief from this erection and justified what a shitty nurse she would be if she just left him like that.

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She threw the washrag into the basin and grabbed his huge cock with hand. There was no denying that she was jerking his cock off now and she reached her free hand into the loose waistband of her scrub pants so she could get to her aching clit.

After a few strokes she felt herself wanting to cum and fought to stay quiet. John was moving his hips with the stroke of her hand around his cock and she could tell he was about to cum.

She other hand, busy inside her panties, was now soaked with her slippery pussy juice as she rubbed past her clit and into her slippery hole. She saw his balls pulling upwards and getting ready to release their load. Strangely enough on of the thoughts racing through her taboo game and sexy brunette hardcore anal associates sisterly love was him making a mess after she just cleaned him.

She quickly lowered her head and pushed his had cock head into her mouth without missing a stroke. She felt herself cumming as he started to fill her mouth with his cum. Danielle had always loved eating cum and this was no exception. She had forgotten any shyness or weirdness about the whole situation. As she rubbed her clit and felt his hot seed spill into her mouth and down her throat she started to orgasm almost causing her knees to buckle.

She almost gagged on the amount of cum he was feeding her but she took it all down and could feel it find it's way into her belly.

As he quietly moaned while the last of his convulsions quieted down she finished cleaning the rest of this cum from his cock.

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She looked at his face as she finished him off and he was now watching her. Still staring into his eyes she pulled her hand out of her panties, put them into his mouth and watched as he sucked them clean.

She took the washrag out of the basin and wiped some of her cum off face and chin. Then stood back up and quickly rearranged his robe and sheets. Trying not to look at him too long she just said "there, all clean" and smiled.

She drew back the curtain and gathered all her cleaning supplies and smiled at him and said "get some sleep" and left the room. Danielle's mind was going a million miles an hour as the walked down the hall. "What the fuck just happened?" "What did I just do?"