Solo babe plays with her wet cunt

Solo babe plays with her wet cunt
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I stood there, drooling over this man, imagining what his cock would taste like and hoping I'd get the chance to find out when I realized he was talking to me. I smiled and asked him what he'd said. He answered me by saying ," If you will follow me I'll show you to your room, unless you require something now?" Oh yeah buddy I definetly require something now, you naked on my bed or the floor, hell just naked is good, I was thinking but said" no, not yet" He smiled and walked ahead of us to our room.

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When Tony opened the door to our room I was literally speechless, I've lived in smaller houses. The room was really a big apartment, with two master bedrooms and bathrooms plus a livingroom with a full wall fireplace and hot tub.

Tony guided us around and then shook hands with my man and said if you need anything just call, anytime" Then he walked toward me with an truely wicked gleam in his eyes and said," If you need me I'll be here all night" Then his kissed me softly at first as if we were on a first date and he feared rejection, then he kissed me harder his tongue slipping into my mouth and tasting me,his mouth tasted of mint, I whimpered softly and he pressed harder, his tongue moving in my mouth made me think of him kissing me lower, I was getting hotter and starting to get wet, just from a kiss, Im so easy.

My fingers clutched at his shoulders and my body arched agianst his, I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy, I started to grind against him wanting to rip his clothes off and ride which ever part of him I could reach first.

My man just watched us, rubbing his growing shaft and smiling. Tony finally broke away smiling as he said to my man," you are very lucky to find a woman who is unafriad to show her desires" then he left me standing there struggling to breathe and hot as hell, the bastard.

As soon as the door closed I made a dive for my man, He stopped me in mid-dive and told me, " I've made dinner resevations for us in the dining room if your ready to eat" I was defiently ready to eat but it wasnt food I hungered for. " Okay, Just a second, I grabbed my brush and fixed my hair which looked like someone had stuck my finger in fisting his girlfriends ruined pussy tied to a tree submissive stretching light socket, kay lets go, I said heading for the doorThe sooner we ate the sooner I could eat him.

The dining room was a trip in its self, It was huge, The tables where beautiful,each table was set for four and covered with white silk cloths, the plates and silverware had to cost more then I make in a year and each table had a centerpeice of two roses, each table had a diffrent matching pair.

We entered the dining room and were greeted by a woman who looked like a model, she was taller then me ( 5'7) and wore a beautiful evening gown of white lace and silk, she had dark red hair and bright green eyes, I shot a quick look at my guy, His eyes where glazed and he didn't look like he would be able to talk any time soon.

She asked for our last name damn she had that phone sex fuck me voice going and I was almost considering going for a girl/girl experiance, she lead us to a table with two yellow roses, I smiled at my manhe remembered, he seemed to have trouble walking.

We sat down and ate a great meal, followed by serious amounts of wine, during asian petite likes to get drilled hard which my man seemed to take forever eating i decided to get my own dessert, I looked around and noticed about half the tables only had one occupant, I was momentally confused then figured it out they all had the same Idea, I slid under the table and crawled over to my guy, I slid his zipper down and pulled his rapidly hardening cock out of his pants, I licked the tip slowly savoring his fluid like a fine wine, I heard a moan and wasnt sure if it was him or someone else, I licked his shaft up and down then back again leaving hot trails all over his hard cock.

I stopped long enough to pull his pants down to his knees then started agian licking every inch of his shaft stopping to teasehis head with the tip of my tongue, His cock twitched in my hands, I slid my tongue back down and licked around his ballsMy pussy was wet and dripping now so i slid a finger into my aching slit to ease some of the need, I slipped his hard cock in my mouth and moaned.

" let me help you with that " I heard someone say then felt my pants being removed and the cool air rush over my hot pussy, I didn't stop or even look, I felt soft silky hair brush my thighs as someone crawled between my legs and then I nearly smacked my head on the table as I felt a goateed coved mouth grind agianst my shaved pussy lips and a hot tongue bury itself in my hot slit, It was Tony, I started riding hard and fast, My mans moans and breathing sound muffled and I found out why when I heard a feminen sound of pleasure directly above me and saw two nylon covered legs.

Oh god, This was to hot, tony drove two fingers into my wet slit and sucked hard on my clit, then moaned agianst my pussy you taste so sweet, cum on my face. I couldn't take anymore, I came hardtriggering my guys own climax and from the sound of it miss hostess' as well.

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Tony licked me like a starved puppy, groaning and sucking hard, His tongue moving everywhere, Like he couldn't stop if he wanted too, My guys cock twitched and jerked between my lips giving me a mouthful of sweet cum to swallow.

I finally realeased his now spent cock from my lips and moved away from Tonys face. He grabbed my hips and gave me one last long lick before he released me.

I crawled back into my seat before I noticed that the table cloth was no longer on our table, but on the floor and the entire dining room had seen our little show. I blushed a brillent bbw big boob big tits of redbut the thought of all those men watching me suck cock and watching me being eaten turned me on again. Tony stood next to the table with his arm around Miss Hostess and said "Shall we join you in your room in about an hour,?" I looked at my guy, his chin still wetand grinned ," yesthat sounds perfect" Tony and miss hostess left the dining room and my guy and I weren't to far behind them , as we stood to leave everone in masseuse is really hot with big boobs and butts dining room begn to clap, what could we do, we took a bow and ran laughing from the room to shouts of bravo and my personal favorite encore.

We rushed to our room and stripped quickly, we stepped into a shower big enough for eight people. We showered together giggling like kids over what had just happened, and we asked each other, was it good ( He was better then me wasn't he) ( She has bigger tits you don't need me now) We eyed each other waiting for so sign that we had made a big mistake.

We kissed softly, knowing we were fine and would be after everything was over and life resumed at home. We got out of the shower my guy Rick, and I went into the livingroom and lit a fire, I went to the masterbedroom, I unpacked my bag and found a very naughty babydoll nightgown, I had never seen it before but I loved it, it was emerald green entirely lacey with black ribbons in the front.

I put it on quickly and went into the living room for Ricks approval. He had put on a pair of black silk boxers that looked great on him. " Damn, they better hurry or I wont wait for them" We said almost together. We started laughing. " How about a drink before they get here" Rick said, As he stood up and headed for the bar. " Is there any tequilla Rose " I asked as he passed me. " Yeah, you want a glass or the bottle he askedholding the fifth of tequilla toward me.

" I'll take the glass thanks" I answered laughing. Rick came back with the drinks and sat down next to me. We gulped our drinks nervously and fidgeted like school children waiting for the principal, when tony knocked cassidy bangs with her moms ex bf preston parker pornstars and blowjob the door we both nearly flew off the couch.

Rick went to the door and let Tony and Miss Hostess inTony was dressed in a open robe and a pair of red satin boxers, his well muscled chest exsposed, a bead of sweat trailed slowly through the light covering of hair and made me want to lick it off, He turned toward me and whislted softly in appreication, " you look good enough to eat,agian" " Thanks Tony so do you" I answered.

Miss Hostess was wearing white again, a floor length white lace robe that hid absoultly nothing, " Hi, my name is Kendra, It's nice to see you again, she kissed me on the cheek then turned to Rick, " and you I missed you, come here" She grabbed Rick and kissed him hard, her tongue slidding into his mouth and her body pressed tightly against his. Rick moaned and started rubbing her body trying to take off her robe without having to stop kissing her. Tony led me to the couch and sat down pulling me onto his lap," Let's watch them first" He slipped his hands under my shirt and rubbed my nipples lightly while we watched Rick and Kendra.

They stood infront of the fireolace still locked in a hot kiss and trying to remove their cloths. Rick finally broke away, and frantically tried to take her robe off with out untieing it. She laughed softly and told him to take off his boxers, he had them off picnic turns into a good fuck with milf more on hdmilfcamcom she even finished her sentence.

She knelt in front of rick still wearing the robeShe untied it and let it hang open her breasts were large, and her nipples a pale pink, they harded in the cold air .Rick reached out and rubbed her left nipple watching it as it got harder. She reached up and stroked Ricks dripping cock, He tipped his head back his chest heaving with each breath as he struggled with his desire to simply lay her down and bury his hard cock inside her, She stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock, Sitting on Tonys lap I felt his cock twitch and heard him gasp as she continued licking his cock, suddenly she sucked all of his cock into her mouthRick growled and grabbed her shoulders to keep from falling down.

She sucked hard and fast her head moving quickly up and down his cock. Tony slid his hand down my panties and started fingering my wet pussy, " This is making you hot isnt it " He whispered in my ear, I nodded yes and moved so he could reach better. Kendra let the robe fall off of her shoulders and puddle around her bodythe firelight made her hair copperyRick grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down onto her back, He laid down in a 69 position next to her and pulled her close to his mouth, "Lets get a closer look" Tony whispered.

We walked over by Ricks head, I got down on my knees by Ricks head and watched him slide his tongue into Kendras pussy, Tony got down behind me and I heard a buzzing sound, I turned to see what he had, He had found my magic dragon, a clit stimulator that defintely works, He rubbed it over my pussy, making me moan and arch against the toyHe slid it slowly over my wet pussy making me whimper as I watched Rick slid his fingers in and out of Kendras pussyshe had Ricks cock in her mouth and her hands digging into Ricks ass.

Tony slid his fingers into my dripping pussy, then pulled them out and worked one finger into my virgin ass. OOHhh, I moaned as I came for the first time that night, I looked at Rick and Kendra, her body was shaking as she came and I could hear her muffled scream, Rick pulled his cock from Kendras mouth before she could make him come. The guys waited a little while to let us calm down, then Rick looked at Kendra told her he wanted to fuck her.

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Tony told Rick he wanted to talk to him and they left fucking my mom in the ass watch part on fukflixcom room, when they returned they were both grinning and carrying blindfolds.

Kendra and I looked at each other and grinned ourselfs. The guys told me to get naked I complied eagerly and then they told us to lay face down and not move unless we were told to. We did as we were told soon we were both blindfolded and at the mercy of two horny men. The room got quiet, then I moaned as I felt a hot tongue slide slowly up my spine followed by two hands slipping up my sides.

i felt two hairy legs rub against mine and then a hard wet cock rubbing across my ass and then my lower back as I heard a whisper in my ear, " do you know who I am " I did until I heard the same question on the other side of me, being whispered in my left ear. I shook my head, " Move your legs for me, I want to taste you, I moved my legs, and felt someones hot breath against my wet pussythen a hot wet tongue slid slowly over my pussy and up over my ass.

OhI whimpered wanting that tongue to return.

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I felt someones hands spreading my legs further apart, and another hand sliding over my open pussy teasing me more. I arched agianst the hand that teased me, then the tongue returned sliding into my pussy for a moment, making my pussy flow sweet juicesthen it was gone.

" Turn over, and put your hands over your headif you move them we'll stop", It sounded like Rick, but I wasn't sure and didn't care. I raised my hands and left them there, The hands returned teasing my nipples and rubbing my aching pussy until I was mindless with need, " Please, I begged. " Please what?" Rick asked. " Please eat me," I begged " I m not done yet, your not ready yet, Rick said" You need to do something for me first" I knew what he wanted, Its his biggest fantasy and I wasn't sure I wanted to do it, even for Rick.

" i dont know, I m not sure, baby" i said, trying to grind against anyone I could reach. Rick sounded disappointed" maybe you need alittle more time to think about it," His voice change from disappointed to almost happy.

I heard a oiled up euro anal whore lucy love laugh and then the sound of my dragon being switched on, Suddenly I felt the dragon being placed underneth meright against my asshole, then a hot tongue sliding over my flowing pussyand one flicking against my nipple.

Rick laughed and asked me if I was ready for a suprise. " Yes" i answered, They were keeping me at the edge of a seriously big orgasmI was ready for anything. Rick pulled the blindfold off in time for me to see Kendra lean down and bury her tongue in my pussy, Rick leaned down next to her and they took turns licking and fingering my slit, Tony grabbed Kendra and turned her around so that her pussy was above my face.

" do it baby, shes doing it for you" I slid one finger into her red haired pussy, she moaned and Licked me harder, Rick moved so he could watch and Kendra buryed her tongue inside me, I arched agianst her face, and lost all reseve, I grabbed her legs and licked her pussy, not bad diffrent then mine, the hair tickles, all this thoughts raced through my mind as I tasted a woman for the first time.

rick was above me watching and stroking his cock, Tony was down by Kendra watching her eat me. Kendra slid her finger into my pussy and then moved it down and slipped it into my ass, I arched hard and moaned into her pussy, she was wetit was starting to taste good, I pulled her tight against my face and buried my tongue inside her.

I stuck my finger in her ass and heard not one but three moans. I matched her lick for lick and stroke for stroke We were getting close pushing each other closer and closer, trying to make the other one come first but making ourselves hotter in the process.

Tony and Rick couldn't take it anymore, Ricks hard cock came in to veiw as he buried it into Kendraseconds later I felt Tonys cock slide into my pussy, I arched hard and so did Kendra.

The guys were fucking us hard and fast. I started licking harder and faster ,licking as much of Ricks shaft as I could as it slipped in and out of Kendra and from the sounds Tony was making Kendra was doing the same.

I couldn't take anymore, I arched hard agaist Kendra and Tony, Moaning and twisting. Kendra and the guys were right behind me. I felt Tony comming inside me and nasty teen julia de lucia deepthroats and asshole ripped Ricks cream sliding out of Kendra, I licked it up like a contented kitten.

We all colapsed in a sweaty, tired heap. We lay there for a moment until I remineded them all that I was on the bottom and I couldn't breathe.

we all sat on the couch, I offered my smokes to anyone who wanted one, Tony and kendra both accepted. We smoked and talked about what we had done. Then Tony mentioned a huge party that was going to happen tommorrow night. I asked Tony what all happens at this party, Tony said," Anything you want to happen." Rick asked where the party was, Tony said it happens in the audtorium. Kendra added." To start with anyway" Rick and I quickly confermed our plans to attend.

Tony said both he and Kendra would be there as well as most everyone at the Hotel and some of the most notable stars from movies and music.

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" No way, " I was starting to get a little nervous, but excited as well. " We will definetly be there, " RIck answered.