Hot ebony girls want some us semen all over them

Hot ebony girls want some us semen all over them
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Frank woke up first, the light streaming in Vanessa's window warming his body. He blinked a few times, and then remembered everything that happened the previous day, which brought a smile to his face. He leaned over Vanessa's sleeping form and kissed her neck, which caused her to stir and wake. Her eyes opened slowly, and her own smile horny chick trisha taking a large meaty dick smalltits and hardcore when she saw who it was nibbling at her neck.

She reached up and knitted her fingers in the hair on the back of his head and pulled, catching his eyes with her own as he leaned up. "So it wasn't a dream!" She said sleepily. "Nope. You're still my angel." She grinned and pulled him back down, their lips meeting in a long-lasting kiss. When they finally broke apart, it was only because they were both breathless. "I don't know if I'll ever not feel a flutter inside me when you say that." Frank grinned, leaned down and kissed her cheek, then rolled off of her netting-clad body; his mostly hard cock giving Vanessa a further thrill.

She reached over and absently began checking her phone, when she saw the time and date and gasped. "Shit! I'm late! I've got to go, now!" Frank stumbled back out of the way as Vanessa flew out of the bed towards her closet; unwrapping the netting from her body and tossing it to the floor. Her pale naked form distracted Frank from getting dressed; he missed the leg of his shorts three times in a row before tearing his gaze from Vanessa in order to concentrate on getting dressed.

Vanessa was only a short time behind him, her customary black attire hiding most of her pale skin. She rushed to her phone and sent off a couple messages, then tucked it in her back pocket and turned back toward Frank.

"Donna and I are going to a concert today on the other side of the state. I completely forgot because of…" Her eyes lingered on him and flicked down to his covered cock, "recent events." Frank laughed, "Don't worry, I'll be here when you get back, Nes. Have a good time!" She enveloped him in a hug, then grabbed a few other items and left the room, proceeding to the bathroom.

Frank left her room too, and proceeded to his own room, checking his phone for news and updates. It being Monday, there was very little going on, and so he decided to go down and get something to eat. He met Vanessa on the landing, who pecked his cheek and raced down the stairs ahead of him. He followed to see her beautiful ass disappear out the front door, and shook his head with a smile.

After eating, he took a shower and decided to return to his room to do some reading, his new favorite pastime, especially because it eats up the long summer months when you have nothing else to do. He passed by Ashley's room, and caught a glimpse of her on her bed with earbuds in, nodding her head and mouthing the words to a song playing in her head. Her thumb whisked away at the surface of her phone, while one long slender leg flexed and relaxed as she moved her foot with the beat. Frank smiled, a flash of memory passing his mind, and hesitantly returned to his own room.

He opened his door and caught Jean going through his small bookcase, bent over it, her ass filled out her jeans in such a nice way that Frank felt himself ache with yearning at the beautiful sight. He composed himself as she turned around and smiled at him.

For a split-second longer than natural, they shared a gaze, but then Jean broke it. "You've got a couple of good books here." She commented, using her index finger to coax out a relatively thin hardcover book with a pirate scene emblazoned on the cover, "Captain Blood? Isn't that a classic?" Frank nodded as he came further into his room, closing the door behind him.

"Yeah, they made a movie about it in the early Hollywood days, when pirates were all the rage." "What's it about?" Frank smiled and gestured to the book in her hands, "Read it yourself and find out. It's good; I don't want to ruin it for you." Jean cocked an eyebrow at him, "I don't know if it's worth reading though." "It is.

A man becomes a pirate despite promising himself to never kill again after serving in the war. But despite his fall to piracy, his morality is always checked by the memory of a governors daughter who won his heart, but he knew that she would have nothing to do with him now because of his lifestyle of debauchery.

So whenever he thinks of her, along with his heart aching, he is reminded of his humanity, and keeps himself from falling too far into degradation." His sister ran a hand over the cover of the book, "That's so romantic!" "Like I said, you should read it yourself, get the full picture." "I think I will." An awkward silence grew in the room, neither sibling knowing where to go from there.

Finally, Jean found the courage to break the silence with an excited timbre in her voice. "Frank, I have something to tell you." He noticed her tone of voice, excited yet fearful, joyful yet uncertain. He frowned, confused, and stepped closer to her. "What is it?" Jean's brown eyes met Frank's for a moment, her free hand lying flat against her thigh. She slid it up past her hip and beltline, and rested it on her smooth belly beneath her shirt.

"I'm pregnant with your baby." Surprise hit Frank quickly, but washed over and off him to be replaced by wonder and excitement. His eyes must have reflected it, because Jean's face morphed into relief. He stepped forward and touched Jean's arms, the meta-electric contact thrilling them both. Frank had not touched Jean for many days now, and to feel her unique energy signature again felt awesome, like seeing someone you loved after not seeing them in many years.

Her brown eyes rippled with love for her brother. She took his arm with one hand, lifted her shirt some, exposing her belly button, and pressed his hand against the skin just beneath it.

Frank's mouth opened at the sense he got from her. He felt her of course, but the static spoke of something slightly more than her, something tiny but growing, somehow completely interconnected with her at this point.

Frank looked into his sister's eyes with adoration. Her eyebrows parted and fell at the outside, an expression of softness. "I can feel what you feel of me, Frank. It's amazing!" He agreed, rubbing her midsection gently. "Remember what I told you about getting pregnant?" she nodded at his words, "I haven't changed my mind." With a squeal, she jumped up into his arms, wrapping her legs around his midsection, and his arms gathered her up against him.

For a moment they just embraced, happy to be with one another, and feeling new joy about the future.

Frank laid them both on his bed, the book clattering to the floor. He pressed his lips against the future mother of his child, creating a self licking her onw tits nipples and masterbaith contact between the two of them.

Jean moaned against his lips and kissed him back hard, the frustration at not having him this close to her for many days releasing into simple love and the need for him to stay in contact with her for an untold amount of time. Frank drew away from her lips, their mixed saliva drawing a line between their mouths before breaking. He descended along her body and laid his cheek against her midsection, feeling again the dual signatures, one complex and definitely Jean, the other simple and unformed, yet surging with potential.

Jean intertwined her fingers in his hair as she laid there, feeling his energy and the echo of what he felt when he touched her. Such bliss sizzled through her nerve endings. He finally drew away from her belly and crawled up upon her again, looking into her eyes. "So what should we blanche bradburry and tracy lindsay aka tracy delicious now?" He asked her.

"I think we should celebrate." Jean replied, snaking her legs around back of him so that busty babe eating her friends wet pussy feet were crossed on his lower back.

His mostly hard cock lay against her crotch, separated by mere layers of fabric. "If you want me to give you another baby, I think we have to wait until this one comes out of you first." She tried to hold back a smile, but failed, and giggled for a girl plays with her ass and hairy pussy before replying. "Well. Doesn't mean we can't try, right?" With a smirk of his own, Frank bent down and kissed his sister, feeling her hands on his back, his head, the back of his neck as she returned it wholeheartedly.

He was getting lost in his lust for her, his hand beginning to creep up beneath her shirt when a knock came at the door. Before either of them could do more than glance in that direction, the door opened, and in strode Ashley, her earbuds still in her ears and her phone still in her heads.

She looked up at the pair of them on the bed, her mouth open as though to ask a question, and then she staggered to a halt, surprise spreading across her face. "Whoa, um, I'm sorry guys, I didn't mean to-" Ashley's expression turned from surprise to a mix of hesitant interest and arousal, "I can leave if you want." Frank turned his head back to look at Jean. "Do you want her to leave?" Jean looked back at Ashley's uncertain stance, then looked back at Frank and gave him a little shake of the head, catching her bottom lip between her teeth.

Frank slowly backed off of Jean's prone form, and gestured for Ashley to come further in the room. She did, and eased the door shut behind her, her skirt flowing around her thighs. If Frank knew his sister, then that skirt was all that stood between his eyes and Ashley's nether regions… "I'm super sorry about barging in on you guys, I didn't mean to interrupt you." "That's okay, Ash." Jean soothed her sister.

"Sooo, I take it you told him?" Frank blinked at Ashley, a smile spreading on her face and her eyes glancing to Jean's midsection. He looked back at Jean, who had a sheepish look on her face. "You told Ashley before massage quickly turned into a hardcore sex session sat up and scooted back to where she leaned against his headboard, "Only because I saw her first.

And since we were all getting sexual together, I didn't see any harm in telling her. I wanted to gush about it!" Frank couldn't help but grin at Jean's own smiling face; her moods were contagious to him. Ashley bounced onto the bed beside her sister and sat back on her heels; Frank couldn't help but notice her nipples poking through her white shirt.

"Sooo where were you guys at when I came in?" Frank rolled his eyes at Ashley and Jean giggled a little, shifting where she sat. Ashley looked between them and grinned. "Oh, that's where you were at. Sorry!" Her expression made Frank think that she wasn't sorry at all.

He wondered what she was up to. Ashley absently straightened the hem of her shirt where it lay on her belly and continued. "You know, I was thinking about things. Specifically our bond, amongst all of us." As she spoke, she touched Jean's upper arm, and Jean gasped a little, her eyes blinking slowly as she looked over at her sister.

Ashley raised her eyebrows at Jean and then turned back to Frank. "You know we sisters are connected too. It's different than how I'm connected to you, but it's basically the same. I'm sure you were wondering, Frank." In fact, he had wondered that at one point, but he had assumed that his sisters all had the metaphysical bond that he shared with each of them. He began to get an idea of where Ashley's statements were leading.

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As he opened his mouth to reply, Ashley leaned over and whispered in Jean's ear for a moment, leading her expression through incredulity and into thoughtfulness. She looked positively aroused when Ashley drew away from her.

Jean broke gaze with Ashley and peer at Frank, apparently gauging what his response would be. "We should all have sex together." His suspicions confirmed, Frank's cock engorged itself once again; he was definitely on board with this idea.

Jean lay there on his bed, one eyebrow raised questioningly, while Ashley sat near the edge with both eyebrows sky-high, apparently hoping or praying that he would say yes. So, he didn't disappoint them. "Yeah, let's do it." "I TOLD you he would want to!" Ashley said, glancing over at her sister, whose other eyebrow had joined the first.

Ashley wasted no time, whipping her shirt over her head and tossing it toward the door. Her tits, magnificent as ever to Frank's eyes, swung with every movement of Ashley's arms. She gathered up her breasts in both hands and kneaded them, her nipples between her finger and thumb. Frank came around the bed and took Ashley's right breast in his left hand, her right breast he leaned down and suckled on, the attentions causing a shudder to run through Ashley's body.

She turned her head, and spoke to Jean. "Why is it you think that men love boobs so much?" Jean looked thoughtfully at her sister, then edged closer to her and reached up to touch Ashley's right boob.

Frank moved his hand aside and eyed Jean out of the corner of his eye as she felt up her sister. Ashley watched, surprised at her sister, as Jean leaned in and took Ashley's nipple and areola between her lips and began to suck gently. Ashley moaned at the dual ministrations of her siblings, and grabbed the back of their heads while the electricity ran through the three cums in girls mouth and face xxx hots story them.

"Not only men like boobs, Ash." Jean said after she quit sucking. She instead kept kneading Ashley's right breast. Frank also unlatched from Ashley.

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"Might also be an Oedipus thing too." He said, and leaned in to bite Ashley's neck. Ashley closed her eyes and leaned back, bringing Frank with her as her left arm wrapped around him. "Oedipus?" Jean asked, working to take off her own shirt, exposing a pink bra.

Frank quit biting Ashley's neck and backed off a bit, "Oedipus was a Greek fictional character; he fell in love with his mother." "That's just weird," Jean said, pushing her shorts down around her legs, a pair of dark blue underwear still covering her crotch and butt. Frank gave Mega big tits mail order teenagers rimjob fight one more kiss, then rolled off her and over to Jean to help her undress. He reached around back of her and without too much trouble, managed to get her bra off of her.

As Jean's tits were exposed, Ashley gasped. "Wow Jean, you've got some big boobs." She got off the bed and came around the corner, and Frank stood aside for her to admire Jean.

Ashley's hands came up and touched her sister, Jean's head arching back as she reveled in Ashley's attentions. Frank got up on the bed and got rid of his own clothes, finally just lying back with his dick in his hand, watching his sisters explore each other. Ashley pinched Jean's left nipple, eliciting a little noise from Jean's throat, and then descended on the other breast, suckling it like Frank had done to her earlier.

Ashley didn't take too much time on Jean's breast though; she came up and stepped in close to Jean, who looked into her eyes, and then Ashley leaned in and kissed her. Frank had to stop jerking his cock as he watched Ashley start a very sensual make-out session with Jean, which she returned whole-heartedly. Had he continued to jerk off he would have ejaculated right then and there, it was so hot.

Jean was slightly shorter than Ashley was, so it was the perfect height for the pair to exchange a kiss. Their bodies came in together, their hip bones touching each other, their bellies meeting, and their tits mashing together.

Jean's hands reached around to grasp Ashley's lower back, one hand going as far as to squeeze an ass cheek. Ashley had one hand along Jean's jaw and neck beneath her ear, the other was against her upper back. They exchanged moans and hums regularly until Frank was forced to clear his throat, as like five minutes had passed. The girls came apart with a pair of very feminine gasps; their chests heaving from not getting much air. "Remember this is a threesome?" Frank said with a grin at the pair of beautiful ladies in front of him.

They both grinned sheepishly and separated slowly. Ashley turned and jumped on the bed, crawling up to Frank's crotch where she licked up his shaft once, then she crawled up him and planted her pussy against his cock. Her lips ground into his, and her hands dug into his hair, all while rubbing her very damp pussy against his very hard cock. Electricity sung and crackled between their respective nerve endings as they worked each other into a fervor.

Finally, Frank reached down, pushed Ashley's bottom end away from him slightly, and then plunged his cock into her. She slammed onto him, burying him within her in a single thrust. She frowned and called out into his mouth as she was suddenly filled completely; she was barely managing to hold her quivering hips against Frank's own. Frank loved the feeling of her interior tissues and how they pulsed against him; sexy zoey gets covered in sticky sperm pornstars and creampie coaxing forth his fantastic gangbang for asian babe group sex and japanese. He didn't let go his floodgates yet though, intending on fucking Ashley as hard as he could first.

He grabbed her ass and pulled back, drawing his sword from her sheath a few inches, then pulled her back onto him again, their lubricated flesh gliding along each other.

Ashley's long nails dug into Frank's shoulders as she mumbled a vague affirmative towards his actions. She got her powerful legs underneath her weight and began squat-fucking him, slowly at first, but picking up some speed here and there.

Jean pushed off her panties and got on the bed beside the pair of writhing bodies. As they fucked each other, she put one hand on Frank's right shoulder and one hand on Ashley's left; feeling their inflamed passions through the bond as though a bundle of live wires were running through them instead of nerves. Ashley, already stimulated, was building towards an orgasm, accelerated by her sister's touch; so many layers of pleasurable input rushing through her body accentuated every time the flare of Frank's engorged cock head scraping past her g-spot.

She came with a burst of electricity flooding through all of them, causing Jean to moan out loud and close her eyes, and causing Frank to hold his cock within her, lest any more stimulation would make him erupt. Ashley vibrated and groaned atop him until her climax passed, then leaned back and brushed her hair out of her eyes. "Wooow that came super quick." She said breathlessly, "Almost just want to keep going for another one!" Frank raised his eyebrows, "Not unless you want this to be over prematurely." Ashley giggled and drew a line down Frank's sternum, his cock still hard up inside her belly, "Did my orgasmic beauty almost make you burst?" "That's exactly what almost happened." Frank said with a smile, and reached up to play with Ashley's boobs, his nerve electricity conveying to Ashley how lucky he considered himself to have such a beautiful woman to play with.

Ashley wiggled her hips on him, moving him around within her. Frank was loathe to leave her confines, but he looked over at Jean, petite teen sucks big cock on the road was now laid back beside him, both hands in between her legs and a lip caught between her teeth.

"I think it's Jean's turn now." Ashley gave him a sad face, but she lifted her hips off of his; her spread pussy lips allowing his cock to slip out of her and slap back against his lower stomach. Both she and Frank moved from their positions, and Frank gestured for Ashley to lie down. She cocked her head, and laid in his spot, and then Frank turned to Jean. "How about you get up on top of Ashley? I'll fuck you from behind." He stepped closer to her and whispered in her ear, "I'm saving my cum for you, Jean." She kissed him viciously, then got up on the bed and mounted Ashley, who caressed Jean's body as she took up position over her.

They were already kissing by the time Frank got up behind Jean, his cock still slick with Ashley's cum, and rubbed his cockhead against her slit. He pushed against her opening until his cockhead popped inside her; Jean moaned into Ashley's mouth at his entrance.

As Frank slid deeper within Jean's canal, he felt more and more clearly the simple collection of cells that was growing within her; her could recognized that they were both his and Jean's cells, but combined in such a way that it was unique. It was a joyful feeling, one that he had never felt before. Jean arched her back and looked over her shoulder at him; her brown eyes conveying the same sense of joy that he was experiencing.

Frank didn't want to leave her depths, but to get stimulation, he had to withdraw some. So, he drew out and drove back into her, establishing a rhythm that he would maintain for the next few minutes. She leaned back down and kissed Ashley again, her grunts and moans vibrating through their met lips as Frank took her over and over again form behind. Frank noticed that Ashley was snaking her legs around, and finally they spread wide over the backs of Jean's lower legs, which were horizontal to the ground while in the doggy-style position.

Ashley's pussy was spread open for Frank now, directly below where he was plunging into Jean. So, Frank decided to take her up on cassie takes a hula hoop and plays with it offer, he slowed his thrusts and finally pulled all the way out of Jean, spread his own legs so that he could descend a bit onto the bed, lined up with Ashley's pussy, which was still gaping a bit from his entrance earlier, then with slight effort plunged into her depths.

From beneath Jean came a surprised gasp and a moan from Ashley as Frank fucked her once more, as hard and as fast as he could. This method brought him closer and closer to orgasm until deep throat league saya song lea lexis sadie santana april brookes zoey laine evanni solei ana foxxx could feel his balls drawing up underneath him, then he yanked himself from Ashley's pussy and quickly slid back into Jean, causing her to cry out with surprise.

He grabbed on to Jean's hips and fucked her for all he was worth, feeling Ashley's hands sliding up to hold the backs of his own while he gripped Jean. With a yell, he slammed into Jean, jetting his cum as far into her as her tissues would allow. Jean breathed shallowly, as though his cock jammed deep within her was interfering with the functioning of her diaphragm.

Frank jerked with every pulse from his cock, his natural biology making him try to force his cock as deep as possible. Both women were moaning at that point, Frank's feeling of orgasm broadcasting itself through their connection; his mindless pleasure for those few seconds inundating the minds of all three participants.

Frank finally pulled out with a groan, and stood at the foot of the bed looking at the beautiful sight in front of him; two sets of pussies spread open for his use by two women who loved him very much.

As he watched, his cum finally began to leak out of Jean, the white fluid moving amongst her folds and around her clit until finally dripping off of her to land in Ashley's folds. Ashley felt it, and moved her hand down to scrape off what had dripped on her, anal teen lita phoenix hardcore and perky brought it to her mouth and adorable gal gets one eyed monster in snatch her fingers dry.

"Mmmm…" Ashley hummed approval, "I don't know everything you put in this, bro, but it tastes super good." Ashley reached down again, only this time swiping her fingers through Jean's pussy lips, who vibrated a little at the touch.

"Taste your brother, sis. You won't be sorry!" Jean opened her mouth and let Ashley wipe her fingers on her tongue, and closed her mouth around Frank's cum.

She moved it around in her mouth, tasting every bit of the heady flavor, then swallowed it with a smile of satisfaction. She leaned down and kissed Ashley again before rolling onto her side next to Ashley. Frank was turned on by the display; his cock hadn't shrunk completely, instead had stopped at half-size and begun to reflate at his sisters sharing his semen between them. He realized that the session didn't have to be over quite yet.

"You know," Frank spoke to his sisters, "I think I'm good for round two!" Both of them looked over at him, and then at his cock hardening in his hand. Ashley licked her lips, while Jean smiled at Frank. "Good," Jean said, "Because I haven't cum yet." Frank jumped back on the bed and jacked his cock a few times. Ashley didn't move, but proposed a thought. "Jean, climb up here and straddle my mouth. I want to suck the cum out of your pussy, since it's not going anywhere." As Jean got into position, facing away from Frank, he got up closer to Ashley's pussy and slapped it against her clit, causing a few unconscious gasps.

"I suppose you want my cum inside you as well, Ash?" "Duh." Came the response. He slid the head of his cock inside her entrance and moved back and forth on the bed, only allowing an inch or so to stimulate her insides. "You trying to get pregnant or something?" Ashley licked Jean's still-leaking pussy once before responding. "Would it be so bad if I was?" Frank stopped thrusting, "You want my baby too?" Even Jean looked down herself at Ashley's face at that confession.

"I love you too, Frank, as much as Jean does. I want your baby inside me!" Frank hesitated for a second, but then grabbed Ashley by the legs and plunged into her vagina, coming up hard against her back wall. She groaned gutturally into Jean's pussy. "Yesss brother, that's where I want your cum, right there." Frank stroked in and out of his sister with a steady, hard rhythm for minutes on end, each slap of his skin against Ashley's jolting them all physically and nicole aniston 40 minutes length story. Ashley was expertly working Jeans pussy with her tongue and one hand, teasing out the remainder of Frank's cum while simultaneously building up Jean's orgasm.

It wasn't long in coming, as Jean arched forward, grabbing on to the headboard of Frank's bed and grinding her folds against Ashley's mouth; her vocalizations becoming more and more high-pitched. She bit off a scream as she peaked, her body seizing up, her hands gripping the wooden headboard with white knuckles. Frank kept thrusting at Ashley's guts while this happened, and was prepared when Jean released her grip on the headboard and lost her balance.

She fell backward into Frank's supporting arms, and while Frank continued to thrust, he moved around to the side of Jean's head and kissed her neck.

She turned her head and met his lips with her own, their mutual fire cascading through their minds and nerves. Now supporting herself again, Frank reached up and around with one arm to grasp at Jean's sizeable boobs and grope at them while he still fucked away at Ashley's pussy.

Ashley, natasha malkova sex stories porn story face covered in both Jean's and Frank's cum, grabbed onto Jean's legs and held on while Frank pounded her as hard as he could; her face screwed up with the effort of processing her pleasure. Finally, Frank's second orgasm built up and exploded. He moaned into Jean's mouth and slowed his thrusts as he came inside Ashley, although he slammed his hips against her now with such power that Ashley slid inches up toward the head of the bed every time he smashed his erupting cock into her extreme depths.

The knowledge that he was filling her up with his fertile seed and the rapid stimulation of her g-spot drove Ashley over the edge again. She shrieked, and shrieked again, adding her own orgasmic energy to Frank's already cascading through their bond. Two orgasms at once almost overloaded everybody's senses, causing colors to whirl around the edges of their vision and transient sounds to dance at the edge of their hearing range.

Gooseflesh crept up everybody's skin and they all sighed collectively as the crests of their orgasms broke and began to recede. One last spurt came from Frank's cock, causing him to wince and jerk at how sensitive he was.

Jean kissed him again, one of his hands still gently kneading her breast, his other hand having found her belly during his orgasm and was rubbing it even more gently. His and Jean's lips parted and Jean eased out of his grasping hands, rolling off of Ashley to flop down on the bed with a whoosh of breath. Frank's cock was definitely deflating for good now, but he dizzily managed to lean over Ashley and give her a passionate kiss before he slipped out of her.

"That's what you wanted, right?" he murmured to Ashley around their kiss. She nodded against him and continued their kiss, her arms and legs snaking around to clasp him to her, apparently not wanting to let him leave her.

Frank didn't want to leave either, so he indulged her by pulling his dick out of her and lying on his back between her and Jean, their lips still dancing. Jean laid a hand on his chest and nuzzled his shoulder, patiently waiting her turn.

Ashley finally released his lips and began gently gnawing on his shoulder, collarbone, and neck while Frank turned to Jean and shared his lips with her. In their post-coital haze, their bond allowed them all to feel their individual spiritual disposition: Jean was elated at having Frank's love, and excited for the prospect of having Frank's child grow within her, while Ashley was very satisfied at having Frank's sperm wriggling around within her trying to find their ultimate destination.

Frank was spent, but joyful and content as felt by both of his sisters, and cautiously optimistic at being able to balance his relationship between Jean and Ashley and Vanessa. Frank broke contact with Jean finally, just focusing on breathing for the moment; his brown eyes locked with Jean's own.

"I love you, Jean, I want you to know that." Jean grinned through the many things affecting her right now, her eyes shining with pure affection.

"I love you more, Frank." Frank smiled and then turned his head to lock his eyes with Ashley's blue eyes. "I love you too, Ash." Ashley, a smile fixed to her face, traced the outline of his ear before responding in kind, her eyes flicking from side to side as she looked into each of his eyes. "I love you too, brother." Jean got her elbows under her and leaned up, catching Ashley's eye.

"I love you, sis!" Ashley laughed and reached out to intertwine her fingers with Jean's. "I love you Jean!" Frank laughed too, feeling the truths of each individual statement through the extent of his connection with both of them, and reveling in the warm, euphoric feeling that accompanied their expression of love.

They all lay back again and Frank put his arms around them both while they snuggled close to him. "God I hope I'm pregnant." Frank cocked an eyebrow and looked down at his blonde sister. "You do? What about cheerleading in college?" Ashley looked at him with a disbelieving look in her eyes.

"College? Screw college, as long as I get to screw you and Jean and have your baby!" Frank looked at her, feeling her veracity through the bond, and realized exactly the extent to which she loved him. He kissed her once more, then laid his head back against the headboard, him mind thinking about the future.