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Angelika - Like an angel Truda - Fighting woman Varick - Protecting Ruler Harman - Man of the army Angelika arose from the other couch and walked over to Alan on unsteady legs. Varick, Truda, and Harman became concerned when her face twisted into a more worried look. "Are you alright sister," Varick asked. "For now I am but I have to check Alan we almost lost him.

I warned him not to expend as much energy as he did. Then there was the fact that he gave up as his energy was fading." Tears were now streaming down Angelika's face. "The idiot did it for me. He almost died trying to save me, if he does now I'll never forgive myself!" Varick moved this bitch takes it deep in her asshole help his sister make her way slowly over to Alan's prone form on the other couch.

Kneeling down Angelika placed a hand on his chest, and the other on the side of his neck. "Is he alright? Varick asked when his sister still seemed to be concerned. Breathing a sigh of relief Angelika slowly nodded then almost toppled over onto Alan! "I think, dear brother, I still need to lie down. The energy I gave Alan has weakened me far more than I at first thought." Varick nodded as he helped Angelika stand, then Harman joined Varick as they both helped her to her and Truda's room.

"I think we need to keep a close eye on both of them. Without him I feel we haven't a chance against the Doctor!" Varick was telling a nodding and agreeing Harman. "I for one am glad that he finally allowed me to help you two. Did he really raze the entire building?" Harman was asking a touch of awe in his voice. "Yes, he took out the supports, then the secondary supports.

Then he watched as it collapsed almost straight down." Varick replied. "So we're absolutely sure that the assistant is dead?" A stumbling Angelika asked. "I would think so, considering Alan crushed the man. Until there was nothing but a pulverized wet spot of blood, bone and flesh on the floor. Yeah I'm pretty sure; I don't see any way he could come back from that!" Harman said, though to Truda and Angelika, Harman seemed a LOT happier about it then they thought he should be.

Walking out Varick looked at Harman, "We're going to have to keep a close eye on both of them. Angelika is more worried than she is letting on. Alan I think is trying to take all of this on by himself. We have to remind him that we have a stake in this also." "Yeah but that's easier said than done.

Angelika and sometimes you are the only ones that can seem to get through to him. Hell even that at times isn't really enough." Harman replied. "I know though we are going to have to. As I said without Alan I don't feel we have much of a chance against the doctor." Varick said deep in thought.

"As strong as we've become you still think we are no match for him?" A shocked Harman said. "According to Alan, the assistant wasn't as strong as the Doctor. Alan also said that I am the strongest of the four of us. Harman I was having a hard time against the strongest of the assistant's men. Had it been me against the man I don't think I would have fared as well." Varick told a shocked Harman.

"You really think that the Doctor is that strong?" Harman asked. "It's not as much strength as to the fact of what they did to us.

You remember the pieces of themselves they left in us. Alan says that there are more. The most debilitating Alan has removed from us. He said the other day there are more almost as bad. What he's done so far has given us a chance but Myveryfirsttime newcomer lily adams kills it at her first ever scene feel we need mom and son classical vdz. Remember Alan had emotion on his side when he defeated the assistant.

Then he was completely drained afterward, almost to the point of death. No my friend, we need to be better prepared." Varick told a slightly shocked Harman. "Well, I just hope that we and Alan can finally put an end to all of it. Like he said before, I like my privacy but having those asses in my head leaves me feeling too damn vulnerable." A slightly pissed off Harman told Varick. "I know my friend; let's just hope that Alan can do more for us." Varick replied.

Alan awoke a day and a half later with a splitting headache. Looking around he had to shake his head a few times to clear it. Where in the hell am I? Then the memories flooded back as the confrontation that he and the assistant had broke through. "How are you feeling?" A female voice said from behind him. Shocked Alan almost fell off the couch. "Uh." He started as he could only stare at the exceedingly beautiful dirty blonde.

Shaking his head again he started to gain more memories. "I. uh am having a bit of difficulty. Wait! Angelika? Mother?" The woman nodded as a small look of shock lit up her eyes. "I warned you not to expend your energy like that!

Damn it Alan!! This almost killed you!" Searching as hard as he could he could feel his mind playing catch up. "It wasn't intentional I assure you mother. Just the thought of the lecherous son of a bitch capturing you let alone touching you set something off in me." The other three appeared a moment later.

"I apologize to all of you. It was never my intention to go as far out of control as I did." "Hell! I'm glad you did, bout time we gave those assholes a taste of their own medicine! OW! Why the hell did you do that.Ow! Shit!" Harman said after Truda elbowed him in the ribs. "Here I thought you were actually growing up some! I can see I am going to have to keep correcting you!" Truda almost growled at her brother. "As I said I am sorry that I worried all of you like I did.

I am also afraid that the doctor knows that the assistant is dead. Right after I razed the building I felt another that worked for the doctor there watching. I heard him tell the doctor, yes it was him.

I was hoping that we might have this as an advantage. I can see that is blown out the window now. I feel that the son of a bitch is going to be watching every damn move we make for a while. At least 'til I find his spies." Alan told them. "Alan you really think he is preparing for us to attack him?" Angelika asked. "I wouldn't be surprised though I do believe that we have an advantage there also.

The Doctor might have touched all of you but not me. The few times I have gone back I have planted things in the Doctor much like he and the assistant had been doing to all of you. We might actually have his ass if worse comes to worse. I do need to work on all of you though. That is if you want me to?" Alan asked as he looked around. "After what you have given back to me, yes!" Truda excitingly said. "I have learned a few things when you opened me up Alan. Things make me want to kill that son of a bitch even more." Angelika snarled.

"For all that he has stolen from us, for the hurt and pain that have been done to yours and our family, yes I want you too." Harman growled. "At first when we started this Biig ass round ass perfect ass 075 tube porn was unsure. This last time we went against the assistant he had almost no control though he was reaching. As you say the Doctor is many times worse and stronger. I agree most whole heartily. We need to be prepared if we are ever to be even half normal again." Varick replied.

"Good I want to start as soon as possible." Alan started to rise off the bed and fell back weak. "Maybe, after I recover a bit more!" Alan said as Truda and Angelika snickered.

It was the next day that Alan was finally out of bed. He'd started on Truda trying to reach down to the first part of her that he freed.

Figuring that the oldest was isolated and another there might increase her control. Afterward Truda had trembled for hours as many horrid memories were opened. Over the next week Alan worked tirelessly freeing up four of the earliest parts of their psyches.

Angelika and Truda kept an eye on Alan to make sure he didn't push himself too far. It was the end the seventh day and Alan had just lain down when he heard a voice.

<Nephew?> Popping up Alan looked around, <Uncle? Is something wrong?> Alan asked. "<I'm not sure, I've been feeling someone trying to probe past the hiding field. More of a curious pushing, they have been turned away or around but I felt just a few minutes ago another more powerful. The field almost didn't hold. This was an exceedingly powerful mind. As I said it was a curious probing but it was there.

I am glad you had us increase the field but I feel it might fall soon." Emory's thoughts said. Sighing Alan shook his head, <If we abby rode makes her husband watch her get fucked housewife and tits back there I am afraid that it will be an all out war, with the village in the middle.> <I know, I know but up 'til now there wasn't a reason to fear now, I'm not that sure.

Please talk to the others and let me know, I have increased the field some but I feel even that might not stop the next probe.> Emory thought. <Alright I'll let you know in a bit.> Alan told the man. Alan called the others and informed them of what was going on. "I'm not sure that if we go that things won't be worse.

I told Emory that I'd talk to all of you, after he asked." Angelika looked at Varick, "Do you feel that we will make things worse?" Sighing Varick was quiet for a few minutes.

"I think we should go. I also think that we are barely ready. What Alan has done this week I can feel. My resistance is higher but I don't feel high enough yet.

What do you think Alan?" "It's true you are stronger. Two of the strongest plants that were in you are gone. Except for Truda you all have the five earliest parts that are you, free.

Truda has eight as of today. Yes, you are stronger but as I said there are others in you. If we were chatsworth mzansi school girls porn blacks go against the Doctor right now I feel that we would lose. Truda still has the strongest resistance against him.

Mother I am afraid that you have the weakest, though now all of you can resist him, just not for long. Damn it! I need at least another week!" "I feel that we need to go.

You were going to strengthen more and maybe open up others. Maybe that will keep them safe?" Truda said. Varick and Alan looked at each other. Recently had been a time that Truda hadn't been wrong. Alan nodded to all of them, and then sat. <Alright Emory we're coming back I'm not sure I can reopen all of them from here but I'll try.> <Thank you Alan, I am afraid that the probing might be coming again.

Please hurry I don't think I have enough strength alone to hold it off.> Alan again nodded and reached out to Madde first feeling all the blocks he'd put up. Concentrating they were gone.

Then Alan turned to Aldrich though his resistance was high he was soon open. Alan felt them both rush to Emory. <I need the both of you to hold off the rest of them when we arrive, Madde.> Alan told her who told her son as they prepared for the five of them to appear. Alan nodded to the other four and they flashed out, across the world all five appeared in the building that they had all been in.

Alan immediately made every gun disappear then looked at all of the people in front of him. Suddenly all of them were looking at Alan and the others. Alan turned to Emory, "I am sorry that we had to do this but I felt it was the best way to keep all of you safe. Please explain to Madde and the others. I feel that it would be prudent if we weren't here when you do." Emory nodded then snickered, "I am afraid that she is going to be a wild cat when I explain why you did this.

Yes I think you all should leave for a time. She will understand, she won't be happy but will understand." Alan nodded then looked at Varick for a minute. Bowing, they all flashed out just as Madde and her son Aldrich appeared at the doorway. "Damn it father! Why were we kept out of this?" Alan and the party appeared in another bunker; Alan thought it best not to tempt fate after he'd wired the last one.

"Alright, we've been in all of our bunkers, at least I think we have. I don't recognize this one at all." Angelika said. "I believe this is one of the first bunkers you built years ago. Varick just remembered it two days ago. It appears to be in a line toward where I felt the Slutty latina fucks a pawn dude for the payment difference retreat.

I'd say it is roughly 194.8 Km (121.04 miles) north of the village." Alan told them. "I believe that the Doctor was afraid that we would rediscover this bunker. He might be afraid that we could find him easier. I believe he might be right." Alan looked around a moment a look of concentration on his face. "Varick do you feel that?" Varick stood still concentrating, "Feel anything? No I. what? What is that Alan?" Alan smiled hugely, "I believe we are as close as we can safely be to the Doctor, without confrontation." "WHAT!" Angelika and Truda shouted.

"You just told us that we weren't ready. Yet you have us so close that we can feel him? Quite possibly he can feel us also?" Again Alan smiled even larger. "No he can't, I believe are far too close for him to do anything. Besides as I am sure you are starting to feel we have our own hiding field!" This last part Alan said with a bit of pride.

"Uncle taught me a little while we were there." All of the other four reached out and could feel the field a lot stronger by many times more than that around the village area. Varick touched the field and added his own energy to it, as did Harman. "Now then I think." Alan started when there was a voice, a rather angry voice speaking to him.

<Cousin! I understand why you did what you did. I understand that it was necessary but you could have ASKED! All of us would have agreed! I ought to kick your ass when I see you again! You better hope I calm down before that!> Alan heard Madde say cringing at her anger. Truda and Angelika smiled hugely at Alan they almost knew how the young woman felt that was for sure.

Alan was nodding his head, <At the time, we wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. There really wasn't time.> Alan explained. <That is bull shit and you know it cousin! Maybe I ought to kick your ass anyway!> Madde thought. A moment later Madde appeared in the bunker with them! "What!? What in the hell is going on?

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Did you do this Alan?" Madde was almost growling at him. "No I think you did though how I am not that sure. May I look?" Alan asked. "NO! You may not! I am way too pissed off at you at the moment! Just send me back and let me calm down!" Madde was practically yelling at Alan. Throwing his hands up in defeat Alan looked at her and she was suddenly gone. Outside of the building a man that no one knew pulled a phone from his pocket. "Ja I have entered the outer part of the village.

I have seen the most amazing thing! Yes I can, alright give me a bit and I'll call you when I am outside of the area. Alright Doctor I'll be careful, Ja, I know they will kill me if they." Suddenly a shadow passed over the man. "Nien, Nien!" Then the phone went dead. The man was struggling as the men brought him to see Emory.

"Hmmm, what do we have here?" Emory said. "I caught him outside spying on us Grandfather." Aldrich reported. "Yes I see. Bring him closer." Emory reached out as he'd felt Alan do when Alan had strengthened his mind and abilities.

Trying his best not to hurt the man Emory started to see images, orders that the man been given. Finally Emory went as deep as he could, finding out all he could. Suddenly the man started to scream, Madde called Alan as the man started to pant then hyper-ventilate. "Alan I am sorry but I am afraid that Father may kill the man please hurry!" Madde's desperate plea reached Alan.

Appearing next to Emory Alan reached out and gently began to pull Emory out. Panting himself Alan just shook his head. Going back in Alan saw all the damage that Emory had done, though looking closer Alan saw that it was more my playfellow giving me head and american family orgy twerk well soon the Doctor's handy work. The man's mind was rapidly deteriorating.

As fast as Alan fixed something, something else went. As of yet Alan had only repaired half of the man's automatic systems. <I am afraid that you are going to lose this one.

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I have him programmed to fail no matter what you heal and repair. I know you think you are strong but not even you with the power you have can you save him. Once he dies I will know where you are, then I will have this against you Alan.

Enjoy sex xxx sunny leon hot sex fill sex stories death you fool!> The Doctor's voice said taunting Alan as he started to go faster.

Damn it! The old bastard was right! Suddenly a thought hit Alan. Ten minutes later Alan withdrew as the man was finally breathing easier. "Alan, are you alright?" A worried Truda said as she touched his shoulder.

"I'm not sure Truda, really I'm not sure." Alan told her then realized that she was actually there! "Why are you here?" "Your cousin called me, she said that you went into the spy's head and you weren't looking all that good. So I came as soon as I could." Truda replied. "It was the Doctor wasn't it?" "Yes, it appears he is trying to get me to fail so he can use that against me.

He forgot that I am a lot more than just getting stronger. I'd like to think I am getting smarter also. No matter what I did this man was supposed to die. That's what the message was. He said he had the man programmed to die no matter what I healed or repaired. That gave me an idea. One I have to say that I got from helping all of you the first time." "From helping all of us," a confused Truda replied. "Yes, when I started I was shifting and moving things back into their proper places.

I did all of this before I ever thought to strengthen any of you guys. You see he gave me an answer by running his mouth. I started to move things back where they should be even as I was healing him. This slowed greatly his body and mind failures. By moving everything I found what the Doctor had put in and was able to defeat it.

Well he and I did. Unfortunately I can't let the man remember I am afraid that it is the only thing I can do to ensure the man stays alive." A sad Alan told her. "You say he has to stay alive? Why?" A still confused Truda asked. Sighing, Alan touched Truda's head and showed her what he'd seen in the man's mind.

"The man is a pawn only. The Doctor could care less if he lives or dies. The man is a family man has two children and a wife. He's a good man and deserves a chance to live the rest of his life." Truda's eyes filled with tears and a new determination crossed her face.

Alan smiled a little as he felt the part that he couldn't move finally move into place. Good he thought, now he really won't be able to touch her! "We really need to kill this son of a bitch," came Truda's growl! "I know Truda, I know. I want this asshole just as bad. I am going to kill him but if he does kill me then I know that the four of you can get the job done." Alan told her.

A shocked look came on Truda's face as she growled at Alan. "That had better be a bad joke Alan! A very bad joke; that I am not finding in the damn least bit funny!" Alan smiled he was really starting to like this woman. "Alright call the others just in case." Truda nodded and a few seconds later the other three were standing beside Alan. "Just in case of what?" Angelika said her eyes flashing as she stared at Alan. "I need to push all of these people higher.

It's the only chance the village has." Alan said as a shocked Angelika and Truda both nodded. "If the both of you can, add to the hiding field," which brought nods from both Varick and Harman. Alan started on the twenty he'd done before.

Finally finished with them he nodded they were more than twice what they had been before. It wasn't the best but it would help the hiding big tits british chick pov stay a lot stronger now.

Next was Aldrich, Aldrich's eyes opened wide when he felt he was almost as strong as his mother. Then for a few minutes he was actually stronger. Alan waited as Madde stepped forward, though the anger had finally evaporated there was still something in her eyes. Alan just couldn't seem to put his finger on it.

When she reached the level her father was at she smiled. "Thank you Alan finally perhaps I can protect everyone better." Alan turned to Emory who sighed. "I'm not so sure it is a good thing that I am more powerful. I almost killed that man." "Only because you don't know how intense girlongirl action with two luscious starlets masturbation and brunette yet, I can help with that uncle, ok?" Alan said and then waited 'til Emory nodded his assent.

Alan reached out and started to bring the man higher. Alan was shocked when Emory reached a level that was almost as high as his siblings. Another strange thing Alan felt as if he hadn't expended even half as much energy as last time. Emory smiled as he went through what Alan had put in his mind in the way of healing and several other things that Alan thought the man might need soon.

"Do you feel like trying to open a few more? There are only two today. I know you said that almost everyone has abilities. Are you sure? I mean I've never seen anything in either of them." "Oh yes, let me see them." Emory nodded and then two young men entered the building. "This is my Nephew Alan.

He will be opening you up, listen to him or he will stop in seconds, understood?" Both of the young men nodded. Alan explained that they had a responsibility with these abilities. If they chose to misuse them, then they could be removed, permanently. Alan nodded and reached out to both of the men. For the first ten minutes Alan moved things around 'til things were where they would allow the men their abilities.

Then Alan started to slowly open their ability centers. Both of the men could feel Alan in their heads, and then they felt their ability center open. Alan watched as both of the young men's mouths dropped open then they smiled at Alan. Nodding to Alan the first tried to stand; Alan just shook his head as he toppled over onto a mattress.

The second swallowed hard and sat where he was. Good Alan thought, they aren't all idiots after all.