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Teen pussies screwed debra dee fantina ivy lily joy katherine compilation and pornstars
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My heart skipped a beat as I purchased the ticket. Cindy looked flushed and I could tell she was feeling the same way as me. The fat pimply man behind the counter could not stop ogling my girlfriend's tight body as we made the exchange. I knew what he was thinking: "how could a guy bring his own girlfriend into a place like THIS??" The truth is that this was the ultimate culmination of Cindy's fantasy.

Cindy was 37 years old, asian, 5" tall, petite & delicate, with small tits, long black hair, a tight round ass, and a shaven little pussy. Your typical tight asian package, she was delicate, pretty, and your average man's wet dream. But Cindy had a fantasy that was far from average: to be gangbanged and violated by as many men as possible in a filthy, seedy location.

This run-down XXX porno movie theater would fit the bill. We had chatted about her fantasy for years literally and it only seemed to grow in intensity as time went by. I can't count the number of times we would watch a gang bang movie and I would suck her pussy while she stroked her clit and whimpered "I WANT THAT.

I WANT THAT . I WANT THAT!!" Her fantasy grew to the point where it could no longer be controlled: she simply had to experience it. She was obsessed, and there was simply no other way to deal with it other than to let her live it out in all its nasty detail. I have to admit that I was extremely hesitant. I did not like the idea of my sweet shy little girlfriend being with other men and allowing them to do the kinds of things to her she fantasized about.

I tried over and over again to talk her out of it, but eventually I gave in and here we were. I could not believe I was actually about to let this happen to Cindy. But I knew there was no other way.

Frida sante and christen courtney erasmus students unleashed walked into the theater. Our eyes adjusted to the dark. I was shocked to see how cavernous it was: it must have been large and prestigious in better days. Now it was used for the purposes of allowing strange men to come in, watch hardcore porn, and blow their loads onto the sticky floor. I took a quick sampling of the men: there were at least 100 guys in there, likely more, and their appearances weren't encouraging: the vast majority were ugly, bald, unshaven, pot-bellied, scruffy, tattoo'd, smelly types who looked more like ex-convicts than anything else.

I simply could not believe Cindy wanted to have sex in a place like this, with men like these. I looked over at Cindy. Her eyes were wide, her face wearing an expression almost of shock, her cheeks flushed. This was exactly what she wanted. I steered us towards an area that was sparsely populated. In my heart I hoped she would change her mind and back out. We sat down. The movie couldn't have been more appropriate: on the screen was a beautiful asian woman being gangfucked by about 20 guys, and they were really giving it to her.

The guys must be unbelievably horny, I thought to myself as we watched her being power-fucked by 3 guys. Did Cindy know what she was letting herself in for? I quietly whispered in her ear that I was not comfortable with this and that we should go, but she just sat there transfixed by the movie. It didn't take long: some slimy bastard noticed us sitting there and he stealthily approached, sitting down on the other side of Cindy.

Her chest heaved with excitement, her little nipples poking through the light summer dress she wore. This was it: she was going to have sex with this disgusting guy, there was no question about it.

His eyes sampled her firm sexy asian body. He could not believe his luck. I couldn't blame him. Cindy kept her eyes focused on the screen, practically hypnotized with lust and anticipation as the stranger pulled his pants and underwear clean off his body, completely exposing himself. I almost gagged as the rank smell of his private parts hit my nostrils.

Cindy however didn't seem to mind in the least. She finally took a look over to her right, straight at his 7" long cock. It glistened slightly in the reflected light, and I wondered exactly how long it had been since he washed his member? Cindy was transfixed as she stared at it. Her dady sea mom cheating sex had finally come. Without breaking eye contact from his slimy rod, she slowly and deliberately lowered herself onto her knees on the ground.

Her face approached her slimy object of affection, and I watched in horror as she gently kissed the nasty thing, from his wet tip to his base.

She opened her delicate little lips and gently took the vile member into her mouth. She sucked it delicately, longingly, reveling in the moment she had waited for for so long. She was on her knees sucking some stranger's cock in a public XXX movie theater. She was living out her fantasy. My fear rose to near-panic as I watched her do this.

I couldn't believe she was actually going through with it! I felt my heart break a little as the man moaned, obviously loving the sucking treatment he was receiving from this asian bombshell.

How could my Cindy do this? Could I ever forgive her for wanting this, for doing this? Well, maybe a blowjob wasn't so bad; if she could just suck this guy off, maybe that would be enough for her and we could get up and go home.

With time, I'm sure I could forgive her for this transgression. My Cindy may be taking a stranger's cock into her mouth, but it's my playfellow giving me head and american family orgy twerk well soon a blowjob after all.

My thoughts were broken as the 2 guys sitting in front of us turned around and finally noticed her. I tried to give Cindy our "danger" signal 2 coughs that would indicate my desire to leave immediately. We had pre-selected this signal if I became uncomfortable at any time with what was happening, and I most definitely was uncomfortable.

I wanted to get her out of there as quickly as possible. I waited for her to stop blowing the stranger and get up to leave. She gave no indication that she had even heard me. Her lips kept slowly bobbing lovingly up and down his shaft.

It must be clean by now, I thought ruefully as I coughed twice again; anything that had been on his shaft had been eaten by Cindy. The guys got up and walked silently to our row; one guy sat down next to the bastard receiving the blowjob, and sexy teen chicks are pleasuring each other passionately other actually pushed me out of my seat next to her.

I sat down to my left, only 2 seats away from her and still very much with a front row view. The guy to my right actually sneered at me as he shucked his pants and underwear. He knew for sure that Cindy was my girlfriend MY girlfriend and that I was allowing this to in and out with cassandra captain stabbin. I felt a lump in my throat as I restrained an urge to punch him in the face and grab Cindy out of there, but I knew it was far too late for that.

Besides, they would easily have overpowered me. Cindy looked up briefly at the 2 men now sitting on either side of her, cocks out and very hard, watching her expectantly. Without missing a beat she reached up and grabbed each cock with a free hand and started gently jerking them, then returned to suckle the cock in her mouth.

They smiled as she took their fat ugly members into her hands and began to pleasure them. She was theirs, and they were going to enjoy this. Cindy for her part was clearly enjoying what she was doing; her face was flushed, her chest heaving, he whole body seemed office mature wife is a side business swollen with excitement as she pleasured these bastards.

She was in the zone. There was no going back. The asshole to my right reached down and lifted up her dress. His scarred & ugly face lit up with delight at what he saw. What man wouldn't?

She was wearing no panties, and her little bottom and shaven little asian cunny were easily visible in the reflected light. She was clearly excited and her pussy glistened wetly, her cum occasionally dripping from her swollen lips onto the sticky ground. At that moment another guy in the row ahead of us turned around and saw a vision of paradise: Cindy's ass. The bastard to my right noticed this and he yanked Cindy's asscheeks wide open in a rough and uncaring way; he pulled so hard in fact that it made her little rosebud asshole protrude in distress.

Cindy didn't seem to mind; she just kept on sucking and jerking as her hind quarters were completely and utterly exposed to the strangers. Silently the new man crept over. He looked about 50 years old and must have been some kind of derelict given the tattered and soiled state of his clothing.

Once again I reeled at the stench as he removed his clothing and revealed an 8" long penis that probably had not been washed in about 6 months. He knelt down behind my Cindy, and I realized with complete horror that he was going to fuck her. I truly did not want this to happen, especially not with these bastards.

I coughed twice again, not that it mattered. It was far too late. My mind was racing in my private torture; I watched sadly as the homeless busty looking good teen fucking her toys eased his fat rod into Cindy's overly-wet cunny. My heart broke as I heard her moan slightly, his rod now sliding easily into and out of her pussy.

I was watching her being fucked. Not only fucked, but fucked bareback. He rocked his smelly cock into her as she continued to suckle that penis.

Its owner was now ready to cum, and she knew it. She pulled off his rod for a moment and in a small quite little voice, almost whispering, she said "cum on my face". They all heard it. He reached down and pumped his rod fast while she suckled his fat red cockhead. When he was about to cum he yanked her head off his cock and pushed her lower, into position. She looked up at him, deeply into his eyes with a lust I had never seen before as he reached his ultimate pleasure and ejaculated all over her face.

It shot out in thick white ropes of cum, jetting up into her hair, her eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and tongue. She accepted it all without complaint. I noticed her pussy quiver around the cock she was being fucked by, and I knew in my heart of hearts that she was just loving this. He finally finished painting her face with his cum, and he milked his cock dry. She quietly watched him milk his cock, her face now plastered with his seed.

He would slide his hand from the bottom of his cock to the tip, and as he did so any cum still in his shift would ooze out of his pee hole and appear as a big white glob on his cockhead. Anytime she saw this, she would delicately close her little mouth around his cockhead and eat the sperm.

This must have happened 10 times. He didn't deserve Cindy, I thought. He got up to leave. The guy to my right quickly took his place, and before I knew what was happening a guy from behind quickly and quietly climbed over the seat and took his seat.

Cindy had 3 cocks again. He grabbed the back of her head and aggressively pulled her onto his cock, then started gleefully pistoning it in & out of her mouth. I thought he was being overly rough with her face, but she didn't seem to mind in the least as she docilely sucked while jerking the 2 cocks on either side of her. After a few minutes he pulled her off his cock and pushed her mouth onto his swollen, shaven balls. She gently licked them with her tongue and took them into her mouth, bathing them with her saliva so sweetly, as if she were kissing her lover.

Then the bastard did something that really shocked me: he pulled his legs way back and put his feet onto the armrests of the chair, pulling his asscheeks open and exposing his asshole to her. My eyes watered as the sour stench of his unclean hole hit me. This could not be happening. Surely he couldn't expect her to lick THAT, could he.?!

Cindy stared transfixed at his slimy, smelly asshole. Her chest heaved, her nipples poking out harder than I had ever seen them. She was breaking my heart, but I knew in my gut that this is precisely what she wanted. The bastard slowly pushed her head down to his ass; Cindy stared at it longingly, hypnotized by it, breathing heavily.

He pulled her face to him. Her alexis adams loves to ride his boner touched his anal hole. He pulled her away slightly; a thin trail of slime connected her delicate little lips to his puckered vile anus. He pulled her into him again, making her lips kiss his the st cock in her pussy hardcore and blowjob hole.

Smiling over at me, he rubbed her face all over his asshole; I watched as his slippery anus slid all over her lips, nose, and chin, bathing her entire face in his foul smell.

She stuck her little tongue out and began lapping slowly and delicately at his filthy hole. She actually moaned softly as she lapped at his anus, a moan which broke my heart, a deep and quiet little moan that came from deep within her belly as she ate his hole. The bastard jerked himself as my precious Cindy quietly ate his ass with her once-pristine little mouth. I wanted to retch. We were starting to be noticed by more of the patrons, and had gathered quite a crowd by that point.

I'd say there were a good 15 to 20 guys sitting all around us with cocks out and jerking, loving the show Cindy was putting on for them. Pussyfucker had seen enough. He jammed his cock into her pelvis and grunted. I actually witnessed his balls contracting as he pumped his dirty ejaculate deep into my Cindy's womb. After 10 pumps he was exhausted. He pulled out and wiped his slimy cock all over her pussy lips and asshole. He farted, grinned a toothless grin over at me, and was gone.

He was quickly replaced by another equally disgusting character who plugged his cock into her pussy. The guy to my right who was being jerked off by Cindy reached down and, using the cum from the previous guy, eased his finger into her delicate little rosebud asshole, sliding it in and out and wiggling it around inside her.

Another grabbed her dangling little titties and started groping and fat bitch is double fucked after photosession them, occasionally cruelly twisting her nipples. Cindy's body was being used just the way she wanted. She french kissed the bastard's asshole as if she was trying to deep-throat kiss a lover, and when he came on her face she stared glassy-eyed into his, willingly accepting his heavy load.

The guy on her left lost it and stood up, furiously jerking his cock and covering most of the left side of her face with his dirty white cum.

She really was starting to look a mess now. For his part, the guy on her right also stood up and grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her little cumsoaked face onto his cock, busting his nut down her throat.

I watched as my precious little Cindy's throat quietly gulped down his sperm into her belly, staring up into his eyes as if eating his load would give her inner peace. The new pussyfucker didn't last long as he witness my Cindy's cumbath. He pulled his cock out and used her asshole like a bullseye, splattering his oozing white cum all over her anus.

It dripped down and coated her pussy thickly. Then he was gone. A new guy threw his coat on the floor and lay down on it, pulling Cindy on top of classy les mature feasting on schoolgirls vag stockings lesbian. She started suckling one of 3 new cocks at her face as he penetrated her incredibly sloppy pussy.

Another guy got behind her and put the tip of his cock at the entrance of her asshole. It was quite large roughly 9" long and 3" wide, and I was certain she wouldn't be able to accommodate it. After all, she had had enough difficulty accepting one of my fingers on the rare occasion she let me stick my pinky up her asshole. He bore down on her, his pot belly almost pressing against her asscheeks, his considerable weight causing his fat ugly cockhead to press against her delicate little anal hole with incredible force.

I watched her body shudder slightly as his cockhead suddenly penetrated her anal ring with a *pop*. If it caused her any discomfort, she didn't show it. She just kept sucking those cocks without missing a beat as he forced his nasty cock into her tiny little asshole. I watched him pump her deeper and deeper, more and more of his slimy cock disappearing into her anus as he uncaringly rammed her ass. The 3 guys taking turns using her mouth were fucking her face like a pussy, roughly yanking her head up & down on their knobs.

She didn't seem to mind. Others started slapping her dangling little tits really hard, so hard in fact that it was causing me some concern.

Surely this MUST be hurting, as *SLAP* I watched their hands raining cruel blows onto her small tits, causing them to jiggle and shudder and turn red. If it was causing her any discomfort, I couldn't tell; she just kept on passively and quietly sucking their fat rods.

At one point they grabbed the back of her head and held her vice-like steady as all 3 forced as much of their fat cocks into her mouth at the same time. She just knelt there submissively allowing them to use her as they wished. Her mouth stretched to comical proportions, her cheeks bulging as they angrily forced their 3 cocks into mouth, hurling insults down at her and calling her a "useless cocksucking cuntwhore" and "ass-eating worthless fuckcunt".

My anger rose to fevered pitch as I watched them using her so roughly and listened to their despicable insults, but Cindy seemed perfectly fine with everything.

She was eventually rewarded with their cum as the 3 of them bust their nut all over her face and into her hair. She looked like a disgusting cumfaced whore, except I knew that under those layers of filthy cum was my precious Cindy. 3 new cocks at her face and she was busy again. Assfucker and pussyfucker violated her holes and quickly became overheated.

I watched from inches away as assfucker plowed her, then held his cock deep inside her bowels and shot his wad. I cringed, imagining his cock inside her dirty bowels pressing up against who-knows-what, seeing in my mind's eye as his cockhead spat his sperm load deep inside my Cindy's bottom.

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Pussyfucker did the same to her womb. They didn't deserve her NONE of these bums did yet they were being allowed to use her any filthy way they wanted. Her new face fuckers were grabbing and squeezing her poor little tits so hard, I feared they might actually burst. I was oddly thankful big tits krystal swift public orgy with a teen girl and hung guys never went in for those breast implants we had talked about a few years ago, as they surely would have ruptured under the treatment these guys were giving her.

They would grab her tits by the base and squeeze them vise-like so that they stuck out in distress and turned a few shades of purple; then to add insult to injury, they slapped them. They seemed to enjoy this immensely, bringing them to climax. As always, Cindy had no problem with this treatment and (I thought ruefully) even seemed to be enjoying it in her quiet way. She obediently tilted her head back and stuck her tongue out as all 3 simultaneously exploded, adding their glutinous mess to her poor little face.

Thick white blobs of sperm coated her from neck to forehead, with liberal doses of white genetic material all over her hair. She was my little asian cumwhore.

3 new cocks at her face, and I wondered when this would end? They continued to abuse her tits, slapping and squeezing them for their own perverted pleasure. Cindy let them do as they wanted without complaint. Occasionally one would grab her cumsoaked hair, yank her mouth off of his cock and tilt her face up to them, and 1 or all 3 of them would start spitting onto her face.

As always Cindy just let them do it, obediently holding her mouth open for them and accepting their spit anywhere it landed without hesitation, almost as if she had been expecting this. They called her a "spit-eating assfucking worthless anal bitch cumwhore" and other such names.

Occasionally they would make a real show of it, horking and grunting to loosen up some thick glob of snot from the back of their throats and then, while grinning slightly and making eye contact with me, taking careful aim and horking it directly into her mouth.

Those bastards. They knew Cindy was mine, and were taunting me mercilessly. Cindy would stare up at them lovingly and always accept whatever came out of their mouths, be it insults, spit, or thick lugies. When they would hork and snort loudly and she knew they were working a really thick disgusting lugie out of the back of their vile throats, she would open her mouth wider and make sure those landed directly into her mouth, and then, never losing eye contact with them, she would make sure they saw her lovingly swallowing it down, time after time after time.

2 new cocks in her pussy and ass and she was being reamed once again by 5 cocks. In no time flat these cocks had emptied their seed into her holes, or all over her face. A guy sat down right next to me and 3 men picked up Cindy, turned her around so she was facing away from him, and lowered her ass onto the guy's dirty slimy cock.

Her ass was still gaping and it easily accepted the new cock. The guy behind him grabbed the back of the seat and yanked it down, pulling it into a horizontal position, effectively creating a little "bed". She lay back onto the guy whose cock was in her poor little asian asshole as her dude offered this arab babe to fuck and suck and film everything was plowed by a new cock invader.

Teen alexa grace gets massage facial swallow pornstars pornstar guy came up behind her and stood placing both feet onto the armrests and to my horror squatted directly over her face. His ass opened up revealing a caked and slimy asshole. Without missing a beat, she accepted his ass onto her cumsoaked face and started suckling and eating his dirty hole, her mouth delicately feasting at his hole as if it was her last supper.

For his part he gave her tits the usual slapping treatment, then blew his wad all over her tits and belly. He was quickly replaced as the lineup behind her head grew to frightening proportions.

They all wanted her tongue on their ass. I gulped as I realized how many assholes her tongue would be buried inside tonight, wondering how I could have agreed to let this happen?

For her part, Cindy accepted all the treatment they dished out on her without complaint or protest. In fact, to my dismay, I noticed her pussy continually quivering, shuddering and contracting around the nasty fat cock buried deep inside asian wet crack shaving and wild anal. Quietly, and in her own way, Cindy was loving this, cumming almost continuously.

She was being treated exactly how she wanted, how she had been fantasizing for all these years. Guys were continuously squatting over her face and making her lick out their assholes.

She accepted them all and bathed their anuses with her tongue, making love to their dirty anuses. Others would stand around and jerk off onto any part of her face which was exposed her eyes, forehead, and especially in her long black hair.

Others jerked their load onto any other part of her body her tits, belly, asscheeks, legs, arms, feet, everywhere. Whenever a guy was done with her mouth and he stepped away, before the new guy could squat over her she would be immediately surrounded by 5 or 6 bastards who would angrily spit in her face or hork lugies into her mouth. She quietly and obediently took it all, on her face and in her mouth.

Then her mouth would be attached to the next anus. When her asslickers were ready to come, they would lean back and eagerly blow their ballsnot all over her cumsoaked and spit-soaked face. She was an unbelievable mess. Most of the 1st layers of cum had dried on her, and in fact everything was building up in layers on her face. I could barely tell it was my Cindy anymore; her face looked as if it had been dipped in a thick cream pie.

Other guys were fucking and cumming in her pussy or using her ass. She must have fucked 50 guys by now in each of those holes, and there appeared to be no letup in the number of men who wanted to use her. Sometimes they would double up and shove 2 cocks into her ass or 2 into her pussy; I watched sadly as her holes were being stretched almost beyond their limits, wondering if they would ever return to their original tight size.

I doubted it. Cindy never broke from whatever she was doing and never complained. I watched as a particularly fat and long cock sodomized her ass, and heard him grunt "*ungh* I'm packin' her shit in". I remembered that Cindy had not had an enema this morning in fact, she had insisted upon NOT having one.

I realized why as this guy pulled his fat ugly cock out of her ass, and saw the remnants of her bowels on his cock, liberally coated from tip to base with thick dollops of sperm and her own anal slime. He walked around to her face. I shuddered, knowing what was about to happen.

He presented his cock to her. I watched her eyes fix on it; she knew where it had been, and her eyes become glazed and transfixed with lust. "Suck my fuckin' rod clean you worthless piece of shit whore!" he growled, smacking her red and raw tits. She just lay there staring at his rod, then kissed its tip, her lips connected to his cock by a thin trail of filth.

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Then she opened her mouth and deliberately closed her lips around a dangling piece of her own anal slime, making sure everybody could see, and then she swallowed it. She did this a few times, eating the nasty filth each time, and then she opened her mouth and lovingly sucked the whole thing down her throat. It came out clean as a whistle as she swallowed the nasty coating into her belly.

He came in short order. I could see his cockhead literally poking through her neck as he pumped her throat, protruding like a snake latina with big ass caught on hidden camera by her stepbrother, and I witnessed its pumping action as he blew his cum directly into her full little belly.

Of course, once the guys saw this they all wanted the same thing, and in no time she was being used for round-robin ass to mouth cocksucking. This was in between the assholes she was cleaning with her tongue and the spitting on her face. Her once pristine mouth was now an anal mouth.

As if this wasn't enough, the men began spanking her ass cheeks loudly with their open palms, and then they started smacking it with their leather belts. I cringed with each blow, *SMACK* as it hit her flesh, causing it to redden. They even started slapping the belts to her clit in between fuckings, which must have stung even more. As always, Cindy just lay there placidly and let them do it all without objection. In fact, her pussy was creaming so much it was coating the belts with her cum.

At one point a guy pulled his cock from her ass, spat a thick lugie onto it, and then pulled her unoccupied head up to look down at it. She saw the unspeakable filth on his cock as he pressed it against her cumsoaked cunt lips. "Watch your pussy take my dirty cock you fuckin' asseating whore!" the squirter luscious lopez brunette one squirting he slid his horrible rod deep inside her delicate once-pristine little asian pussy.

Cindy's reaction was to close her eyes and shudder, giving into the orgasm that wracked her body. Her mouth was quickly occupied with cock and ass as men continuously enjoyed giving her ass to mouth and ass to pussy fucking. The sheer volume of men was astounding; there always, always seemed to be more ready to use my Cindy. They became angry, wanting a piece of her but unable to get at her all legal age teenager holes are group fucked the number of guys using her as fast as they could.

She was deep into some guy's ass when the 2 guys on either side of her ordered her to "stick your fingers up his asshole". She stuck 2 fingers from one hand up his wet ass and started easing them in and out, looking into their eyes for approval, waiting for their next instructions. "Stick 2 fingers from your OTHER hand in there now, you fuckin' ass whore".

She did so, prying his asshole open in the process. "Now, open his ass and stick your tongue in there. DO IT whore. we want to see you tongue-fuck his ass". Without breaking eye contact, Cindy proved she was a good little whore. She did as they asked. She pried his asshole wide open and stuck her tongue into it.

She then took her fingers out of his ass and actually pulled him onto her, making sure everybody could see her tongue digging deeply into his bowels. In short order, he added his cum dark slut climbs on a hard pounder her tits. He got off her face. A new ass was presented to her mouth. She repeated the process, digging her fingers and then her tongue deep inside his rectum.

The 2 guys on either side of her head grabbed her now-vacant hands and pulled them under and around to their assholes, pushing her fingers inside their slimy holes.

"Yeah that's it whore, please our asses. do it.". they grunted. In a few minutes they lost control and dumped their loads uncaringly onto my Cindy's face. She pulled her fingers out as 2 new guys took their places. They glowered down at her. "Suck those fingers clean you fuckin' cunt!" they demanded. Cindy looked at her fingers they were rather disgusting but of course she did as they asked, my precious Cindy took those fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean.

The 2 guys were so shocked and turned on that they came instantaneously, both shooting into her hair which now resembled a wet heavy mop head, hanging down in thick white wet heavy strands. They spat on her face for good measure and walked away, quickly replaced by 2 new guys who, of course, demanded the same treatment. Cindy's asshole and pussy were now completely overflowing with cum. Some bastard found a big jug and placed it under her holes, collecting all the overflow.

Occasionally somebody would slap her poor little asscheeks, or smack them with their leather belts and order her to "shit that cum outta your ass you fuckin' piece of shit whore!". I would watch as she complied, her poor red sore little anus puckering as it squelched and noisily farted out huge amounts of cum. Now they took this huge jug just full of filthy unspeakable sperm and some asshole decided to use it to humiliate and degrade Cindy even further: he took a funnel and put the tip in his ass and, with the help of others, dumped the entire load into his own ass.

He let it sit there for a couple of hours for good measure, letting it soak up the stink of his ass. Then he got in line at her head and when it was his turn, he squatted over poor little Cindy's cumsoaked face.

"Open your mouth fuckin' whore, I've got a treat for you!" he growled. Cindy and I made eye contact and locked our eyes together. My heart was breaking as I knew this is what she wanted. She would let them do this to her. Without breaking eye contact with me, she obediently opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. This was her fate. The asshole quivered squelched noisily and began farting out enormous amounts of soiled smelly skanky stinky cum all over my Cindy's face.

She let it poor all over her beautiful little asian face, into her mouth and onto her little tongue, filling her mouth up completely. He would let the cum out of his ass in spurts, stopping when she was really coated or her mouth was full.

She would stick her tongue out of the filthy mess, wiggle it around, and then swallow the whole thing, making sure everybody could see.

Then he would let some more out of his ass, and it would repeat. This must have happened 7 times. Each time Cindy's body quivered and shuddered in a supremely delicious orgasm. She was built for this treatment. When he was finished, she pulled his ass open and dug her tongue deep inside his bowels and wrapped her lips around his anus, her cheeks pulling as she bbw big boob big tits sucked the cum out of his ass.

Of course, her ass and pussy were still being filled with cum. Some asshole produced a 4' long 2' thick transparent tube and placed one end in her asshole, the other in her little mouth. He slapped her ass and ordered her to "eat that cum outta your ass you fuckin' gutterwhore!" Cindy did as she was asked. Everybody watched as the soiled anal-cum with thick consistency bubbled out of her ass, oozed through the tube, and went into her mouth.

She swallowed and put on a good show for them. Then someone pulled it out of her ass and stuck it deep into her little raw pussy and ordered her to "blow".

The tube was still full of soiled cum. They jeered and laughed as she obediently blew the soiled nasty cum through the tube and deposited it deep inside her once-pristine womb. The bastards. Finally, there were no other men to pleasure. They had all shot their wad some 3 or 4 times and left. Even the fat pimpled ticket master had emptied his load inside her bowels a few times. I picked up my precious Cindy's cumsoaked, used & abused body, and carried her to the car.

She was in a sort of peaceful slumber, having cum more times than I could possibly count. She had finally fulfilled her fantasy.

As I drove her home, I wondered to myself: would she want this again?