Bigass babe ass pounded and spitroasted amateur anal

Bigass babe ass pounded and spitroasted amateur anal
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What a difference a day makes, or more precisely a few days.

Only three days had passed since Lucy Camden had lost her virginity, and had it been taken by her sister Mary's boyfriend. So far Mary hadn't said anything to her about it. So Lucy assumed she didn't know. But on the fourth day that would change drastically. Lucy was in her room laying on her bed and thinking how good to would feel to have a cock in her right now, and it didn't really matter if is was Mary's boyfriend's cock or someone else, she was just in the need of getting laid.

As she lay there she began to have nasty thoughts and slowly found herself sliding her hand into her hot pink sweat pants and she began to play with her young pussy. She started to push a finger into her cunt and wiggle it around and man did it feel good, maybe not as good as a piece of man meat, but no to bad.

All of a sudden her bedroom door burst open and Mary was there looking incredibly pissed. "So what the deal?" she asked. Trying to give her best innocent look, she asked Mary was she was talking about. "You know damn well what I'm talking about, you fucked my xxx cex move hb 2019 you little slut!" "You had better keep your voice down before mom and dad hear you" Lucy replied, finding it hard not to burst out laughing.

Lowering her voice she Mary asked her sister what she thought she was doing fooling around with Jim. "I don't think what I did was so wrong, I don't see a ring on your finger, so as far as I'm concerned he's fair game." "What do you mean he's fair game, he's my boyfriend." "Well what's the matter sis can't handle a little completion?" "Comp. completion, is this what this is about?" "No, not really, I just gave some thought to what you said about being a prude and deicide to change that." "What, change it by screwing my boyfriend?" "Why not, I mean I don't know if you've noticed but every time Jim was over here he was always checking me out?" "What do you mean checking you out?" "Well what do you think I mean, he was always looking at my tits, and my ass and flirting, I knew he wanted me so I deicide to have him." Mary was generally stunned, she never thought that a guy who was with her would want her sister, but she now saw how wrong she was.

"And I got news for you big sister I rather enjoyed what it felt like getting fucked and I assure you he won't be my last." Having said that she turned and walked out of the room leaving an open jawed Mary standing there looking stunned. No, she thought to herself as she walked down the hall Jim was not going there is something so sexy about these british milfs black stockings and masturbation be the last to have some of her hot little pussy.

What she didn't realize at the time her next tumble in the hay was just a few days away, and was this one going to be fun. One could say Lucy was in for a blast from the past.

* * * That following Saturday afternoon teen sucks white cock tall lanky hoes are a no was out walking around the mall when she heard a familiar voice call out to her. "Hey Lucy, long time no see." When she turned around her eyes widened as who should be standing before her but none other then Jordan Johansen, her first boyfriend.

"Well hey Jordan how you been?" she said with a huge smile on her face. "Oh not to bad and you?" "Can't complain, so are you home from collage for the summer?" "Yea, just got back a couple of days ago." "Well that's cool, so what are you out doing today?" "Just a little shopping, and you?" "Oh the same, so you want to go get a coke and talk?" "Sure, sounds like fun." As the two walked towards the food court Jordan couldn't help but give Lucy the eye and think to himself how hot she had become.

He wondered if she was seeing anyone these days. After they got their drinks they found a booth and sat down and started chatting like the old friends they were. In no time Jordan found himself asking her how her love life was. Lucy laughed and told him it wasn't to bad.

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She couldn't help but wonder what he would say if he knew she had lost her virginity just one week before, to Mary's boyfriend, no less. "So is there anyone special in your life?" Jordan asked. "No nobody in particular, why do you ask?" As she asked this she knew full well he was getting ready to ask her out. "Well I was wondering if you weren't seeing anybody if you might be interested in going out sometime?" "Sure why not, sounds like fun" she said.

What Jordan didn't know was that if he played his cards right he might be in for more fun then he ever dreamed. "So when do you think you'd like to get to together?" "Well I don't have any plans for tonight." Although a little surprised by her response Jordon was quick to jump at the offer. "Great I'll see you tonight then." * * * By 6:30 that evening Lucy was dressed and ready to go.

She was wearing a short white dress that stopped just above her knee and showed off just the right amount of cleavage to get any man hot for her. She just knew that has soon as Jordan took one look at her she would have him in the palm of her hand. Ah yes, she thought to herself before this night was through she would be experiencing her second sexual encounter. Man she couldn't wait. At 7:00 the doorbell rang and Jordon was there ready to take her out. After going through the rituals of talking to the parents, she and Jordan were off for the evening.

As they walked down the path to his car he asked what she wanted to do. "It doesn't matter to me" she said. Although the little voice in her head was hollering "I want to fuck." "Well how about a movie then?" "Sounds fine with me." She quickly realized that if they were to end up in the sack before the night was over she would have to be the aggressor.

After he had opened the passenger side of his car and she slid in he walked around to the other side and when he got there he saw Lucy reaching over to unlock his side for him.

As she did he got a hot, but quick, titty show. The idea went through his brain of how he would love to wrap his mouth around those gorgeous melons. As they drove to the theater they made general chit chat about how they were doing in school and he asked what her plans were now that she was out of high school. "Oh I don't know just yet, I'm wanting to go to collage but I'm not sure I'm ready just yet.

I'm thinking about taking a year off first." Then he started talking about life in collage, and while she had no trouble listing at first, after awhile she found herself wondering if Jordan still thought of her as the little girl he dated several years ago. Because she most defiantly wasn't that, at least not anymore. And given the chance she'd prove that to him. Once they arrived at the theater they got in line to get their tickets.

Lucy started looking around and began checking out all the various guys and it hit her how different she viewed them now that she was no longer a virgin. In the past she would have xxx mia kalifa sex with gift about which ones were the better kissers and now she was finding herself thinking which ones would be better in the sack.

"Man, I need to some dick" she thought to herself. Prisoner of war interrogation torture found it hard to believe after only one fuck how much she craved getting fucked again. After they got couple of cokes they went into the theatre and Jordon asked Lucy were she wanted to sit.

She found herself thinking, on your lap, but instead she asked if he minded sitting in the back row. He told her that would be no problem and so the two walked into the back row and took a seat. One of the reasons she wanted to sit in the back was because it was private. A short while later the movie started and in no time Jordon was engrossed in the film. Lucy at first enjoyed it but after awhile found herself growing bored. At one point in the film two of the main characters were having a hot love scene and Lucy could feel her pussy starting to get very moist.

Then without think she reached over and took Jordan's hand in hers.

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Jordan was rather surprised but didn't argue. But her next action shocked his mind. She put his hand between her legs and started to rub it up and down against her raging cunt. Jordan looked over at her with a look of absolute shock on his face. As he was looking at her she blew him a small kiss. Needless to say Jordon didn't know what to think.

Almost in a whisper she said to him "does that feel good?" All poor Jordan could do was nod his head. After a few minutes of using his hand to massage her pussy she decided to do something else to she always spreads her legs for the dildo him hot. She took his hand and began sucking on each of his fingers. And each time she would get to the end of a finger she would keep it in her mouth and run her tongue all over the end of it.

By the time Jordan's penis was hard as a rock. True at the beginning of the evening he was hoping to get something going with Lucy, but never in his wildest dreams did he think this would be happening.

He wondered just how far this would go. He'd soon find out. After the movie ended and the credits started rolling she looked at him and asked in her sweetest little girl voice how he liked the movie.

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He stammered out a quick reply and then she asked if he was ready to go and as she did she stood up. Jordan on the other hand had to remain seated due to the massive hard on in his pants.

Seeing his discomfort made her giggle. He said he wanted to wait till the credits were done before they left, but of course Lucy knew the real reason he didn't want to get up at that moment. She decided to play it cool because she was hoping after they got out of there he'd want to go somewhere and do some serious fucking.

Once they were back in the car he fired up the engine and quickly pulled out. As they drove down the street she precede to reach over and lightly run her fingers up and down his thigh, this got him hot as hell.

He glanced over at her and she was giving him a stare that would have melted an iceberg and he saw her lightly licking her lips. In no time his cock was once again hard as a rock. "So Lucy what do you feel like doing" he said, barley being able to get the words out of his mouth.

"Can't you guess Jordan?" she purred. "Uh, uh well no." It quickly hit her she had him in the palm of her hand. So she decided to have a little fun. "Well what would you like to do?" "I don't care, whatever you feel like doing." By this time they were stopped at a red light and she told him there was something she'd like to do, if he was if he was interested. "What?" "Well Jordan just in case you have missed all hints have given you all night, I want to fuck." Jordan nearly jumped out of skin, he couldn't believe his ears.

Was this the same sweet Lucy Camden he knew from years before. Suddenly he heard the cars honking behind him and he realized the light had turned green. Taking off, he had to find a place to pull over so he wouldn't have an accident.

He found a side street to turn off to and he pulled his car over and shut off the engine. Has he turned to talk to Lucy she quickly leaned over and gave him a sloppy wet kiss. Soon the two were kissing harder and she really freaked him out when she took one of his hands and put it on her breast. Soon he was squeezing it, which caused her to start moaning. But after awhile of this hot little make out secession she wanted more then kissing and feeling up, she wanted some cock, and she wanted it now.

"Hey Jordan didn't you say your parents were out for the night?" "Uh yes, why?" "Why don't we go back to your place?" "Ok." Soon he started the car back up and they were on there way to his house. Lucy was getting antsy. She could hardly wait to feel Jordan's stiff cock deep inside her. She just knew it would feel incredible. Once inside the house she raced upstairs to tyler nixon and jayden jaymes bedroom and started peeling off her cloths.

Suddenly he entered the room and she was all over him. He allowed her to take charge and push onto the bed. She practically ripped his shirt off and then went quickly for his pants. She unbuttoned them and jerked the zipper down and pulled his pants down. She got to them to his ankles and he kicked his shoes off and she finished taking his jeans off him. She couldn't wait to get his penis in her. She was already naked and he was clothed only in his boxer shorts.

Jordan decided to wanted to control the action at that moment. He reached up and grabbed Lucy by her arms and pulled her up onto her feet and then stood up himself. Picking her up he laid her down on the bed and went to work on her body. He started kissing her up and down her neck, which sent chills down her spine.

From there he slowly worked his way down her breasts and began sucking on her left nipple while using his fingers to play with the nipple of her right breast.

Soon he was alternating back and forth between her breasts and had Lucy moaning and groaning. Eventually he worked his way milf swimming chop shop owner gets shut down mouth down to her stomach and started to kiss and lick her belly.

This got the hot little blonde really going. He loved he sounds she was making, but he wanted to see if he could make her orgasm with his tongue. He knew the place he just had to put his wet weapon. He took it and lightly licked her pussy up and down. This caused Lucy to start moving her hips and sighing. He wanted nothing more then to make her cum all over his face so he buried his tongue in her as far as it would go and he began whipping it around in her love canal.

In no time she was squealing and bucking her hips. Each time he would move his tongue around in her she would grab his hair and seemly attempt to push her cunt deeper into his mouth. He slid his hands under her ass and gripped them as hard as he could and began squeezing them like bread dough. A handful of minuets he felt his face getting soaked with her pussy juices.

Having made her cum with his tongue he knew it was time to go for the kill. He was ready to fuck her. He slid up onto his knees and then retched over to the table next to his bed and pulled out a condom. Then he took his boxer shorts off.

Soon his cock was wrapped and he was ready to tear Lucy's hot pussy apart. He got between her legs and slid the head of his meat into her wet cunt.

Slowly he slid into her until he had about all of his meat into her vagina. He stopped, waited for a moment and got ready to plunge the whole length of it into her. Suddenly he started sliding out of her and she thought he wasn't going to take her. Then without warning he rammed his whole cock in her and she let out with a deafening scream of pleasure. Since she had only been fucked one other time in her life she was still tight as hell.

Jordan was pulling his cock halfway out of her and then hammering in his whole meat which caused her to yelp and moan and thrash about on the bed. After a few minutes of this he wanted to change positions and fuck her from another angle. He got on his knees and brought Lucy's straight up against his chest and he started to thrust his meat into her as hard as he could.

Slowly he could feel the heat in his balls and he knew it wouldn't be long till he would fill the condom on his cock up with sperm. So he changed positions once more. He pushed Lucy's legs onto her chest and began drilling his manhood in her harder and faster then she ever dreamed it could be like.

And as he thought he wasn't long before he was blowing his load into the love glove on his rod. After he had finished fucking Lucy's pussy he pulled out and laid down on the bed next to her and they both soon had drifted of to sleep. They slept for about two hours, when she woke she looked at the clock next to the hot teen with big natural family saw it said 12:35.

Realizing she would be in trouble with the folks for coming in late she told Jordan to get up and take her home.

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After he got her home she went in and her mom and dad were waiting up for her. She had to come up with something and fast. "Oh hi." She said. "And where have you been, do you realize how late it is?" "Yes I'm so sorry I went over to Jordan's after the movie and we got to talking and after awhile I guess we just dosed off." "Well ok, that can happen," said her mom.

"Yea I'm pretty tired so I'm just going to call it a night." "All right well see you in the morning, you are going to church tomorrow aren't you," asked her father. "Oh, of course." Going upstairs she walked in her room and was quickly joined by her sister Mary. As soon as she saw her sister walk through the door tall german milf we got a tip of a possible robbery suspect inside of a barbershop knew what she wanted. "So Lucy screw anyone tonight?" "As a matter of fact I did, Jordan Johansen to be exact." "Man have you turned into a little slut or what?" "I don't see it that way, I'm just having some fun." "Well I'm not going to tell you how to run your life, but be careful" "Oh I will, don't worry sis." After Mary had left the room Lucy got in bed and all she could think about was how good Jordan's cock felt in her earlier.

She knew it wouldn't be long till she had to fuck again. Yes a whole new world was opened up to her. And now that it was she wanted to try everything. She wanted to learn how to suck cock, she wanted to try it anal. She wanted to do it with more then one guy at a time or maybe do it with a girl or possibly a threesome. Yes a whole new world was there for cute little Lucy to explore and she was going to take full advantage of it.

She then drifted off for a very good nights sleep.