Roos xxx 2019 full storybrazzers

Roos xxx 2019 full storybrazzers
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"Please, Master, please fuck me. Please I'm begging.

Take me from that moment where I'm saying 'I can take it' to that moment past 'play' to that place where it's delightfully more. Please push me to scream no and begging you to stop, but push me farther anyway.

Push me farther for your enjoyment. Make me truly submit. Use me. Torment me to your satisfaction because it is solely about your pleasure not mine. Not because I've made you unhappy. Not even because being beat is good for me; however, good it is, but because you enjoy it.

Because it excites you to turn my skin red each time you lash me. Revel in your power at making me squirm and forcing me to beg for another whipping. I have been fighting myself all day not to beg, but I can't take it anymore. I want you to fuck me, Sir. Please. I'm not just asking. I am begging. Please even to taste you massive dick in my mouth." She begs pleadingly. He loves when she begs. He tells her she isn't allowed, but then he teases her until she must.

He tells her what he wants to do to her. He talks hot latina teen receives a messy facial it and leaves their toys laying around the house.

Yet, he doesn't touch her because he is waiting until she begs. He waited a few days patiently, waiting for this day. Where she would be on her knees begging for him. He strokes her chin and grins his sadistic grin. Fear flashes in her eyes and she knows it is all to obvious, but he loves that.

He reminds her she knows better than to beg without being told to do so. He bends her naked body over his lap. SMACK.

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His hand hits her ass. once, twice, three times. He counts to ten before bending her over their table. He takes off his belt and spanks her twenty more times.

She begins to whimper. She loves that he's touching her, loves the pain, but she can't wait until the end. She thinks it's more than she can handle, but he pushes on.

He knows her better than that. He looks for their biggest plug and shoves it in her ass without giving her the chance to ask to lubricate it.

She moans before realizing that her wet juices have soaked her ass as well. He takes HIS whip out. She hates HIS whip. Every other toy he calls 'theirs,' but this one is his alone.

It hurts the most. He only uses this when his desire has not been met.

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He hit's her only twelve times before it starts to cut. He tells her to count eight more whippings before he will stop. She knows he just wants to hear her voice crack, but if she does not speak loud enough then it doesn't count.

She got 14 more whippings instead of eight. She loved it, but she hated it all at once. She was his good fuck whore, and he was satisfied with her beating for now. He told her to sit on her knees with her mouth open and she must remain still.

She was totally exposed as he walked around her naked body. All she wanted was his massive dick. After he had his fun walking around her he slide his cock around her lips. Her moans told him she wanted to suck it, but he didn't give in. He had all the control. He slid in slightly, teasingly, threatening her not to move. He tells her he sees that look on her face, the one that seems so desperate for something; he asks what it is she wants.

All she can do is whimper with him slightly in her mouth. He teases her again saying 'you have tasted some of me. That should be enough.' Her response is immediate. Before thinking she leans forward and takes all of him in her mouth. He moans loving the feeling, but pulls out because she disobeyed. He smacks her across the face and tells her that she will pay for that later. Then he grabs her hair and rams himself deep in her throat. Unprepared she gags and he uses this to force himself farther down.

Tears trickle down her face. He slowly slides himself out and then slowly eases himself back down her throat. Then he tells her 'okay, slut, now suck my dick.' She does so all too willingly; she loves the feeling of his warm cum running down the back of her throat.

He pulls out and grabs her around the neck. Now sunny leone faking puts storys time for her punishment. He handcuffed her hands behind her back. Telling her naughty lovely girl gets hot cumshots hardcore blowjob kneel down, her forehead to the floor at his feet.

Her ass sticks up in the air with her thong sliding in between her ass crack deeper. She feels silly, humiliated, and ashamed at how the wetness between her thighs gets increasingly worse.

He walks around her letting out a muffled sadistic laugh. He slaps her ass and slides down her thong just to her thighs not allowing her to move. This sends another flood of emotion. Then he just backs up and stands there. She feels him watching her. He walks away; she can't see what he's doing. She doesn't feel his eyes, just his presence. He is turned on watching her ass, watching as she gets wetter and wetter.

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Soon he sees her juices drip down her leg. He just sits there as it drips more and more.

He strokes himself waiting until the perfect time. It was silent she squirms and he laughs; she knows better than to speak. She couldn't take her mind off of what her body was doing. It was burning all over. It craved some touch, a caress or a slap, but it still continued to drip running down her thighs soaking her thong. Her heart beats faster.

Then she feels it, the sting of a belt then his huge dick slide deep into her as he rips her head up by her hair.