Hot granny is ready to feel a young cock really deep

Hot granny is ready to feel a young cock really deep
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I zoomed in on the driver's ass as he drove his Cock into my stepmom's Pussy. "Open your legs, you son-of-a-bitch," I whispered. "I want a shot of your Cock stuffed in her. He spread them wide to give me a perfect view of his balls bouncing off of her ass. It was as though he sensed that someone was watching and he wanted to show off his family jewels. I was home for the long holiday after my first year in college.

The camcorder that I was using to document my stepmom's sluthood was a reward from her and my father for making the Dean's list. I was spying on her from outside. I had spent many happy hours in the detach shack watching the area with my new drone and plumper blonde babe jeniffer nylon tights bang. The tower-like shack was only a dozen feet from my parent's second-floor bedroom.

I always hoped for a glimpse of my stepmom in the Nude or of her and Dad Fucking, but they were very careful about closing the drapes. With me away at the university, Stepmom had apparently gotten careless about that. The driver groaned so loudly that I heard him through the closed window. He pulled his [email protected] out and sandwiched it between their grinding bellies. His butt-cheeks clamped so tightly together that the two round balls merged into one. Each time his ass clenched, I knew another burst of cum was soiling Stepmom's belly.

I pumped my Cock hard and shot my load against the plywood wall in front of me.

As the driver jumped into his clothes, I zoomed in to get a shot of Stepmom dipping her fingers in the puddle of fresh spunk and licking it off as though it were chocolate. Back in my room, I pushed the tape into the VCR and settled back for a jack-off session. In those days, I needed three a day to maintain my sanity. Thanks to Stepmom, I had a nice collection of jack-off tapes of her with more than one driver, a TV repairman, a plumber, and several neighbors. As I stroked my Cock, it occurred to me that there was a better use for them.

I wanted to do to her what I had seen so many others do drive my Cock into her again and again until she screamed. With my Cock doing my thinking for me, I decided that I could use the tapes to blackmail her into having Sex with me. It was worth a try.

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When I had left for college, Stepmom had been a dowdy, pudgy housewife with few interests outside of the kitchen and church. When I returned home, I discovered a transformed woman. Stepmom had lost weight, switched to a fashionable hairstyle, bought trendy clothes, and learned how to apply makeup.

In other words, my Stepmom had become a babe. If my father even noticed, he didn't seem to care. He was so immersed in his work that nothing else mattered to him. If he didn't want her, I did.

I began to have Sexual fantasies about Fucking her. I devised a daring plan. Even though I risked getting kicked out of the house, I felt compelled to go through with it. I waited for a day when Stepmom went shopping, then I stripped and went to the living room, put the driver tape in the VCR and sat back to hand-whittle my woody while I waited for her return. The adrenaline began coursing through my bloodstream as her car pulled into the driveway and she came in through the kitchen door.

I waited patiently for her to come in to watch her favorite soaps. "Oh, my God, what are you doing, Mike?" she asked. "Can't you masturbate in amateur couple live on cam stunning hardcore own room?" Then she saw what was playing on the TV.

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I smiled at her and continued stroking my eight-inch Cock. Clever woman that she was, she figured out my scheme very quickly. "Oh, I get it," she said. Her pearly white teeth glistened between her bright red lips. "I've known since the first day you came home from college that you want to bang me.

It's so obvious by the way you persistently try to look down my cleavage or up my dress. You taped the driver Fucking me and you think you can use it to blackmail me into having Sex with you.

Well, young man, your little plan is going to backfire on you. Your father knows about my affairs and doesn't care as long as I'm discrete.

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If you had come to me like a man and told me what you wanted, I would have given it to you. Anyway, sooner or later, I probably would have come to you to try out your big Cock. As punishment for your conniving, you will have to jack off in front of me one-hundred times before you get any Pussy "Oh, Step mom, that's not fair. Think about all of the good fucking you'll be missing out on.

Think about all of that tasty spunk going to waste "So you think spunk is tasty, huh? In that case I'll give you a chance to find out. It won't go to waste. You will drink it, every drop." Step mom went to the kitchen and returned with a water glass. "Catch it in this and make sure you get it all. Go ahead. The sooner you get started the sooner you'll get this." She hoisted her dress and pulled down her panties to give me a brief glimpse of her beaver.

My [email protected] lurched in my hand. She sat on the couch and ordered me to stand in front of her. "Stepmom, please take off your clothes so I have something to jack off to. I'm dying to see your big tits up close.

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Please." "No, as part of your punishment, I will deprive you of the pleasure of seeing me Nakked. And don't think you're going to make any more tapes of me. From now on, I'll be sure to keep my drapes drawn when I'm getting Fucked.

Now get on with it. Prove your manhood." Once I got started, I was glad that Stepmom was forcing me to jack off for her entertainment. I suppose that I had always wanted her to catch me in the act. Beating my meat in front of her gave me the biggest rush that I had ever had.

But her frown tipped me off that she was not as pleased as I was. "I don't want you to play with it. Stop slapping it around and get down to business. I want to see cum shooting out of that Fucker within one minute, young man." READ Housewife Palaver: The 10-Year Reunion Stepmom's frown was replaced with a broad smile as I fisted my shaft so hard my bicep bulged. "Here it comes, Stepmom, a customized cum-shot just for you.

OH, FUCK, I'M CUMMING! AAAARRRRGGGG!" Stepmom leaned forward for a better look as my lotion painted the sides of the glass white. I don't think I've ever shot a bigger load. Stepmom took the glass from me and grinned down into it. "That's a juicy one," katie morgan brings a new definition to sex said, as she returned it to me.

"All right, the quicker you drink it the easier it will be. It will go down smoother if you drink it while you're still a little horny." I brought the glass to my lips and tilted it up until the watery fluid ran into my mouth. I was surprised to discover that it was bland rather than bitter or salty as I expected. "Do you think it's tasty now?" Stepmom asked. "It's delicious, Stepmom," I lied. "Thank you for making me drink it." "I've already taught you something. I'm going to have a good time educating you.

Over the past year, I've learned a lot about sex It will be fun passing my knowledge on to you. Stepmom confiscated the tape from the VCR and found the others while searching my room. She even found my Pornography collection. She laughed when she held up my treasured copies of "Ass-masters".

"I have a feeling that I'm going to get very horny looking at these. Don't worry, Mike. You'll get them all back after you've taken your punishment. In the meantime, you will just have to use your imagination when you jack off." Your Comments to decide on the next chapter to be released or not