Perfect czech nympho is seduced in the supermarket and rode in pov

Perfect czech nympho is seduced in the supermarket and rode in pov
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After my lunch date sexual encounter with my sons, their friend Dwayne and his father I went back home to do some work but mainly to change and shower; I smelled hot year old sweetheart hardcore and massage sex and cum. When I got home I found a note from my daughter saying she went out for the afternoon but she would be back by dinner time.

I sat in my office at home working for a couple of hours before my boss stopped by. We worked on some things for a bit and as we did I could feel my bosses' eyes on me. I guess I should mention he is married, has five kids all within the teenage range; four boys and one daughter.

Randy just blurted out, "Katie you are really attractive." I blushed and felt a bit flustered, he caught me off guard and I did not know what to say aside from 'thank you'. He was sitting next to me and he lightly grabbed my hand. "I mean it Katie, you are very sexy. When I first saw you I wanted to fuck you. That's why I hired you, I wanted you so badly'.

I knew where he was going, he wanted sex, he wanted me to repay him for my job and I knew better but I chose to let his fantasy come true. I spun around in my chair and looked at him, as I did I hiked up my skirt just a bit.

"So what you are saying is that you have fantasy about fucking your secretary?" He looked at me and I watched him adjust himself, all he did was smile and nodded yes. I pulled my skirt up just a bit more.

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"And I take it you want me to put out? My way of thanking you for my job." He said that I didn't have to but it would be nice. I thought about mentioning he was married but in all honesty I did not care. I propped one leg up on the desk and draped my other leg over the arm of my chair. My skirt slid down far enough to reveal to him I had no panties on. He got a great shot at my shaved pussy.

I took a pen and slowly ran it up and down my pussy lips, as I did I licked my lips in seductive big bubble butt brazilian orgy 12 watching his eyes follow the pen going up and down my pussy. Then he looked up at me, I flashed him a smile, "Randy, you are my boss after all and I do want to keep my boss happy." He smiled wickedly back at me and immediately got down on his knees between my legs.

In less than a minute I felt his tongue tasting my wet pussy. Peculiar teenie rubs twat and gets licked and reamed in pov ran his tongue up and down kanako kimura cock sucking babe asian hardcore wet lips while slowly pushing the tip of his tongue deeper and deeper into my pussy.

After a couple of minutes of this he took his thumb and forefinger placed each one on my wet lips then spread them apart. His tongue drove as deep as it could inside of me and I let out a very nice loud moan of approval as I felt his tongue lapping at my pussy.

Now I just ran my hands through his hair, moaning and watching him tasting my sweetness over and over again with his tongue. I let him bring me to the verge of an orgasm before I stopped him. I pushed him away from my pussy, I smiled at him saying, "My turn Randy." I knew he would like to hear that and yes he did judging by the smile on his face. He stood up in front of me placing his hands on his hips. I quickly unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled his hard cock out. I was surprised by how thick it was even though it was an average length but nice and fat.

I opened my mouth and slid his prick right in. His pre cum tasted so good as I sucked it out of cock, swished it around in my mouth before letting it slide down my throat. He worked his fat cock in and out of my mouth, running my tongue all over it. He moaned happily while watching me sucking on his cock. "Fuck Katie! You give great head!" I let his cock pop out of my mouth, I ran my tongue all over his swollen prick head, and then ran it across my lips.

I kissed his cock head and responded, "I love cock! I love sucking cock, I love getting fucked!" Then I went back to giving him a great blow job. As I worked his fat piece of meat in and out of my mouth, giving him a hands free blow job, I unbuttoned my blouse revealing a black lace bra cupping my 36C tits. I was working his prick as fast as I could; I seriously wanted to make him cum.

I knew he would love to shoot his splooge into my mouth. However, to my surprise he pulled his cock out of my mouth after a few minutes. He slapped his prick against my face, "Oh no Katie, I don't want to cum just yet.

I still need to see those tits of yours as well as I need to fuck that sweet bald pussy too. He pushed back into the chair as he did he pushed the cups of my bra down freeing my tits for him to do what he wanted with. When he saw my large erect nipples he let out "Holy shit Katie! Look at the size of your nipples! They're fucking huge!" He immediately started to pull and pinch my big nipples before flicking them around with his thumbs.

I let out moan after moan, my nipples are so sensitive, in pleasurable way I; I love having them played with. He grasped my tits, looked at me, smiled and then sucked hard on each of my erect nipples. "Oh god yes! Suck on my tits! Suck'em Randy, suck my tits" The more I repeated that the more he fondled and sucked them.

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I reached down to his hard prick and began to slowly stroke it, squeezing out pre cum all over my fingers. His pre cum was warm and sticky just they way I like it. Randy pushed me back against the chair and pulled my hand off of his prick.

"Your tits are great Katie, I would love to slap my cock between them and then fuck them. Of course I would cum all over them he grabbed my tits at that moment) as well as in your beautiful face. But I want to fuck you, your pussy tasted so good, I know my cock is going to enjoy being deep inside of you." He stood up, stripping off his clothes and throwing them into a pile on the floor. He got between my legs and I grabbed hold his thick piece of hard meat guiding it to my pussy lips.

Then with a slow steady thrust he pushed his cock between my lips and I watched his swollen cock drive deep into my pussy. He let out a very loud, satisfying moan as his cock dove deep inside of me. "Do teen hardcore destroyed chop shop owner gets shut down like my pussy?

Is it tight enough for you?" "Oh fuck yes Katie!

Shit, if I knew your cunt was this tight I would have fucked you the day I interviewed you!" He began to fuck me slow and steady, both of us moaning with pleasure. I kept watching his fat cock work in and out of hot box. Under the light I could see it glisten with wetness, the wetness of my sweet juices.

As I watched and allowed myself to go deeper and deeper into lust I said to him in a very sexy voice, "You know, no guy has ever lasted more than five minutes fucking me. They all say my pussy is so tight, so wet, and so hot it makes them cum very quickly." He hissed back, "I know Katie, your pussy is great! My wife's pussy isn't this tight." Now he increased his thrusting, grunting more and more, 'oh yeah Katie take my cock!

You slutty secretary, I'm gonna fuck you every chance I get.' I moaned back in my dirtiest tone, moaning back 'oh yes, oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me good. I want to be your dirty, slutty secretary. Oh yes fuck my pussy, fuck it with your big fat cock!' Then suddenly he pulled his cock out of me. It was so wet from my pussy and his own pre cum. He grabbed it with one hand and with his other hand he grabbed a fistful of my blonde hair.

He yanked me forward in my chair and shoved his cock into my mouth. "Yeah that's it Katie. Suck it! Suck my fucking cock!" I worked this tasty treat in and out of my a couple of times before going wild running my tongue all over his entire throbbing shaft, circling around his prick head several times. I loved the taste of his pre cum and my own flavor coating his hard shaft. As I ran my tongue up and down his cock he looked at me with a gleam in his eyes, "Yeah that's it Katie, lick it good.

I didn't want to blow my wad just yet. Your pussy is so good I would have too." He just stood there with one hand holding my hair and his other holding his cock for me to lick it and suck on it for the next couple of minutes it seemed like.

Just as suddenly as before he pulled my head off of his cock and just grinned at me. Randy took his prick and rubbed it all over my lips, then my cheeks ending up on my forehead. I could feel his pre cum all over my face! "Katie, stand up and turn around." I did as he asked without saying a word.

He helped twist me around grabbing under futurama porn fry and leela having sex right thigh he had me place my right foot up on the desk with the other still on the floor. I felt his hard prick slam inside of my pussy as he began to fuck me hard and fast. My boss grabbed my hair, using it to hold my head up as he reached around for my tits with his other. He fondled my right tit, roughly squeezing it before pulling hard on my very hard and very erect nipple.

I screamed out from all the intense delight I was experiencing from my hard fuck. I slammed his hard cock into me over and over again; the only thing he changed was the speed at which he did it.

I knew he was doing that so he did not cum too quickly inside of me. I had my eyes closed for what seemed like forever, letting myself go in my lust, moaning like a really good slut or porn star.

Delicious latina pleasures a monster black dong opened my eyes and they nearly popped out of my head. I had forgotten what time it was.

My view from how I was positioned while getting fucked by my boss allowed me to look right out my doorway to the front door. Petite teen sucks big cock on the road could see through the window on the side of the front door my sons' car pull into the driveway.

My bosses' truck was blocking their access to the garage so I knew they would be coming in the front door. I panicked and moaned loudly to Randy, "Oh god Randy…my sons…my sons are home. We have to stop now!" I didn't know what Hunter and Ryan would do or what my boss would do. Oddly that moment of panic added to thrill of the fuck I was receiving. My boss pulled my head further back, he stopped fucking me for a moment leaving his hard cock deep inside of my pussy.

His face got close to my ear and he said, "So what Katie! I haven't cum yet and I am not done with you until I do cum." He let go of my hair for a moment and I fell forward a bit as I saw my sons now getting out of their car and start towards the front door.

Randy grabbed my hair again, yanking my head back up to his. "Besides, I bet your sons won't care to see their hot little mom getting fucked!" We both watched them walking to the door. Randy whispered again into my ear, "I'll bet them and their friend's think you are a MILF. I bet they jack off in their beds or in the bathroom having incestuous fantasies about their mom." I thought to myself 'if only you knew'.

I knew he was watching too as my sons walked up to the front door. He let go of my hair, thrusting his cock into me very slowly but with powerful, hard strokes. I couldn't help but moan with every heated thrust of that fat cock of his. As my sons opened the front door I hoped they would not say anything about all the sex we had been having, I didn't know how my boss would react. As they shut the front door Randy began fucking me hard and fast, I let moan after moan which brought Hunter and Ryan into the office room.

I looked up at them, my tits were bouncing all around as Randy fucked me harder and harder, and not stopping for a moment even though they were standing there watching us.

Both of my sons smiled, Hunter said, "Alright mom." Ryan quickly added, "Getting fucked by your boss. You must want a raise." Their eyes were focused on my bouncing tits.

Then my boss spoke to my sons, "Just getting some nice pussy from you hot mom. I have wanted to fuck her since I met her. You boys don't mind if I do." Both of them grinned ear to ear as they stepped into the room. Ryan said, "Not at all, just give our mom a really good fuck; she needs it." To my shock Randy asked my boys if they wanted to stay and watch me getting fucked.

Both enthusiastically said yes. Now he worked his fat prick faster and faster into my very tight, wet pussy, moaning 'oh yeah Katie, I love your pussy', with each thrust. I knew he was going to cum now, in front of Hunter and Ryan. Not to my surprise he groaned out, 'oh yes Katie…I'm gonna cum. Your tight pussy is going to make me cum!' Out of the blue Hunter yelled out, 'Don't cum in her pussy!

Cum all over her face!' Ryan added, "Yeah, cum in her mouth and make her swallow all of your spunk too!" My eyes shot wide open at hearing my sons suggest that to my boss. Randy loved the suggestion as he pulled his cock out of my pussy nearly screaming at me to roll over onto my back on my desk. I did as quickly as possible, my sons moved closer to watch. I saw my boss with a death grip on his cock, trying to hold back his ejaculation.

No sooner had my head touched the desk he positioned his prick right over my face. He stroked his prick just once and the flood of hot sticky cum exploded out of it all over my face. He held my left tit with his other hand as he jacked off. I heard Ryan say, "Yeah that's it, cum all over our mom's face." Hunter excitedly added, "Her mouth!

Her mouth! Cum in her mouth!" I opened wide and my boss shot the rest of his wad right into my waiting mouth. I could feel his hot spunk running down my cheeks, all over my nose and chin. I couldn't believe my boss was doing this in front of my sons, my sons however I had a feeling they were enjoying this very much. Randy placed his cock onto my lips and I sucked out the last drops of his wad, savoring his flavor. I grabbed his prick and rubbed it all over my face, collecting gobs of his cum on his shaft, licking it clean before repeating it over and over again.

He stood there looking proudly down at me. "Yeah that's it Katie. Swallow all that cum." He then looked at my sons who were adding in their own thoughts, "Go mom go.

Lick his cock, that's it swallow his cum." "Shit, Hunter, Ryan, you boys were right telling me to cum on your mom's face and her mouth. I have never seen anyone swallow cum like your mom is doing." As I cleaned off his cock Randy started talking to my sons. "So have you boys had fantasies about your mom? Any you have jerked off to?" I got embarrassed that he was asking Hunter and Ryan that, they of course told him yes.

He glanced down at me, grinned then looked back at my boys. "Do you want your fantasy's to come true?" Together they said, "Fuck yes!" Randy pulled his cock away from greta the teen loves touching herself defloration softcore, grabbing me by the arm he pulled me up onto my feet, spun me around facing my sons while holding my arms behind my back.

He fondled my tits for a few moments while my sons undid their pants letting their hard cocks pop straight out. "Look at that Katie. Look at how hard you have made your own boys. That's how hot of a mom you are, your own sons want you." He led me around the other side of the desk, brought in front of my sons then pushed me down on to my knees in front of them.

I acted like I didn't want to do this but both myself and my sons knew I wanted to. "Randy no, not my's.its incest." I said to my boss as I struggled around a bit while on my knees. Randy held me down as my sons slapped their cocks against my face. "Go on Katie do it! Suck your son's cocks!" I turned my head side to side as Hunter and Ryan tried sticking their pricks into my mouth; I knew that when I refused to anything sexual with them it drove them wild.

"Katie! Suck your boys' cocks! Be a great mom and suck them both." I finally reached up and grabbed each of their hard pricks; I turned around and looked up at my boss giving him a very pitiful look.

"OK Randy, I will do it. Just please don't tell anyone." He grinned ear to ear; I turned around and began sucking on their pricks. First I held both of their cock heads up to my mouth, licking both of them at the same time. They responded by moaning, then Ryan moaned, "Come on mom, suck my cock." Hunter then grunted, "Yeah mom, I want to see my cock in your mouth." I opened wide, pretending to be hesitant I very slowly slid Ryan's prick into my mouth, sucking it hard and slowly knowing how angelica heart and black angelika anal lesbians my son loved it.

I very slowly worked his prick in and out of my mouth, running my tongue all over his hard, hot throbbing cock, lapping up the pre cum drooling out of his cock. He moaned with great approval. Then I released his prick from the loving grip my lips had on it, I looked up at Hunter as I very methodically stroked his prick, I stuck my tongue out and allowed him to slide his prick into my cock hungry mouth.

Now I worked him the same as I did his older brother. Randy was really getting into it, "Oh yeah Katie, that's it, keep sucking your boys cocks. So was this a fantasy of yours? Did you boys dream about your mom giving you head?" They both moaned yes, of course them and I knew this was a regular reality for them, where as my boss thought he was making me do this taboo act for the first time. My older son spoke up as I stroked his prick, "I always blonde sucking dick in a hot pov about my mom sucking me off and I would think about fucking her too!" That was all my boss needed to hear.

He pulled me up off of my knees. He tightly held me by my arms as he told my sons to get naked. Then he told Ryan to lay down on the carpet. As soon as he did that Randy pushed me towards him, "Ok Katie, you heard your son's fantasy, he wants to fuck you. So why don't you get down on his cock and make your son very happy. Fuck your son; I know he will love having his cock in your hot tight pussy." I took my shirt and bra off, leaving me in my skirt and I lowered myself onto group of girls sucking and fucking cocks in the bedroom sons' hard shaft.

At first I was facing him; he pulled me down so he could suck on my tits while I fucked up and down on his cock. Randy stopped me after two minutes spun me around while Ryan's cock was still buried in my pussy. nubiles marta v ready to fuck tube and I want to watch you fucking Ryan.

Pull your skirt up so we can see your sons' prick working in and out of that great pussy of yours." Hunter quickly added, "And so we can watch your big tits bounce up and down as you fuck my brother." I pulled my skirt up the best I could so my boss and other son could watch me fucking Ryan.

I rode up and down on prick, now letting out my enjoyment. "Oh yes Ryan, do you like that?

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Do you like being inside my pussy? Do you like fucking your own mom?" Ryan grabbed my long blonde hair, pulling me back a bit which shifted my body to a great angle to give me more pleasure. I let out loud moan of delight.

Ryan kept saying, "Fuck me mom! Fuck me! I love your pussy mom!" My tits were bouncing all around, moving in a stirring motion. Randy pointed to them, "Shit, look at your mom's tits! Look at them bouncing all over." Hunter was beaming with sunny leone hot sexy girls as he watched me fucking his brother. "Yeah I know, I'm gonna fuck her tits after my brother cum's." Then my boss put his hand on his back, "Let's suck on tits while she fucks your brother." Both of them got down on their knees each grabbed one of my out of control jiggling tits and they sucked away.

big booty brunette rides cock hard maddy o reilly god yes! Suck my tits! OH YESSSS!" Now I rode my son's prick like it was bucking bronco, my lust had taken over and I was going to run with it. The four of us kept this up until we heard Ryan yell out, "Oh mom, I'm gonna cum!" Randy leapt up; he grabbed me and pulled me off of my son, spun me around and pushed me face first down to his prick.

Without saying a word I knew he wanted me to suck off my own son and I did. I wildly jerked off Ryan, keeping his prick head in my mouth. Within a few strokes he erupted just like the old faithful geyser. His cum shot straight up into my mouth, nice hot, thick cum. Spurt after spurt beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams his tasty spunk entered my mouth before I swallowed it as quickly as I could.

When Ryan was done my boss pushed me over onto my back, making me ready for my other son to take his turn. I had some of his sticky wad on the corner of my lips. "GO ON HUNTER! FUCK YOUR MOM'S TITS!" he yelled at my younger son. Hunter was straddling my body in a blink of the eye, his cock slapped down between my tits and he instantly began to fuck them. I licked his brothers' remaining load from lips as I watched him fucking my tits. My younger son loved fucking them but this time he was wildly, almost out of control fucking them, pushing them tightly together around his hard prick.

I was so focused on him I did not notice Ryan get up or my boss pull up a chair, sit down and just watch. Suddenly I felt a wet tongue on my pussy; it was Ryan lying on his stomach eating me out as his brother fucked my tits. I glanced over and saw my boss sitting in the chair, enjoying the incest show. I knew he was enjoying because he was jacking off, his cock had gotten hard watching me fucking my son and now watching my other son have his way with me.

I began bucking my hips, trying to fuck my son's tongue, I was so horny and ready to cum myself. I thrashed around on the floor as my orgasm hit. All did was squeal and moan 'oh yes, don't stop, oh yes.' My orgasm hit, I arched my hips screaming with pleasure. At the same time my wide open mouth became an inviting target to Hunter.

He exploded with a huge stream of cum. It not only shot into my mouth but landed on my chin and nose too! He grunted "Oh yeah mom! I got more cum for you!" He frantically took his cock out from between my tits, aimed at them and jerked off the rest of his wad all over them. His spunk ran down my tits like little white sticky rivers. He made sure to cover each of my hard nipples with his jizz.

I loved the warm sensation it gave me, feeling his hot cum on them. Then he moved forward, shoving his prick into my mouth, "Suck it mom! Suck me dry!" He grabbed a fist full of my hair and helped pull my head up and down his cock.

I heard my boss saying, "Good boy Hunter. Make your mom suck your prick dry. She is a little cum slut, give her your cum." I sucked my son while I still had his sticky seed all over my face. Ryan stood up and was watching me sucking his brother dry. Hunter stood up next to his brother both looking down at me. "Look at my spunk on mom's face." Hunter pointed to talking to his brother. Ryan looked at me with an evil grin, "Yeah, mom looks great with spunk on her face." They glanced over at my boss who was still jacking off in the chair looking at me.

My son's reached down and pulled me up to my feet. They pushed me up against the front window, bending me over like a shotgun.

I heard Hunter say, "Come over here and fuck our mom again!" "Yeah, fuck her up the ass!" Ryan instructed. I felt my sons grab my ass cheeks pulling them apart and then I felt my bosses' hard cock push right up my ass. I scream out loud, anyone walking by the house would have seen me clearly getting fucked from behind.

Randy spat on his prick a couple of times before pumping it in and out of my tight asshole. As he fucked me my tits bounced back and forth, making my son's cum fly all over, I looked down and saw some on the floor, some splattered on the window, the cum began to run down my nose and face.

All I could do was brace myself against the window sill. "Oh shit Katie! Look at those tattoos! I didn't notice you had one over your ass crack and one further up on your back. I bet those are targets for guys to cum on when they fuck you from behind?" Randy asked me.

I didn't respond, I just kept moaning. My sons got down on their knees next to me and finger fucked me as my boss ass fucked me. It took him awhile to blow his load; it was a long pleasurable time too.

I could blonde teen slut take it in the ass pornstar hardcore his cock swell up, and then I felt a spurt of his spunk shoot up my asshole. He groaned while pulling his prick out of my ass. Then I felt his hot jizz landing all over my back. "Yes! Cum all over our moms' back!" "Cum on her tattoo's, cum on her tattoo's!" my boys kept saying.

My boss didn't have much cum left after the first huge wad he had shot into my mouth earlier but it was still enough for him to enjoy. When he stopped I heard him say, "Katie, your boys are hard again! Who wants to fuck their mom?" They didn't let me move from my bent over position in front of the window. Ryan just took his place behind me, sliding his prick into my asshole. "I've always wanted to fuck you up the ass mom." he said, acting like he had never fucked me like that before.

My son just kept up, fucking me fast, then slow, then fast again. My boss asked him if he was going to cum all over me and he said in a pissed tone. "Fuck no! I'm gonna fill my mom's ass with my cum!" He grabbed my hair with both of his hands, holding on as if my hair were the reigns on a horse.

He worked his nice cock in and out of me for quite some time before he was ready to get off. I felt his prick swell up, just like I had with my boss. He kept saying, "Oh yes mom I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in your leah gotti fucking with valentina nappi I talked back to my son, "Come on baby. Do it, cum up mommy's ass. I want to feel you cum." Then he blew his load inside of me.

I felt his surge of spunk then felt his cock pumping his load into me, every hot squirt of his seed. When Ryan was done he pulled out, both him and Randy started talking about my tight asshole. I looked over my shoulder and saw Hunter push his brother out of the way, ramming his cock up my pussy. Randy smiled at me, "Damn Katie, you got your son's really horny.

Look at him go, he's fucking you like a rabbit!" It was a great comparison; Hunter was fucking me with very quick short strokes. His prick never popped out of my cunt, not even once. I was now moaning away, "Oh yes Hunter, fuck me! Fuck mommy! Oh yes that feels so good, don't stop!

Keep fucking me, give it to mommy." I watched him over my shoulders as he held onto me by my hips. "Oh god mom, your pussy is fucking wet. I want to cum inside of it!" I watched my son; the look on his face was one of insatiable lust. His teenage hormones were racing through his body, driving each thrust of his cock. He was having another chance to live out a fantasy so many teenage boys have about their moms.

Either wet dreams about their moms' or for the ones who have semi to hot moms', their masturbatory fantasies of willing incest with their mom's.

"Do it Hunter. Cum inside of me. Anytime you want baby, cum inside of me, cum inside your mommy's pussy." Hunter actually came a lot sooner than what his brother did. I guess my pussy can just make guys come very quickly. I could tell by the sudden increase in his pace and his heavy, loud moaning he was getting closer. Startling everyone he yelled out, "I'm cumming mom!" Wow!

Hunter was not kidding either. I felt such a nice spurt of his spunk inside of me, it would have made an incredible money shot. It was like he blew his wad all at once, he had only one or two more small spurts of cum after that but I knew my son didn't care, he got to fuck his mom and get off in her pussy. He pulled out and I collapsed to the floor, completely spent from this very wild, hot hard fucking.

I looked up at my 'lover's'. My boss was grinning with an evil pleasure. "Hmm, looks like we tired your mom out. Guess the incest wore her out." The three of them got dressed as I recovered on the floor. I finally stood up as they finished getting clothed. " won't tell anyone about what just happened here.will you?" He smiled at me, without saying a word which made me nervous. Then he said, "Tell anyone what? How great of a fuck you are? Or that you swallow cum like it was water?

Or that you had sex with your sons?" I said all of the above and he just grinned. I then said I could tell people he had an affair with me. He smiled and responded "Yeah but I think people would look down more on the incest. Besides, maybe my wife said she didn't care if I fucked you. After all she likes you." The three of them began to leave the room; my boss stopped, turned around and looked at me.

"You know Katie my wife and I want to have an evening to ourselves with out our children around. We always have a problem finding someone to watch them." He grinned at me, "I bet my sons would love it if you 'babysat' them. Yep, I know a hot MILF like you could keep them entertained." He didn't have to say anymore. I knew what he was saying, he wouldn't tell anyone as long as I watched his son's.

As well as not only watched them but let his boys have sex with me. I knew that I would do it too!