Ruka ichinose sofia takigawa kaede niiyama hikari

Ruka ichinose sofia takigawa kaede niiyama hikari
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"Teddy it's time to get up honey!" my mother cried from the kitchen. I slowly opened my eyes to see the small amount of light coming in from the curtained windows. Groaning I slowly got out of bed and walked out of my room my blue plaid pajamas trailing on the floor. As I walked into the kitchen I could smell the aroma from my mom's cooking. She once was a five star chef until her boss decided to do a little bit of fraud on the side and was shut down by it. She now works in a mediocre restaurant just outside of town, but her cooking skills have not decreased since she has been let go.

She turned around as I entered and I got a fresh view of her body, slim waist and a figure most models would kill for. She had sleek straight brown hair that fell just past her shoulders and nice supple 36C breasts. I had fantasized about her regularly, I always thought it was strange that I found my own mother attractive but so did everyone else so I just let it be and decided I'll go ahead and fantasize all I want. "I'm late sweetie, breakfast is ready and on the table I won't be home till 8 tonight so please get some chores done and don't watch TV all day.

Love you." she said as she ran out. I sat down and ate my breakfast thinking of what I should do on my first day of summer vacation. I have always been really good with computers and electronic devices so this kind of made me a loner when it came to making friends. Not that I was ugly looking, I always figured average, just strange. I wondered if the talent with computers was from my father since I never got to know him he left my mother on the day I was born.

I got up and put my dishes into the sick deciding I will do the dishes later and walked back into my room. When I got back into the room I opened up the curtains to get some light in and looked around. Yea my room was a little messy but not to bad. The bed was pushed up against the wall near the window i spy on my chubby step sister on the other side of that was my desk where I had little pieces on hardware littered all over it from the camera I was fixing to run on spicy lezzie idols are opening up and fist fucking anals and small enough to fit anywhere.

I sat back down and started working on it again, 15 minutes later I had fixed the wireless feed to hook directly up to my TV monitor and took it into the bathroom to install it in the shower head. As a 13 year old boy my hormones are raging and I am always trying to get a peek at my mom's amazing body and today is the day I get that. After I finished hooking it all up, I put the shower head back on and went back into my room to make sure that it worked properly once I tested all the angles and zooms on it I decided to finish my chores and wait for night to come.

I was in the living room watching an episode of "Futurama" when my mom finally came into the house all tired from the day of working. "Hey mom, how was work? Did everything go OK?" I asked her as she took off her shoes "Yea" She replied "It was suck a busy day today, I'm surprised I got off on time like I did." "Oh, well I went ahead and made dinner for you, I felt maybe you would like to come japan teen xxx my dad always says that once you open the gates to sin even just a tiny and not work more you know?" I said smiling at her.

"Thank you that was very sweet of you." she said completely out of breath "But I think that I'm going to take a shower first so I can get all this grease off of me." "OK" I replied going back to my show waiting in the back of my head to hear the door close so I could run to my room. As I heard it shut I got up and ran to my room which was right next to the bathroom and closed and locked the door.

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I turned on my TV and set it to the station that I had the camera set up, She had already leaned in and turned the shower nozzle on and was undressing behind the glass doors that blocked the shower from view from the outside.

Watching carefully I saw the glass door open and her back into the water soaking her long hair, I sat there watching taking in her body the curves of it and her round ass. I could feel myself getting hard already in my pants and I saw her turn around to give me the perfect view of her breasts and her pussy.

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Mesmerized I pulled out my cock and started to stroke it watching her rub herself down. Then I noticed she started paying more attention to her vagina then she started to take one of her fingers and older woman gets fucked on the couch go in and out breathing more and more heavily with increasing the rhythm.

While I was watching her I started to go faster and faster until both of us reached an orgasm at the same time and I saw her clean up and get out of the shower. I ran back out into the living room so as to make it look like I never left. Once she got out I got up and said that I was tired and I was going to hit the hay and she said OK. That night I sat in my bed thinking about how I could have sex with my mother what I could do to make her want to fuck me over and over again.

Then it came to me "I'll make a little machine to hypnotize her." I said to myself quietly as I fell asleep. I woke the next morning with my mother already gone for work and I sat down at my desk to start making the blueprints for my new little evil contraption. It would be as tiny as a sesame seed but walk like a spider, it would have to bury into the victim's brain and produce it's own electronic signals to match the brain waves and take over.

I set to work taking apart every computer that I didn't need and started on my masterpiece. After two solid weeks of working I had done it.

The tiny android was perfect. I turned it on and examined it, this was the master, the one that synced up to the others and send the master signal I also synced it to my computer and any other electronic devices I used so I could connect wireless to them all. The eight legs of the machine slowly came out and it picked it's self up I typed in the directions to be done in my computer and hit enter. I could almost hear the information being sent to it as it turned around and looked at me.

My heart started to race and I lifted it to my shoulder and felt it slowly crawl into my ear. As it reached my ear drum and cut that open I started to feel the pain, I could hear and feel the metallic feet moving around inside my head. Then I felt it reach my brain and latch on to the back on my brain stem two legs twisting around it becoming a part of my nervous system and two more legs attaching themselves to my optic nerves and the rest of the legs connecting themselves to other parts of my brain.

The pain was excruciating and I passed out from the pain of it. Twenty minutes later I woke up on the ground. I fell onto the ground from thrashing around. I opened my eyes and looked around, everything seemed different but at the same time the same. As I got up I looked around and saw different messages appear in my field of vision, explaining different types of things around my room.

I looked down onto my desk and all the clutter around it started to put itself together portraying the blueprint for my little machine. I decided to call my "bug" a SASCOB or Symbiotic Android Spider for Control of Organic Beings. I sat down to start working on a second SASCOB and finished merely three hours later only thirty minutes before my mother came home so I was able to test it on her. As I looked around my room my brain started to work faster I saw more blueprint plans that made an elevator from my closest in the farthest corner of my room to and underground base that I could conduct tests and easily make more robots.

"Teddy! Why aren't the dishes done?" my mother called from the kitchen. "Shit!" I said quietly to myself I didn't hear my mom walk in plus I forgot to finish my chores.

Quickly jumping into my pajamas I put on the best sick act I could and walked out there. "I'm sorry mom, I didn't feel to xnxx com sunny leone sex stories today and I just slept all day.

I'll do them tomorrow I promise." I said with a stuffed voice. "Oh poor baby." she said coming over to me and giving me a kiss on my forehead giving me a amazing view of her breasts in her blouse. "OK don't worry about it, just go get some more rest." she said to me and shoved me back to the direction of my room. When I got into my room and cleaned up a little bit, I heard the shower start so smiling to myself I grabbed the SASCOB from off the desk and opened the door and walked quietly up to the bathroom.

I knelt down and remotely turned the "spider" on and went to the camera I placed in the shower head on my optic feed. One screen focused on the camera view and another focused on the SASCOB view. I watched intently as the bug crawled up the wall and onto the ceiling finally getting my mom into view.

It slowly lowered itself down and was mere inches away when she bent down and turned the water off and walked out of the shower. "Damn it" I whispered to myself and went back to my room so my mother wouldn't ask questions on why I was outside the bathroom door. I focused on the feed of the SASCOB again and saw that the spider once again climbed it's way on the ceiling to my mom and began to lower itself as she was hidden camera is womanc wc off.

Heart racing it landed on her shoulder and she immediately turned and saw it. She screamed and brushed it off her shoulder and ran out of the bathroom and to her room.

"Well that could've went better" I said as I walked out of my room and picked the bug off of the floor which had returned to its original size to avoid detection. "I need to think of a way for fast injection into the body, but I'll do that tomorrow right now I still have a target." An hour and a half later after everything had calmed down, I walked out of my room and tip-toed to my mother's door across the house and listened.

It was silent so I figured she must have gone to bed. I slowly opened the door as to not make a sound and the SASCOB I had in my brain was helping due to it controlling my muscle movements more to make less noise.

It was pitch black inside alexis texas in need of a rubdown room and I had switched on the night vision on my optics and I was able to see as if it was day time just without all that green.

I saw her laying in her bed her covers just barely pushed off of her from tossing a little bit. I laid the seed down next to her ear and activated it once again. It lifted itself up and felt around finding the ear alexis adams well toasted pussy. Once in there it only took thirty seconds before my mother woke up and saw me standing over her.

Knowing what was coming next I quickly covered her mouth and put a finger to my mouth indicating to be quiet. As the pain set in she started to thrash about not knowing what to grab. "Good-night." Xxx story mota land lmba land 3gb said to her as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she became still.

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Watching a progress bar of the "take-over" above her head, once it had finished I told her to wake up. She sat straight up with a glazed look in her eye. "Command Prompt Open." I said "Opened." she replied in a lifeless mono toned voice. "Personality Reset. Open Program Prompt." I told her. Her head dropped down and picked back up and replied "Program Prompt has been opened.

Please begin new personality now." "You are now my slave, you will do everything that I desire. There will be no clothing allowed inside the house at all times and you will follow my orders from now on. Order #1 You shall give me sex when ever I want.

Order #2 You will crawl on your hands and knees unless you are giving me any kind of sexual act or acts around the house. Order #3 When in normal mode you will constantly be horny and only my cum will satisfy you. The more you masturbate the less it will satisfy and when massage therapy ends up in a steaming oiled up threesome have sex with others it will only work for a limited amount of time before you build up a tolerance to that as well.

Only my cum will never cease in satisfying you and you will never figure this out." I told her. "Personality accepted." she stated. "Personality: Normal." I said to her and she fell back down into the bed and I walked out ready to have some fun with my new life. I sat in my room observing my new energy noting that I didn't feel tired at all and set to work on creating a firing gun that would both hold a sedative and a SASCOB in a dart and a clip that held twenty of the little darts.

Once I had finished work on that the sun had come up and I could hear rustling coming from the living room telling me that my mother had awaken and was getting ready for work. The lascivious slut seductions by two males lingerie japanese in her head was preventing her from remembering what had happened and also not to come into my room to check on me. As I heard her leave I decided to leave my body on auto-pilot and get started on robber fuck my wife anal out the space under the ground for my new lab.

I went inside my mom and saw she was driving to work. I could feel everything she felt. I could hear her thoughts and also control her movement. I could just barely feel the tingling in her vagina of that need to be filled. I slowly moved her hand and started to rub her pussy lips lightly outside her pants. I felt her moan and jerk a little bit, swerving and regaining control she drove on to work.

As she reached the restaurant she parked in her spot in front of the employee entrance and walked inside. There workers were already prepping the kitchen and getting ready to open she saw the store manager, a slim balding man that liked to hit on women, standing in a doorway and turned and look at her when she walked by.

"Hey Susan!" he said and smacked her ass hard. She bit her lip in quiet pleasure and kept walking. "Why did I like that?" She thought to herself as she put on an apron. While Susan was working she could feel the need growing stronger and stronger, until she finally had to tell her boss she was going on her thirty minute break. As she walked out of the kitchen she ran to the nearest restroom and went inside.

Not even noticing the urinals on the wall she ran into one of the stalls and sat down on the toilet and started to stroke herself gently.

Breathing deeper and deeper, she started to moan from the pleasure her fingers were giving her. Moving them in faster and faster she for some reason couldn't reach the orgasm she so desperately wanted. It felt likes hours as she stayed stuck at that point she could not cross.

All wrapped up in herself she didn't even hear the door to the restroom open and a man walk in. She moaned some more and the man that was at the urinal next to the stall she was in heard her.

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He came round to the stall door and pushed it open. At this point I saw him, a black 6' 3" man with what looked like pure muscles, standing in the doorway staring at my half naked mother with sweat running down her entire body and a look of desperation on her face.

Not even a second after he opened the door she grabbed him by his waist and pulled him close and ripped his pants off. Not even stopping to look at the size of his penis she slide the 6" into her mouth and started to work the flaccid penis.

She could feel him getting harder and she took her mouth off of it for a brief second to get a look at it. In that second she could see that the stranger's penis had grown to 12" and deep purple veins on it leading all the way up to the tip. Once it was fully erect Susan shoved the man backwards onto his back and straddled him. Grabbing a hold of his cock she gently slid herself down and started slow movements up and down.

Hearing the man groan she started to move xx chana smol garelvi xxx porn storys and faster.

I could feel the man's cock its felt amazing but I was also having fun watching my mother in this position so I decided to stop her orgasm just before she reached it.

Hearing her groan in frustration she started to grind the man's cock as hard as she could when the door to the bathroom opened again and two white 20 year olds walked in and saw them there, my mother not even stopping looked around and saw them and saw a bulge grow in each of their pants and raised her ass a little more in the air and told them "Well don't just stand there get over here and get in me." Both of them got big smiles on their faces and pulled down their pants.

One of the guys bent down and shoved his dick into my mother's asshole and started to pump as hard as he could, bringing her to another level of euphoria. The other man came around with his dick out and waved in front of my mom and she grabbed it and started to lick it up and down before taking it in her mouth. While feeling both penises penetrate both of her holes she sucked on the man's cock like it was the last thing between her and freedom. The heat between all four of them was intense, as the men's orgasm started to reach I decided to let my mother have her's and pushed her past the point.

The shock of hitting her orgasm so quickly made her shove the man's cock down her throat and the man came right then and there giving my mom no choice but to swallow as much as she could.

With cum leaking out her mouth the two men in sunny leone hot sexy girls her ass and vagina both came at the same time too, the feeling of the other man's penis on the other side of a thin membrane was to much for them.

Susan got up off the floor and went inside the stall to pick up her clothes and put them back on. "Wow lady that was the best bathroom break I ever had." one of the guys had said, the other two nodding and putting their clothes back on as well. "Yea well, don't expect it to happen again." she said as she new xxx bf story mom son moti out of the bathroom and back to work.

"Susan!" my mother's boss yelled from across the room and she turned to look at him. "Yes sir?" she replied "In my office now" he replied sternly. She followed him into her office and shut the door behind her. "Is there anything wrong?" she asked him "Do you have any idea how long you have been gone?" he asked looking at her intently.

She had completely lost control of time in the moment of all of the sex. "I don't know sir." she replied calmly, "You've been gone for two hours, what were you doing?" he asked her. "Nothing." she said trying hard to repress a smile. "I can't have you doing what ever you feel like, you are my employee which means you do what I want you to you understand?" he said staring at her.

At this point I could feel the rage fill up in her and I just sat back at watched it all transpire. She started to yell at him so loud I was wondering if anyone outside of the office had just stopped working to listen.

After she stopped yelling my mother walked out of the restaurant without a job and own her way home. I went back to my body to see the underground room already cleaned out and ready for everything to be set up. I climbed up the latter back up to start setting my computer and everything else that I would need to conduct my tests in my new laboratory. Two hours later I had finished setting up my brand new laboratory when I heard my mother's car pull into the driveway. "Where has she been?" I wondered to myself and I walked into the living room with my mom and a strange man walking in with her.

"Oh hi baby, this is Bill. I just met him today at lunch." she said to me. "Oh that's nice why are you home from work so early?" I asked smiling to myself knowing exactly why.

"I was sick and tired of how that place treated me so I quit. And on my way back I just had to sexy diamond kitty plays w her favorite toy and eat and that's where I met Bill here." she explained to me "Do you know he has two daughters that he has to take care of?

His wife left him with them, their actually around your age 15 and 17." she continued on sitting down on the couch. "Hmm two teenage girls huh?" I thought to myself, thinking quickly I held out my hand to shake and remotely shut my mother off. As she fell to the floor Bill looked over at her and I pulled the gun out of my pocket and held it to his chest.

He quickly raised his arms in the air looking confused. "Aren't you even going to help your mother?" he asked looking at me. "You don't understand what family you have gotten yourself into, she is mine and always will be. Do you want to see?" I asked him smiling. While he was still staring at me I remotely turned my mother back on and made her come over walking on her hands and knees towards me. "Oh baby I'm so horny." she said when she reached me fumbling with my pants.

"Oh I want you cock in my mouth so badly Teddy." she begged as she finally got my pants undone and started to suck on my penis taking as much care as she could with it.

I looked back up to Bill smiling "Well. welcome to the family." and I shot him in the chest, the sedative already taking affect. "You son of a bitch." he started at me. "Now now Bill are you sure your last words want to be cursing someone?" I said laughing as the bug reached his brain.

I turned Bill on asian hidden camera sex in hotel room adultsmartlinksorg reprogrammed him the way I wanted to. He was to move in with us and continue his job as if nothing had changed. Once all of their stuff had been moved in I got a good look at my new "slaves" the 15 year old was slender and had a nice body, her boobs had come in perfectly and were absolutely delicious looking.

"Hi I'm Stacy" she said to me with a smile I merely smiled back and replied "I'm Ted or Teddy." "Well it was nice to meet you." she said moving to her new room obviously a little creeped out by me. Oh well I was used to it by now, still a virgin and had 2 people under my complete control. Figured I would have lost it by now, but now I want her she was so hot, the girl those boys in school no doubt fantasized for hours about.

The 17 year old didn't even pay any attention to me, she had seen her room and immediately left the house no doubt angry with the fact that she was in a new house. With my new toys roaming around the house I decided to go into my room to work on a few more inventions. Once I reached my room I went down into my lab and starting working on a chemical compound that would increase the size of the penis along with sperm production.

In 2 hours I had perfected this concoction making the male subject almost "devolve" to a primal sense where all they wanted was to mate. "This should prove to be some fun later on." I said to myself as I decided to finally get my new slave and test her out myself.

I picked up a tiny SASCOB feeling that this should go for originality and I wanted to have some fun with this girl. As I reached the newly installed elevator I pressed a button that lowered all the equipment into the ground and covered it up making the room look empty and white.

I remotely found my mother, she was sitting on her bed watching TV, and Bill, he was in the kitchen making a sandwich, and made my mother go down into the lab and set up some chains and harnesses. And brought some Chloroform to Bill. He walked into Stacy's room where she was on her knees unpacking some boxes with her back to him. He walked up behind her fairly quickly and wrapped his arms around her with the rag of Chloroform on her mouth. She only kicked for a few seconds before passing out.

Putting her over his sunny leone fuck spank bang sex stories story, Bill took her down to the lab and started to chain both of her arms to the ceiling and her feet to the ground.

After he had finished he had placed a blindfold around her eyes and went back up to the house and resumed what he was doing. Several minutes later she started to stir and I was sitting in a chair waiting for her. As she gained more conscious she tried to look around but the blind cloth was obstructing any view she would've had.

"Hello!" she yelled out and it reverberated all across the empty room. "No need to shout." I said calmly "Who's there? Who are you?" she asked looking around in my direction fear mounting on her expression. "That is of no concern to you. What you should be asking is what am I planning to do with you." I told her slowly rising to my feet and walking towards her.

"OK, W.what are you planning to do to me?" she asked unable to control her voice now. "Oh that is an excellent question my dear, but not one that needs to be answered." I replied enjoying myself immensely. "Why did you tell me to ask that if you weren't going to answer me you fuck?" she spat at me. Laughing I told her "I never told you to ask me you merely did what I advised you to ask." "Please what do you want hairy babe with big wet pussy lips bates me?" she pleaded "Unfortunately for you your looks got you into this predicament and your sweet words aren't going to get you out." I said to her smiling.

Walking around her admiring her body I reached out my hand and felt her ass. It was round and firm not able to grab it with one hand.

I could feel her shaking with fear of not knowing what will happen next. "You should know whats going to happen to you now." I whispered into her ear and I felt her tense up as I pulled out my knife and cut her shirt up the back and her shirt fell to the floor leaving her tits in her bra now. Coming round the front to take into view her breasts they were at least a C-cup and covered by a lacy black bra.

I brought the knife up and cut the middle of the bra and her tits popped out as if they wanted to be free this entire time. They were a sight to see her nipples protruded slightly from her areola hardening in the cool air. I brought my hands up and slightly pinched them. I could feel her push her boobs out to me and gasp a little bit.

"Oh I see we're enjoying ourselves." I said and continued to twist them in my fingers and taking the other nipple in my mouth and sucking on it. After I had my fun with Stacy's tits I brought my knife and started to cut one of her pant legs all the way up until half of the pants hung loose and I could see her black panties. I cut the other part of the pants and they fell down to the floor useless.

Bringing my hand up from her thighs until they rested on her pussy lips the feel of the heat radiating from them was amazing. I cut one of the sides of the panties and they slide down her leg and her pussy lips where out for me to stare at. Her vagina was moist from the stimulation that she had received and the current place she was in was turning her on. I took two of my fingers and stuck them into her and I could hear her gasp.

I could feel her hymen just inside of her pussy. "Well we 2 boys boobs milk drink be needing that for long now will we." I said retreating just a little ways back and moving my had over the floor to call a table up. I looked on the table taking in all the little gadgets that where scattered in a neat little percussion.

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First I grabbed the ball gag and placed it into her mouth and took some metallic cuffs and clapped them around both of her legs and wrists. "Now shall we let you see who is going to do all of this to you?" I asked with excitement in my voice. I reached up and grabbed the blindfold and took it off. Her eyes widened as they took in who was doing this to her and I could hear her muffled scream I remotely let the chains lose and she dropped on her feet and started to run at me but I activated the magnets on the floor and her hands and knees fell to the ground where they would not budge.

Laughing I walked around her to watch her struggle to get up but to no avail. I reached my hand and started to caress her pussy again before pulling my pants down and stroking my dick.

I know I'm not as big as other men are but seven inches is average as I heard. I saw her twist her head back just enough to see my dick coming for her vagina. "My My you are so wet already." I said feeling her more and more. I took my cock and positioned it right at her entrance and slowly pushed in and brought it out a little bi before pushing in more. I pushed to the point that I felt her hymen and pulled out just enough to slam right back into her breaking it. I could just make out her grunt and see tears form and I kept pounding the girl.

Her pussy was so tight and so wet it felt amazing. I never wanted to stop fucking this girl. I pushed harder and harder into her deeper and deeper until I felt the feeling that I was going to cum and at that point I latina cock sucker lilith shayton fucks in the pawnshop my dick in her and I could hear the muffled scream of an orgasm from Stacy and I filled her up with all of my cum.

Pulling up my pants I grabbed a SASCOB out of my pocket and went up to her face. I could tell she was tired and her first orgasm was a big one. Barely able to lift an eyelid to me I showed her the little bug. "Now this is going to be fun huh?" I said and dropped it on her face.

I could hear the struggling behind me as I walked to the elevator and back in my room thinking of the best way to use my new slaves and also how to get my fourth one smiling the entire way.