Sexy gorgeous hottie desires to fuck non stop hardcore and blowjob

Sexy gorgeous hottie desires to fuck non stop hardcore and blowjob
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Fbailey story number 391 So We Had Sex, Get Over It I smiled and watched as Samantha looked out the front door, adjusted her short sexy black silk robe, and then opened the door. She walked out into the bright sunlight, looked at the three busy bodies standing in the yard across the street from me, and said, "So we had sex, get over it." Then she walked right past them with their mouths hanging open.

What had led up to that point? Well, you see I live on a dead end street. There son blackmails mom sex stories sex storys six houses on either side. I live in the third house on the right and Samantha lives in the forth house on the left. We are both surrounded by busy bodies. They have the need to know and tell everything about everybody even if they have to make some of it up. They told the whole neighborhood that I was getting a divorce before I had even been served the papers.

They were not happy when Samantha's elderly grandmother left the house to her. After all she was an ex drug addict, an ex stripper, and an ex hooker. In their minds she was 'poor white trash,' just something that had crawled up out of the gutter. Little did know what really took place behind closed doors. My wife was frigid and absolutely hated sex in any form. If she was drunk as a skunk she tolerated it, but just barely.

We got married thinking that things would change but they didn't. I was frustrated all of the time and eventually I found another source for sex…Samantha's grandmother, who was also, named Samantha. The older Samantha was seventy when she died, but she certainly died happy…with me fucking her at the time. Her heart gave out but she had a smile on her face throughout that final orgasm.

I was fifty at the time and of course that led to my divorce. My wife couldn't stand the thought that a woman as old as Samantha could satisfy me in bed better than her.

The truth be known, my right hand could satisfy me better than my wife too. Anyway just the younger Samantha and I were at the reading of the will. The older Samantha had a keen sense of humor. In essence she gave the house to her granddaughter Samantha on one condition. That condition being that she had to give me sex at least twice a week like she herself had for many years, and not just sex but good sex, the kind with feeling.

If she failed to honor her grandmother's request she would forfeit the house to me. The younger Samantha told the lawyer that all I had to do was fuck her, tell him that she wasn't any good in bed, and then I would take the house away from her. He told her that that was a possibility but that it was her grandmother's request.

The rest of it was that she had to live in that house and that she couldn't sell it until I died. She mumbled something about being my fucking whore for another twenty or thirty years.

I just smiled. Two days later on a Friday I got a phone call just as I was about to go to bed. Then Samantha came over in just a short sexy black silk robe and nothing else.

She really put her heart into the sex and even wore herself out. We fell asleep in my bed and cuddled. She woke up refreshed, sexually satisfied, and she felt loved. None of that had ever happened to her before, but then again she had never had a lover my age before either. We made love again that morning.

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Samantha assured me that it did not count as our second session that week and I thanked her. We both wanted more of each other. Upon looking out my front window Samantha saw that the busy bodies had accumulated on the lawn across the street from me and next door to her house.

I offered her some breakfast and she accepted it as a way of giving the old biddies a chance to move on. After breakfast they were still there. I smiled and watched as Samantha looked out the front door, adjusted her short sexy black silk robe, and then opened the door. She walked out into the bright sunlight, looked at the three busy bodies standing in the yard across the street from me, and said, "So we had sex, get over it." Then she walked right past them with their mouths hanging open.

I was standing on my porch laughing my ass off as those ladies turned several shades of red. When Samantha got to her porch she turned around and blew me a kiss, turned to the ladies and opened her robe, and then she rushed into her house. I called to the ladies and asked if they wanted to be next. They huffed off to the far end of the street to another busy bodies' house.

Surely they had to spread the latest gossip. Samantha was without a doubt the most talented sex partner that I had ever had and for some reason she thought the same of me. The first time that we made love she did the most provocative dance that I had ever seen.

With just that sexy black silk robe she entertained me for several minutes before completely exposing herself to me. The thrill of watching her had me standing at full erection. She told me that I could not touch her but that she could touch me. Her hands roamed over my body, her hair cascaded over my body, and her breasts rubbed over my body.

Her hands were warm, her hair tickled, but her breasts were wonderful to feel on my skin. She sucked my cock into her mouth, she licked my balls, brunette beach fuck rough rectal hump for lexy banderas birthday then she lowered her pussy lips over the head of my cock for the best sensation of all.

Samantha's talented pussy sucked my cock in, spit it out, and sucked it back in again. She was fucking me and neither one of us were moving. The sensation was so wonderful that I allowed myself to relax my muscles and go with the flow.

Well the flow went deep into her pussy where it should go. Samantha had her orgasm just moments after. We relaxed a little too much I guess, because when we opened our eyes the sun was shinning in my bedroom window. Samantha got a look at my morning woody and wanted it even before either of us had gone to the bathroom. She said that she loved to be fucked with a full bladder because it heightened the intensity of her orgasms.

I on the other hand took longer to cum, which I guess was the purpose. Anyway she decided that we needed to shower together. That led to a blowjob to beat all blowjobs. She el fontanero su mujer y otras cosas de meter full movie a lot better at everything sexual than her grandmother was. Samantha seemed to enjoy hearing that. Well sex and the shower eventually led to breakfast and the infamous walk across the street.

In The evening after dinner most everyone on the street would sit out on their front porch and enjoy Mother Nature. I saw Samantha look out her front door, take a deep breath, and open it up.

When she appeared on her front porch she was only wearing a black and purple baby doll nightie with matching panties. It was semi transparent and allowed a very nice view of her wonderful body. She was without a doubt the sexiest thirty-year-old that I had ever seen.

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Her light brown hair hung down her back, her shoulders were back, and her chest was out. Her legs were long and bare and went on forever. Then she had on a bright red pair of sex-inch high heels that did wonders for her calves. Samantha stepped down off from her porch with every male eye on her.

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She walked straight out to the center of the road where she did a slow turn so that everyone could see her before she walked down the center of the road to stop before me. She then did another slow turn stopping to face me. Then like any movie star that you had ever seen Samantha walked heel to toe in a straight line toward me.

As she walked I could only imagine how fabulous her ass looked to those watching her. When she stepped up onto my porch she asked me to dip her and kiss her like she had seen in a Fred Astaire movie with Ginger Rogers.

I knew just what she wanted. I held her tightly to me, I placed a hand on the small of her back, and I held her shoulder as I bent her over.

Her leg came up as she went back and we kissed. It was a very long and passionate kiss too.

When it finally ended and we stood upright Samantha shouted out to the busy bodies, "Yes, we're going to have sex, get over it." After that evening it was a ritual for Samantha to strut her stuff coming to my house.

It was a ritual that no man on the block would miss either. No one ever called the police to report indecency of any kind. The busy bodies have very little to talk about and it seems that their husbands took them right inside after the Samantha's show was over. The End So We Had Sex, Get Over It 391

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