Breakingasses black angelika black and back p new release

Breakingasses black angelika black and back p new release
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My name is Velma Dinkley. I ravishing starlet with big tits enjoys masturbating have never expected to happen while solving a mystery a few days ago. It was my last one before I got out of the mystery solving business. August 16, 2005 16th Century Castle Austria When the gang all split up I decided to go with Daphne.

I was a closeted lesbian at the time and I had a burning desire to taste the sweetness that Daphne had between her goddess like legs. Daphne, sexiest woman I have ever known. She had perfect 36 DD breasts and a figure that rivaled the great Aphrodite. Oh my God just talking about her body is turning me on. While were walking down a long hallway Daphne saw a strange light. "Hey Velma did you see that?" said Daphne. "Yea, lets go see what caused it." I said.

We slowly and quietly walked over to where the light was coming from and saw an actual ghost. Stricken with fear niether of us couldn't move an inch.

"WHO DARES DEFILE MY PRESENCE?!?!?" said the Ghost. We couldn't move or make a sound. "IF YOU DO NOT ANSWER ME YOU WILL SUFFER DIRE CONSEQUENCES!!!!" yelled the Ghost.

We were terrified. There was no way we could speak for some strange reason. We saw the Ghost start to summon strange balls of light in his hands. WAZHOOOM!!! We were both struck unconsciencous by the eerie beams. Later we awoke in the Mystery Machine. "There was a ghost" said Daphne. "I know," said Fred, "we heard a noise from where you guys were and saw it." "Yea, like we saw him and got the fuck out of there with you guys!" said Shaggy.

"Thanks for the rescue." said Daphne and I in strange unison. Later that night, while at the hotel, I heard a knock on my hotel room door.

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I looked through the peep hole and saw Daphne with a worried look on her face. "Whats a matter Daph?" I ask as I open the door. "I just had a strange feeling like something was happening to me and that I should see you." said Daphne.

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"Yes, this is my chance to act out my feelings for Daphne" I thought to myself. "Well tell me about.ugh whoa that was.ugh," I said, "whats happening to me?" "I dont know but its.ugh happening to me too." said Daphne. I felt this strange sensation in my gut and on my chest.

I looked down and saw that by A cup breasts were growing. B, C, D, DD! I saw that Daphne's breasts stayed the same. The sensation in my gut was becoming more intense as we both collapsed on the ground. Soon we passed out on the floor. I was the first to awaken thinking, "What the fuck just happ. OH MY GOD!" I looked down at my crotch seeing a fully erect 8" cock. Freaking out, I lifted it to see if my pussy was still there. Whew no balls. I looked at Daphne, who was still unconsciencous, she too had a huge erect cock.

"Daphne wake up!" I said. "Oh my gosh what happened," she questioned, "Velma.your boobs are as big as mine!" "Daphne, that ghost did something to us.look down." I said. "OH MY GOD", she said, "I HAVE A COCK!!!" Suddenly I got an urge to kiss Daphne. It was so strong that before she could say another word, that our lips were interlocked.

At first she struggled, then she stated to get into it. "Oh Velma Ive been waiting for this." she said. We both started mom and dad are boyfriend get undressed and head to the bed. When we got there, I started to rub her cock as I started to kiss her sexy goddess body down to her new cock.

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I put its head into my mouth and started blowing Daphne. My wildest fantasy has come true!

"Stop", she said, "I want you to fuck me hard!" Without saying a word she got on all fours and said "Ride my pussy Velma". I inserted my cock into her pussy fast and hard. God she was so tight. She had to have been a virgin.

Thrust after thrust, I fucked her hard. I started to feel her pussy tense as her cock and pussy exploded with cum. Driven my pure carnal pleasure, I started going faster. Excstacy was all that was in our heads. Suddenly, Curvaceous ebony minx gets slammed really hard interracial brunette felt a bubbling sensation in my gut as my cock was about to burst with cum.

"OH MY GOD DAPHNE YES YES YES YES!!" I said as I shot my load into her unprotected pussy. Exhausted, we collapsed and passed out next to one another. The next morning I awoke to Daphne sucking my cock. She was so good. Her soft luscious lips drove my cock crazy. She stopped and looked at me. "I'm gonna swallow your sweet cum." said Daphne with pure excstacy in her eyes. She knew just what to do. Her warm wet mouth going up and down on my long shaft. I could feel my cock actually go down her throat.

Amazingly, she had no gag reflex. My body was being electified with pleasure as she sucked my long cock. "Don't stop Daph", I said, "You're so good.

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She then started to deepthroat me as I was near cumming. I was gonna cum soon but I couldn't say anything but ugh. I started to feel myself cum just as Daphne shoved my cock all the way in her mouth. Before she could swallow, I grabbed her and kissed her tasteing my own cum. "Ive been waiting for the chance to finally be with you." said Daphne.

After that mystery, we both left the gang and started living together. We've been together for almost 8 years. I can never get tired of fucking my sexy girlfriend Daphne.